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  1. yeah, second that. Personally I think by 'new arsenal' they are just referring to the 'wave gun' and whatever the new equipment, whatever that may be. Very very unlikely they put more than wonder weapon in, unless it's just another wonder-esque weapon (like how they had the vr-11, and the scavenger). I think this is a lot more likely, and possibly one gun will either be for an EE or to control or go with certain physics of the map. an arsenal isnt just one new gun, its a whole bunch of guns and ammo my theory is that they are going to put all of the wonder weapons in moon its MY theory and MY opinion. but if they dont i think they will put in a room filled with new guns and old ones like guns people wanted like the ak47 and m60 thats my second more possible theory
  2. First of all man, can you use some punctuation? That is just one big sentence that doesn't really make sense. Second, I'm not saying its impossible. I'm just saying its most likely not going to happen. For every map, (except for CotD when you got the waffe as a drop from killing george) they've only had 2 wonder weapons. The ray gun, and whatever else. I dont see why treyarch would change that now. I know its the last map for black ops, but that doesn't mean they are just gonna throw all the wonder weapons in there. And buy a wonder weapon off the wall? seriously? thats definitely not gonna happen. WELL EXCUSE ME IF THIS IS MY LANGUAGE ARTS CLASS AND I HAVE TO USE PUNCTUATION AND CORRECT GRAMMAR! and plus this is treyarch they do a lot of crazy random stuff im giving my opinion on what they could do and what i would like to see from them. if you would be able to buy a wonder weapon off the wall you would need some mad crazy points and maybe not be able to buy ammo and in COTD they put in 5 wonder weapons in(ray gun, VR11, scavenger, matryoshka dolls, and the waffe) thats a lot so it can be a likely possibilty to put in a majority of the wonder weapons maybe not off the wall but in the map.
  3. this isnt an impossible thing that all wonder weapons would be on the map it looks pretty big and that would be helpful but if they were to put all of them on one map id say that like u would be able to have one main wonder weapon like you can have the thundergun and a ray gun but you cant have a thunder gun and a waffe like the really big main wonder weapons to cant have two of u would be able to have like a scavenger and a winters howl but and the defintion of aresenal is a place of storage or a magazine containing arms and military equipment for land or naval service so it could have all new equipment and other guns but im saying that all the wonder weapons on the map isnt impossible
  4. "Arm yourself with a space-age arsenal of epic proportions" This line could indicate that more guns will be Introduced into this map. Maybe it will have more guns from the multiplayer such as the AK-47 and M60 guns that most people wanted in zombies. Or this full arsenal contains all the guns from the box that you can just buy instead of using the box. By all the guns from the box I mean ALL OF THEM including all the wonder weapons such as the wunderwaffe, thunder gun, ray gun, etc. If this is the last zombies map they would make it epic and by far better than any other map by making it possible to spend let's say 5000 for all wonder weapons and just eliminating the box. Since a majority of element 115 is on the moon and most wonder weapons are powered by 115, it would be possible to mass produce them on this map and just make it for sale on the wall or in this case the arsenal. But i was just throwing this theory out there arsenal could be an area where all the current guns that available for purchase in zombies already with the box's first spawn point there along with other extra guns from multiplayer like the other snipers and smg s. But a space age of Arsenal I wouldnt say that putting every gun in the box on a wall but the least they could do is bring more guns into the map and bringing back all the other wonder weapons. The words space age just get to me since many characters have comments about the ray gun involving space or aliens and most of the wonder weapons seem like they were from a space age so that's why i think they would bring back all the wonder weapons plus c'mon it's kinda boring having a cool weapon like the scavenger or winters howl and have it on only one map

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