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  1. Hopefully can reach Prestige Master on MP this weekend, only need 15 more levels.
  2. This isn't really the website to be asking people to help you get out of Multiplayer maps on Black Ops II.
  3. Really? You could survive a rocket test fire with the Ragnarok? Now that's something I need to see lol.
  4. I kind of see what you mean. They did say however it is based from a seperate universe to Exo and 3arc so we might just get some unique sort of monster instead of the traditional yellow-eyed, screaming zombies. One can only hope :)
  5. The problem with Ghosts is that Infinity Ward was expecting the game to be a smash hit but ended up stumbling on its feet as it was mocked horrifically. The ending of Ghosts was definitely leaning towards a sequel but they didn't expect everyone to hate the game so much. I am actually glad they are not continuing on with Ghosts just because the campaign ended with a cliffhanger, it shows that they are somewhat learning from their mistakes. A lot of my friends enjoyed Extinction but to me it was repetitive and got real boring fast. Lastly you should not judge the zombies mode until you have played it or have seen some footage of it. You never know, maybe the "zombies" that Infinity Ward are talking about are actually the Cyborgs but they want to surprise us lol. Except a reskin of the zombies wouldn't change the overall gameplay, as long as they keep the Treyarch formula and not the Sledgehammer formula then I am happy.
  6. Why haven't I heard of this? This is one of the most hilarious pieces of trivia that I have seen regarding the actual staff behind CoD zombies. I guess if Snyder is behind the zombies mode in WaW then in Infinite Warefare, that must mean he might keep it on the ground and not include the exo-suits. At least that's what I hope, please no more exo jumping zombies haha.
  7. Game Design was something I have been wanting to get into for the longest time. I just don't know where to start or how to start. Anyways so glad you're here man, welcome to CoDz!
  8. I like it because it's zombies, and every zombies map (including Tranzit) I don't really 'hate'. I do however think this map was kind of a bust for me, definitly not bad though. The thing I dislike the most is Treyarch nerfing the Skull of Nan Sapwe to be utter shit so getting to higher rounds is tougher then ever. Another thing I dislike is the unnescesary tedious steps to get some essential things around the map like getting the KT-4 parts which takes forever and the Masamune takes even longer. Even turning on the power is a chore and gets boring after doing it so many times you just want to stop playing it. Der Eisendrache it was simple to turn on the power, even Shadows of Evil has an easier way of powering up machines. And the plants that are completely useless once you complete the easter egg and have the clone plant. The Crawler Holder eventually gives out and the zombie comes back into the map, the Attack Plant is a nuisance when you are trying to keep one zombie alive and the zombie runs after it and lastly the Power-Up plant that is completely random and you don't know what you are going to get. So I listed a lot of the negatives now let's talk about the positives. The Easter Egg is obtainable solo and it was a lot of fun to crack by myself (Except for the god-forsaken gobblegum cog). The spiders are nice and weak and they aren't on your ass all the time like the dogs are. The Thrasher is definitely the best mini-boss so far, very unique and easier then the Margwa and the Panzer. Of course the big spider boss battle was kick ass and getting unlimited free widows wine as a reward is amazing. In conclusion, there are problems with this map. And this map I'm guessing is going to be the black-sheep DLC like Die Rise was. I know for a fact that DLC 3 and DLC 4 (If treyarch is awesome then DLC 5 as well) are going to be mind-blowing and a great zombie kill fest.
  9. I always welcome a zombies game mode. Although Treyarch zombies is infinitely more better Exo Zombies, I still didn't mind it at all. If Infinity Ward some how finds a way to screw this up then I will consider this game a door stop. However if their zombie mode is amazing then I will consider it a step in the right direction to earning my trust back. Still not a fan of the star wars look to it though :/ will just have to wait and see.
  10. So I posted my entire strategy in the High Round topic and I didn't see that there was a dedicated forum for it haha. I found this strat myself and this was done on the 3rd day Zetsubou came out.
  11. Welcome friend to the CoDz forum. Unfortunately I am on PS4 but ain't no one going to judge you for having a preference of console. Enjoy your stay bro :)
  12. For some reason my theater mode won't record long games up to 50-60 mins, but this is something that I would love to try for myself if I activate the hallucination then exit the game really fast.
  13. I wonder who will be even playing Infinite Warefare when/if Cod4 remaster comes out lol.

    1. Stop Mocking Me0
    2. CarefulStranger


      This made my day, thank you so much friend hahahahahaah.

  14. To expand on this, selecting the Game Mode Ground War will automatically give you a lot of the long range maps and take out the small ones. Also some more maps for the long range medals are; Breach - Camping in the building that is up the stairs on one side or camping on the roof on the other side, you will still be able to get a long shot if an enemy is camping across as well. Fringe - There are 2 buildings on each side so you can camp in either one and just pick them off. Hunted - At the very beginning of the game whether you start off at the high ground or the low ground, there will be a sniper that will just plop their self down and wait for people to run out.
  15. I love when the maps have more then one musical easter egg, that's pretty sick. I hope in the upcoming maps that they have a redone version of Lullaby of a Deadman from Verruckt, loved that song and still activate it everytime I play.
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