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    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    Round 51 with 2 players, thanks to my new strategy. :D
  2. i_am_bud

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    WOW sweet forum guys, nice to see others with as much interest in zombies as myself. I have made it to 36 with 3 people, 31 with 2. Myself and two friends play regulary and we used to play the running strategy, doing ok with it. When we met a guy who introduced us to a new strategy . . . I imagine you guys are familiar with some of it at least. Someone in this thread made mention to hoarding zombies on the stage and then taking them through traps on solo. We did this in 3 different rooms I was on the stage, one guy in the speedcola/mp-40 room and our third was in the lobby. What happened was: ~ 1/3 the hoard per person ~ more room to work ~ a teamate one room away if any problems occur (downs) We would just announce the leaving of a room and run the hoard through a trap IF we lost it, in any given room. Usually the best idea is to run through the alley, turning on the fire trap (in between lobby and alley). This is because noone is on that half of the map and it is completely open. Returning to a safe "hoarding" spot. At times the lobby guy would come to the stage and have a second "hoarding" up and down the stage stairs (front of stage) This is while I was hoarding on the stage. I believe this means a 4-player version is possible. We were completely sperate from eachother from about 12-15 to our demise at 36 (which was a gong show of dumb behaviour) I really want to explore this more with good team players. . . as our first attempt was a success. let me know if you've tried this before, or if you want to....

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