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  1. Could you please post a picture I have never seen this Thanks
  2. Well I believe we were on round 11 when we got the pyramid open, but we made it to round 18 and still no sam
  3. What do you mean by "did I press the witch on the wall. And i was yelling at my brother to keep the crawler away because I was trying to take the picture with my mac book and it was extremely difficult haha
  4. I just completed the Cryo Slumber Party ,but the weird thing was samantha was not there when the pyramid opened. Has this happened to anyone, I assume it's just a glitch but you never know with treyarc. Sorry for the blurry pictures. or see them here http://s1109.photobucket.com/albums/h42 ... at2226.jpg
  5. So I just finished the Shangri-La AND COTD EE so I went to do the Moon EE with my friend so he was using a guest profile. I was Dempsey and he was Richtofen, but with no Vril Rod in his inventory so do you get it after a certain step?
  6. i just wanted to share my finding with all of you. the only thing is on the ascention poster you could clearly see the wunderwaffle and others that werent in the map then on call of the dead it a little harder to see rooker holding the ak-47 and now its super hard to see what looks like a zombie holding a skorpion in verruct. the only reason why i found it was because i was looking at the astronauts red eye and the zombies in the reflection and i accedntally scrolled down
  7. yeah thats true i just thought it was more likely to have a skorpion than a wunderwaffle jeese i guess treyarc doesnt even know what guns are in there own game
  8. the stoner would be awesome but sadly i ownly saw the skorpion
  9. yeah i kinda did a double take hopefully no armed zombies but correct me if im wrong cause i would much rather have the kiparis than the skorpion but doesnt the kiparis have a straight mag and the skorpion has a curved one like in the picture
  10. in the picture for verruct it shows a solider holding a skorpion u have to zoom in to see it sorry i dont know how to post a picture
  11. Well the page is right before ascention so i assume that the next map will show how the crew got from kino to ascention
  12. This happens to me everytime in splitscreen it happens when we turn the power on when we hit the swithches for pap and when the waterfall activates after the pap time limit is over its so annoying :facepalm:
  13. Ok so I frame by framed it as well and heres what I found (from start to finish) Guns Olympia Spectre Famas Ak74u RPK M14 Spaz-12 HS10 Objects: Quick Revive Water Slide Water that shoots zombies up Time change(day to night) Eclipse Underground places Spinning statue (1:03) trap switch Flaming zombie explodes? Zombie that shoots out light maybe blinds you like a flashbang The wondergun kinda looked like it shrunk or turned the zombies into aliens Well sorry if i repeated anything but i just wanted to post everything just in case
  14. I don't understand what makes us so appealing to hit :(
  15. It does wonders and its a weapon... WONDER WEAPON :lol:
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