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  1. SpiderBite from NGT thinks its a FLAK 88 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbMrr4XV ... re=g-all-u http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8.8_cm_Flak_18/36/37/41
  2. Has anyone thought about the 2 quotes fitting together? So "The Future is not as far of as most people think - We're not ready for it" and "The Enemy could be anywhere and it could be anyone" Together they could be "The Future is not as far of as most people think, The enemy could be anywhere and it could be anyone. We're not ready for it"
  3. "Activision's next Call of Duty is set in the near-future, the publisher has more or less confirmed via pictures of helicopter robots. " They're not completely sure either. True, good point. CoD 4 was set around 2012 MW2 was set around 2016 MW3 was set around 2016 and Treyarch cant make a game that is in the same time frame of the MW Series so it has to be the far future or around the Cold War period
  4. All CoD Related sites are registered with MARKMONITER INC and the tacitusproject.com website is registered to FastDomain and was created Today so it is not an official site
  5. When i think of those tags i just think that Tacitus is a company that manufacturers future weapons and Group 935 or the Ascension Group gets the weapons sent back through the teleporters to use. Maybe the Next Wonder Weapon is made in the future and it got sent back to one of the teleporters?
  6. But why would there be a classified picture with todays date on it if what you say is true? Well maybe they are just trying to make us wait.... :L
  7. Maybe the Helicopter image being unblurred was the first image unlocked?
  8. On Tacitus.com it has suddenly changed to this But don't you think its a bit coincidental that the "Project is now back on the day that FPSRussia uploaded that video on the Killstreak and if you go on a image section of the site it displays this: So suddenly after 5 years the "Project" is now randomly back Hmmm *UPDATE* The Website now shows "Discovery comes from play" and they keep updating the image on the website as shown here in their image directory

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