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  1. Literally. Like, the gobblegum. Like what I did there? On a serious note, I came up with an idea that is just crazy enough to work. I can't think of a practical use for the sniper rifle in this situation, yet, but I guess we can work from there if something happens. So, my idea does actually involve the Impatient gobblegum. What happens when you get it? You will respawn near the end of the round that you bleed out on. You will respawn immediately if you bleed out with only 1 or 2 zombies left. Now, let's talk about the imprint plant. What happens when you bleed out after you've activated an imprint plant? You respawn immediately in your clone body. Furthermore, what would happen if you bleed out while having both the Impatient gobblegum and an imprint plant activated at the same time? Which one would take precedence or would they both? If they both activate and you can only control one body, what messed up entity will be controlling your other body? Or what type of mutation could come out of this, especially if you don't gain control of your imprint? These questions, I do not have the answer too. We have already been told that there is some coding in the map that implies there is a way to make the game think you are dead when you are not. I think this would be one of the only ways to make an imprint plant create a doppelganger or to even create one at all. If /u/TheReal_DF hadn't said that a sniper rifle was needed, I would be much more confident that this was exactly how to do this. I'm extremely curious, but haven't been able to test it myself. So, r/CODZombies users, let's get this tested. I want to see what will happen if you wait until the end of a round, activate both the gobblegum and the imprint plant, and then down yourself. I could be completely wrong here, but atleast we can debunk it if I am. Additionally, Jason Blundell did say he likes to hide things in places we least expect. Curious. How many of you actually use the Impatient gobblegum?
  2. As most of you probably know by now, there have been 4 confirmed locations in ZNS that trigger a flashback hallucination. Now that TheReal_DF has announced an undiscoverd EE in the game files called "Spore Hallucinations Easter Egg", I'm certain we have been on to something and are possibly missing some locations for flashbacks. Thanks to a YouTube video made by Cam The Swatch, I learned an interesting thing about these hallucinations. You are able to go into to theater mode and observe the environment of the hallucination. If you pause the gameplay and travel in freecam to another known hallucination location, that area will have changed too, as if you had activated the flashback at this location. From this information, it is safe to assume that every time a flashback is activated, every other flashback location on this map would be activated as well. This may just be a glitch with theater mode, but I'm leaning towards it actually happening in game. You would just never see it because each player is individually affected by the spores, meaning the flashbacks can only be seen with proper exposure to the gas. Therefore, no one else would ever see them around the map when you activate one of them. This could be the key to finding anything else we are missing and moving forward with this EE. Come on, zombie lovers! We can scour this map in no time. Here is the video link: Cam is under the impression here that the radio was the cause of the flashback. Obviously, we know now that it's the spores that cause this effect, so most people probably disregarded this video right away and wrote it off as "solved". His reddit post pretty much got buried and nobody even noticed what he had just done. I really hope this information can help us get ahead here. I'm confident in this community. Let's solve this one
  3. You have to kill them as they are going into the ground. It's a small window of time, but easy enough
  4. Here is a guide that should help with any mystery behind the plant growth and will show you exactly what to do in order to get the result you want. 1. Pick up a seed power-up drop from a zombie. 2. Plant your seed in one of the soil locations scattered around the map. 3. Obtain a bucket. There are 4 general locations for them: Spawn, Lab A, Lab B, and the green water pool (next to the ICR) . 4. Fill your bucket with water. Water your plant for 3 consecutive rounds and harvest your reward on the next round. Depending on the type of water you use on it, you can have many different results. Blue Water This pool can be found behind Lab A, or the path going to the left of the map. Using this water will result in pods that can be opened to reveal guns, power-ups, etc. Green Water This pool can be found behind Lab B, or the path going to the right of the map. Using this water will result in pods that turn zombies into crawlers and then skewer them. These pods will hold a zombie for quite a while, so you can get some things done in peace without ending the round. Purple Water This pool can be found in the quarters area of the bunker (the door directly across from the one leading to the power switch), or the right door in the room with pack-a-punch. Using this water will result in pods that attack and kill any zombies around it. They will act as a monkey bomb until destroyed by zombies. Getting a Fruit. In order to get the fruit, a plant must be watered will all three types of water in a random order. I've had the most success with using purple last, but I have not confirmed whether or not this is true. This fruit gives the player a free perk. NOTE: The fruit can be obtained as many times as you want, as far as I know, and changes order for each individual plant. The best way I've done this is to collect three seeds and plant one green or blue and the other 2 the opposite color. Then switch colors on he next one depending on what you started with and finish them all off with purple. I got 2 out of 3 as fruits and one was a blue start and one was a green start. Rainbow Water This water can be obtained in the sewer escape slide. Once retrieved, it is used to water a hidden plant location to grow the oil plant. This is used to upgrade the RT-4. Hope this helps. Please add anything I missed in the comments and I will update it.
  5. I actually posted a video in a post about two tips on the boss fight. It's shows the use of the flaming plunger very clearly.
  6. No problem HL. Try it out. It's actually fun to do
  7. Nice find Dave. I haven't noticed that yet about the perks. This is definitely a useful bit of information to have. I usually don't get widow's wine early because I'm banking on getting it later. I would have been pretty bummed when I got to that point
  8. You only get the fire plunger when you actually shoot a panzer to kill it. You get a minute of flame effect, so you have to utilize it quick. The best use is during the boss fight of the EE. Kill the first panzer with a gun and then take out the rest with the plunger. I highly recommend it. As far as the skeletons thing goes, there is a new way to do it that is the actual way it was intended to be done. If you are only shooting at random spots, then you won't be able to actually do it since the patch. You must use In Plain Sight to reveal floating skulls in those same places and shoot those with the bow. If this is something you already know, then I'm not sure if I can help you.
  9. So, I've beaten the DE EE twice now with no voice audio during the end cutscene. The whole game is fine until that scene. That was the only map having the problem until yesterday. Everytime I start SOE or The Giant, there is no voice audio in the cutscenes. All advanced volume settings are at 10 and all other voices throughout the game can be heard without an issue. Has anyone been experiencing this same issue?
  10. That's the gameplay from our boss run. I was able to get the flaming plunger twice, so it's got a great example of how to use it. For Killing Time, you want to use it for the 3rd phase of shooting the keeper. Without Killing Time, the keeper has too much health to be taken down in one go, which results in more chances to go down in the next wave. It guarantees enough damage to kill him at the end. This video also shows how we utilized killing time
  11. I uploaded our boss battle to youtube and it has perfect gameplay of both of these tips. Do you want the embedded code or should I link it in a comment?
  12. Welcome to the forums jaysta5792 :)

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