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  1. Definitely more perks. With only 4 perks, your options are limited. With all the perks, now you can use the money you have from killing all the zombies. I'd like to see a stopping power, which triples or doubles the damage of your bullet. Combined with double tap 2, you could turn the simple M14 into a killing weapon to last such a long time. Also...4 buildable wunder weapons are nice.....Origins.....
  2. OK, so for a wunder weapon to be...well wonderus, its got to have 3 factors. 1. Can it destroy alot of zombies in 1 hit? Probably the most important one. If it can't destroy a lot of zombies, then it's just a regular weapon. That said, the idiots who play with the War Machine, from BO2, don't have a wunder weapon. (or a weapon at all, that thing SUCKS) 2. Does it do damage to yourself? Well, this basically makes the RPG not a wunder weapon. Yes, even in the beginning rounds, the RPG still has some merit, definitely a lot more than the stupid War Machine. Anyways, what's the point of having a strong weapon when it can EASILY KILL you instead? Yeah, no. Although PHD Flopper will be good for this, best not to use it. 3. Can it last you high rounds? If this wunder weapon only gets you to like Round 20 and is worthless...it's not a wunderweapon, sorry Wind staff fans. BONUS POINTS: If it has alot of ammo.....(PARALYZER FTW. KILLS AND UNLIMITED AMMO) Kills multiple zombies in one hit....but it SPREADS out.....(Lookin at you sliquefier) can burst the 4 perk limit on BO2 zombies.....yeah, specifically aimed at the Ice staff. I love that weapon so much. BTW this is my first post......Hi guys!
  3. Welcome to the forums xACE_OF_AWSOMx :)

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