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  1. Yeah, most likely. I just want to make absolutely sure that nothing has gone untouched.
  2. This is a page dedicated to finding the rest of the easter eggs that we have missed. Please leave a comment and or a video link to your research. I'm super curious and I hope some of you out there are also as well. I am currently re-looking over COD: Black Ops* to see if there is anything at all that we could have possibly missed. Please help me out! * Games will change as I progress through all of the maps until I feel satisfied with my research.
  3. From what I can tell and what I've looked around on this type of text is vertical cuneiform. It seems to be from multiple languages and I can't decrypt it at all. Possibly, I said flame as just a filler on what it could be. For all we know it could just be particles to signify "Evil" or something.
  4. Here are just snippets from the new trailer that has the weird code on it! I think it's time we try to figure it out! Here comes that theory stuff we all love Weird Button thing Weird Fire in statue (Possible new "Soul Chest") Zoomed in Big Flame Box GumBalls Possible collectible? Ball that has a gyroscope So that's the end of this post. Please post comments below on what you think all these things could be! I'm so excited, I hope you are too!
  5. (This beginning stuff is going to involve me babbling A LOT) Hello, as a introduction I'm kinda new. I don't post much. I love the theorys that some of you people make. So, anyway... Let me start off by saying now we know so much, why don't we take a step back and add the missing pieces. I enjoy the fact that I can go back in the previous games and say, " Huh, well... I guess I understand what the hell they are talking about now." But, with that I also still don't understand so much. For instance, the cut scene at the end of origins. It left me so confused and all I could say is "WTF IT'S JUST A CHILD'S GAME?!?" -JustSavage05 2013 I think everyone did right? Okay... no? That's fine. Even if you understood it, I didn't, but one thing I did understand: that looked exactly like the two rooms in Kino Der Toten. Before you say "Duh, it's supposed to be Samantha's room. Why am I even reading this dummy's theory/forum post?". Trust me, I know, but that's not what I'm pointing out. What I'm pointing out is this: I know it's not the first time we have noticed that. (Also, yes, I cheated a little to get those pictures.) But still! Come on. Really, Treyarch? You've planned that ending since practically the beginning? Also, it's worth a mention that if you believe that Treyarch would take the wussie way out and say it's a child's game, you're wrong. No, seriously, I can't bring myself to say that they took a lame way out, They're too smart for that. Obviously, the room at the end of Origins is what they consider the "Aether". (Honestly, this is pretty much me babbling about every little thing and if you're still reading I give you props.) So let's continue with the Kino/Origins/Aether room. Here is my opinion, You go into a teleporter, you time travel. Simple as that. Any time you teleport you travel in time. A few days, months or years, you WILL time travel when you teleport. How many times have you teleported before, though? Who is to say when we teleport from Kino we don't end up in Verruckt? But, since we travel in time we don't remember. This theory has back up with it, too. Die Rise's beginning cut scene show us that they have no idea that they have done it before. They go down, fail to mend the rift, and restart. No one remembers a thing. Well one does, but he gets to talk to Richtofen and Maxxis so.. yeah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1HsYgzYH9M This brings me to probably one of my favorite theories on here. The "Ghosts of Alcatraz" rift theory. This was created by FatedTitan. Super great post. Go read it, I'll wait. Basically, the M4 of Alcatraz are on a broken rift loop, so who is to say the rest are not as well? For example, in BO2 it is mentioned plenty of times that you need to "Mend The Rift". Richtofen somehow knew that none of the events that have taken place should have happened. Maybe he wants to fix it? Maybe he's having fun? Who knows. The guy is crazy. Let's go back to BO on the moon. You had to do the series of events for the easter egg and of course the first part was that Richtofen became Samantha. Once Richtofen took Samantha's place in the Aether, zombie eyes became blue. He entered the Aether. He "became" Samantha, who was teleported there. Time travel and teleportation... seems familiar. I feel that explains why he is a kid in the end cut scene. So, the Aether is Samantha's room. Since she was the first human inside of it maybe it is a recreation of her "safe place". Back to the rift stuff. I believe that the exact moment the teleporter worked in Der Riese the rift was broken for that world. Samantha was never meant to be trapped inside the working teleporter with her father. Richtofen should have never been able to send her to the Aether. None of this should have ever happened. Thus making everyone you play as in a big giant loop of time travel. Going back to what FatedTitan said: I fully agree. If we mend the rift everything we have accomplished is fake. This kinda sucks for us, but in that universe it's what needs to be done. Thank you for reading this post of me having a billion thoughts running through my head. Have any comments to correct me, go ahead! I kinda like learning and nerding out a few theories now and again.
  6. Yea everyone (Including me) overlooked that. This seems like a very possible idea. Also it seems like there is a new attachment to the muzzle as well.
  7. Oh my god XD That's friggin' hilarious :lol:
  8. Looks like our posts are together o ZiploK
  9. Guess what was just posted New photos soon! This guy looks like a viking? Group 935 on a crate?
  10. It is in the video preview for the Origins map.
  11. I agree origins does look very awesome But with the radios on moon yes you do have a point, and the eye colors are pretty much the same, but they still can or cannot be controlled by samantha. Since they are in the Ather or in some sort of, they have a form of control of time and space. So the controller of the Aether is able to go back into time and set control of the zombies. Your theories are some sort of blown out of proportion with the "ancient civilization" or a "Satan" making them relive this moment as like MotD. Also with the references to MotD with the blood vials is just a shout out to the map, they have done this before. So yea, in all the controller of the zombies I think is going to be the person who you helped out in the buried end game easter egg.
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