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  1. Let's take a look at the definition of "Analyze". -Examine methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of (something, esp. information), typically for purposes of explanation... -Discover or reveal (something) through such examination. Judging by that definition I clearly analyzed the trailer by examining to what I believed to be potential problems in the game. So there was nothing wrong with my post to begin with, and others seemed to want to criticize what I was simply pointing out leading to now. All I have to say is quality over quantity. Just because CoD sales more doesn't make it better, that's like saying Justin Bieber is the best artist because he has a ton of sales. Sales just mean the item/game is widely known. And my "failure" was directed towards the balance in the multiplayer. And just to let you know even though CoD is still the best seller doesn't make it the most popular... Based off the Metacritic user scores (Xbox) for MW2,BO,and MW3 compared to WaW and 4, you can see a drastic change in peoples opinions about the game. MW2-6.0 BO-5.9 MW3-3.2 -------------- WaW-7.3 MW1-8.4 Maybe I'm seeing something but clearly it looks like the public really isn't enjoying these latest CoD releases... But like I said above my post is only to try to confront the potential problems so we can have a better game. But it seems like everyone wants to avoid that and just look at the new and cool features. That won't help the game improve... But if you guys want to have another MW3 repeat go ahead ignore what I'm saying. But I'll be laughing when 1 or 2 months after the release of this people will be complaining about things that could have potentially been questioned before launch. This will be my last post about this whole situation or analysis. Also just to let you guys know, either the shock throwing knifes hurt you, it only took 2 shoots to kill those guys... sounds real fun if you die that easily... and IF those shock sticks end up doing damage I take back what I said because that could become a real problem with people spamming them and being able to take some health away.
  2. Maybe I don't post my opinion enough here on CoDz or I was a little harsh on what I believed could potentially be a problem with the game in the future. The last 3 installments have left me disappointed by the stuff they've added making the game IMHO worse. While everyone is looking for new features and what they thought was cool I was looking at what could potentially bring up problems with the game in the months after the game's release. Because let's be honest here, 2 or so months after the release people will start complaining about this and that. Now I know I was wrong about some things I pointed out but I don't want BO2 to fail like the last few CoD titles released. I think that we need to stop looking at what's cool or what's new and start looking for what could potentially become a issue. Will the cool things or new features need to be addressed or needed patched? No because they aren't the issue, the issues need to be looked at and questioned so we don't end up with more problems in the future. I'm only do this cause I don't want CoD to fall... It has great potential but the issues surrounding it hinder it. So maybe we can start looking at what could be potential problems to help make the game better.
  3. This is going to be my final response to this situation... it's my opinion and I'm sticking with it. TBH I would rather have people camping (Play better and plan your assaults better then you won't get killed by them) than have someone running around with a stupid wall-hack scope. Like I said before the only game in which wall-hacking vision works and will ONLY work is in BLR. For the solar panel it will get placed at the choke points of the map and you can't really do anything to counter it (Unless a perk)so easy kills. More XP... no more like more trolling, you cant' deny the annoyance the RC-XD spam was, it will be just as bad. And it's highly unlikely the swarm is just a visual effect. "Domination is used in most games these days." Well technically CoD stole the Domination game mode idea from Battlefield... (Not trying to start a BF vs. CoD war) Because Battlefield 1942 released on September 10, 2002 and featured the Conquest game mode. Where you have to capture the flags around the map to bleed the others tickets. Call of Duty: United Offensive was an expansion for the original Call of Duty (Which shipped without the Domination game mode) released on September 14, 2004 with the domination game mode. "The objective of Domination is to own all of the control points on the map. There are usually at least five or six of these control points scattered around the map, and are usually found in key strategic locations. To capture a control point, a player must stand near it with no enemies nearby. After a certain amount of time, the area is captured by the players team. Every time a team captures a control point, they add a point to their overall score. To win, a team must either have the higher score when time runs out, or capture all of the control points on the map." Man doesn't that sound quite familiar to Conquest? I mean they even had tanks and vehicles... CoD isn't the most original or innovative in their game modes... But hey that's just my opinion....
  4. 1. Okay I was wrong on my prediction there, but still Tryearch should just give us a concussion and flashbangs. 2. Just because there will be perks to counter it doesn't make it any better, that idea should of been scrapped and never been put into the game. I shouldn't have to hinder my gameplay by having to put a certain perk on to cancel out that scope. 3. So what I got the name wrong, still makes this a stupid killstreak and shouldn't be in the game. 4. Just because it's easy to kill doesn't mean they'll get spammed a ton just like the RC-XD was. 6. My bad. 7. They were not as bad in BO but MW3 was pretty bad... 8. Visual effect you say... I guess a visual effect kills players... seems logical... 9. I'd love to know a few examples of where someone stole a game mode from CoD... 10. Why don't you look at the first map again... it looks wide open but isn't... If you look at the mini-map you can see it's like a MW3 map. (I've outlined the paths to show). Seems to me just another person defending their precious CoD game... Just accept the flaws... And @ Lemonade, you fail to realize Gun Master isn't taken from CoD, it was taken from Counter Strike... so get your facts straight...
  5. This game looks stupid... no I'm not trolling and are giving you the truth... Now before you go on and start hating on me for saying this at least give what I said some thought and if you can start a civilized argument. 1st. Electrical throwing knifes Throwing Knifes were something that took skill, if you didn't hit you're sorry out of luck and we're most likely killed. But now with these people are now going to be spamming these (Even with the most likely maximum of 2)around, and what do get in return... stunned/or flash banged and an easy kill for the enemy, requiring less skill to use for throwing knifes. (Yes I know later on the tomahawk is shown, but chances are most people will use these more). 2nd. Wall-Vision Scope The only game in which wall-vision works well and is balanced is BLR... BO2 shouldn't have this scope at all! With an advantage like this given in CoD EVERYONE will use it and with that a counter will have to be made, so what we're looking at is having to put on a perk or use something just to cancel this stupid scope out. Brilliant idea Treyarch! Balance>Cool ideas. 3rd. Solar Panel Killstreak Never once in CoD have we had a killstreak that hinders our movement and stuns us... Except for now! This is a bad idea, why you ask? Because what's the purpose for having special grenades when we have this killstreak that does the same thing!? I can already see this being a nuisance in objective based modes where people will set them up all over. 4th. Quadrotor The next RC-XD... Although from what I can see I'm guessing it will be a 5 killstreak, the thing will be annoying when literally a whole team spams them just like the RC-XD was in BO1. I can only hope it's as easy to kill them in the retail version like the trailer. 5th. Scope with Valkyrie Rocket Outlines @1:15 You can see yet ANOTHER scope with seeing through walls ability... like the 1st one wasn't enough Treyarch had to add a 2nd! -.- (See what I think above in 2nd. Wall-Vision Scope) 6th. Mini-Walker Killstreak Looks like we're getting a smaller walker just for multiplayer. Most likely it will be a higher killstreak but even then that thing will ruin Domination/Ground War games where you'll be spawn camped by these things. Also not to mention this is a straight up copy from the Hardsuit in BLR. 7th. Shotguns Remember a time when shotguns weren't a nuisance? When everyone didn't swarm to use them... those days are long gone. Once again returning to CoD is the OP shotgun you can see from the shotgun shoots pretty fast so I can see people spamming that. 8th. Drone Swarm And you thought dogs were annoying enough... now we have this... a ridiculous replacement to dogs (most likely) and judging by their speed when flying in you won't be able to shoot them down like you were able to with dogs... What a balanced killstrak Treyarch! 9th. Multi-Team Deathmatch/Stealing Ideas If it wasn't enough that CoD had to steal more ideas, after taking Gun Game, Kill Confirmed (Crysis idea), and now Squad Deathmatch... Squad Deathmatch: "Squad Deathmatch is a gametype featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam and Battlefield 3. It is extremely similar to the Team Deathmatch gametype in Battlefield 1942 except that it pits four squads against one another whos goal is to reach a score of 50 kills before any other squad." Man doesn't that sound or look similar to what was shown in the video!? I think so... since CoD is pretty good at taking ideas from other games and putting it in their game. Before BC2 there wasn't any other game mode to my knowledge that copied SQDM. And the fact that CoD stole this idea along with others just shows how desperate they are... They're running out of ideas and have to take from others to be "innovative" Which they aren't. (And before you start saying BF3 stole TDM.... no they didn't the first game in the series, 1942 had TDM and it made a return to BF3). 10th. Map Design If you look closely enough at the map design in the canyon map, you can see the many routes and tight corridors... looks to me to be more MW3 styled maps which can only be the worst, seeing as they really weren't liked for the spawns and layout. That's all I have to say so far. Love me or hate me for what I said it's sitting there in plain sight this installment in the CoD series isn't going to be any better than MW3 was...
  6. Welcome to the site! *Gives welcome cookie* Enjoy your stay!
  7. Welcome! *Gives welcome cookie*
  8. Does anyone know the world record for Nacht's First Room Challenge on solo? I would like to know because I'm going to attempt to try to break that record. :D
  9. Hi. :3 Welcome back, but to make sure the experiments have succeeded, we'll need you to move on to the next test area... good luck! :D
  10. What a trailer... very interesting direction to the CoD franchise, I'm still a bit skeptical on how this is going to go but we'll have to wait and see... But less talk about my opinion and on to the analysis! Here's a couple things that stood out to me the most during the trailer. Quadrotor Prototype We've already seen this drone before but what stands out is the "Charlene". Could this be a hint toward something or just a nickname for the drone? Russian Rocket Here we see we're dealing with the Russians again... Quadrotor View You can now see the view of controlling an Quadrotor, looks to have a nice clean HUD. Also note the tell squad to follow and for all to follow. Data Pad (GPS Device?)/ D. Mason Here we get a glimpse at what could our protagonist or main character. If you look closely enough on the pad you can see the name D. Mason. Now we know Alex Mason was born in 1933 which would make him just barely 92 years old during the time period of BO:2. My best guess would be you're are a son of Alex or a relative since Alex's sister Marion had children. Antagonist? My best guess is as good as yours... Only time will tell. Jets Oh sweet new BF... Oh silly me it's just CoD! Hopefully that mission will be fun Scorpion 07 This be relevant or not... New Character/XM8 Here we see another new character we don't know his name yet but to me he has a Gears esque look as well as a Woods look. Another thing to point out is the XM8 Rifle! This gun hasn't been in use since being canceled back in Oct. 31, 2005. "The XM8 was a developmental U.S. Military designation and project name for a lightweight assault rifle system that was under development by the United States Army from the late 1990s to early 2000s. The Army worked with the German small arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch (H&K) to develop the system to its requirements in the aftermath of the Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) contract, for which H&K had been a subcontractor to ATK. Although there were high hopes that the XM8 would become the Army's new standard infantry rifle, the project was put on hold in April 2005, and was formally canceled on October 31, 2005." Silhouette/Zombies Hint? Few things to point out here. One, the soldier is holding an M16 so that is going to be in the game. Two, to the left you can see parachute soldiers going into the battlefield. And last, the odd purple or blue light, which is my guess to be either a hint a Zombies, Nuke going off, or just special effects for the trailer. Multiplayer This little tibit stood out the most to me. Here we get "X-47 Pegasus Kill 55" Proving it's multiplayer with the +55. The X-47 could be seen in the trailer earlier but here's an real life picture as well. Judging from the picture this X-47 looks to be the BO2 equivalent of a Reaper in MW3, So look for that in future Multiplayer announcements. As for the map, it looks to be on an island because of the lighthouse to the left. You can also see there is either an broken pipe or crashed airline in the middle of the map and windmill to the left. The map doesn't seem too open but rather many different routes so we'll have to wait and see. Unknown Military Symbol/M249 SAW An unknown symbol for whoever they are... If you do know please tell Also you can see the soldier is holding an M249 which proves it will be in the game. Osprey/AC130? Gunner Can't tell if it's an AC130 or Osprey Gunner, but my guess goes toward Osprey. New Character Name I believe I've figured out the name for our NPC group leader, it's Harper. How you ask, well if you look close enough to his name tag on the left you can barely make out Harper. So his last name or first is Harper. Maybe a relative to Woods? Wouldn't that be a twist! We can also see the Black Ops group still exists to 2025 with the patch on his chest.
  11. Hey there! Welcome to the forum. *Gives cookie* Just to let you know there is a introduction section here: viewforum.php?f=5 But it's all okay, a mod will move your post over there.
  12. If the game's set time period is around the near future (ex. 2020) Then Reznov can't be alive, and if he is alive at 107 or older he couldn't do anything. So my best guess would be flashbacks to the past (in between BO and BO2), and maybe even missions in the past much like in BO where you played as Reznov.
  13. You mean my theory. Why don't you take a read of this post clearly stating to not start topics of the Tacitus website. viewtopic.php?f=81&t=21116
  14. Lol yeah I try to hop in the streams every once and a while, thanks and we need to play some zombies! (Once BO2 comes out since my BO is broke :|)
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