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  1. My weekend starts on a Monday. I'm probably the only one that ever looks forward to Monday's.
  2. Man where did you get the outfit, that's what I really need to find. My boys are obsessed with Batman, Every day we play a game, whereas I pretend to be the 'naughty' joker, and they have to stop me being naughty. This involves basically us on the bed with them trying to attack me, and me trying to make sure they don't hurt each other or me. As an extension of this, once a week I dress up as Joker. Why do I do it? - once you have kids you basically do everything you can to make them happy, within reason. They love when I do it, I love doing it. Win-win. Definitely no better reason to do so than that. I always imagine I'd probably be just as much a kid again with my own kids someday. That's really cool. Also, I actually just made the whole outfit honestly. Best place to get costumes for the Joker that are both cheap and authentic is the DI (Deseret Industries). I'm not sure where you're from, but in case there isn't one around your area, it's basically just a donation/hand-me-down store. Funded by the LDS church. So most of it is actually suits and formal wear people donated. Anyways, that being said, I got pretty close and I'm happy with the costume. I also have the full Bank Robber Joker outfit. Had to dye a few pieces (purple isn't exactly a popular formal color) but I'd say I haven't spent more than 50 bucks total between it all.
  3. No, EJ... I AM your brother! I admit I'm slightly jealous. Any particular reason you do this weekly? The only dedication I have to Joker is my hair. Also: checkmate
  4. As requested by @Tasha We'll bang, okay? Casual Joker is casual
  5. Say, when the hell I'm I going to see the maps I paid for appear on HC modes, hmm Sledgehammer? I literally have not even touched the latest maps yet.

    1. RedDeadRiot


      Ditto, minus me just trying to play Search, lol

    2. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      Silly. If it aint broke dont fix it, and dammit ghosts fixed it and AW is following suit

    3. Undead


      Usually, the new maps are only available through their own playlist for little while. It's been over a month now. And at least Ghosts had HC options.

  6. There have been times I was convinced @AlphaSnake was secretly working for 3Arc. Especially after his whole moon theory right after Der Riese.
  7. @Tasha banned for cheating on @Slade with @Lenne.
  8. May I present to you, the PDT crew of: Fappinweiner, GIRLL, IncestLesbian and Brett. Oddly enough this post for was reported for saying Br*tt. Heh, not as bad as when you say a specific room in your house that everyone has. You mean the k*tchen? *gets mobbed*
  9. May I present to you, the PDT crew of: Fappinweiner, GIRLL, IncestLesbian and Brett.
  10. Yeah, people that matter. Better luck next time sir.
  11. Ah, it's never a complete day without two cents from the legendary AlphaSnake. Regards Undead.

    1. RedDeadRiot


      All hail the Snake, so wise, so graceful, so badass.

  12. I had a damn good BBQ chicken sandwich for dinner today.
  13. Let's play nice now, Kiddos. If any suggestions or modifications need to be made to the rules in the future, just hit me up first so we can officially put them in motion and avoid confusion. Thanks. D and R please!
  14. @Electric Jesus @ZombieOfTheDead It is finished! https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/1559567_370862406449599_5096961947126484910_n.jpg?oh=8a8f5bdebb34a2f1b8dd24ed0b6ad8ac&oe=554C34EA
  15. The irony here is the original purpose of this thread has absolutely nothing to do with chicken sandwiches either. Infact, this thread never once had a purpose. Which is also ironic. It's literally 8.5k posts of "pure-breaded" crispy spam. Which is also ironic because this thread is the "Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club" yet is full of SPAM. So this thread is basically serves the purpose of having no purpose, therefore classifies as SPAM but is titled "Chicken".
  16. Update for you guys: Here's a commission in progress I've been working on for a co-worker. @Electric Jesus @ZombieOfTheDead Would probably be the most interested in this http://i.imgur.com/4iC6xXv.jpg
  17. Good news! I've accepted a few commissions and have started up a FB page as well. Be sure to give a like and make a request yourselves! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cody-Does-Commissions/363137100555463?ref=bookmarks
  18. I've been screaming this since the second Modern Warfare.
  19. WaW's campaign on Veteran gave me a taste of my own medicine on what it's like on the other end of being a grenade-whore on MP...
  20. I should probably start watching shows I'm supposed to be in...
  21. "I'm Commander Joker, let's put a smile on that face!" Take Gotham back 2015.

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