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  1. I think it shouldnt be hard cuz u gotta take in consideration 4 da ppl dat dont have mics :| it would be very hard for them. But anyways i want i mixture of Ascension/Kino der Toten map
  2. Like you aren't able to use those ather good perks, such as if you have ghost you sacrifice using flak jacket. Oh i see wat you mean and that brings me to another thing, How sumbody use ghost over flak jacket Cuz ever since i've been using flak jacket i've been doin a lot better!
  3. True that :| but i can see less people using the famas with ghost since u couldnt use SOH and the famas very crappy without it but u still i prooved me wrong though :oops: thanx 4 telling me dat though Its not broken but can be pretty annoying sumtimes :| and wat are u tlking about ridding the other perks(scavenger and flack jacket etc.)?
  4. I think your 99% wrong. :| Its because in shangri la takeo says "This is no lunar lander but it will do." or something like dat when you get on the mine cart. That proves shangri la is after ascension.And since that's true , and we know they need to go to the moon at shangri la and are going there after they leave shangri la, then why would they need to go back to ascension. Just saying
  5. After i watched this video, i ejected my mw2 out of my ps3 and popped in waw and had good time :)
  6. U can hate or flame and stuff but i don't care. This is just an idea and makes a lot of sense in my opinion. What if they just put ghost in the orange perk slot so ppl would stop complaining about it. But what perk would u switch it with u might ask. Simple, Scout Just think about, u could still keep the ghillie suit design for it because only snipers are gunna use dat perk anyways. And if Ghost was in a orange perk slot then less people would use it because perks like soh and warlord and hardened would be more important than ghost. Some people would probably disagree with but tell me if u do agree.
  7. Cod4-All ghilied up/Game Over WAW-Downfall Mw2-Endgame/Whiskey hotel BO-Payback :roll:
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