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  1. I am currently a skull with no attachments but blue eyes. My Tranzit stats are 16 rounds 144 kills 3 revives 10 headshots 2 downs Horrible I know The tallies mark days in a row played if I'm not mistaken. This is all based on achieving, not losing. Once achieving the fifth tally, five days of activity, your skull will go blue eyes
  2. Hey playing zombies and wanted to let y'all know when I was spraying a group with the RPD and one of the zombies exploded into green mist. It doesn't seem to make me reload faster and I'm going to test if it's a Juggernog thing soon. Any other test suggestions? I already have the headshot obtainable as well as the quicker revive. I don't have the board one but wasn't repairing windows.
  3. Colder. 1) Son of light, son of night 2) Celestial wanderers dwindle in power The Shangri-La Eclipse? being able to make it happen and when it goes day it makes stars, celestial wanderers, "lose they're light, being blocked by our own star, the sun. ???
  4. Let me give you your first brains for point 2. For me it was Google, since I looked for a place to share and discuss my strategy ideas. Can i get more if i burn his house down? With a lemon? No, but you can for your reference. Oh and I came her when me and friends were playing ascension and were absolutely befuddled on what to do next for the EE. I typed it up on google and then one of the forum posts for this site were mentioned. After looking in to it, I fell in love. Lurked around a bit then decided to pop right in and join the party. Felt a bit like Romeo finding his Juliet
  5. TuUhmazyn


    I believe there is more than one definition of OP, but in his context it means OverPowered. I believe it can also mean original post, maybe. But def over powered
  6. Mui bien, gracias. [brains] for you sir.
  7. It emits a very high pitched sound that only audible from high level of 115 radiation levels (zombies) and the sound destroys their sound and stuns and slowly kills them. Is like hitting them with a flashbang that also shoot an acid into the air, but is just a sound. It shoots like a thunder gun, as in the way it's a large blast just in front. I has 4 pieces, the disk on top that generates the sound, which would be shaped like classic alien crafts but without the cockpit, the body of it, which would be like any other rifle wonder weapon, but it would have parts where you can see inside the gun. The third part would be the sight, which would be an atom with 3 rings going along the top of the gun, getting progressively smaller, one near the shoulder, one just in front of the disk in the middle, and one on the very front. The last part would be the barrel. It'd be semi long, like a sniper, then end in like a funnel to emit the sound all over the place. It'd have charged ammo, where it can run out, but doesn't have to reload, just overheat, like a flame thrower. It'd have a total of 24 charges, and no reload sequence. It's color would be a ghostly white with light blue trim.
  8. TuUhmazyn


    Damn straight defcon. I'm thinking a sword, duel wield daggers, or maybe a knife shooter
  9. Hmmmmmm just ask you say? Perhaps you could mosy on down to my Manufactorum map idea and craft a scr33cher (my wonder weapon) with your artistic capability?
  10. Eh, maybe. I was thnking like a L4d set up where the AI act on there own but stay around you.
  11. I've been wanting this forever, and it is AI teammates in solo if you choose to. Tuey could work as the campaign ones do, always progress and kill enemies as they are found, but giving most of the work to you. They would open 1-2 doors each and would act as average players.

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