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  1. Oh yea, forgot to mention. Its not for sure, but what ii evicerate (ob Blitz) and i have found that if you take out the scorpions without letting them hit the support chopper at all at the barrier hives, once it reaches about 50% health, it will just blow up then and there. Just a note. Maybe somone can help confirm?
  2. You can thank Kerednomrah69 and ob Blitz for pushing me towards the forum haha. Just havent been active at all for a while. Straight gaming. But im almost at the final prestige and want to try and get a game going with 4 ppl running all 5 relics. Just need 2 more ppl that are on late at night
  3. This is my opinion on how to have an optimized team and what classes should be doing what. It is a strategy of many, but a strategy I have found extremely effective for myself and my team. This game mode is designed for each class to play a crucial role in the team. Escaping is largely dependent on all players communicating and coordinating what skill or item is being leveled up when. Everybody will be supporting one another with different things. You all kind of play off of eachother in a way. I'm going to mention what the main role each class should be playing. The first thing is,
  4. Although everything that has been posted on this subject is true about the crawlers, he does have a good point with the webbed feet. I know some of you tend to shut out and cringe at the idea of "Atlantis", but the theory of the next map or future map being a water level is almost, the most logical given the amount of coincidences.. 1. Webbed feet. 2. Samuels specific quote about Atlantis. 3. Have any of you noticed on Whos Who there is what looks to be a life preserver from a boat or ship around the actual machine itself? 4. Along with that, when you spawn in Whos Who as your "secondary-self
  5. At first i was fairly upset about the possibility of being stuck at a skull due to not understanding how the ranking system worked in the very first weeks and months of the games release, and doing things like helping friends get perma-quick revive and screwing around trying to figure all the new things out. I was basically hell-bent on doing everything i could to fix my stats just so i could obtain a new emblem. But the more i read different peoples opinions and really think about it, Birdman is right. I think its better to not glitch your stats and erase your entire history just so you can h
  6. First of all i was high and it was funny. Secondly, i forgot to clarify some things. Im NOT encouraging ppl to leave matches. Custom/solo strategy. Always always always keep you M1911 as your secondary. As for your primary get something along the lines of a five-seven or FAL. Something with decent damage per round. If not, you can pretty much use whatever, just my preferences. Then what u wanna do is go to a place where u are comfortable like diner or town, and train them together and keep them in a tight group, this is where ur 1911 is key. When they r packed tight like that, u get 5-7 hits p
  7. After months of not knowing exactly how the ranking system worked, i decided to take some notes and catagorize the 12 aspects of everyones individual stats. After being careless for so long, i was afraid i was stuck where i was. But then i chopped up and began to think , and by using basic math i believe i have figured out how to rank up regardless of what your current stats may be. Now, with an extreme amount of dedication, commitment, patience, and time, i truly believe that if you strictly follow these, you will be able to obtain maximum rank. So here is my attempt to humor you.(UPDATE)As f
  8. If anybody wants some help with any achievements, im your guy. I myself am trying to do the Maxis side of the easter egg, but im willing to do Richtofens side again. Just message me on XBOX Live, gamertag is DueceCostello
  9. Im looking for 3 people that are serious zombie players and want to complete the Maxis side of the easter egg on Tranzit. Please message me on XBOX Live. My gamertag is DueceCostello. I can also help with any of the other achievements if you would like. Im on pretty much everyday, all day. Thank you everybody! DueceCostello
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