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  1. InfestLithium


    Go for it friendo!
  2. InfestLithium


    Radio inside Infirmary Above the metal box next to the washing machine in the Showers Radio at bottom of stairwell Radio at the docks next to toppled watch tower
  3. InfestLithium

    Hells redeemr ghost dog

    You'll need max settings (if on PC). The ghost dog stays within the prison but can be anywhere from the Citadel Tunnels to the entrance of the prison. I've noticed mine like to follow near the entrance and somehow end up in the Warden's Office after like 3 minutes. It's easier with other players because they can see the dog too.
  4. InfestLithium

    Easter Egg: What We Know

    Yep! So far, that seems to be the only use for the sparks right now.
  5. InfestLithium

    Easter Egg: What We Know

    Interesting Finds Collect Zombie Blood through stairwell number generators and find anything while in it (code: 872) -------------------------------- Alright, so there have been a lot of comments and misunderstanding about many elements in Blood of the Dead. Here's what we know so far and what has been tried, along with EE quest progress. SOLVED: Monkey Statue There is a small Monkey Bomb statue in C-D Block, right below the 2nd Wolf mark inside the prison. You can see it just past the debris, sitting on a plank of wood. If you already have the Hells' Redeemer kill Zombies with your Specialist weapon until it has collected enough souls. Afterwards, throw a Hell's Redeemer at it and it will teleport to the walnut teleporter found in spawn. SOLVED: Crumbling Water Tower You can shoot the beams of the water tower from the middle of the Catwalk. You may also need to shoot it from the alley where the Brew machine is located on the West Side of the island. It will lean over and collapse. This was found to be a missing Golden Spork step, supposed to occur after draining the blood bathtub; however, it's possible to obtain the spork anyways without having the tower collapse. It's unknown if this will softlock players from the Main Quest. Washing Machine It may take a bit of patience, but if you shoot/throw your grenades at the washing machine inside the Showers, it will start the load AUDIBLY. After a while, it will emit a "finished" sound and play a dark ambient song. Afterlife Box Spark There are 10 Afterlife electrical boxes across the map - 2 on the West and 8 on the East sides of the island. These boxes have the potential to spark, which can be interacted with and shows an electrical shock to the player. The location for each are as follows: Here's what I've tested so far about these sparks. Spark gives Spectral charge of 2 blasts when interacted with while shield is up Spark does not give Warden key charge You can activate the spark just by holding your action button (i.e. Square for PS4) A spark only appears once per round Power Station Diagrams There are two power stations in the map on the West and East sides of the island. We refer to them as Spawn Power (Station A) and Dock Power (Station B). Each station has 6 drawings, for a total of 12 images. Station A has metal, red-tipped levers next to each image that appear to be interactable, but nothing has been found on them just yet. Here are the exact drawings of each. Walnut Teleporter In the spawn room, there's a mini teleporter on the middle worktable and a small box near the stairs. Each round, you can interact with eithe teleporter (glowing yellow) to teleport a walnut. After teleporting three times, the teleporter pad will malfunction and the walnut disappears, usually indicated by a player quote. As far as we're concerned, it doesn't come back. NOTE: This mini easter egg is a reference to the lore, where Dr. Richtofen shows Dr. Maxis his walnut teleporter.
  6. InfestLithium

    Power Station Drawings

    There are 8 blue monitors though? They remind me of Simon Says, how dull the blue color is.
  7. InfestLithium

    Power Station Drawings

    On the West Side and Docks area power stations, there are 12 total drawings, 6 each station. Let's call them Station A and Station B respectively. Thanks to @WaterKH, he's found that Station A uses Hobo symbols and Station B uses logic gate symbols. Station A There's no going this way Authorities alert here Doctor here Hit the road Dangerous neighborhood Keep quiet Station B We believe that each logic gate corresponds to a Hobo symbol, and each Hobo symbol has a red lever right next to it. At the moment, these levers can't be activated but we understand that they only have an ON and OFF function. When sequencing the logic gates together, there is a possibility that a solution can be made - which symbols get which levers pulled. Not sure what else from here.
  8. InfestLithium

    BOTD Easter Egg Steps

    Here are the steps thus far: Unleash the Spirits Collected and build the pieces for the Spectral Shield. The Warden's key is found by killing Brutus. The spectral essence can be found on one of three potential Afterlife boxes (one in library, one near Showers entrance, one in front of Warden's Office entrance). Turn on the power for the prison via building near the Docks. Activate the volt meter on the roof where the ramp is and Pack-a-Punch will arrive. Shock and Denial Obtain the Spoon (or Golden Spork). You must find the three glowing numbers on the pillars in the Warden's Office, then input the code into the stairwell number box. After that, shock the volt meter on the Docks and throw your Hell's Retriever/Redeemer at the net the crane will bring. Here is a video on how to do it. Head to the Warden's House and at the top of the stairs, knife the wall across the zombie barrier. You should see scratch marks appear. Wait until an Electrified Brutus spawns (sometime after Round 15) and have him slam at the scratched wall. It will open up a hidden room. Interact with the power switch and watch as the Warden's box becomes revealed, dead on an electric chair. Take the small, glowing red orb on the table left of the room. Guilt and Pain Grab the red orb from the previous step and place it on the spawn map (hanging on the wall). Activate the Kronorium and chase the ghost bird back to the prison. The location of where the bird goes may vary. You will need to use the Spectral Shield to see the bird, but there are several locations including: Library Second floor of prison Rooftops Above Cafeteria entrance Spawn building Recreation Yard Citadel Tunnels Infirmary New Industries building Catwalk (before Rec Yard) Outside of Warden's Office Docks, upper grounds Lighthouse near Warden's House ???
  9. InfestLithium

    New Medals Incoming!

    As promised, the new medals are here! There are three types of medals you can collect: Site Blackout Zombies Every month, more medals will be released as more content is available in Black Ops 4. The catch with these new beauties is that all gameplay medals can only be achieved from Black Ops 4 (unless specified otherwise). This means you can't submit proof from previous titles to claim a medal anymore. Here is a full list of available medals. Once you find a medal you want, you can submit your request here, where a staff member will award you with the desired medal if valid proof is provided.
  10. InfestLithium

    Trailer Hypuuuuuuuuuuuu

    If the Afterlife ability comes into play again, it seems like they'd have to already be dead in that sense. They are stuck in a cycle similar but not the exact same as the MOTD crew where they entered purgatory alive unlike the other mobsters, so the rules would be a bit different.
  11. InfestLithium

    New Medals Incoming!

    Friday. 😁
  12. InfestLithium

    Trailer Hypuuuuuuuuuuuu

    This is it, chiefs. So much juicy stuff going on here...looks like another cycle for Primis crew and we see them slowly losing their sanity because of it. Amazing.
  13. InfestLithium

    New Medals Incoming!

    Many promoted spamming and were harder to automate. While those medals will return in some brand new medal, we needed medals that qualified as actual achievements across the site and in-game. All the past medals are just inactive for now, so until then, we're working to optimize them.
  14. InfestLithium

    How we all doing?

    Spiders crawling all around now! Welcome back friendo!
  15. InfestLithium

    It's been too long...

    Welcome back old fart! I remember your name back when I was just lurking around during Call of the Dead time haha. We got some juicy stuff coming up that'll help boost your content creation - we'll let you know once it rolls out.

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