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  1. do u play ps3 or 360? I think PS3 judging by his signiture looks like.... xbox it says gamertag mine says online id..... and im on ps3.... u can look at the to pics and c
  2. my user is JFKASSASSIAN..... now i should be nikolai
  3. how do u post a pic.... im trying to get into the Nikolai group
  4. most of my rounds were done on my brothers account..... he never played zombies so am i aloud to post those kuz i was the one that got em?
  5. oooo i was on that link befor be that never showd up ooooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa more links
  6. k now how bout changing ur rank in ur zom games... between Takeo Nikolai Depsey Richtofen HOW?
  7. ya we did the tiles right.... but the eclipse glitched or something and didnt go away
  8. how da crap do u get [brains] if u wanna play zombies add me PSN: JFKASSASSIN requirements have a mic have all maps
  9. wen we do it we get the eclipse and do that memory tile thing and wen we go to do the slide part there is no lever/button in the slide and now we cant do the pressure plate thing
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