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  1. I don't know if anyone has asked this yet so I will. When you try to put the nav cards in at the table in the middle of the corn field it will not accept them, so they obviously have to go somewhere else. When you ride the bus, you can periodicly hear the bus driver say, "Error Error, Navigation systems Error," so this makes me wonder if the cards could be inserted in the bus. Has anyone tried this? If not could you? Thanks :D
  2. I am subscribed to a youtuber named MrRoflWaffles, which im sure many of you know. He has recently discovered/dechiphered morse code in the mission "Eviction" in Call of Duty: World at War due to a tweet from Kevin Sherwood who is a Treyarch Employee. I am not so concerned with message that was discovered as i am with the fact that there are easter eggs still to be found in world at war!!!!!!!!! This leads me to believe that we have to crack down on world at war and black ops to see if we can find anything else. My hope is to discover something more in zombies, but i cant do this alone so I need your help. I know some of you are wore out with searching, and i was too but MrRoflWaffles find gave me new hope and there is not much we can really do but play the old maps until black ops 2 comes out. So tell me what you think...
  3. What guns should return or make an appearance in zombies? Not even just guns, but melee weapons, equipment, grenades, etc. I would want a mix of weapons and perks and ive made a little list. Feel free to make one also:) Leave Some [brains] if you like it:) My Setup for zombies: Character-Anyone Perk 1-Juggernog Perk 2-PhD Flopper Perk 3-Speed Cola Perk 4-Mule Kick Weapon 1-Colt M1911/Mustang and Sally (Black Ops) Weapon 2-PPsh-41/The Reaper (World at War) Weapon 3-An effective wonder weapon (Black Ops II) Melee Weapon-Machete Equipment 1-Spikemore (Black Ops) Equipment 2-Hacker (Black Ops) Equipment 3-New effective grenade (Black Ops II)
  4. All right, im sorry if i was being rude. It just frustrates me when people are misinformed when information is dangling right in front of them
  5. If you are referring to me as "people", then you are mistaken. I made this thread for the exact reason that you are trying to use against me, and believe me it wasnt a short amount of time. I read through all the threads constantly seeing all these dips ranting about how 8 players is going to ruin the game, so i made my own post to show people that they dont have to play 8 players. I dont assume anything. I tell what is fact not speculation or assumpstion. You trolls should try it.
  6. Obviously, Mark Lamia from treyarch announced that zombies was being moved to the multiplayer engine which would allow double the zombies and double the players. So yes, there will be an eight player capability, but i want you trolls to read this and read it clear: STOP SAYING HAVING EIGHT PLAYERS WILL MAKE ZOMBIES GAY. YOU WILL HAVE THE OPTION TO HAVE ANYWHERE FROM 2-8 PLAYERS WHICH MEANS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY WITH EIGHT PEOPLE. YOU SIMPLY SELECT PRIVATE MATCH, INVITE AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU WANT, AND START THE DAMN GAME. TREYARCH IS NOT FORCING EIGHT PLAYERS ON ANYONE SO STOP COMPLAINING OR DONT PLAY. I have made my point here so this is left open for discussion:) Tell me what you think about eight players. Positive Feedback Please (Just because you dont like the idea of 8 players doesnt mean your feedback wont be positive, just dont be dumb.)
  7. I am going to start opening threads on relevant topics on black ops 2. I am open for suggestions and want to know what you guys would like to see discussed. The point of these threads will be to help everyones viewpoint as well as my own get heard. I am willing to take the time and effort to do this if you guys are willing to interact. So, let me know what about black ops 2 you wanna hear and i will give you the facts as well as my interpretation, along with opinions of you guys. If you present your point and it is clear, i will more than willingly expand on it weather i agree with it or not. Start leaving suggestions and if you guys like what you see add me as a friend and feel free to leave some [brains] :)
  8. sstem


    I understand what your sayin:) feel free to add a character:)
  9. sstem


    I think the orientation is not needed, to personal. I dont think orientation is personal because they are just playable characters and they dont necassarily have to reflect us or what we like, just what we think would be relevant to see in the game. I deemed it necassary to post orientation because it was a big impact on Richtofens character when we found out he was gay. With out knowing he was gay alot of his qoutes would have not made sense, but either way i did not post orientation to offend anyone or make anyone share any personal information, rather to just add character, to the character:)
  10. sstem


    I have no doubt that they will atleast reference the old characters. I would like to come in contact with them the same way we did with the man in ascension:)
  11. I know people have been making posts about map ideas with characters, but i would like this to be strictly characters in depth, for example: Appearance, Height, Weight, Attire(Clothing), Occupation, Age, Weapon of Choice, Era., Orientation, Gender, Country of Origin My Character- Rex "The Rampage" Johnson Appearance: Caucasian (With a Tan) Big Muscular Build Foehawk Height: 6'0" Weight: 210lbs. Attire: Black T-shirt, Dark Blues Jeans, Steel toe boots Occupation: Correctional Officer Age: 25 Weapon of Choice: Smith and Wesson M&P15 Rifle, And Machete Era: 21st century Orientation: Straight Gender: Male Country of Origin: United States Feel Free to add more detail or traits to your characters, heck include a picture if you can:)
  12. I have points to make for both sides of this "Is Black Ops 2 in the future?" thing. Treyarch has always done re creations of wars and they are very good at it. They may use creative scenarios that never actually happened, but they could make sense based on our history. Now my point here is that treyarch has never done anything past the present time because they are good at re creating what has already happened. This leaves infinity ward to create all the current or future warfare, and in my opinion i think they are good at what they do also. Now, with that said being said, those of you who believe black ops 2 is in the future could also be right and we all know why: ZOMBIES. Treyarch added a creative twist to WaW with their very own zombies mode. Obviously a zombie outbreak has never happened but we all enjoy the gameplay and we also like to follow the zombie storyline which never actually happened. This shows treyarch's creativity which leads me to believe that they could suceed at making a game on something that hasnt happened yet. After considering both of these viewpoints i have decided to be unbiased about the timeframe of the game because one point is just as good as the other.
  13. I do like the idea of knife aid and enhanced jugg. Also what it to become of special grenades, claymores, and the hacker?
  14. Incidiary Rounds- bullets do extra fire damage Poison Rounds- bullets do extra poison damage Valued Shopper- Discounted: box, wall weapons, traps etc.
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