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  1. I would think you'd pretty much have to stab them only which could be problematic at best. Eventually, maybe, if you're patient/lucky enough, I suppose you could do it.
  2. First off, EXCELLENT write up, I agree with 99% of it. This is the only part I really don't agree with. Just because Eddie said "But I didn't even get my turn." doesn't mean he NEVER had a turn, just that he didn't that night. This is merely one interpretation of the "ending" cut-scene, I'm a firm believer that while the map was made up, the ending cut-scene was our real "origins" story.
  3. Did anybody else notice the chalk outlines on the walls of the Sam and Eddie's room, or the question mark on their toy box? Maybe this is a foreshadowing of a future map, ya know, the fulfillment of her dad's "plan" :o
  4. I'd bet money it's the 1911 because like previous poster said, they do weird things in the cinematic. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't get a Thompson with the drum mag or an AK-47. That being said, I bet we will haha Confusing, aren't I.
  5. It all started many years ago with Halo; my buddy, seeing my new obsession with the Xbox 360 and Halo, insisted that I try CoD: WaW but I kept saying no, stating I didn't like the controls, looks, etc; any excuse I could come up with not to play it because I was a Halo fanboy. Well, let's call him BoB, be damned, he got me WaW for my birthday so I kinda HAD to try it. Hated the campaign, but I found a little nugget called Zombies. From that first game, it was all over and I didn't even know it. The years since then have been filled with new maps, exploring, new records, etc., etc. However, life has seemed to find a way to pull me away from Zombies from time to time be it work, girlfriend, moving, or whatever, but one thing I've noticed is that, while it may take some time, I have always, ALWAYS, come back to Call of Duty WaW, BO, and now BO2 for the much loved, hated, but always treasured Zombahs. I'll say this, I lost a lot of interest in Black Ops 2 Zombies when it first came out because 1) It seemed a lot different, I mean story mode? In Zombies? 2) the survival maps were tiny and 3) my usual crew of slayers had left me for other games and for some reason, it didn't (and still kinda doesn't) have that same single player appeal that the Zombies of yester-year did, mainly because you can't seem to do Easter Eggs on Solo (been out of it for a while, maybe I missed something to do with that?). Anywho, I got a few hours free a couple weeks ago decided to download and try the new map Die Rise with a friend of mine who, coincidentally, had been hanging out with me a lot lately. Now this friend, I'll be honest, I didn't expect much from because we used to play together and he was not good...at all...he sucked. And that's putting it nicely. But lo and behold, we start playing and couple hours later, we've got the flipper, we're PaPing, we're rocking into the high 20's low 30's not running around but holding out in one spot and for me who hadn't played in almost a year and him who used to play like he was mentally challanged, I considered our runs pretty good. In the coming couple weeks, we continued to play, branching out to other maps. On to last week, Friday at work with everything finished up for the week and browsing youtube and what's this? Mob of the Dead? Surely it couldn't be but alas, it was; NEW ZOMBIES MAP!! And not only that, but it looks to be the most epic since Ascension, at least in my opinion. So if you've made it this far, I'm not sure what made me type out my Zombies life story but there it is, what got me started and what got me here today. Oh, and the fact that the new map has seemed to refuel my love of the game after I thought I had almost lost it. It almost feels like it did when the first BO map pack came out, or even WaW; just can't quite describe it. So what's it for you? What got you into it? What makes this game mode so damn special that you just keep coming back to it? Does this new map remind you of the original zombies at all, or even give you that WaW or BO new map feeling?
  6. Change, good or bad, scares people. It's different now. Plus you can still only buy 4 perks.
  7. Thumbs up from me. I likes it. Makes the "should I take this gun" choice a lot simpler.
  8. Actually one of my favorites now :P
  9. I run around in the Bio-Dome avoiding him until I get a Turret, then I unload. Usually works out for the best.
  10. Because dog's on the moon? That would be just stupid Without the dogs, that area is just sooooo easy to own. You could sit there and run around until you run out of ammo, then melee till you get bored. With Hell Hounds, it's harder (but not impossible) to that. Those little bastards can catch you and ruin a good game quick as hell.
  11. Ah, never looked at it from that angle because, well, now that I think about it, I don't think the excavator has breached that tunnel since I've been playing moon. If it has, I've never looked at it.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... 4j24#t=79s That should be to the right time, maybe you have to go back a few seconds but it looks like it's in the lab and something is going through the ceiling to the floor and beyond. I don't recall this happening in the actual game, during the Easter Egg or otherwise. Please point out if I'm missing something obvious, otherwise wtf is that?
  13. Nope, no gooey villains on the moon, real or otherwise.
  14. MUST HAVE THIS SONG!!! haha if someone posts a link to a youtube video of the music without anyone talking, any extra sounds or anything, I'll extract the audio of it and try to find a place to host it. Because I want it to. That is all. Edit: Looks like someone already beat us to it http://www.mediafire.com/?6co9dhcqzhg8dpc It's my new ringtone :P
  15. If you are still looking for people in about 6 hours when I get off of work, respond here. I'll check it when I get home and would be happy to jump in. Hell, it can even be done with two people.
  16. Unless Treyarch staff members are my friends Nemesis2469, HomusOnline, Tootall411, etc., I think you're wrong :?
  17. Best strategy for 4 people I've found (from experience): Have two people run rape trains in the bio-dome, and the other two people sit in the area by PHD Flopper watching each other. If the two raper trainers do there jobs right, you should only get a couple from the spawn platforms. Made it to round 28 like this, then everyone decided bed time.
  18. Been doing this since day one haha if you do it right, everyone can get Jugg before round 1. Just have to be careful. I'm usually the designated runner, so once I have my hoard, everyone unloads there pistol as they see fit. Throwing grenades at the hoard is bad early on, as it kills a lot of them and makes a big group spawn, which is problem without Jugg. Once our runner (me) has Jugg, the zombies are strong enough to make crawlers with grenades. Someone makes a dozen crawlers, then I knife them as I go by to get some extra points. It takes a bit, but it's worth it for all of us to have Jugg before the damn game even starts haha Just annoying restarting over and over if it's Speedy haha
  19. I'd have to say Moon for a couple reasons; you don't have to set up a 5 hour gaming session to make a run at doing the egg, everyone gets rewarded (quickly and easily enough) to make it worth while, and I'm sorry, but nothing was as big a pain in the ass as the Shangri La Easter Egg. 4 People? So many steps...come on. And only one person gets the rewards. Anyway, to continue on why Moon is the favorite, the environment changes so much as well, plus you see Samantha and Richtofin's voice changing, the game sounds changing, everything. It made the EE so worth it.
  20. If these are by round one challenges, then you need to take off bowie knife, wonder weapon, do the Easter Egg, buy all perks, buy all wall weapons, and pack a punch 2 and 3 weapons. If you're talking about the starting area, that is. If you're talking about doing things before one round ends, I guess if you do well enough in the starting area, you could technically do these but I think these go beyond challenges. It's insanity if you do them :P
  21. To hear, bascially. Clear up your vision a bit. Oxygen and no helmet make trains in the Bio-Dome soooooooooo easy.
  22. If you hack the same window more than 3 times in a round, it begins to take money from you to the tune of 300.
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