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  1. It would be good so only 1 person can steal your kills, not 3.
  2. i hope the ak47 makes an appearance. and pap'd twice would be amazing
  3. its not gonna happen because do you know how many times guns have been shown on posters and not appear in the map when it comes out
  4. I don't have a camera of any sort, so if a member of this site that plays ps3 can add me : taylorgangsofly
  5. are you sure you did the stone step right. after you have done it, it should go back to present time when done correctly.
  6. whats the things that move on the side of the gun?
  7. three players have to go down the slide and stand on the tile. The fourth player goes down and holds X or Square and stay on the right side
  8. i think they should add more guns, not just 1 or 2 each map pack
  9. its psn, not gamertag, and i got to 25 with 3 people. I have all day tomorrow so my psn is taylorgangsofly
  10. Bowie knife doesnt stick all the way into the zombie which takes less time
  11. it is an amazing gun imo, but you need to know how to use it. [brains] bro
  12. its happened to me twice when i was trying to do the easter egg, same step :x
  13. Its a good idea, but we won't know until the new map pack comes out.
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