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  1. Castun50

    Missing theif

    Pentagon theif is most likely the boss just saying. Only thing that makes sense. Also there hasnt been a cut scene or an “end game” easter egg ending.
  2. Castun50

    Missing theif

    I doubt he will be added sadly. However theres not even a reference
  3. Castun50

    Missing theif

    Your image is super saddening. However did u find the goggles in classified?
  4. Castun50

    2 things that interested me about the voyage.

    Theres alot of debates going on about the ending to IX compred to titanic too.
  5. Shaw says something about a past event in cambodia. References it a few times actually. Its BEFORE IX because voyage can be referenced from quotes in IX. just food for thought for timeline sakes
  6. Castun50

    IX highest round

    I kinda agree the zombies agro quickly in IX its annoying if your not ready for it or just thinking a casual game then hell breaks loose and your like “i just wanted to kill some zambies!”
  7. Castun50

    Missing theif

    Anyone else missing the pentagon thief? Or has he been just turned off for now?
  8. Castun50

    After E3

    I doubt it will be exactly like the same. Only because this is the Ultimus crew, however i think the original map will in there just added on to. like BOTD will have the original facility and then some. IMO
  9. Castun50

    After E3

    Zombies joins Vape Nation for NEW CREW ONLY. (it only makes sense that itd be for the new crew "forget what you know") so bye bye perk a colas hello vapor perks! XI and Voyage of the damned is NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER! "classified" aka FIVE is starring the Ultimus crew and is the story of how the zombies got into the pentagon. (VERY interesting. what was the ultimus crew during in the pentagon?) SO MUCH INFO!!!!
  10. Castun50

    Samantha's secret identity

    wasnt that in just one universe though? The one from blops1. Cause she wasnt in any after they killed original richtofen i mean they got sent to the moon but in DE we blew that up
  11. Castun50

    Black Ops IV

    Maybe E3
  12. Castun50

    Neros ring, Green smoke.

    Never noticed before but ya he does like a bit like shadow man. Thats crazy. Its going to be an interesting season with these new people.
  13. Castun50

    Black Ops IV

    bruh that tease doe! now i want the full trailer!
  14. Castun50

    Voyage of Despair

    my favorite theory is that the ice berg didnt sink the ship, a fire broke out in the holds and caused a massive tare in the steel. Had to have been burning for 3 weeks before anyone realized it. few videos of it on youtube too.
  15. Castun50

    Neros ring, Green smoke.

    Anyone remember that video we got with sam in the house and were watching that green mist go around the house and you see all these figurines of zombies and little references? Kinda reminded me of that when I saw the beginning of the trailer. Also why is nobody talking about what is his name...dominik? Having neros ring on his finger? OR a ring of the same cult? thoughts? OH! and shaw the old man looks alot like an older richtofen same garb style too. Its uncanny. I know it seems im stretching for old crew references but I cannot deny the resemblance.

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