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  1. I was watching some random guy's video and he said it was confirmed by Treyarch that up to 8 players could play a game and that there would be like 70 something zombies on the map at once. Has anyone else read or heard about this? I doubt it will happen but it would be cool.
  2. Just got mine today and it looks awesome. I'm gonna have it next to my Call of the Dead poster.
  3. Richtofen hands down. I fell in love with his funny remarks about the monkey bombs and ray gun.
  4. yes you can, i asked the employee before i pre ordered mine.
  5. 50 solo and 62 i think in co-op. Really fun map and i don't ever seem to get bored of it.
  6. Yes, multiplayer can record millions of matches but they usually last about 5-10 minutes. It would be awesome if there was a mode to record matches but i doubt it because zombie matches take hours and hours and there is no way they could store that much data. The only possible way i can see it happening is if Treyarch has a recording feature you can activate from the start menu and end it when you want (no more than 10-15 minutes) or die.
  7. Thanks for posting the picture, i hadn't seen it yet. Looks like i will have to pre order mine tomorrow.
  8. Not really sure, i didn't think about it until you mentioned it. To me that clip looked like part of the campaign.
  9. Great run. I've given up on getting 340 for now but when i get back in the mood again i should come up with a nice kill count.
  10. Great job man. I always try to use the mini pool area to get to a high kill count but ill probably start using the side drop again.
  11. Depends on the map and if i am playing solo Solo: Jug Quick revive Speed cola Stamin-up if available and if not i take double tap Co-op Jug Quick revive Speed cola Stamin-up if available and if not i take double tap
  12. My kill count is 317 but instead of putting "The Doctor" put Jloves2game. I think i will ask the admins to change my name next time i see them. Thanks again, mate.
  13. I felt that Chopper was the one playing it. I think he did some of those corner challenges in NML. Not sure who the person is but he should have added their names. Those were some impressive moves Haha that's me, i just checked this thread right now. Yea, someone please add me to the list. Thanks
  14. lolz I remember that, but don't remember how I ended up adding you anyways ill send you author friend request maybe we will play this time For a while you had the most kills on NML on my friends list so i would always see your name at the top.
  15. Haha wtf? I've had you added on xbox for a while and i can't remember when i added you. I love your strats, keep it up. Btw my GT is Mrdeerhead.
  16. Another great strategy. Have you tried this with 2 people?
  17. I had got 301 and a few games later i hit 317. My goal for NML is 340 and then im stopping.
  18. I finally did it! 301 kills. These tips and videos really helped out, thanks Chopper.
  19. I don't really have one and i wouldn't put it out until i get 300+ and it's about the same as everyone elses strat.
  20. I don't get it, i have tried for a couple days now and i can't hit that 300 mark. I can easily PAP in 70-80 seconds and sometimes i even get M&S without even throwing my 2nd nade and I still seem to fall short in kills. I get M&S faster than most people i see on Youtube and i still land around 250ish kills.
  21. Those are some great ideas and Treyarch have been known to lurk around this forum so who knows if one of them might stumble upon your ideas.
  22. Great job, i have seen a couple of your videos and they are really good.
  23. I would like to see an elite edition and i hope they give it to you for going to COD XP like they did last year. I wouldn't want to see the old WAW zombie maps redone because they have already been perfected in Black Ops and i don't want to see the Black Ops maps fixed because there is nothing wrong with them.
  24. and i forgot to add to use keepvid. My favorite one is "Why do they love you so much, monkeh" It probably won't fit what you are trying to do but that is by far my favorite line from Richtofen.
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