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  1. Either my refined idea or a (basically) 50 new guns for zombies whilst using this machine. Every possible combo between each class of weapons? Still would have to be 2 machine guns combine instead of having a machine gun and a shotgun combine.
  2. We have electrical traps, perk machines, the pack-a-punch, now I have an idea. How about something like a machine that puts two weapons together... So say you have the Trench Gun and the Double Barrel, you use this machine, you have the pros from each weapon. The power from the Double Barrel and the ammo from the Trench Gun, a con of using this machine would be that you can't buy those weapons again, and if you get them from the box, then you can't take it. It would work the same way with weapons like the Commando and the Galil... You have 35 bullets in the starting weapon when you combine the two, you have the power from the Commando, you get the 40 in a clip from when you pack-a-punch, dual mags, from the Commando, and the red dot from the Galil. So say you combine any two sub machine guns or any two shotguns or any two snipers, you always get the same weapon for each class... Say you combine the Thompson and the MP40 = SubbyMcShotty Say you combine the Type100 and the STG = SubbyMcShotty So you could only create this new weapon if you're using two weapons from the same class. Any two submachine guns would be this SubbyMcShotty. Any two snipers would be something along the lines of the Snipinator or something... You get about 6 new weapons... One for each type of gun, a sniper, a lmg, a smg, an assault, a shotgun. Winning?
  3. Ahh, well that sucks, it should have been that it was blown off. They should have said that...
  4. I know a lot of you probably think that the maps go in order from Kino to Moon, but I don't think that's the case... Remember when Black Ops first came out there was a date that showed up on the screen when you started Kino Det Toten? I remember that date saying something like 1954 or something like that. Somewhere in the 1950s or 1960s. At the current moment it is neither explained how the crew arrived nor how they left Ascension. In this theory, I think that they went from Kino to Call of the Dead to Ascension to Shangri-La. The reason I think that that is how they left is because there are Lunar Lander parts in Shangri-La's debris. Now, Moon was SUPPOSED to be Paris... and Kino was SUPPOSED to come out in WaW... But the date was pushed back and they ended up releasing it as the first map in Black Ops. What do you think about this Timeline? Shi no Numa - Der Riese - Kino Der Toten (destroyed because of nukes) - Call of the Dead - Ascension - Shangri-La - Moon (1945 or whatever, Earth had not made it to the Moon yet) - Paris (to hide in the catacombs and make a last stand against the wandering zombies (no master))
  5. It was blown off the planet as you can see there are large chunks of the planet in the sky around where Earth is blown apart. That's why you can see Earth from Area 51.
  6. First time man was on the moon = 1969 Last time man was on the moon = 1972 3 years difference. I have no idea where you've been.
  7. Ok... But he would have to not be in the map... Gersch would be the playable character. :P
  8. Lol, ever seen the movie Apollo 18? A lot of people wonder why we haven't returned to the moon. It's never been explained thoroughly.
  9. This supports my idea of where the storyline should go.
  10. Basically... Map 1, nothing special happens, it's just the transition from Moon to Crater. Map 2, the group comes into contact with Gersch, and Gersch tells Samantha that she needs to accept the fact that Maxis is dead. He entrusts us with the Activation Key which is used to activate the generator in the third map. At the end of the Easter egg, he sends down a lunar lander with an Elixir of all the perks. You keep them until the end of the game. Map 3, kind of the end, the group, along with Gersch, destroy the Moon, killing Richtofen and ending his Reign of the zombies. This also, kills Gersch in the process, as he sacrifices himself, leaving the group to do what they need to do in Aether/Limbo. Before he dies, he tells the group that he was an ex-member of group 935, and for that, he apologizes to Samantha for being part to blame for ruining her life. The SpLazor is the generator that charges the Washington Monument, and the Washington Monument is the weapon that sends a ray of energy toward the moon. The ray of light is what gives the players all # perks and you learn in the next map that they died from the radiation of the energy. Map 4, Samantha gets her body back, which is dead, and Richtofen gets his back, and curses Tank and crew for ending his reign, making him suffer in Limbo with them forever. This is where Samantha gives you her remaining life energy and she passes on, her life energy gives you every perk in the game, and packapunches every gun in the box. OP? Nah, not for the 'final' map. So as a recap, the original 4 are to stay in Limbo forever, Maxis died when we Destroyed Earth for the first time in Moon. Gersch sacrifices himself to kill Richtofen in Samantha's body. And last but not least, Samantha is able to rest in peace with her father in the final map. - Map 1 = Der Riese as it resides on multiple asteroids, space suits are needed in some areas. Map 2 = Crater from the nukes, radiation suits are needed in some areas. Map 3 = Russian facility in a volcanic area at the center of the planet, and the Washington Monument's streets. Map 4 = Aether/Limbo. If someone has the ability to get this to Treyarch, do it. I don't care for credit, at least this will give them some ideas if they don't have many at the given moment.
  11. Tell me about it. I also came from the Call of Duty forums. The Modern Warfare 3 upgrade killed the place! I agree. To the second part.
  12. shoot the green lights with the raygun, it was just by chance. it doesn't work.
  13. I have a really funny feeling that this is you.
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