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  1. For Those who have been seeing the Comment about throwing the Redeemer at PHD and Mulekick, It does not work Tested, didnt work, Simple as that
  2. Have Updated the gun list after the weapon testing and found some interesting out comes the fact that at long range the AN-94 is a one shot kill, The Damage multipliers may be not correctly done and may need a patch xD This whole thing also shows the true power of the guns in zombies and the fact that it kills survivors one shot to the stomach at long range is quite shocking :D
  3. Also Update : ill Be testing some weapons if anyone would like to come help out my GT is OPL Razor And also kinda have a lobby going due to just hitting 2000 Subscribers just send a msg xD
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKcyo3nwFTE There You Go !
  5. Yes it is not entirely full grief trey arch in this patched added a game ending code for certain maps so it would not be possible to have more then 4 people in the map i tryed alot to get it to work but every time the the 5th player joined it ended the game immeditly. Reason why it is currently limited to 2v2 The Challenge itself i think is for more Vetern / Skilled Players as iam one of those and i wanted something that could work if you had a group of people and added that extra amount of difficulty to it Now the Hardcore Element i may have kinda confused a little you can only harm the opposing team not your teammates, we tryed alot And yes that is why i made a list of weapons at the moment are good Super close but the range drops to prevent people being killed from far away. To me there could be another possibility to this that something like this maybe introduced in a later map as i like to note the characters you are in this are the new Survivors which are kinda being led by Samuel for Richthofen may see a gamemode on the very last Dlc to involve the Original 4 and have almost a side mode of grief between the too i could see that.
  6. Hello Everyone ! Now Before anything i know this forum isnt that big on Glitching but i find this more of a hidden gamemode which is fun and can be used to simulate survival better in a game of zombies so i hope you consider this and maybe give it a try ! I Would like to introduce you too my Die rise Challenge that is built around the glitch i discovered which allows for 2v2 Grief Style zombies but also allows for players to kill one and other with weapons ! Now if you dont know how to do this glitch i have added my video explaining and showing how it works for better understanding during the video i do kinda talk confusingly so the entire video has an annotation to click on which links to a fully explained version and in the description a written guide on how to perform the glitch. jKcyo3nwFTE So you have watched the video i hope now to get to my challenge / Game mode i have made for it. So the Best Title i can give this is i guess : 2v2 Hardcore Survival on Die Rise ! (I Like to note that you may change any of these rules to your liking but these are what i consider the best things to do to make it enjoyable !) Now i Suggest having every one that is playing in party chat to allow for better communication between the teams when killing each other is not allowed. Before you Start the Game you do have the options for your difficulty settings. Original - Allows for a balance between the amount of trouble the zombies will give you as well as having to deal with the other survivors trying to kill you. Easy - I Call this Setting more of a "Walking Dead" Style of this challenge you focus more on the other survivors while still having the odd zombie that can cause some trouble but not nearly as the ones in Original do. Once the Game has started you are not to harm the other team until the end of round 10, This allows for both teams to gather points to hit the box, get perks etc. You have two ways of doing these rounds. the Teams split up one goes through the top door while the other one uses the freight elevator to go to power, this can be accomplished by having the team going to the power send the elevator back up with the other team in it. The Other way you can do this is have the two teams stick together this though has a higher chance of an accidental down due to a stray shot or knife lunge. Once you hit round 10 you may leave the party chat so you can only communicate with your teammate. at the end of round 10 the two teams are two split up and go to different areas of the map and continue to move around trying to find the other survivors to brutally murder them xD Dont Camp as the glitch makes it so the other team doesn't show their arrows on your screen make going in the tight areas more interesting. The conditions of victory can be decided by you but i have put down a couple you may use if you dont wish too. I want to note that the Game will not end when the opposing team goes down and the other team survives the round, the game does not have that feature built in when doing this glitch but the game can end if everyone downs so BE CAREFUL Way to Win 1 - Traditional Grief Victory, Simple, if the other team dies and you survive the round you win. Best way to tell that you have won is if the enemy team spawns at the end of a round. Good Job ! Way to Win 2 - Stat / Point Based Victory Play to a Certain Round and at the end the Team with the most points wins, for each down though a team has take away 5000 points. This style of victory may lead to the situation where one team will respawn at the end of the round if this is the case allow the spawning team 1 Round to get their perks / Weapons again if the team cannot survive the round the second time then you can give the victory to the surviving team. So thats really it as far as rules like that go, now for the technical stuff below xD ! There are Ristrictions on the weapons you can use to kill other players SO MAKE SURE TO READ THAT!!!! PERMA PERKS ALLOWED Revive Jugg PERKS THAT ARE ALLOWED Quick Revive Jugg Speed Cola Who's Who PERKS NOT ALLOWED Mule Kick (Dont want one team having all the Weapons that can kill other survivors keep it fair and less complicated) Double Tap (Main Reason is that It doubles gun Damage and can make killing other people way to easy...) Guns Allowed to be used on other Survivors These Weapons at the moment i Believe are balanced enough to use on other players for close range and longer range i will continue to see if they are too powerful and adjust the list accordingly. NOTE : NO WEAPON CAN BE PACK A PUNCHED WHEN USING IT ON THE OPPOSING SURVIVORS Regular Weapons / Box Weapons Olympia S12 M1911 B23R Misc. Weapons Sliquifier Ballistic Knife Bowie Knife GavaKnuckles Explosives Monkey Bombs (Reason because it can allow a person who may have to revive a teammate but has the other team camping them. Frag Grenades (The Fact that you can throw them back adds a little fun to the Mix) Opitional : Symtexes Testing at the moment (Not on the List but maybe in the Future) SMR Testing to see if it would be OP Due to range but it is very weak in zombies so i may consider adding it after looking to see how it does.against players M14 I dont know if ill add it due to it having quite alot of power and Decent Range so its a maybe... As i Said you Can adjust these settings any ways you wish this is to act like a guide line. If you decide to do a video series of this on youtube it would be greatly appreciated if you credit me. i plan i doing much more in depth challenges like this soon iam just experimenting at the moment leave your thoughts Enjoy Killing your fellow survivors ! Conspiracy.....
  7. L know iam looking at doing this Stuff all local Co-op 4 controllers to continue progress (i have no internets for the Xbx ) ill probly have to glitch to make it so they all dont all die but at this point i have no choice but iam looking at doing it tonight again and trying to progess it further
  8. Iam going to ask have you done Ethier Easter Egg yet The idea of this is that this can get the quote in Co-op and Solo, But actully getting it to the point where he say activate the spire i havent had that in solo yet
  9. What iam curious about at the moment that this is now out there you havent had anybody as far as like NGT or simular big name channels even shed any light on this yet its quite known now on alot of the forums. (Personally i Dont Care guess once they post their vids i lose any potential due to the fact everyone watches them)
  10. Xboxkeeps saying cant complete Process ill try msging you and c if you can get that at least
  11. If you get on Right now i will show we did this in the first 10 minutes of the game to test the theory and we had 2 people without any easter egg compeltion and me with Rictofhens done Msg the GT OPL Razor on Xbx and ill invite you
  12. I can Livestream the qoute From the Game Right now in theater The 2 Vertical thing one if you wish xD only probly is Orbs dont like to appear in theater :'(
  13. After this Step there is another qoute i believe after you built the NAV Table Maxis Has said that you need a Applicable Navigation Card Its in the Game files so there is something going on here
  14. I Stressing That i was only able to get this with someone in the lobby that has not dont the Egg and it Was usually only seen by the Host but the fact that it kept working was y i continued to post the vided
  15. Friend has got ive seen were trying to back track cause he was trying to do maxis easter and i think the Steps got mixed up so yea i only have tomorrow to try so i hope that we didnt just see something We Are Trying Hard cause iam losing my internet which suck cause my grades Arnt up to par Too bad i was only about 20 minute behind people on the Riictofhen easter egg i guess i missed this one too :'(

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