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  1. Great perk, but in my opinion wrong map to bring it in first. I make sure that who's who is the second perk I get after juggernog, but what i've noticed is that the only time I really go down is when I'm in a place of the map I shouldn't be mid round. So when I get to who's who mode the zombies are already patiently waiting in the same general area to analy probe me. I would say who's who works 50% of the time just because of the fact that most of the time I go down it's usually near power and its almost impossible for me to get past the zombies that just downed me. But thats just me . :
  2. Can't blame them for not wanting to be screwed over twice.
  3. I was wondering all along if they could program an automatic death. I wouldnt know. I dont design games. :cry:
  4. We have all been missing PHD Flopper (well I know I have). And when I first heard that it was in this map I freaked out and researched. And I saw it was just a huge troll. But ALOT of people on the forums, as well as public matches on xbox have been saying that it is obtainable. But from my understanding it would give you no fall damage, so when you fall off of the building and hit "the ground" you would stay alive. Because there is always that initial impact when you fall down, unlike Halo where you will float forever. Unless they have an automatic death barrier down there. But to me th
  5. I don't see a link to his YouTube in his signature. Disregard that, I went to Liam's channel and thought he was OP. :oops:
  6. For everyone asking if he can post the first step.. You know theres a link to his youtube in his sig. And the first video is the first step to the easter egg.
  7. I really hope they don't add this, I have alot of trolls on my friends list.
  8. Has the chance to be the next CoD4 when it comes to multiplayer. No one has explored LA so I am AMPED. The story will be off the chain cause its 3arc. And Zombies will be Zombies.
  9. Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead) George Clooney (From Dusk Till' Dawn) Tyrese (Dawn of the Dead)
  10. No god damn way I want to hear her talk as much as she did in moon -______________________________________-
  11. Cant get passed 25 with 4 people lol
  12. 1. Wave Gun / Zap Gun Dual Wield 2. Scavenger 3. Babygun 4. Ray Gun 5. Thunder Gun 6. Wunderwaffle 7. VR-11 8. Winters Howl 1. Gersch Device 2. Monkey Bomb 3. Quantum Entanglement Device 4. Matryoshka Dolls Pretty simple. But I rate the Ray Gun so high, because it is like old reliable.
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