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    Don't have the hacker (hence why trying to get to the lab), no Gersch. QED? Don't think we have that. Spaceman Zombie? But there goes all our perks... D:
  2. Angry_Sun


    Can you get around them? I'm on wave 18 and we want to do the easter egg, but the drills are blocking the path to the lab. :(
  3. Hacking Decive? I've never gotten that items or that far. Can you explain what this is? And it only works in the Biodome and Spawn?
  4. Yes but what I am asking is, what are the advantages of having your helmet? Why would I ever take it off in the first place. Edit: Sorry, I worded that first post very weirdly.
  5. I understand to live, obviously, but why would I want to take it off in places like the biodome? And how does the escivator effect anything besides making my jumps a little tougher/easier to make? Why wouldn't I just leave my helmet on the entire time ignoring the obvious sound muffling?
  6. Is there any good spots to stay on this map? I need some help. Other strategies to this map would be appreciated also.
  7. Of course I've played Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Can't wait for Uncharted 3.
  8. This is starting to remind me of Uncharted 2.
  9. Yeah because they personally came an accepted your ideas. :| And what the hell is "God Bless" even supposed to mean.
  10. No, no, no, and no. The loading screen isn't Shi No Numa. No. Anyone with at least half an eye can see that.
  11. Has anyone thought of looking BELOW the lighthouse? In the frozen area?
  12. The calender is literally right to the LEFT of the vault where the characters are trapped. (Under the PHD flopper) At least, I was under the impression that this was the Aztec calender.
  13. So I was looking at all the next map evidence around here. I'm convinced the next map will be somewhere tropical. Maybe tropical isn't the right word, but hear me out. -Loading screen: Shows ferns and what looks like abandoned ruins. [Link to Picture] -Aztec Calendar: There is an Aztec calender near the vault with our favorite heroes trapped inside. -Dead Ops Arcade: Has similarities for each level, but the one area that remains is a temple / overgrown area, much like the loading screen. -'Send the Crew to Paradise': Tropical Paradise? Maybe someone should look up Aztec relations to the Nazi Regieme? Or perhaps the Schwartz Sonne (Black Sun)? Even the Illuminati. So let's say, Central America?
  14. What is DOA again? Edit: Nevermind, Dead Ops Arcade. Sorry, I just got up, 4am. >.
  15. It was overlooked. Since the grunt isn't part of the actual character sound set. /thread
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