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  1. I'd bet money it's the 1911 because like previous poster said, they do weird things in the cinematic. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't get a Thompson with the drum mag or an AK-47. That being said, I bet we will haha Confusing, aren't I.
  2. Change, good or bad, scares people. It's different now. Plus you can still only buy 4 perks.
  3. Thumbs up from me. I likes it. Makes the "should I take this gun" choice a lot simpler.
  4. Actually one of my favorites now :P
  5. I run around in the Bio-Dome avoiding him until I get a Turret, then I unload. Usually works out for the best.
  6. Because dog's on the moon? That would be just stupid Without the dogs, that area is just sooooo easy to own. You could sit there and run around until you run out of ammo, then melee till you get bored. With Hell Hounds, it's harder (but not impossible) to that. Those little bastards can catch you and ruin a good game quick as hell.
  7. Ah, never looked at it from that angle because, well, now that I think about it, I don't think the excavator has breached that tunnel since I've been playing moon. If it has, I've never looked at it.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... 4j24#t=79s That should be to the right time, maybe you have to go back a few seconds but it looks like it's in the lab and something is going through the ceiling to the floor and beyond. I don't recall this happening in the actual game, during the Easter Egg or otherwise. Please point out if I'm missing something obvious, otherwise wtf is that?
  9. Nope, no gooey villains on the moon, real or otherwise.
  10. MUST HAVE THIS SONG!!! haha if someone posts a link to a youtube video of the music without anyone talking, any extra sounds or anything, I'll extract the audio of it and try to find a place to host it. Because I want it to. That is all. Edit: Looks like someone already beat us to it http://www.mediafire.com/?6co9dhcqzhg8dpc It's my new ringtone :P
  11. If you are still looking for people in about 6 hours when I get off of work, respond here. I'll check it when I get home and would be happy to jump in. Hell, it can even be done with two people.
  12. Unless Treyarch staff members are my friends Nemesis2469, HomusOnline, Tootall411, etc., I think you're wrong :?
  13. Best strategy for 4 people I've found (from experience): Have two people run rape trains in the bio-dome, and the other two people sit in the area by PHD Flopper watching each other. If the two raper trainers do there jobs right, you should only get a couple from the spawn platforms. Made it to round 28 like this, then everyone decided bed time.
  14. Been doing this since day one haha if you do it right, everyone can get Jugg before round 1. Just have to be careful. I'm usually the designated runner, so once I have my hoard, everyone unloads there pistol as they see fit. Throwing grenades at the hoard is bad early on, as it kills a lot of them and makes a big group spawn, which is problem without Jugg. Once our runner (me) has Jugg, the zombies are strong enough to make crawlers with grenades. Someone makes a dozen crawlers, then I knife them as I go by to get some extra points. It takes a bit, but it's worth it for all of us to have Jugg before the damn game even starts haha Just annoying restarting over and over if it's Speedy haha

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