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  1. its a strange one to get into course wise i did a games programming course at college and then kind of left the programming path and went to the art side but then i jumped back into the coding/programming side during the course though but if you just wanna get an idea i recommend downloading unreal engine 4 its free for everyone and then using some tutorials to get idea its easy to use and you dont need uni to understand it really, its industry standard software aswell the new doom is made entirely from that engine
  2. its going really good thanks, lot of work but its good so far.
  3. Hello (I did not lie) So where to start, my name is Tom im currently 19 years old and studying 'Game Design' at Staffordshire University, also im a massive zombie enthusiast, i love to share theories and ideas on the storyline and help the community in anyway i can. I look forward to speaking to some of you soon.
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