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  1. Little confused on one part I think I'm doing wrong. Whenever I go into the mansion itself and "train" the ghost around to the bedroom, she respawns as multiple "ghosts". For example, on one try I got her around the Double Tap room and back up the stairs, only to get another ghost in my face as soon as I walked into the bedroom. Is there a trick to getting only one to spawn?
  2. If it's a polyalphabetic cipher, then we would need a cod word of sorts. I think(emphasis on think) we need a 12 letter word. I used to mess with ciphers a lot when I first got into zombies around BO1, but I'm a bit bit spotty on some things since its been awhile. Now if the code "word" is indeed 12 letters, then "mobofthedead" could work. "Devilsisland" could work as well...Can't really think of anything else. This is pretty interesting though. Nice post!
  3. Soooo, the other day me and a couple of friends tried Big Bang Theory. We got all the way up until you put the Vril Generator in the computer. We could not find the wire for the life of us. We spent, I kid you not, 3 hours looking for it in the lab and all across the map. Anyone else have this problem? I mean, we definitely didn't pass over it. We held "x" on EVERYTHING. :S
  4. I was on solo on Moon the other day, I teleported to area 51 and then back to the start, as I was Planning on hacking an excavator. Weeeellll, a cosmonambie spawns behind me, teleports me to the other half of the start. I kill a few zombies, but ultimately go down. So, I think, alright, clear the room with M&S and grab QR. So, i get up, but little do I know, I depressurized the room, and it makes me immediately stand up in a death machine. Since I had the hacker, I can no longer breathe; and since I have the death machine, I can't get a P.E.S. FML.
  5. I think I can answer this one. I use Triton AX Pro's and hear it whenever I get the JGB. I believe it's the fin/wing metal bits on the side clicking as they move up and down. Like the machinery moving them. I hope that made sense, it probably wasn't the best explanation.
  6. I guess it's the napalmbie's time of the month.
  7. Part of me wants it patched, but the other part kind of thinks it adds more "challenge", making the level more fun.
  8. So today I hopped on the good ol' PS3, started up the EE, and a couple of friends and I had about 3 crawlers left and a napalmbie for the gas valve step. Well, a little ways down the tunnel, one of our crawler dies, and the napalmbie goes into a dead sprint. It actually ran into my mate and downed him. That's the first time I've seen that happen. It happened again twice in solo. Is it a glitch or does it normally happen? Either way, it tends to be almost always a game ender for solo. :L
  9. I'll get pics up as soon as I can, but I noticed that in the train cars out by semtex's, their appears to be human shaped almost mold like indents with binders on them. I've been lurking here for about a month and didn't see this mentioned anywhere, so what do you guys think?
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