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  1. We Just got confirmation from Samantha Literally saying we finished Step 1 after building all 4 staffs continuing to what she calls a Riddle we have a feeling it involves the rotating puzzle and the symbols above the Wind teleporter in Argartha
  2. Hey so i have to make this quick but everyone seems to be on the idea of the Map is in hell, but i just dont see that, then i thought about the Idea that these characters have the ability to go into purgatory, which in some religions if you end up in purgatory its impossible to go to hell or be stuck there forever. Then i thought of Limbo, (Latin for "Edge of Hell") Literally they are on the edge due to the portal beneath the first hellhound, as well due to the map being stuck in a 10 Second Loop, its thought to beileved that the only way to enter the underworld, etc. etc. was to freeze time a
  3. Its the Exact same steps except with 2 people :P
  4. For Those who have been seeing the Comment about throwing the Redeemer at PHD and Mulekick, It does not work Tested, didnt work, Simple as that
  5. Yes this is what happen to us when we were finding the Easter Egg, Best why to avoid this that i have found and not had a problem for a while was to have everyone after life and get close to the plane (NOT RIGHT AGAINST IT) and let one Person WHO ISNT WEASEL (WE FOUND THAT MOST TIMES THE GLITCH WAS CAUSED FROM WEASEL) And let one person press x / hold and it should bring everyone onto the plane :P
  6. have you gone to the golden gate bridge? yes
  7. Been trying this for the past hour both solo and co-op with multiple people and Still unable to recreate this so theres something they are obviously not telling or they don't know how they did. This feels very simular to the Easter Egg, they not telling but gloating but will keep trying at the moment will update if anything changes
  8. Good Job been looking to get these myself sometime soon! xD
  9. Its quite simple actually all you need to do is get the Blundergat from the Box first and convert it into the Acid Gat, Then Do the steps of the EE that include the Skulls and retrieve the Blundergat that pops up from the Wardens Desk Pack that add you have both the Sweeper and the Vio (IDFK) Gat. Video Tutorial TJ42UxhYJe8
  10. The Explanation i Thought for that sound is kinda the same idea as the Clock in nuketown, Everytime you go to the bridge it moves closer to zero, i see it being more a less a hint toward the easter egg due to the fact you have to go to the bridge at least 3 times, doing this if its the same idea as the clock, going the third time would make the clock reach zero causing the numbers in alcatraz to go crazy just how i used it when finding the EE
  11. xD yea i plan to go look around the map tonight to see if i can find anymore connections then get it all together, its interesting if this take place in around 1934 ( i think thats the exicution date) if Al is hearing Nickoli's name
  12. I also got this often While on the Bridge i was streaming and i got it often if i look back i maybe be able to find but he says it alot on the bridge. ill post if i can find the clip in my yt stream (may take abit it was a 4 hour stream) but yea i noticed it too and found it fascinating cause i wouldnt expect a link between al nd nickoli. i was expecting him to be connected to ric cause in the end al betrays the other three in the pop goes the weasel easter egg
  13. This Post has been Updated With The Detailed Tutorial
  14. I Shall Be adding Noahs when it is finished uploading and add it to the top post again Thanks everyone who took part, Team being myself, Noah, JFK, Cheezy And as Noah said questions can be sent to his twitter, my twitter : OPLRazor , and TheJFKGamer, and or my GT
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