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  1. I believe he is referring to round infinity. I believe the levers only appear after this step, but I cannot confirm this.
  2. Try having him host a custom game, and if he can start it alone, he can invite you guys in. I'm unsure if the any one play in the game having the EE done will nullify it for everyone
  3. Sparks appear once all are flipped, if this helps. So you have to kinda remember what you hit in that particular order so the ones that spark you know are right. Do make sure you reset each time.
  4. At a certain point in the game, you really wouldn't need to hit the box anymore, and I find 3 guns is more of a hinderance than a benefit. 4 guns would only help get in the way IMO
  5. You don't have to use the PdW but it's really useful since it's a light gun off the wall that you could move around and quickly switch targets. Its large mag size also helps you reload less. Found out today when i compleed it, you can miss shots but not targets. Cmpletely misunderstood the difficulty in this step.
  6. I can't say this is confirmed by any means but a guy I was playing with who had obviously been on this for sometime (you could just here the frustration and melancholy in his voice), should mention i joined in through an invite he sent me. He said that a body could be found between the general store and barn, as well in church, just past the location you've mentioned. Absolutely no legitimacy as I had not been assigned those areas. Could go up as unconfirmed until someone confirms it
  7. You may find better results on the teammate finder, but I will gladly join you. Erh well if your on xbox :P
  8. That's a great discovery if it isn't chance. Good work
  9. I believe he means so everything is Richtofen, like so it's "full out"
  10. This should be in the teammate finder slinger. Also you can invite me to your game if you want help.
  11. I can offer some information. I've been told you cant miss, so i assume it's not timed. I don't believe so, seems too ideal for stu to always have the bomb in all the situations posted, but better safe then sorry I'd say. Also make sure there's 4 people or it won't work
  12. The fountain in the front or back? I assume the from since the back can be broken but just confirming
  13. I might be completely missing somethng but how do you get to the gunsmith roof and get a trample steam up there?
  14. Always something I forget. Thanks, I'll edit that in.
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