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  1. WOO! Now's my chance... Anyways, I'm going to get to the gameplay rather than the story. Buildables: Shield, obviously. Something that relates to the quest (Staffs from Origins, Plane from Mob of the Dead) BUILDABLE WWs, EXACTLY LIKE ORIGINS (not EXACTLY like it, something different but buildable) (Add suggestions here) Also, I like the idea of killing zombies to fill up something (Dogs from Mob of the Dead, Chests from Origins) Then, instead of giving Hell's Retreiver or Thunderfists, it gives you like a C4 that one hits a group of 20 zombies until round 19 (Recurring thing: Fists and Retriever lose one hit on round 19.) Of course, you can upgrade this C4 thing too. From the Mystery Box, I can do with weapons.......so long as we don't have the War Machine. Galvaknuckles can make a return. As for Perks....ALL THE PERKS with no limits. Make some suggestions and feedback.
  2. Someone needs to make a survival map that: 1. Is relatively small. 2. Has all the perks 3. Allows for all 9 perks. 4. Makes it so it doesn't spawn random perks (Shi no numa, Die rise, Nuketown) 5. Has pack-a-punch. 6. NO FIRE ALL OVER THE PLACE. **Bonus** Has a good area for training. This would be easy to get to 50+.
  3. Ahh.... I like it when Stop Mocking Me0 blows my mind with all these theories........
  4. Ahh.... I like it when Stop Mocking Me0 blows my mind with all these theories........
  5. Love the idea, play with little siblings ALL the time on split screen. They die so fast so this might be good. (Vulture's aid would now be >Stamin up) Only thing is, for electric cherry: why every 15 seconds? You'd have to time it perfectly to be effective. Also, the console would be so laggy.....1 FPS maybe......
  6. Welcome to the forums xACE_OF_AWSOMx :)

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