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  1. Ok so i watched the live stream and i know we freed samantha, but why? I dont get it? How is this part of Samanthas grand plan?
  2. And i know this is pretty crazy, but they do look very much alike...
  3. Ok so, I'm not exactly sure how to edit a photo and put it up here, but look at Richtofen on the ascension poster-> Ok now look at the guy with the scar in the CODZL trailer. They look exactly alike. Also I saw a topic saying "who is the guy in the trailer, and why des it keep showing his scar", Well we all know what character has a scar on his eye....
  4. BlackOpsPenguin


    Where's my F'in trailer? Do I gotta Slap-a-hoe?
  5. I dont want ro sound like a dumbass, but is this richtofen torturing peter?or?
  6. WTF Josh Wilson?I know a josh Wilson. You live in Monterey bay?
  7. Oh yeah you're right. And plus I realised its impossible for the little shadow to be thee without someone holding it. Oh and doesnt it kinda look as if she is holding a person?because that is too thin to be a teddy bear.
  8. Yeah, Why is a zombie holding a gun?
  9. Look real close and you can tell that its just an astronaut and the "teddy bear" is just another astronaut in and the distance.
  10. You people CLEARLY dont get it. Im NOT getting the map for free!!! I said im bummed because i bought the maps back for WaW sonow im pretty much buyiing one map for $15
  11. Damn, sorry guys. I was just pretty bummed out that there isnt anything for people that bought all of the maps for [email protected] Oh and BTW, It was just a damn post.
  12. yes but very small differences (OG characters in all maps plus modern guns in all maps). So unless they include new easter eggs, This is definitely not worth it. (I will still be buying because of Moon )
  13. Ok so Treyarch said that the people who bought the classic maps on Hardened or Prestige get this whole map for free, so what about us people who got the maps for [email protected]? I think this is total Bull$#!+. So I pretty much have to pay $15 for 1 map?
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