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  1. Thank you very much everyone! I actually asked reddit and they gave me an answer https://www.reddit.com/r/translator/comments/6fhm46/japanese_english_from_cod_waw/ Sounds like うるせーやつ Kind of like "Annoying thing" but it could be seen in a harsher way like "Piece of shit!" - ZeusAllMighty11 On Reddit I can finally die in piece.
  2. I can imagine that, I wouldn't see the point of adding them in if it would just be in the mystery box. It would then just be another bullshit weapon in the box haha. Hoping it's the BO1 M1911, not the gross one in multiplayer. Even the BOII M1911 looks and sounds better.
  3. Mustang and Sally without Flopper... not gonna happen friend haha.
  4. Takeo says it in Der Riese upon killing or making a crawler. It is from the World at War Der Riese.
  5. I tried google searching it, I checked the Wiki, I asked on another website I NEED HELP lol. My mind is going insane and I know this isn't even a big deal to some people but man I just need to know lol. Anyways if you know let me know!
  6. I am pretty sure this video broke the record for the most disliked video that isn't related to music. I still think that exo-suits are stupid and should be put to a stop imo.
  7. I like it because it's zombies, and every zombies map (including Tranzit) I don't really 'hate'. I do however think this map was kind of a bust for me, definitly not bad though. The thing I dislike the most is Treyarch nerfing the Skull of Nan Sapwe to be utter shit so getting to higher rounds is tougher then ever. Another thing I dislike is the unnescesary tedious steps to get some essential things around the map like getting the KT-4 parts which takes forever and the Masamune takes even longer. Even turning on the power is a chore and gets boring after doing it so many times you just want to stop playing it. Der Eisendrache it was simple to turn on the power, even Shadows of Evil has an easier way of powering up machines. And the plants that are completely useless once you complete the easter egg and have the clone plant. The Crawler Holder eventually gives out and the zombie comes back into the map, the Attack Plant is a nuisance when you are trying to keep one zombie alive and the zombie runs after it and lastly the Power-Up plant that is completely random and you don't know what you are going to get. So I listed a lot of the negatives now let's talk about the positives. The Easter Egg is obtainable solo and it was a lot of fun to crack by myself (Except for the god-forsaken gobblegum cog). The spiders are nice and weak and they aren't on your ass all the time like the dogs are. The Thrasher is definitely the best mini-boss so far, very unique and easier then the Margwa and the Panzer. Of course the big spider boss battle was kick ass and getting unlimited free widows wine as a reward is amazing. In conclusion, there are problems with this map. And this map I'm guessing is going to be the black-sheep DLC like Die Rise was. I know for a fact that DLC 3 and DLC 4 (If treyarch is awesome then DLC 5 as well) are going to be mind-blowing and a great zombie kill fest.
  8. As much as I want it, it's probably not going to happen. Treyarch would be losing money if they gave it through season pass and if they charge for it then people would get pissy and rage on the internet. It's all about sacrificing money for the glorious zombie fanbase. I know a lot of people wouldn't mind putting in 20 bucks for the all-zombie DLC pack but that doesn't mean people will keep typing "I bought the season pass I should get everything!" I hope and worry at the same time, I think I am overthinking this a tad bit hahaha.
  9. Heya, would like to see if these screenshots are good enough for some awards Misty and 150 Headshots Grenade Kills 7500 Perks drank 750, Doors opened
  10. TBH One Direction - Night Changes. Don't judge me you asshole.
  11. I wonder who will be even playing Infinite Warefare when/if Cod4 remaster comes out lol.

    1. Stop Mocking Me0
    2. Poyuma


      This made my day, thank you so much friend hahahahahaah.

  12. 49, highest on my friends list but I still feel like it's pretty low. I just hate setting up everything in this map. I am just going to wait for the right mood until I want to try to get an actual high round.
  13. Round 93 solo. This was before patch when the Skull of Sapwe didn't cost so much ammo to kill a zombie so it made it easy to get to high rounds. The strategy I used is pretty hard but zombies spawn in fast. In the picture I am near the area in between the Spawn and the Skull ritual location. Basically in the area of the picture, I kept the barricade that leads to Generator B closed and did not buy it. Then I got the spiders to close off the skull ritual area with their webs. In the picture where the red arrows are pointing is where zombies spawn. Then behind me in the picture is where spiders spawn (Near the perk machine). Now basically I just trained the zombies in a circle and sometimes do the 'banana' motion or the 'c' motion. As you can see I used Dead Wire and you can just shoot the crowd of zombies that you make and electrocute them then just shoot a Masamune bullet on the ground and lead the zombies into it to finish off the rest of the crowd. Then of course use the Skull of Nan Sapwe when you get stuck in a corner or if a Thrasher is coming after you. Also a helpful tip is to keep an attack plant in the seed plant location that is across from the perk machine so it can distract some zombies for you and take care of some zombies. Also make sure to have a clone plant :) NOTE: This was BEFORE some of the major patches that nerfed the Skull of Nan Sapwe so be aware of that. Also there might have been some other patches that could of affected this strategy.
  14. Round 1 - Knife zombies Round 2 - Turn on tram (hoping on double points) shoot zombies and knife Round 3 - Open door through Double tap way and get to the first dragon and fill it up though knifing each zombie carefully and make sure not to get downed. If I had a double points through that tram then I would open the doors (while still having a few zombies following me) to the power and turning it on. Then run to the dragon in the command center and knifing the rest there. Round 4 - Buy the Kuda in the courtyard and finish the dragon in the command room then run to the pyramid area and finish that dragon there and then leave 1 zombie. I grab the bow then grab Juggernog if I have enough points. If I don't have enough points then I wait until round 5.

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