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  1. I've got the power on and been around the map twice but can't find it anywhere :x
  2. To fix it what u need to do is get who ever can hear normally, to leave the bio dome. As soon as they leave your sound will come back and they can return and all's good
  3. Thanks Rissole25 good luck with it! @ Spyrunite Yeah i tryed that room before i settled on the power room. In the early rounds it works but the problem with that room is it's so tight, you can't always get past without getting hit. If you watch at 1:00 in, he is hit 3 times in a row as he tries to round them up, if one or two zombs came round the corner at that time he'd have gone down. Thats exactly what i found happened when i tryed to make that room work. If i had the baby gun in there, yeah, it would work. But you could go almost anywhere on the map and round them with that gun. My strategy worked because the majority of the zombs go to P1, who has the baby gun for protection, while P2 is left with only 5 or 6 to worry about.
  4. LOL good point I was writing this from memory and couldn't remember whether it was in this map or not, but thought i should add it just incase. If you did pick one up then it could be a quick way to end the game. Thanks for the heads up i'll take that bit out :)
  5. 2 Player Shangri-la L40+ Stratergy Now this is the first time I've attempted to write a strategy guide so go easy on me. If you need some more info on any particular aspect comment on it and I'll update this post. Requirements: 2 good players Both have mic's and speak the same language Patience, it will take some getting used to and a bit of luck The ability to work together. This is vital! Must haves for this map Mustang and Sally (PaP your first pistol) you will both need these guns! Jug PHD Flopper Baby gun Optional, but recommended Rocket launcher Monkeys Spikemores Stamina Speed cola I start this map by going to the the doorway looking towards the mine cart, moving to the far left of the doorway and jumping up a few times trying to get a look at the perk. If you can see a lot of it, it's speed cola, if you can only see a tiny slither it's Jug. It may take a few attempts to figure it out but you can see the difference. I'll restart the map until I know it's Jug in that corner. L1- 3 Stay in the starting room using your pistol and knife to build up points. At the end of round 3 you want to move out of here and open the two doors between you and the AK47U. Both get the AK forget about the box if its there. You just need something to build up points with. L4-6 One person stays in the AK room running round in a clockwise motion. This room can be a little tricky at first, especially without Jug, so I recommend the host be in this room. The other person wants to be in the room above with Jug and the mine cart. This room isn't much better than the AK room so in here I kill as soon as I see them NO rape trains. Again your just trying to build as many points as possible in these rounds, to get the power on and get Jug. I find a few shots to the chest with the AK then a knife works well, or even better shoot the head off then knife that's min 250 points per zombie! At the end of L6 leave a crawler, as you should have enough points between the two of you to open the doors and both get Jug. If you don't, make sure at least one of you can get it. L7-12 Providing you both have jug it's time to move into the two rooms you will be in for the rest of the game. One person in the AK room the other in the power switch room. Pick which ever room you feel most confident in but you may have to swap later on depending who gets the baby gun. One thing to bare in mind about this game, there is a Max number of zombies on the map at any one time so if you let them all sporn in, then both kill them at the same time the zombies can't sneak up behind you. We would make our trains, then after we were both ready, I, in the power room, said kill and we both took them out at the same time. This really helps with all maps (you just don't need to do it on the others), you'll go down a LOT less. Power switch room I always had the power switch room, but could never get a particularly safe circle going. (If any one has any better ideas for this room add me and we'll go through it mid game). That being said my main strategy was to do a clockwise circle by starting near the box and rounding a few up. Then move down to the water, up the ramp on the other side and slowly move towards the spikemors. When I rounded the corner to look at the spikemores I started to run, moving round the second corner back to the box point and hope there aren't too many zombies waiting round the corner for me. Go back to the water as slowly as possible building them up into a nice train behind you. As you leave the water on the other side, the zombies will form a nice line perfect for head shots. Just be careful of any zombies who may have come through the walkway in the middle of the room. AK74U room Doing a clockwise circle, my team mate would start by the AK round up a few then move up the small stairs and jump off the tall stairs and repeat until they have all sporned. He then, after I shouted kill, would lead them up the small stairs, and start shooting, moving backwards up the ramp towards jug. After taking them all out he would then run up to the water spout drop down into the AK room and start rounding them up again. At the end of round 12 leave a crawler. By this time you should have plenty of points for both of you to get Mustang and Sally and PHD Flopper. These guns are a must for this level if you get cornered or cant get through a tight spot they will save you life! If you both have the points earlier than round 12 go for them then, they really help. Also if you have any spare points open up doors and hit the box now. L13-20 Staying in your rooms using the strategy listed above build up points and hit the box when ever convenient and safe. The Box We found the best set up was: Player one in the AK room: Mustang and Sally, Baby gun PaP, Monkeys and Spikemores Player two in the power room: Mustang and Sally, Rocket launcher PaP, Monkeys and Spikemores The baby gun always seamed to be hard to get from the box, so who ever gets it first take it, don't wait for the person in the AK room to get it just swap rooms. I've seen us put 50K each into that dam box and still not get it. L20-Until you both die or need sleep Providing you have the set up listed above this is when the game starts to get real easy. Player One in the AK room P1 runs with the baby gun out at all times, they will have the majority of the zombies come to them so they have the hardest job and are hopefully the host. They just do their circle as normal. but if it looks like they may get stuck shoot to clear a path. do this until all the zombies are in. Player Two in the power switch room P2 runs with the Mustang and Sally out at all times. Even though I say "in the power switch room", at the start of each round and each wave mid round, P2 wants to be in the the room above P1, the one with Jug and the Mine Cart. Start by the door way with the spikes coming out the floor. As soon as the round starts or the zombies are killed P2 wants to start running to the water spout in the first room, drop down then run to the power switch room. When you enter the room stop, wait until the first zombie reaches you. Then run into the water and keep running round, past the spikemores, towards the box point. As you come round the corner and are looking at the box point this will be the most dangerous point in the circle and where you are most likely to go down so make sure you have you Mustang and Sally out just in case you need to clear a path. Continue past the box point and into the water and out the other side. Here you can start to slow down and group them up behind you. Once you have rounded up all the zombies check with P1 make sure all theirs are in too. When you are both ready P2 runs their circle through the water in the power room, past the spikemores, at which point says "on my way" or something like that, and runs to the AK room. Before entering the AK room stop and checkout what is happening in there. P2 should wait until all P1's zombies have followed them up the small stairs and P1 is coming down the tall stairs, they then run up the small stairs and up the ramp to the PaP button in the gas tunnel (easter egg) where they wait. Zombie mixing and Rounding up In the mean time P1 will mix the two groups of zombies into one large group. It's VERY IMPORTANT they do not kill any. If they have to they should kill them all, tell P2 and start the round up again. When all the zombies are mixed P1 starts moving back up the ramp towards P2. Then when you reach the top of the ramp take a left, and both sticking close together, bump into the zombies to bunch them up as tight as possible. As you go round the corner and start climbing the hill if they are nice and tight P1 shoots them with the Baby gun. If they are looking a bit lose continue up the hill then move past the water spout towards the mine cart then loop back on your self and start going down the hill. If done slowly and carefully enough they will all be in a nice tight line and can be destroyed! After shooting with the Baby Gun Now the easiest way to kill them is to just run through the group, but, that way you automatically pick up any drops. You may not want a fire sale, carpenter or any other useless drop, so, we started to kill them with the Rocket launcher\Mustang and Sally\Spikemores to swap drops using the monkeys. It is really dangerous in the top rooms at later rounds, so be careful and only do it if you are running low on ammo in the baby gun. We also took turns killing the zombies after shrinking them, to share the kills, only seams fair. If someone goes down If P1 goes down in the AK room, P2 needs to wait until all P1's zombies have come into the power room before attempting to revive them. When then are in the power room chuck a monkey in the power room then go to revive. Once revived P1 need to go for jug and any other perks while P2 watches all the zombies DON'T KILL ANY until you are both back in your rooms and ready to go If P2 goes down P1 should do the same thing. Wait until all zombies are in their room, chuck a Monkey, then revive, then watch the zombies until P2 is ready. And that's it! We did this strategy and easily made it to round 41 but it was 6:30am so we suicide but I reckon we could get 50+ if we could be bothered. My main goal is to reach high rounds as quickly as possible, so we start this strategy as soon as we get the baby gun. In the early rounds you only get a few waves so you can be at round 30 within 1hr easily. This is by far my least favorite map. It's so tight and so easy get cornered or to go down from combined single hits, it just annoys me more than I enjoy playing it. But if you want a 2 player game and are good enough to follow this strategy, or have a better faster one of your own, send me msg on PSN: JamesZombiZiller I might be up for a game. Also if any of you have the ability to record video of game play and so could record a clip for you tube msg me as I think a vid would really help explain this strategy better. Good luck guys James Feck the lag!!!!
  6. Nail on the head m8! That ain't no dog, nice idea though, i would like to see the hounds come back
  7. Another part of quantum entanglement shows, if you entangle two particals, then exert a force on one, the other does the exact opposite. Spin one clockwise the other spins anti-clockwise. Or shoot one living zombie all other zombies DIE! :D
  8. L52 on ascension If mod needs to add me on PSN, please note from CoDz for confirmation. Thanks
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