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  1. perks 1.double tap 2.speed cola 3.juggernog 4.mule kick weapon 1. thompson or mp40 weapon 2. calamity and jane(s) *cz75 weapon 3. a fire based wonder weapon like a more powerful flamethrower melee weapon. sicle
  2. " Don't be afraid of death be afraid of tha doctor" hope this helps
  3. judgeing from my avatar my favorite is pretty obvious 8-) 1. double tap 2. mule kick 3. speed cola 4. phd flop* (it would be higher if it was available on all maps) 5. juggernog ( it's last for me because i think its overrated i hardly use this cola because i dont need it...i run and gun.. speed kills :D
  4. you know its hard to see every post on here im kinda new here so cut me some slack man :oops:
  5. no its not...it still plays that sound after the song has been played i thought that too
  6. my favorite "tatic" on nazi zombies is too buy and use weapons off the wall till about round twenty than hammer the box till i get the weapons i want mine is the mpl so with regard to that i ask u all whats ur favoite weapon off the wall?..........go!!!
  7. i too have had the same glitch happen to me but this happened everytime i tried but yeah check it out bro its like a torn withered map its kind of hard to see unless ur looking for it ;)
  8. 1. Ray gun 2. Winter's howl 3. Baby Maker... not even gonna try to say the name everything else is meaningless ;)
  9. haha takeo got no love on this post...treyarch really let me down with him he's so boring id rather play as buffy the vampire slayer and thats saying something :shock:
  10. im sure someone has already discovered this and posted it but if not than whooo hooo! im the first lol but anyways the other day i was playing call of the dead and i was looking for the fuse that u put into the wall its the the step to release the original characters and i discovered this torn map directly left of it and if u hold x or square for all those ps3 players it makes the same sound as if u find the meteors idk if this is some kind of secret or a glitch....re may never know the thing about zombies is their might not be an answer jus something to think about i tried looking for anymore of them but i couldnt find any has anyone else noticed this?
  11. if u were able to pack a punch the bowie knife and it became the katana what about the sicle? ;)
  12. Personally my favorite character to play as is nikolai he's hilarious but im intrested to see who everyone else likes? :)
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