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  1. i have came up with a theory. my theory is that the nazis took richtofen,takeo,dempsey,and nikolai prisoners. because if you go to the double tap machine and look outside to your left you can the automatic turret holders like they had on multiplayer map berlin wall.And that the nazis locked them in with the zombies and aliens because when you're at the double tap machine and keep opening the doors until you come to the stairs, and look to your right you can see a small look-a-like alien spaceship,therefore explaining the green crawlers. reply as to what you think :D
  2. there are different ways of getting around the map on zombies.KINO: teleporters, FIVE: elevators and teleporters, ASCENSION: landers, CALL OF THE DEAD: ziplines, SHANGRI LA: minecarts. i think the best way to get around the map would be the landers. reply as to what you think. vote up for landers! :D
  3. i think that george is the zombies' boss and protector because, do you ever notice that when you knife george at the beginning, he screams and the zombies start spawning straight away? also because they mosly always walk behind and wait for him to attack. reply as to what you think. :D
  4. i've came up with something. what if the tapes on kino were part of an easter egg?because there were tapes on five and in a bedroom when you teleport. maybe the tapes are ways of sending messages to richtofen, dempsey, nikolai, and takeo. i'm not quite sure yet. reply as to what you think :D
  5. i think they are both equally good guns. i think the wunderwaffe is the kind of power gun that you would need in order to get into the high rounds. the 31-79 JGb215 shrinks the zombies into wee babies and you can kick them flying away. reply as to what you think is better. thanks. :D
  6. which do you think is better? the bowie knife or the sickle? in my opinion, i think the bowie knife is better because, it does more damage to the zombies. also because when you do a knife lunge, you dont kind of throw your knife like the sickle.
  7. I think that treyarch should make a solo leaderboard so that you can compare your solo score with others. also because when you tell people your high round they don't believe you. reply if you think there should.
  8. Some people ask stuff like, why do we not get free perks from the fire boss.well,the thing is when the monkeys steal your power up, they keep changing it to different drops, so then they show you different ones, and think about the monkeys from ascension, they steal your perks,so then exactly the opposite thing would have to happen.so the space monkeys steal your perks to make you be downed easier by the zombies, the jungle monkeys steal the power drop for energy,so when it shows a wine bottle, kill it and take the perk. thanks for reading :D
  9. hello. i just registered on call of duty zombie forum. anyway,i'm going to talk about the meteor on shangri la. so,I thought to myself that, howcome when it's day time on shangri la the meteor is not there? well, when the sun is out on shangri la, the big black sphere must be using the sun as a disguise. so when it turns night the meteor comes out of its disguise because, when it goes onto night time your screen goes blurry for a second, then you can see the meteor.so the sun is a disguise for the giant meteor.if youthink so, post a reply. thanks.
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