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  1. Hmm...I get where you are coming from, but it is entirely plausible that the government(or group 935) is hiding something but not that they live in the 80's. Why can't trazit take place in the 80's but the government just has very top of the line equipment that seems futuristic?
  2. I am pretty positive it takes place in the 80s TBH. Remember this quote? It's only like the billionth time i've posted it! "though multiplayer is progressing into the future, do not fear. We will still be slaying zombies with ye olde 1980s weapons. What does that mean for us? Well only time will tell." In WaW they started with one map and released them one map at a time. With black ops they were going to start with ascension and five, but when kino got cancelled for WaW they changed it to kino and five. You may ask "Well electric, why didn't they choose to release kino and ascension upon the release of black ops?" elementary my dear! You see, the timeline gets majorly fudged up if two canonical maps are released simultaneously. So, I doubt they would do that in BO2, or ever for that matter. So, I highly doubt the heroes will be on nuketown. It may have minor significance to the story like five, but not Easter-egg wise. By the way dun, woo hoo electro boss! I think you are right about the robot too. TL;DR: nuketown will not be directly linked to story; heroes won't be there. Black ops 2 zombies map tranzit will take place in 80s probably. I love you dun. Good response. Thanks senior!
  3. Heres the big question I think everyone is missing. Lets say this isn't Nuketown zombies, does anyone know what decade that attire is that the zombie is wearing in Pic 2 with the neck thing? Nuketown presumably takes place in the 60's and his jacket looks 80's imo.
  4. I got the care package only because when I went into gamestop to pickup a 3DS XL a few days ago the guy is like "Want to pre order BO2 care package?" I say "Ill take the hardened and up to the care package if I have enough money and find the need" he then tells me "I just got a memo that today is the last day to preorder the care package" he shows me the memo and im like "FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKK" at the counter. So ye, care package for me. Fuck the copter. the box will be soooo key to hold my games
  5. Seriously though, wasn't everyone hoping their would be aliens on moon, in hangar 18(the mp map) there are nods to aliens, on moon, not one single thing! ps-sidenote-Y U NOO OUT EPIC CUTSCENE TO END BLOPZ ZOMBIES!?
  6. Brawl96


    to start, im a hardcore ps3 zombie player. i love zombies so much, I'm going to stay up until well past 5est. but theres one problem, i don't own an xbox. so can someone please direct me to the best Moon stream out there. ps- i have work in the morning at 9, lol
  7. im not looking for teammates, I'm looking for ppl plain moon so i can watch
  8. PS- If you would like to have your stream hosted/featured on my website at www.j4bp.com either PM me or just post here!
  9. Alright, I know people say they want to get a team together for Moon, and they want to stream it live. So whoever 100% has a solid 4 people(or 3, 2,or 1) who plan on downloading Rezurrection the second it comes out, has a recording setup, and already has a channel set up on a streaming site, please post a link to your channel here. I own a Ps3 and would love to see the easter egg done on the Xbox on the 23rd so please just post a link and what time you will be streaming. Thanks!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssVB_t6vzLg skip to 1:10 behind dempsey theres an electric trap where the "don't hold square" button is. what do you think happened to it?
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