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    Haha, seems funny that your intro is now getting some action. Might as well jump on the bandwagon. Welcome to the site Boom! :P
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    Absolutely spot on! This is the exact issue with current storyline within BO3. There is literally no room for discussion of even desire to attempt to open a discussion because everything is too blatent and the mystery element has gone completely. +1 @Slade
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    I got World at War as a christmas gift from my parents when I was 12 and was honestly more into the campaign at the time. Imagine my surprise at the end of it all though, when the Zombies mode was introduced to me at the tail. In spite of that I chose to skip the DLC's for World at War and didn't pick Zombies back up until B01. Playing Kino Der Toten with my brother was what really got me hooked on it and i've been a fan ever since.

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