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  1. God this was a Bitch to get. Update: More than two Panzer Soldats appear in solo after you release Maxis into the hole. My God that scared the hell out of me. Also, did anyone know the Ultimate Staffs can be used as a Melee Weapon? It has a 1-hit kill strength that last I think till round 15. Can help in getting the Airstrike Grenade's before filling the chests.
  2. It's really useful to me. It was an important part for me in Completing the Achievement just a few minutes ago. (SOLO) It's useful for getting the souls needed to purify the Tablet at the Church at a early round, say 7. It's good when to have on you back. It was for me that is. It's good to plant and let a Zombie destroy while you run to the Center Robot's left Foot to push the Damn Button (God that was a pain in my ass) It was a big help for me at the end, in Crazy place while getting the Portal activated. So yeah, Riot Shield. IMPORTANT
  3. They can't really attack good while moving. I was stuck with a MP40 when one popped up, but I was near a Generator Station, so I kept running around the Center Pump device on the platform and it stayed pretty much behind me. I just did some backwards shooting at his head and that was that.
  4. Ooookay, I know what your saying. Once you purchase and Download, exit the game through Dashboard. Downloads faster. Got it.
  5. "More Speed" "I can't do it Captian, We just don't have the Power!"
  6. Jeager1999

    DLC Size?

    You know, with the Giant Robots in the background, I was actually expecting it to be higher.
  7. Ah Well, Shit. Can't blame a guy for thinking. I got about 2 Hours here to go. GOD! This is Agony!
  8. I guess we'll just have to wait to play it in order to confirm that. But still that be a cool idea.
  9. It's too bad that you can't find a way to trick your 360 into thinking its under a different Time Zone.
  10. I guess the Time Zones do play a part in Download. Treyarch wouldn't want XboxLive to Crash thanks in part by 2 million people downloading the DLC at once.
  11. Jeager1999

    DLC Size?

    Vengeance I think is the largest one out of the 3, so I bet it most likely be the same size as that.
  12. 1)Where did these come from again? 2)I do believe there is such a thing as DG-1, but I think DG means Die Glock. The Bell. The very same weapon based on the Conspiracy the Nazi's were working on in Ludwigsdorf....not far from one of the entrances to the Der Riese underground facility. Richtofen built the DG-2, but I don't think he built the DG-1. According to most of the Conspiracy Theory, it was most likely a Alien Artifact. Honestly, I think this is most likely how a lot of whats been in the first place.
  13. Another Video added, don't know when but it was about the P'A'P Machine (Which Looks SICK!) and the STG-44 is back.
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