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    I will be able to get on my xbox very soon, just after the portugal poland game is over and I can check if its there because i have a US account. I'll edit this post with what I find to confirm whether its just US and not europe yet. edit: I can't find it, but I am in germany atm.
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    Haha, seems funny that your intro is now getting some action. Might as well jump on the bandwagon. Welcome to the site Boom! :P
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    I also play only BO1, WaW and BO2. If you ever need a teammate, just say it. Welcome to the site. I see you're interested in the story. If you have any questions about it or about this site or about anything else, feel free to ask, however the story is something no one exacly knows.
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    Hahaha, well country neightboor, I had exacly the same when a I played zombies in Kino for the first time. I didn't knew there were doors to open so I always bought an Olympia and so I always died when the hounds came. But its great to have you here, and I still recognize you as #1 code cracker on this site. And indeed, better late then never, I also never made my introductions. When I feel like I will once.
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    Great intro mate, I've seen you about the forums I will send you a FR on PS4
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    I haven't really invested the time I should have into DOA2 to be honest. I mean, I absolutely loved the first one what with me being 36 years old and having been gaming since the very early 80's so I was brought up on games like that, (Commando, Smash TV, Ikari Warriors, Alien Breed etc) and I love the twin stick genre but I just couldn't get into DOA2 the same way as I did in BO1. Maybe it was the fact that aside from the 1st person power up the game hadn't really changed much. The maps are a little bigger and there is new weapons and stuff but I kinda feel like they could have tried something different retro wise like a side scrolling beat-em-up in the mold of Final Fight/Streets of Rage. There is a set of mod tools called OpenBOR (Beats of Rage) where it was made with the purpose of allowing people to make custom side scrolling beat-em-ups in the fashion of Streets of Rage. Someone decided to make a Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 side scroller called Crisis Evil (& CE 2). It would have been nice to see them try a different approach similar to this one or even something different maybe altogether but after playing the first one frequently back in the BO1 days would have loved to have seen something a bit more innovative. The 1st person view mode wore off pretty thin for me. Maybe a full on 1st person view option would have made it more fun but either way there is nothing wrong with the game-mode, it's just not different enough from the first to keep me as entertained anymore unfortunately.
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    Haha better late than never!! Seems like a lot of people join this forum for the same reason. Which is nice, since we all then have the same goal of playing without quitters
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    Not sure if I ever told you, but 69 is one of my very favorite numbers . Thanks for contributing so much to the forum already, looking forward to your additional posts!
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    So I'm Lauren, yes I'm a girl. I live in New York and I love cats I would consider myself a pretty experienced zombie player. Especially on the maps I know like the back of my hand. ZBNS and DE, I'm getting pretty good with SOE also. But I basically wanted rant and see if anyone else expierences this problem of people just leaving games basically every game that you get into. So? I was reluctant to join a forum like this to find players because of the simple fact that I really don't like to talk while I'm playing and i know a lot of serious players make that a requirement. But I just can't stand the fact anymore that every game I join it doesn't go through to the end. Someone goes down they leave. They don't get the lightning bow they leave. They die they leave. Two out of the four people go down, they leave. Its just the same cycle over and over again and I'm tired of it. Annnddd that's why I joined here to try and see how things can be like on the dark side. This is more like a rant than an introduction but eh
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    Awesome! I was wondering who you were. ;) Good to meet you, mateo! Great to have such experienced and invested members!
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    Despite seeing you around everywhere, just figured that you need an official "welcome to the family, friendo!" comment.
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    @Rissole25 is our favorite KangaYouTuber. ...oh wow, that was bad. But a dare not miss this opportunity. Here he is:
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    Might I recommend you expand the title a bit to give more detail as to what this thread is about? As far as what I think about what you suggested...I'm not sure. Honestly, I'm fairly okay with the status quo; competition exists for a reason, the productive advancement of the status quo. While certain aspects of what you are suggesting would be nice, I don't think putting PCs in with consoles is safe or fair to the console users, as PCs basically run the world as it is. ;) They are dangerous tools. I speak as a professional in the field. But the idea that was hinted at awhile back, that Call of Duty could be console cross-platform was truly awesome.
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    Absolutely spot on! This is the exact issue with current storyline within BO3. There is literally no room for discussion of even desire to attempt to open a discussion because everything is too blatent and the mystery element has gone completely. +1 @Slade
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    I got World at War as a christmas gift from my parents when I was 12 and was honestly more into the campaign at the time. Imagine my surprise at the end of it all though, when the Zombies mode was introduced to me at the tail. In spite of that I chose to skip the DLC's for World at War and didn't pick Zombies back up until B01. Playing Kino Der Toten with my brother was what really got me hooked on it and i've been a fan ever since.
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    Mine is 20. Did everything on split-screen, left two bugs alive while both of us stood on the other side of the map. Ordered a pizza and watched some telly, when we got back an hour later we were game over, lol.
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    49, highest on my friends list but I still feel like it's pretty low. I just hate setting up everything in this map. I am just going to wait for the right mood until I want to try to get an actual high round.
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    Got to round 40 last weekend :) my all time highest round on any map :D

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