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  1. There have been teddy bear easter eggs since cod2 so its nothing to do with zombies its a Call of Duty thing
  2. Cmon people i thought someone would say it, Some parts of the zombie storyline have not been answered and some cant be answered and Treyarch wont do anything about it but if they dont come up with a idea on how to explain it SO we do. Our ideas are all different, some insane some simple SO they ( Treyarch ) just let us come up with these theorys which i think is a better idea than them coming up with there own idea
  3. nice dude i don't actually know what to do because one half of me is going "give this guys some brains" and the other half is going "HOLY F*** theres a fricken pyramid on the moon RUN!"
  4. it is probably because the majority of people in that game havnt done the ee , but if everyone in the game has it well i don't know then
  5. yeah knew about that ages ago, but i believe NDU doesnt take place on one of those japanese island for several reasons 1) There are Nazi Zombies on this island, that doesnt make sense the island would only hold American and japanese bodies not Nazis 2) Im pretty sure the car outside has some resemblance to a nazi truck,so how would they get it there, certainly not by boat as the German Navy at the time isnt that large compared to the Americans 3) I think the developers choose that area because it looked suited best to hold up in a zombie outbreak and not because they but nazis in it and the building is from a japanese island just to mess with our heads sorry for the rant just no one else was saying it
  6. you can still get it on solo, buy if you sign off the psn and you start a game on solo it wont be there
  7. Yeah if you go offline then start a solo game Mule Kick wont be there
  8. OFFLINE xbox with NO updates, sir. You're not going to get brains by trying to make me look like a fake. Buzz off. You shouldn't take such offence, who cares if he thinks it fake, at least you know its not
  9. it seems if you shoot George Romero with the DG2 or scavenger and that shot backfires and kills zombies you sometimes get max ammos, but he would need to be running
  10. also the fact your are on earth lol and btw if anyone thinks that when you do the big bang and you go to area 51 and you can see earth and you think area 51 is not on earth, well your wrongs as my friend glitches when we spawned and he said he was on the moon, then he died and the revive icon came from all the way from the back of PaP, so it must be a glitch and they didn't mean it when the sky go's all dark
  11. Hello, i was just wondering if anyone who has rezurrection has spotted anything new with the old classic maps, i have a ps3 so i can't check if anyone finds anything can you please tell me or give me a link
  12. I like the JGb because its has a little dragon on it :D
  13. Few things 1. Has gone on the website to check? 2. Sounds like a pure only zombies map pack 3. It maybe fake because the two pictures you see for ESCAPE the torture and DETAIN all zombies use screenshots from pics we have seen before 4. I hope its legit :)
  14. Hi iv got now no good zombie players on my friends list and i want to beat my CotD High score so if anyone wants to play seriously or even just mess about add me PSN- bhibo98765432q
  15. hmm i dont think its a glitch just VERY unlucky, something like that happened to me on bo SNN every round from round 11 to 24 i would get atleast between 7000-10000 pounts and i would use the box at end of round to get the DG2, i calculated id used box at time i used it 130 odd times or more so i was very unlucky like you this was on solo
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