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  1. Pretty sure most of you know about the bow change recently where charged shots now only consume one arrow. I just hit round 100 a few minutes ago simply by camping in the corner of the bastion with the lightning bow, using the death ray constantly and a shotgun with fireworks. The highest I've ever gone without having to train for at least one round is 94, and that's with good max ammo luck. This game was far from that. It was like pulling a tooth trying to get a max from this game. Except for round 84 which was a dog and panzer round so two there and a third after killing the first zombie on 85, cause you know trollarch gotta troll. I hit the tram between 7-12 times and not once did I get a max ammo. I made the wolf and void arrows so I would have two on standby. I had to use the void arrow to get that max and my wolf is still sitting below the skeleton in the wall waiting to be used. Random drops maybe once every 5 rounds which is really long in between (yes I was counting my drops each round). But even with that luck I still camped my way to 100. That's just insane. I'm not complaining or saying they should change it. I'm just astonished. To think that if I have a game with good luck and enough cache backs I could probably get to 150 by not moving much.
  2. It's a good theory. The frozen forest was described as a "Physiological experiment" that it was all in thier heads. No better place for reflection I guess. It would explain why Dempsey can see his 1.0 self. All of the characters in their memories trailer have a line that they said that indicates they will most likely die. Richtofen comes out and says it plain and simple. I think they will have to sacrifice themselves to become Primis.
  3. Shadows is super easy if you have people that you know can do it. Der Eisendrache is a pain just because of the random panzers that spawn in during the keeper step and the boss fight has to be the hardest so far. The steps are quite easy though and relatively short. ZNS is pretty easy. It just takes a while to set everything up to get to the boss fight and that's a pushover. GK - I've only done it once on a friends ps4 following a guide but it was pretty simple and straightforward. Took me about 4 hours that one time cause I was pausing the guide and checking each step 3 times before I did it. Plus I had about 7 other videos out on building the shield and whatnot.

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