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  1. Obvious topic is obvious... No really though, BO2 is going to be so much better and last so much longer than MW3 because of not only Zombies, but because of the great new features. MW3 has spec ops, yes, but that DOESNT compare to the replay value of zombies itself.
  2. I like some of the ideas and im glad you are exploring kinos every inch but triple post? O.o cmon now man.
  3. You never know man... There are Richtofen books in BO Nuketown and now we have Nuketown zombies coming.... If any other MP map converts to zombies, it has to be firing range or stadium.
  4. Very interesting point.. Maybe its an open map and the out of bounds areas are toxic kill areas where you slowly die when trying to leave playable area ;)
  5. DO NOT SAY GAMESTOP! Gamestop is a sad excuse for a "game store" What happen to the retro game selections? They arnt gamers, they are corperate failures. I was at gamestop and this kid wanted COTD and Shangri-La. The employee named off the map packs but was unknowledgeable of the individual maps within each pack... even when he couldve looked it up? I interupted the sales coonvo and abruptly stated COTD is Escalation and Shang is Annihilation. (your welcome Treyarch, i made the sale without even working there)
  6. Im going to say its just devs being devs. Recycled/touched up reused textures are common in series games. Its to save time to work on key game mechanics and more important things. MW3 reuse models from CoD4, MW2, and even Black Ops. Think about it like this; create a completly new model every game or simply reskin it with new texture.
  7. Im almost positive Elite will play a role in Blops2 either MP only or MP & Zombies. It was posted somewhere on here that Elite in Blops2 is going to play a huge role that it deserves its own release presentation...
  8. It has already started. Activision's CEO Eric Hirshberg had personal information such as his DOB, Address, Phone Number, Fax number, etc. doxed. Be on the lookout for this hashtag for any recent activity on the topic #OpPirateAllActivision
  9. If we approved of "leaked" information no matter who the source, not only does it ruins things in a sence, but everybody would still be callin BlOps2 "Eclipse" >.>
  10. How about something like this; Map: Erbschaft (German for "Heritage") Story: Basically this would be a much later revisit/redesign of "Nacht Der Untoten" including some of the airfield as the playable area along with the introduction of Hell Hounds and PERKS (FTW). Perks: Single Player; Self Revive Soda - Multiplayer; Quick Revive Soda, Juggernog, Double Tap Root Beer, Speed Cola, Mule Kick, Deadshot Daiquiri, Stamin-Up, PhD Flopper, and Candolier (Treyarch knows what I'm talking about ) Playable Characters: Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Samantha Maxis (still in Dr. Edward Richtofen's body) This could be the whole play area (the blank areas with not much going on could include original pieces from the base map Airfield to fill some authenticity and originality); The story could also get in depth being a revisit and bring some drastic changes to the orignal gang...and group 935...With time travel as an already explored option, the crew must go back to the start to save Peter (leading into another revisit map of Der Riese) and time travel back to the 935 Facility to destroy it to reverse the destruction of Earth and basically kill the zombies whilst in the womb... or are they?
  11. Correction; we are NOT the story writers, as i'm sure there are some confirmations from higher powers they need to run things by and get approvals, but we do help and have a major play in things relating to story and features... but overall i do encourage everybody to play outside the box and just go back to the box when you need ammo ;)
  12. Autosave-ade (Price varies from 3,000-8,500): Drink "autosave-ade" to avoid losing your perks upon getting downed. (Note: There needs to be some balancing to this perk such as A. One use per player (kinda makes the perk a waste of space after used) or B. Price of perk goes up each time bought (keeps the perks usefulness in check without being able to constantly whore the perk itself and also is a hit or miss perk being if your not revived and bleed out, you lose all perks including this perk making this perk a wasted buy, balancing the perk out in aggravating ways :] Some sort of Ammo machine like the original idea that Treyarch had involving the Amm-O-Matic. Just needs to be balanced enough to not be whored and exploited. Ill be back with more ideas then.... just have to think of them >:|
  13. Well, it is possible this could be a big "coincidence" but c'mon people, its the same series (yes different developers but lets think outside the whole "they do that game and they do this game" box, they do communicate.) and i have seen a couple more MW3 zombie reference easter eggs ill be posting shortly but this is the coolest/most direct one i have found thus far... Kino = Kino Der Toten Berlin = Kino Der Toten Location Kino + Berlin = Kino Reference/Easter Egg PS: Can be found during mission "Scorched Earth"
  14. Maybe before the excavators the idea was a jump pad across n jump pad back? Then the excavator idea came and they went away from that due to it being "cut off" and I guess wanted the excavators to pretty much cut off half of areas, there was no real half to that side?
  15. Verrryy new. Not the information, yourself.
  16. Five doesnt suck, it just doesnt get the hype and respect it deserves. Its a raw, fairly difficult map an I loves me a challenge >:)
  17. I was playing as Dempsey, got ballistic knives outta box, he called it bowie knife -.-
  18. JD for life! Sucks really, lets just hope the next person up isnt a tool like others (cough)failzerotwo(/cough)
  19. Umm yes... it doesnt take 15 mins for a runner to spawn Oh excuse me, I guess you never played [email protected] This happened all the time...
  20. Ok ya I forgot about the co-op effectivness of the vr but I stand by thundergun being useless on higher nights, it just pushes them over but it can save your ass.
  21. No glitches here, its all about the crawler "bleeding out" and a runner spawns in its place. Nuff said.
  22. Wonderwaffe - amazing. Wavegun - badass. Ray Gun - awsome. Scavenger - cmon, its a badass sniper with explosive rounds Thundergun - great for getting out of sticky situations but becomes useless on high nights Winters howl - great for slowing down rape-trains Babymaker - kinda cool, kinda effective V-R11 - least greatest imo aside from being involved inn CotD EE
  23. Who said its a son? No offence but he doesnt state a gender and could be plausible he was talking about a daughter?
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