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  1. I've got the power on and been around the map twice but can't find it anywhere :x
  2. To fix it what u need to do is get who ever can hear normally, to leave the bio dome. As soon as they leave your sound will come back and they can return and all's good
  3. Thanks Rissole25 good luck with it! @ Spyrunite Yeah i tryed that room before i settled on the power room. In the early rounds it works but the problem with that room is it's so tight, you can't always get past without getting hit. If you watch at 1:00 in, he is hit 3 times in a row as he tries to round them up, if one or two zombs came round the corner at that time he'd have gone down. Thats exactly what i found happened when i tryed to make that room work. If i had the baby gun in there, yeah, it would work. But you could go almost anywhere on the map and round them with that gun.
  4. LOL good point I was writing this from memory and couldn't remember whether it was in this map or not, but thought i should add it just incase. If you did pick one up then it could be a quick way to end the game. Thanks for the heads up i'll take that bit out :)
  5. 2 Player Shangri-la L40+ Stratergy Now this is the first time I've attempted to write a strategy guide so go easy on me. If you need some more info on any particular aspect comment on it and I'll update this post. Requirements: 2 good players Both have mic's and speak the same language Patience, it will take some getting used to and a bit of luck The ability to work together. This is vital! Must haves for this map Mustang and Sally (PaP your first pistol) you will both need these guns! Jug PHD Flopper Baby gun Optional, but recommended Rocket laun
  6. Nail on the head m8! That ain't no dog, nice idea though, i would like to see the hounds come back
  7. Another part of quantum entanglement shows, if you entangle two particals, then exert a force on one, the other does the exact opposite. Spin one clockwise the other spins anti-clockwise. Or shoot one living zombie all other zombies DIE! :D
  8. L52 on ascension If mod needs to add me on PSN, please note from CoDz for confirmation. Thanks
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