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  1. Thank you very much everyone! I actually asked reddit and they gave me an answer https://www.reddit.com/r/translator/comments/6fhm46/japanese_english_from_cod_waw/ Sounds like うるせーやつ Kind of like "Annoying thing" but it could be seen in a harsher way like "Piece of shit!" - ZeusAllMighty11 On Reddit I can finally die in piece.
  2. Poyuma

    Return of the M1911!

    I can imagine that, I wouldn't see the point of adding them in if it would just be in the mystery box. It would then just be another bullshit weapon in the box haha. Hoping it's the BO1 M1911, not the gross one in multiplayer. Even the BOII M1911 looks and sounds better.
  3. Poyuma

    Return of the M1911!

    Mustang and Sally without Flopper... not gonna happen friend haha.
  4. Takeo says it in Der Riese upon killing or making a crawler. It is from the World at War Der Riese.
  5. I tried google searching it, I checked the Wiki, I asked on another website I NEED HELP lol. My mind is going insane and I know this isn't even a big deal to some people but man I just need to know lol. Anyways if you know let me know!
  6. Poyuma

    News Article: Double XP is here again.

    Hopefully can reach Prestige Master on MP this weekend, only need 15 more levels.
  7. Poyuma

    Out of maps

    This isn't really the website to be asking people to help you get out of Multiplayer maps on Black Ops II.
  8. Poyuma

    The Most Disliked Call of Duty Trailer... ever.

    I am pretty sure this video broke the record for the most disliked video that isn't related to music. I still think that exo-suits are stupid and should be put to a stop imo.
  9. Poyuma

    Update 1.10

    Really? You could survive a rocket test fire with the Ragnarok? Now that's something I need to see lol.
  10. I kind of see what you mean. They did say however it is based from a seperate universe to Exo and 3arc so we might just get some unique sort of monster instead of the traditional yellow-eyed, screaming zombies. One can only hope :)
  11. The problem with Ghosts is that Infinity Ward was expecting the game to be a smash hit but ended up stumbling on its feet as it was mocked horrifically. The ending of Ghosts was definitely leaning towards a sequel but they didn't expect everyone to hate the game so much. I am actually glad they are not continuing on with Ghosts just because the campaign ended with a cliffhanger, it shows that they are somewhat learning from their mistakes. A lot of my friends enjoyed Extinction but to me it was repetitive and got real boring fast. Lastly you should not judge the zombies mode until you have played it or have seen some footage of it. You never know, maybe the "zombies" that Infinity Ward are talking about are actually the Cyborgs but they want to surprise us lol. Except a reskin of the zombies wouldn't change the overall gameplay, as long as they keep the Treyarch formula and not the Sledgehammer formula then I am happy.
  12. Poyuma

    The ULTIMATE weasel theory!

    I fully believe in this theory. Foodfight is the key to all of this.
  13. Poyuma

    Will All Maps Be Available In BO3???

    Don't say it... DONT EVEN FUCKING THINK IT! hahahaha
  14. Why haven't I heard of this? This is one of the most hilarious pieces of trivia that I have seen regarding the actual staff behind CoD zombies. I guess if Snyder is behind the zombies mode in WaW then in Infinite Warefare, that must mean he might keep it on the ground and not include the exo-suits. At least that's what I hope, please no more exo jumping zombies haha.

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