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  1. DilRobskii

    Bahamut or Shoeshiner 100?

    Yeah the death ray is where I always wait for the panzer at. It's so good!
  2. DilRobskii

    Bahamut or Shoeshiner 100?

    In origins you're suppose to shoot the head, now you shoot the chest in Der Eisendrache.
  3. DilRobskii

    Thought on a quote from Richtofen

    I'm 99.9% certain that's what he says. That is quite possible now that you mention that, but damn does it ever bother me, especially the Sam one.
  4. So I've been playing Der Eisendrache for about 8 hours now and there's this quote I've heard Richtofen constantly say every now and then and it is "Even Samantha cries for the blood of the damned!" What could this mean? And there's another one that he says when I'm using the Storm bow and it's "I've used this power before it is no stranger to me" Opinions on these quotes
  5. DilRobskii

    Der Eisendrache: Zombies Library

    Been playing Der Eisendrache non stop and one of the quotes I heard from richtofen was " Even Samantha cries for the blood of the damned"
  6. DilRobskii

    ZNS Scrap of paper hunt board!

    It's 577 691 22761.
  7. DilRobskii

    Boat from COTD?

    I personally think anything is possible, the way treyarch twists and turns and flips stuff you never really know these days. Just my opinion
  8. DilRobskii

    Bahamut or Shoeshiner 100?

    Storm bow is my go to with the wolf bow arrow in my inventory for max ammo and I always have a tough time picking my next weapon since I'm against perkaholic and I don't like the idea of using mule kick just to have an extra weapon when I could use it for a cheaper better perk. I'm doing a solo run right now swapped out my Drakon papd for a brecci and papd it with BF. So far it's doing great. I wait at power door for panzer shoot him with storm run over to death ray then let loose on his chest with the brecci.
  9. DilRobskii

    Bahamut or Shoeshiner 100?

    I usually always use the Drakon pack a punched for the panzer since I can never get the haymaker. Is this alright or should I really spam the box?
  10. Then use it on land too...
  11. I hope it's a pufferfish and we can shoot needles or something from all around us while under water. Now that would be cool.
  12. So then it's a pineapple.
  13. It's hard to know really. It could be a weapon, like you said being similar to the same color as the deathmachine and the tram fuse, it is possible, but it could also just end up being something similar to the tram fuse, which if it was it would just be map specific, although a new weapon drop that was accessible in all the other maps would be a lot better considering the death machine is crap lol.also this is the first time I've seen a double drop also
  14. That new drop is clearly a pineapple and it shall be called Pinadeapple which explodes and turns all zombies into fruit for you to eat.
  15. DilRobskii

    Those days when You can't upgrade a bow.

    My problem is always after I fill the urns. I can nail the one closest to the clock tower and the one down at the rocket site every time. But that far away one screws me big time. I've tried double tap area, spawn and even near the clock tower and I always seem to miss it. Even when I start the quest lighting the farthest one has always been a pain. And I never get the gravity spikes. I cbf to get all the parts lol. I've never had problems keeping zombies alive and my strategy is to always get the shield and jugg by the latest as round 7. Sometimes I just get frustrated with that last bonfire and next thing ya know that last zombie has my shield broke and me dying

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