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  1. Just looking at steam cards and then I read this Notice this part It seems like it could have been a setup, but I don't know. I never knew this information before and figured everyone would want to know.
  2. Honestly, it's covered in bugs and the whole zombies hitting you on the back (EVEN WITH THE FRIGGEN SHIELD) and going down from one hit is still a thing on the PC port. Even if there are a few bugs and all. I love the map. Great Easter eggs. Amazing story line tie ins. Amazing, honestly.
  3. Richtofen was at The Giant before the Origins map right? Well in the way that he was Maxi's student/companion/scientist. I'd assume that at least. If so, that means that the MOTD crew showed up a lot earlier than Origins.
  4. Introduction In Zetsubou no Shima fighter air planes can be seen attacking one another and going between dimensions/rift tears/etc. What was the importance of this being shown now? Is it major? Can it explain anything? It is important. Yes it is major now, and I believe much more later as the DLC is released. For right now, it can explain two things. 1. With these "jumps" (for lack of a better explanation) in Zetsubou, we can see that these jumps can apply to aircrafts. 2. The crew in MOTD may have just possibly found themselves in this jump during one
  5. I couldn't find the post either so I was just assuming that its was a new find
  6. I was just looking at every single detail in the campaign. So happens it seems that Group 935 is hinted in papers? If this has already been found, let me know!
  7. EDIT: Holy crap this forum took off.. The website hasn't sent me a single notification about this so apologies for not being able to respond Also. I took out my original picture and used the better one given to me by PINNAZ. Thank you to the wonderful mod who saved the post! We all know this image. Little to no actual progress has been made to this cipher. Hopefully one day someone can come along and solve this.
  8. Yeah, most likely. I just want to make absolutely sure that nothing has gone untouched.
  9. This is a page dedicated to finding the rest of the easter eggs that we have missed. Please leave a comment and or a video link to your research. I'm super curious and I hope some of you out there are also as well. I am currently re-looking over COD: Black Ops* to see if there is anything at all that we could have possibly missed. Please help me out! * Games will change as I progress through all of the maps until I feel satisfied with my research.
  10. From what I can tell and what I've looked around on this type of text is vertical cuneiform. It seems to be from multiple languages and I can't decrypt it at all. Possibly, I said flame as just a filler on what it could be. For all we know it could just be particles to signify "Evil" or something.
  11. Here are just snippets from the new trailer that has the weird code on it! I think it's time we try to figure it out! Here comes that theory stuff we all love Weird Button thing Weird Fire in statue (Possible new "Soul Chest") Zoomed in Big Flame Box GumBalls Possible collectible? Ball that has a gyroscope So that's the end of this post. Please post comments below on what you think all these things could be! I'm so excited, I hope you are too!
  12. (This beginning stuff is going to involve me babbling A LOT) Hello, as a introduction I'm kinda new. I don't post much. I love the theorys that some of you people make. So, anyway... Let me start off by saying now we know so much, why don't we take a step back and add the missing pieces. I enjoy the fact that I can go back in the previous games and say, " Huh, well... I guess I understand what the hell they are talking about now." But, with that I also still don't understand so much. For instance, the cut scene at the end of origins. It left me so confused and all I could say is
  13. Yea everyone (Including me) overlooked that. This seems like a very possible idea. Also it seems like there is a new attachment to the muzzle as well.
  14. So tell me do you still need recordings of any of the maps? If you do I think I can help with a few! :D
  15. Oh my god XD That's friggin' hilarious :lol:
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