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  1. thinking pentagon thief has to be boss, also how do we start this EE and why is it so difficult when EEs have been done even after 3 hours of DLCs being released. seriously mind numbing that this one is so difficult

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    2. Castun50


      Next lvl is moon tho?

    3. jiipee95


      Who would of thought the MDT was capable of time travel?

    4. RequixEclipse


      Remember we have different dimensions to factor

  2. Castun50

    Classifie main easter egg

    have we tried doing things with certain defcon levels? I mean if you think about it the only things we can "interact" with in game are the following: 1). Elevators between floors 2). teleporters (highly unlikely these matter since we see other players when we teleport if they are on that floor 3). defcon switches 4). radios (including pick up to play those juicey radios after shooting it when its in the server with PaP weapon) 5). teleporter signal booster ??? 6). knifing the door to get sam mad at you and have the man yell at you for not leaving him alone (first step?) 7). dempsey in groom lake near hanger 04 (which is changed between groom lake (moon) and groom lake (classified) and just to note we do have the secret room and the boss arena has been found as well! Winter howls EE: maybe need the winters howl to shoot something specific with it? Have we looked through the WHOLE panic room? remember when kino was out we could launch a rocket when teleported to that room (clearly a nod to future map at that time ascension but still interesting) Also could we be missing something more like the Nikoali Richtofen picture switch? Maybe significant? Just a few things to think about as we play
  3. without going over to many details towards classifieds EE, I think you are 100% right. However, getting to groom lake and throwing the grenade to dempseys audio clips I believe is the first step. Again not trying to go to far into it as I havent played around to much in groom lake but I know for certain you will need the Winter's Howl EE to be completed as it makes sense to be able to get it much like ascensions EE where you need the wonderweapons or the shrink gun in shangri la. It just....seems right that theyd put a EE to get a winters howl AS WELL AS get that weapon from the box. multiple ways to do it. but waking the test subjects is DEFINITLY a clue. I mean why else include that ultimus rich is back in his own brain dead body? I think alot of the steps have to do with Defcons and the howl and hitting certain spots. much like IX has a "free the prisnor" EE.
  4. Castun50

    Skeleton in Odín Tower.

    sorry I havent replied to this, the sword, helmet, and a shield. Those are required parts to a certain achievement. Good luck scouting and good lookin out!
  5. My thoughts exactly. I think its funny how he went to nikolai though. Just another reason why nik maybe the savior in all this. Remember in rev when nik and tak went to draw on monty and rich stopped them? Makes you wonder if that was part of the plan, to go to Alcatraz. However whats victus role now?
  6. Castun50

    Missing theif

    My zombie slaying crew and i said the samething. The EE has to be freeing the post moon crew. Their already awake tho demsey is atleast.
  7. Castun50

    Missing theif

    Pentagon theif is most likely the boss just saying. Only thing that makes sense. Also there hasnt been a cut scene or an “end game” easter egg ending.
  8. Castun50

    Missing theif

    I doubt he will be added sadly. However theres not even a reference
  9. Castun50

    Missing theif

    Your image is super saddening. However did u find the goggles in classified?
  10. Castun50

    2 things that interested me about the voyage.

    Theres alot of debates going on about the ending to IX compred to titanic too.
  11. Shaw says something about a past event in cambodia. References it a few times actually. Its BEFORE IX because voyage can be referenced from quotes in IX. just food for thought for timeline sakes
  12. Castun50

    IX highest round

    I kinda agree the zombies agro quickly in IX its annoying if your not ready for it or just thinking a casual game then hell breaks loose and your like “i just wanted to kill some zambies!”
  13. Castun50

    Missing theif

    Anyone else missing the pentagon thief? Or has he been just turned off for now?
  14. Castun50

    After E3

    I doubt it will be exactly like the same. Only because this is the Ultimus crew, however i think the original map will in there just added on to. like BOTD will have the original facility and then some. IMO

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