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  1. Haha that was hilarious! So many good quote references and animations. I hope this is our final teanzit song when we finish it's easter egg.
  2. Nice find...i sort of see where your going with this but it is kinda sketchy. The combined human outline was interesting though, nice theory! +1 brains
  3. I might possibly need help with the easter egg next weekend (8-10 or something) i will update you if i do
  4. It has it's downsides too, if you have to deal with a nova 6 round you almost always die and if you do get over run it is certain death. Holding off there is already taking major chances.
  5. I gues the TV idea could work. I really like what you said at the end though about abandoning Easter eggs...can you record this denial? I have personally never heard it.
  6. I am having the same problems, it is freezing and crashing my Xbox too only when I play blops 1 or 2
  7. I give luv good find, I haven't found much about the map at all so far. What happens when you don't fall down the elevator?
  8. Imagine how many people would die :twisted: jimmy would be a proud troll
  9. Yea, the only option they have left is a release trailer...a "late trailer" wouldnt really make much sense.
  10. I also agree in a way about this. At this stance zombies does pretty much suck with what was given to us. I think things will get better when future DLCs come out though. They might be implementing the things now for the future maps.
  11. Ascension, Moon and Kino all had trailers.
  12. I was also greatly suprised, when i saw the update i was almost certain they have arrived. In the previous map packs they tend to be leaked or released with-in a week from launch. No trailer or achievements and 3 days to go, they are really keeping this one secret.
  13. This is the best zombie campain I have ever read, Bishops first mission and the shitballs.exe mission was my favorite! You should definatly work for treyarch in the creative story department lol. Would love to see more! :D
  14. Thanks! Die Rise is starting to get interesting, treyarch having hints since kino is amazing!
  15. And for the point part, he could mean save up on Msoft points lol
  16. i have a strong feeling about them releasing a trailer 1 week before (next tuesday)the DLC. Seems realsonable. If it doesnt get released well..... :(
  17. I'm saleenseven for all who do not know. Came back from a long break in zombies. Impressed at how the site developed. I dont belive I have ever done a intro, might be too late but what the heck why not. I play mostly on Xbox but I occasionally go on PC. I love keeping up to date with the zombie storyline, it has always interested me. I also have a tend to discover things/stay up to date with all new info relating to zombies or any gaming related things overall. Shangri-La is my favorite zombie map by far. I like how the map implements multiple ways of travel, and has optional day night weather cycles. That's all i got for now...happy zombie slayin'!
  18. Hehe I would like a continuation, I enjoyed the second part just as much as the first. Bravo!
  19. Sorry if this has been said but is nuketown in the day or at night?
  20. About that square that comes from the sun's reflection, it also shows up on survival and grief so I do not think it is part of the EE. I could be wrong though.
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