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    Probably a typo since they changed it. I especially think it's a typo since 1 and 2 are right next to each other.
  2. ShangriLa

    31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    His distant uncle or whatever I said? I told you like a month ago, I forget lol.
  3. Do you mean the numbers or physical electricity like from teleporters? But besides that, I really can't imagine what theat means, because why would he suddenly try and save you if he's been sabotaging all game? This may seem stupid to some, but maybe. The thief wants your weapons to experiment on and make them wonder weapons? He might save you because you gave him (not really gave... he stole them) your weapons to experiment on and in return he saves you.
  4. ShangriLa

    31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    @TacticalInsertion If you read this I told you the Richthofen's had something to do with zombies! You didn't believe me :cry:
  5. ShangriLa

    Create ur own perk

    AlphaSnake, thats really good stuff! [brains]
  6. ShangriLa

    Create ur own perk

    Name: Sacrificial Cola Effect: Sets you on fire, kills any zombies you are within 5 ft of you, and gives you juggs effect even if you haven't bought juggs. Downside: This perk lasts for 5 rounds (unless you go down, obviously) and after these 5 rounds even if you bought juggs, you will take 1 hit and be down. Yep 1 hit with juggs after the 5 rounds and BOOM you are downed. Another 5 rounds and the damage you take is back to normal. Cost: 3000 Points Logo: A stick figure with flames on him with a few zombies next to him burning. Color is purple with a little bit of red. ---You have to wait for the 5 rounds with the 1 hit kill to be over for you to be able to buy it again---

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