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    I have two theories but before that, I would like to post this quote from Maxis himself in Classified. Maxis is referring to Ultimis, and this Maxis is clearly the one trapped in the Moon (Griffin Station) after being killed and his soul being transported to the electronic devices on the station. 1- My first theory is that it's a simple side effect due to his exposure to 115, Maxis in the House did talk about how he obtained new memories that appeared out of nowhere. As explained by this cipher 2- We all know Monty isn't the good guy that he claims to be, it was obvious from the start. However, we know what Monty wants. A perfect world free from 115 and all the time-travel bs. In order to achieve that world, he needs the souls of Ultimis. It's possible that Monty wanted to obtain them without Primis help, because for him Primis is like his last resort. I think he knew that by enlisting Primis, there's the possibility that they might betray him. Original Maxis could have been a toy for Monty to ensure he captures Ultimis and teleport them to the House.
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    The last unsolved cipher in Classified was recently solved, and I saw no post on it, so I thought I might as well start the discussion. It was solved by Reddit users /u/Richkiller and /u/coldstone_the_gamer. It reads: Now, this has some major implications as the only M besides Maxis we've known has most definitely been Monty. M has appeared in a Shadows of Evil cipher, and a cipher in Revelations which is 100% from Monty's perspective after the events of the map. I am fine with Monty being retroactively responsible for things like Perks and power-ups as those were unexplained phenomena. But this... is kind of infuriating. I mean, we don't fully know Monty's motivations yet, but why the Hell would he set Maxis on a journey to create the MTD, the device that has caused ALL of the inter-dimensional hullabaloo he complains over and over about?! Why, if Maxis was told to create Group 935 and teleporters by Monty, did Maxis abandon the MTD for years only to return to it in 1945 before his demise? Why would Monty want Richtofen to have it? We know he can retroactively change events of the past in slight ways, hence his creation of Perk-a-Colas and Powerups, and he "set Maxis on a journey". So why not go back on that since it has created such a mess for him? I don't know, it just seems pointless. Maxis being a man of science is enough motivation to want to create the MTD and 935. We didn't need Monty to be behind that too. I'm curious on what everyone else thinks, though. I'd love to hear another perspective.
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    Ok so, first and foremost I’m kinda retraining myself to not trust a damn thing monty says. We really aren’t in a good position to decide what he’s lied about. He might hate teleporters, he might have gotten maxis to build the first one, who knows. But let me look at this a little differently. Personally I’ve kinda suspected that there was once a time in Monty’s life where he was originally a normal human. So in Revelations Monty tells us that while “the rest of mankind” was squabbling, the Keepers made progress for humanity. This suggests the keepers were originally humans. By extension, the Apothicons were also originally human. So, were he and the Shadowman originally humans, on some particular “normal” version of earth, pre-agartha? I’m really interested in what’s up with Monty’s house as well. We know that the map Revelations takes place in Agartha, so that’s where the house seems to be located. However, kinda like how Mob of the Dead isn’t the “real Alcatraz” (it’s just a clone in a bubble-dimension, like the Upside-Down,) the same could be said of Monty’s house. The “real” house is located in England, and Agartha is just a perfect bubble universe inspired by that localle. In one of the alternate loading screens we got in the comics, you can see Primis (with Ultimis Richtofen) walking thru the grass field up to the front door of the “real” house. I wonder, are they gonna somehow find a way to meet Monty before he became a keeper / apothicon / omnipotent, and fight him as a human? It would be the Zombies equivalent of going back in time and killing hitler. See, Monty goes out of his way to imply that he’s literally a god, and that he’s sorta always been there. The first lines of the timeline are literally “in the beginning, there was only the Aether and the Keepers.” But he already told us that the keepers were originally humans. This makes it seem like the Kronorium isn’t actually supposed to be the comprehensive timeline of the whole earth, since it’s basically like “History only started being important when the Keepers came along. Thats when we started writing shit down.” Ok so circling back to the actual Cipher in question, the obvious kinda BS explanation is just “Monty is using magic to insert himself into a previous spot in the story again.” But again, somehow I suspect that there was a time when Monty was just a normal guy. I almost feel like Human-Monty and Human-Maxis were originally friends, or alive at the same time, or knew each other somehow outside of Monty communicating with him magically. My first thought was like, maybe Monty was originally a 935 employee, and his godlike status is the result of whatever he and Maxis got up to? Teleportation gone wrong? If he were ever an employee at the same time a Richtofen, Ed would have recognized him, so that can’t specifically be the case. But it could be something like that. Also, I’m reminded of a couple things. There’s that old message in the Black Ops 3 server files that said something like “Go to the man with a red scarf in a market in Belgium, and tell him the giant has risen.” No idea. If there was a time that Monty met Maxis and influenced him to build teleporters, it could be this here. “The giant has risen” suggests that Der Riese was recently constructed, and Monty was waiting to be given the cue for something. But this message seems to be from someone, to someone else, instructing them. Could be Maxis receiving it, but who’s the speaker? also monty? shadowman? Additionally, Monty and the Shadowman might be like evil twins / the same person. (The whole can of worms thing.) We know the Shadowman impersonates people, gives intentionally bad advice, and orchestrates the events of other peoples’ lives. We see this a lot in Shadows of Evil. A similar thing could be happening here, with Monty nudging group 935 into existence. There are a TON of parallels between the behavior of Monty and the Shadowman. Namely, they both go to a group of 4, and say “hey you need to help me save the universe; sacrifice 4 souls for me plz.” it’s equally bullshit when Monty says it IMO. I’m surprised that in the Revelations end cutscene Monty didn’t just cut the shit and say “your service to the overlords is appreciated.” I dunno. I feel like we’re gonna see a normal human Monty at some point. Like, the famous Monty duck quote, he goes out of his way to tell us how even though he appears to be just standing peacefully in front of you, he’s really doing all kinds of hard work in higher dimensions that we can’t see. That might be a full blown lie, and those higher dimensions might not even exist. Note to self: work on structuring posts better
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    Ok, so there are a lot of legitimate complaints that I don’t wanna take away from, but personally I love BO4 zombies and am bummed out by the incessant pessimism. So the callings and factions and stamp system were mentioned in the reveal for BO4 but we still haven’t seen them. Big OOF right there. Word on the street is that we’ll see that coming on tuesday though. For high round players, it’s not uncommon for you to play 10 games of zombies and not die one single time, because every single game eventually just blue-screens. Ok, those things being said, I think the core gameplay of BO4 zombies is the best we’ve seen thus far frankly. Like later down the line when BO4 has accumulated all of its zombies maps, and the dust has settled, and the game is stable, I fully anticipate it will be the best and most complete zombies experience we’ve gotten. There are just so many minor improvements that make it awesome. the revamping of the perk system, and the re-allocation of jug / speed / double tap does in fact cause players to come up with more unique specialized setups, and build their classes around each other’s. Elixirs are waaay more balanced than gumballs (thus far.) the specialist weapons are incredible. We got 4 maps gosh dangit. The story developments have been awesome already. I realize that it really sucks when high rounds and easter eggs are breaking the game, and its not unreasonable to ask / expect treyarch to fix that, bit still we gotta realize that 99% of players aren’t doing easter eggs or high enough rounds to crash the game. Basically what i’m getting at is that for non-hardcore-fans the game appears to be perfect, minor glitches aside. Like I played a 4 man game of IX with some friends, most fun I’ve had in zombies in ages. Blasted through the round 30s staying in the temple the whole time, and that’s how zombies is meant to be played god dangit. Giggling and reviving each other, juggling keeping a man alive to clutch the round, shooting shit and running wild. “AAH BLIGHTFATHER SPAWNING HERE!” In that regard, best zombies game hands down IMO. The complaints about the game are very youtube-centric, in that it affects the kinds of things youtubers or hardcore players would get up to. But yeah it’s definitely got my stamp of approval overall. 4 maps boiz. Never forget.
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    I think in the beginning it was the passion and sense of closeness in the community. Strangely enough, there was a time where the zombies community wasn't toxic and people actually helped each other out. Zombies youtubers were small and there were few of them making decent views. Forums like these made many friendships. Zombies made me many friendships and if I'm being honest I don't think I would be where I am today career-wise if not for the friends I've made in zombies, and the interest in the science behind developing games. Also, at the time, it was the only game I was any good at as I got better and better learning the maps of the original Black Ops. I remember the hype and easter egg hunt surrounding the release of Shangri-La, and then finally Moon, my current favorite map ever. After that point, I valued the co-op experience, but more than that I was into the storyline. It is next to impossible to explain the Aether story to anyone who has not followed since early in its inception, and having knowledge of its entirety is both a gift and a curse. It's a story I've kept up with since I was 13 and I'm not stopping until the final map. For all its ups and downs, there is truly nothing like it, and I'm glad to have experienced it with you all. Fingers crossed it is ended in a satisfying way after all these years. What keeps me loving this storyline is that I can come back to it every day and find some new connection or draw a new conclusion or theory from a quote or a cipher. Also I love that a lot of these ideas we all have are influenced by others in the community online. Like a community puzzle we've been taking a crack at for years.
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    Good news everyone! I have two new chapters for you all, and in Book 2 no less! Prologue: "Undone" Chapter 1: "Danke Schoen" I realize I promised three chapters by the end of the month, and I still may deliver on that, but as I was writing Danke Schoen, it panned out to be a very long chapter, much more like the length of a chapter in a real novel. It took about double the amount of work that would go into any other chapter, and hopefully that paid off in the end. I am curious though, after reading, do you guys prefer the shorter, more concise chapters like I have always done, or do you like the longer, more detailed ones like Danke Schoen? If not, I think the chapter could be split in two to go with other chapters going forward. And let me know of any continuity errors in these chapters or if you think I've gotten something wrong about the story. On one hand writing Book 2 without finishing Book 1 can be risky and sometimes difficult, but I feel it makes the book able to stand out more on its own rather than being tethered to the story before. My goal here is for this book to be a proper introduction into the world if you already have some knowledge of the storyline or have not read Book 1 in a while. So let me know if some element is confusing that I did not spot. Thanks, everyone!
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    While I ventured through Blood of The Dead’s Easter Egg this board caught my eye. It’s located to on the wall to the right of where the Wardens body is sitting. I utilized Kronorium.com and have found a few of the matching Apothicon symbols. The symbols I provide are 100% and I hope as a community we can find them all. If we get at least 90% we can probably figure out the entire message. Until then I will continue to update our progress here. Wardens Board (Apothicon Symbol Gallery) Preview: I’ve started with the bottom left corner.
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    You know what occurred to me? In the zombie labs trailer, you see the wave gun, except one half is yellow insted of blue. There is an actual replica prop of this red / yellow wave gun in Treyarch HQ. So, we never learned how Ultimis actually managed to time travel back to Classified after moon, but maybe as a last-ditch effort they did the ol’ “fire a wonder weapon while teleporting” trick with the wave gun. If Zombie Labs is part of broken arrow, it would explain why they have a wave gun that they are testing: it came back with Ultimis. Even the color change might be canon if it’s like an American model. So Zombie labs takes place after the events of the Classified radios. This even ties into the quote from the Zombie Labs trailer “we recently discovered a zombie population on the moon!” Yeah, from their perspective, they did recently learn about everything on the moon from Schuster, hence the formation of Broken Arrow. We hear that in the Classified radios.
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    I rarely even open an easy game due to everything you just said. Without even knowing that I could not do the EE, I assumed that if you were not playing on normal or better you would not be able to. I tested my theory on BotD. The pages in the wardens office are completely missing. I try not to get online for a few months so that I don't spoil the gameplay so I have been in the dark on the majority of what is happening. Hell, it took me forever just to figure out that we gained Speed Cola after obtaining all perks. With that said, I have looked on forward to BotD EE and still haven't completed it. I think that there is replayability but agree with you that it is severely hampered by the fact that they cut out an entire demographic with limiting gameplay on easy mode. With four maps to begin with, I could play this for a year and not get tired of it (well, maybe the blue screen would get old). All in all, you summed everything up pretty well on par with my general feelings about the game. As a side note, I think the EE's are a bit more difficult when playing solo. There are just to many things to do that requires some bit of teamwork, like BotD. Have you tried to find these damn birds alone. F**k that noise. Unlock casual Easter Egg? Hell yes, I say!!!
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    Double post as this isn’t related to my experience is a suggestion. • Completing Main Quests on Casual difficulty. By allowing this, it opens the game up to casual, less experienced Zombies players and even players like myself who play mainly solo & want to progress & get better. (Not having supersprinters on Round 5) This enables replayability endlessly. Let players complete the steps on a lower level & experience a main quest Easter egg. Players can learn the steps & get better, then attempt it on normal (or higher difficulty) Maybe time gate it to a month after community completion etc. Where no extra rewards such as XP, calling cards or Achievements/Trophies are gained This should be enabled when the Authenticity System is enabled (should of been at launch) I don’t understand why even small story Easter eggs such as radios/audio triggers have been taken out of the casual difficulty. This just cuts access to a lot of the casual player base. Being able to build the maps “Wünder Weapon” on casual without starting the Quest is a great addition as getting the WW in BO3 required starting the main quest. +1 for this gameplay balance. Having Custom Mutations & even the 4 options of difficulty are one of the best additions to Zombies gameplay. Disabling the in game Easter’s Eggs almost makes these options pointless. Replayability is what the community are screaming for @Treyarch.
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    Where to start. Critics all across the board. I have Xbox (Prestige 4) & PC (prestige 2) versions. I have mainly just been grinding Classified for Weapon & XP levels. (Whilst 2XP was enabled) Positives - #1 - Diverse maps & atmospheres Only played the other maps a handful of times, but I must say they are all really good & all are unique. They are great launch maps for all types of play styles. Being in the Arena on IX, while the crowd is chanting & you have full affinity is such a great experience of Zombies atmosphere. Crossing the Blood of the Dead Bridge for the first time is probably the most captivating experience I have had in Zombies. The atmospheric sounds are astounding. Not knowing where that bridge leads to and then coming to the end, seeing Brutus & his quote triggers “Alcatraz, welcome our guests” I honestly couldn’t believe they could put that kind of emotion into COD Zombies. (I paused the game for a few minutes thinking “how f*cking good was that!” #2 - Gameplay balance - The Zombies team really have been focused on “balance” for this game. I think that has been a main priority across all aspects of gameplay. The game seems a fair bit easier with having basically Jugg from the start (Yeah they changed the health from 3 hits to 4 within the first few days & I freaking hate how they change zombies mechanics multiple times after launch with a passion). Additions of a special weapon & also Elixers (nerfed a few days after launch too) give you a few extra lives. Using “Anywhere but Here” & the “Special Weapon” have got me out of spots where I would be downed or it would be “Game Over”. I have walked to round 40+ & ended the game as that was my hour-2 hour playtime. I think I would struggle going back to BO1 Zombies where 2 hits (without Jugg) or 4 hits would be game over time. Most people probably would. Con’s - #1 on my list would be that - Completing the tedious steps of a Main Quest = GAME OVER! I dont understand why Treyarch would do this? Yeah the quest follows the narrative of the story, but ending the game with nothing more than??? XP?, no reward? A calling card if you complete it a certain way? (No downs, no perks, within a timeframe). People have been trying to complete these Side Quests in the lowest round possible. they have managed to complete these within Round 1. And Treyarch choose to finish this with a “Game Over”. That is a real concern & probably why people say there is no content or Replayability. Do Treyarch not want people to play the game after completing the “Main Quest”? #2 Con/dislike - REWARDS Rewards for grinding/playing the game are all purely cosmetic. Calling Cards, Camo, Facepaint. All complete garbage rewards as (apart from Camo’s) YOU CANNOT SEE WITHIN THE GAME!!! This type of cosmetic seems to excite the younger generation & has been popular in games for pretty much 10 years but never so more than with games of the last 4-5 years. Complete useless rewards are these cosmetic rewards. All Perks for completing a Main Quest may have had its day, but at least that is some reward IN-GAME & not just a “Game Over” #3 Con/dislike = STABILITY (I don’t have too much to complain about here, but...) BO4 has been the most flawed game from launch that I have experience/witnessed. This game was not finished for shipping. A hard copy disc consisted of a 50-60Gig install. That then required a 50Gig day one update. That Cleary shows this was not ready for shipping. They presumably launched a month earlier to combat Red Dead 2, but they should have launch 1 month later, as people may have been ready to play something else after RDR2. My experience has been OK. I have had a few game breaking bugs such as teleporters not working on Classified, visual glitches (not game breaking) I have had maybe 10 crashes on Xbox, all at rounds below 15. Theatre even crashes the game. I have had 3 crashes on PC. All of those were within launch week. Not to sound as a complete console war fanboy, but I find it funny as f*cking h*ll that the majority of stability issues have been on PlayStation. The console that has exclusive rights & which this game should be optimised for. Majority of the big Youtubers probably play on PlayStation & this would contribute to their lack of interest in BO4 Zombies. (I was so hoping that the CWL games would bluescreen to highlight this issue) Biggest disappointment of BO4 Zombies - That there has not been 1 single public post regarding BO4zombies since the “The Race” live stream which occurred at launch where Mr Blundell was on stream. Apart from the announcement of “Operation Zero” the other day, which actually was posted on the Activision/CoD Blog, all we have gotten are patch note updates on Reddit. That is truely unbelievable. And my biggest disappointment is that this game coincides with the 10 year Annivesary of CoD: Zombies. The special edition of the game he game comes with a “10 year puzzle” & yet, even on that 10 year weekend since World at War launched, what did we get? An ex play tester that leaked nearly everything that hadn’t been found yet in BO4 Zombies. That truely was a circus of events that weekend. Treyarch didnt even celebrate this milestone or acknowledge Zombies that whole weekend. (As a player since OG CoD on Xbox & a discoverer of Zombies in WaW, that’s truely heartbreaking) It seems, if they acknowledge nothing, people will forget about it and there will be calm after the Storm. Celebrate your game Treyarch!!!
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    “M” probably means Monty, but that’s obvious & hopefully not the case. I was thinking/hoping it could refer to an alternate Maxis but the SoE cipher (“M is interested in these worthless beings”) might not fit. On the contrary, it could refer to Ultimus Maxis trying to develope the Zombies = Worthless Beings? Kinda off topic but still relevant are all The Giant radios. There are 2 versions of Maxis speaking in these. The most interesting radio I find is the furnace radio where a Maxis states that “The Children have left the house” & “The Radiation from the Fallout” Waiting to see what this means in future maps as I don’t think this has been show previously? 0:37 mark (not trying to plug my video, this is the reason I make them for reference) I also really like the theories/posts above. GJ.
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    When everything is good we don't have an issue, but the second something doesn't live up to the elite expectation it seems people are ready to jump ship. Just remember this one thing. Treyarch said that the life of this game will greatly outweigh the life of the previous games. It just came out for crying out loud! I fully expect a lot of glitches and problems. The problem is that the glitches in no way help any of our players like it used to in the past. Remember Ascension? I cannot tell you how many time I exploited that game for the fun of it. You also have got to remember that they added another game type into the mix. When zombies first started it was just a cool mini game and an after thought to begin with. It is way to early for any of these self appointed pricks to be bad-mouthing a game that in my eyes have tried to breech the norm and go balls deep. You got to respect the fact that they are trying to bring Zombies and the Black Ops brand fresh new content. I say be patient. The best is yet to come. I believe in the year to come, the focus and discussions will be different and every nay-sayer will have to live with the fact that they bad mouthed a soon to be classic. Just my opinion. Do with it what you will. P.S. Someone please hit me up on PSN for EE runs. I have not completed one to date and my last run ended sad and "Blue"!
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    Im getting the feeling that Zombies is turning into one big Hollywood show more and more. With the Rise of Reddit, the faces of zombies (such as Jason Blundell, Treyarch developers and above all, YouTubers) and popular opinions have won it from the story and theorists. It's all about marketing and the hype now. And the company are trying too hard to do the right thing. Things like Team Death match and Battle Royale are game modes that slot of games have/had. Zombies mode was something unique and invented by Call of Duty. Now they're kinda killing it but all we can blame is the community that led to it. Still like the story though. But redditors will never talk about the myths of Agartha, Area 51 conspiracies and the science behind Matter Transference yet they do talk about the way Primis is going. And things like Jason Blundell's haircut.
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    This is one thing that I have looked over this many times. To no avail. If Kustover Posten is what is said, I assume it is a made-up concentration camp. Closest thing i have found is Groß-Rosen (Gross Rosen) http://www.riese.krzyzowa.org.pl/?lang=en&ref=glossary&rt=algross https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gross-Rosen_concentration_camp It is said that the workers who built the Komplex Riese Tunnels in the Owl Mountains came from these concentration camps.
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    Recently I have watched a Swedish movie, in which they at one point talked about a village Blablabla (something) Posten. I wonder if multiple villages in Sweden have the word ''Posten" in its name. Maybe Kustover Posten is a not-existing anymore village in early 1900s Sweden. What's curious more, is that when I searched "Kustover" on Google, one of the first links is a site about holidays to the Swedish coastal areas. I know this is little evidence, but could Kustover Posten be located in Sweden? Sweden had a neutral status in WW2, with sometimes helping Germany, sometimes helping the Western Allies. For example, they allowed the German Wehrmacht to travel through Sweden when attacking and retreating from the Soviet Union. They shared military intelligence with the Allies, was home to Allied airbases and trainings and became of refuge for anti-Fascist and Jewish Europeans. Maybe Group 935 had a station here as well
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    Some brilliant shit you've got there Rad! Took some time to read it but I enjoyed every bit of it. Undone is so cleverly made: It even makes the "second outbreak of NDU radio signals" quote canon. While reading it, I forgot that Book 1 ends with Sam just in the MPD: This chapter is a brilliant intro the new powers of this entity. Danke Schön is a masterpiece. I would personally more be in favour in two short chapters rather than one large, but that's just me. Richthofen is a funny man, but sometimesI forget how cruel he actually is. And why the heck do they let the only drunk person drive!
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    The recorded world record for Tranzit is 149, unfortunately without any triggered easter egg. The map has also been noclipped revealing not secret/hidden areas. I think we can put this one to bed. However we can hold out hope that they release a zombie chronicles 2 with tranzit re-imagined. Also welcome to the forum!
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    Everything, it's the same texture, but in better bloody quality(with a damn altar in the center) :
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    Yesterday, a Reddit user by the name of u/CallOfNobodyCares posted on the Zombies sub revealing major information on easter eggs we haven't yet discovered, as well as alleged mistreatment during their time at Treyarch as a QA tester. While their background is yet to be considered true or not, his info about minor easter eggs have been verified both by YouTubers and the community. Any controversial information should be taken with a grain of salt. Voyage of Despair Shoot and interact with six fish across the map and receive a special power-up. Interact with some pistons in the Engine Room using the upgraded Kraken and unlock Pack-a-Punch at all locations. A Humonculus with flags can be seen in the distance with a sniper. It reveals morse code. Collect and pace three music sheets to the grand piano and you'll be able to temporarily change your Specialist weapon. Staying underwater for 30 seconds has a chance to play a verse sung by a siren. Blood of the Dead There is an upgrade of the Golden Spork that leads to the Sprknife. There are more drawings around the map that can be activated with certain attacks, including the Specialist weapons. IX Mini-bosses have an EE where they dance and play air guitar. This can only be done after completing the Viking Funeral EE and obtaining the Iron Bull shield. There are yellow text ciphers around the map that need to be solved. The room "Bath House" can be renamed to "Blood Bath House" by getting [supposedly] 830 kills in the blood bath within the Zeus Temple. The cipher story of the crying builder is about someone who built the map's traps and Wonder Weapon and was sealed behind the walls as punishment. You can take less trap damage by passing through each trap type and killing certain enemies with each trap. Classified After doing the punch cards, the player who is Dempsey can visit Area 51 and activate an Ultimis Dempsey quote by throwing a frag grenade at the warehouse to the side of the area. Leave NML and throw another frag at the same spot to trigger more quotes. In the corner facing the projector within the basement, you can hear Samantha sing the Crooked Man riddle. Miscellaneous DLC1 is a prequel to the Chaos story, with four new characters, and reportedly inside a mansion containing zombies, ghosts, nosferatus, werewolves, and other creatures. Nuketown Zombies is set to happen at some point in the season. Each DLC will have only 1 Zombies map. More maps are planned for the Aether story. Plans were made to implement a 4v4 mode. The BOTD Sprknife EE may or may not work, according to the leaker's last recollection of its status. The Classified EE Main Quest is verified to be the cutscene. Speed Cola will return in the next big update. It reportedly will be available when all four in-game vapors/colas are collected, and can deactivate/reactivate. Juggernog was removed because Treyarch could not figure out how to make it work with the current armor system. It may still make an appearance. Treyarch only listen to big YouTubers when it comes to suggestions/problems. There was originally a Campaign for BO4 but it was stopped mid-2017 due to them wanting to make more Multiplayer maps. There was a cut EE in IX where the crowd could do the wave. The Ciphers in IX are quotes from the High Priest. Do as you will with this information.
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    First of all, if you have time, PLEASE watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4Gotl9vRGs It takes only 11 minutes and that guy explains everything so good. You will notice that after watching that video you will look entirely different to the world around you. If you want a short summary, here it is. And watch out, it takes us beyond the physical and imaginable. Try to be sweet to your brain and stop reading if you cant handle it anymore: So let us start with the 0th dimension. This is really nothing else than a dot. Well, actually even less than that, since a dot has a width and a length, while the dot has not. It is really nothing more than a coordinate in a graph. A theoretical location in space-time, existing of no components. Everything “lower” than this 0th dimension is beneath creation. The 1th dimension is fairly easy: You have two 0th dimensional “dots’ and connect these with each other, creating a line. Mind you, this line exists of only one component: length. It has no width. Moving on to the 2th dimension is to connecting two 1th dimensional lines with each other, adding a second component: width. We now have a flat entity, without any depth. From this dimension, it is only one component away from our 3th dimension: Adding depth. Everything you see around you is 3D, existing of length, width and depth. However, there is a second, more interesting way to look at our 3th dimension. Imagine a 2D world, with an infinite flat 2D insect walking over an infinite flat 2D paper. The insect is standing on the edge of the paper, not able to walk further because that’s just the end of the paper. Now we, as 3-dimensional beings, interfere with this 2D world and bow this paper into the third dimension. The insect is now able to walk further over the paper, as he pops away from the one edge of the paper and appears on the other edge. The paper itself remains 2D, but the insect has basically travelled through the 3th dimension to travel to another location in the 2th dimension. Are you with me so far? Then we’re continuing. Because now we are getting at the more complicated stuff. Moving up into a higher dimension than the third sounds very odd, but it actually isn’t that hard to understand. The 4th dimension is, like every X dimension can be depicted as two X-1 dimensions connected with each other. Connecting two 3D objects, let’s say cubes, with each other, creates a hypercube, or tesseract. Still understandable, yes? Now it is getting more complicated: What if we don’t take a cube but another object, existing on location A at time=1 and on location B at time=2. What if we take, for example, a human. His entire life, from the moment he existed till he died, is the fourth dimension. The fourth component is TIME! The hypercube is nothing else than a visualisation of this. A 4th dimensional human is his entire life, connecting two places in 3D space-time and everything between it, seeing as one entity. Again, I heavily recommend watching that video I linked, it explains it so much better than I do. Following the principle of the insect walking over the 2D paper bowing itself through 3D space, we can also bow 3D space through the 4th dimension and in that way create a Wormhole from any point in space AND time to another point in space and time. A reminder: This is only in ONE universe. I think this is the basic principle behind the Matter Transference Device. So the fourth dimension is a timeline. The 5th dimension is like having multiple “timeline hypercubes” connected with each other: like having multiple possible timelines. There is one in which you can become a professor and one in which you cannot, depending on your choices of your life-timeline. It are all different spits, or like the zombie community likes to call it: Fractures. However, you cannot travel between these timelines and you there will always happen only one of such timeline. This isn’t the case if you connect such 5th dimensions with each other and create the 6th dimension. You are now able to freely “walk” around between the timelines as we can walk around from 3D space-time location A to 3D space-time location B. You just travel from the non-professor timeline to the professor timeline if you feel like. You can walk through an infinite amount of timelines, yet all bound to the very same beginning of each timeline: The Big Bang. The 7th dimension does not deal with this limit as it consists of various 6th dimensions. So there is a timeline in which the Big Bang happened, but also timelines in which everything started with something else. The 7th dimension exists of actual different universes. Connecting all these with each other created the 8th dimension. So that are all possible timelines with all possible beginnings combined. The 9th dimension is where you can actually travel between all these timelines. The 10th dimension is all of the above. It includes everything, and scientists therefore believe that the 10th dimension is the highest and the end of our interdimensional voyage. This is it. The infinite. Everything.
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    Am I going to round 150 on Classified?
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    Here are the steps thus far: I. Unleash the Spirits Collected and build the pieces for the Spectral Shield. The Warden's key is found by killing Brutus. The spectral essence can be found on one of three potential Afterlife boxes (one in library, one near Showers entrance, one in front of Warden's Office entrance). Turn on the power for the prison via building near the Docks. Activate the volt meter on the roof where the ramp is and Pack-a-Punch will arrive. II. Shock and Denial Obtain the Spoon (or Golden Spork). You must find the three glowing numbers on the pillars in the Warden's Office, then input the code into Citadel Tunnels number generator. After that, shock the volt meter on the Docks and throw your Hell's Retriever/Redeemer at the net the crane will bring. Here is a video on how to do it. Head to the Warden's House and at the top of the stairs, knife the wall across the zombie barrier. You should see scratch marks appear. To make this step go faster, obtain a Monkey Bomb via Mystery Box or completing the Monkey Bomb Statue ritual in Cell Block and throw a Monkey Bomb near the scratched wall with a Brutus around. He will slam down on it, causing a hidden room to open up where the wall once way. Interact with the power switch inside the Warden's Ritual Room and watch as the Warden's corpse becomes revealed, dead on an electric chair. Take the small, glowing red orb on the table left of the room. III. Guilt and Pain Grab the red orb from the previous step and place it on the spawn map (hanging on the wall). Activate the Kronorium and chase the ghost bird back to the prison. The location of where the bird goes may vary. You will need to use the Spectral Shield to see the bird, but there are several locations including. #4 will contain all the possible locations. Note: on the 4th bird, you can only see the bird in Zombie Blood. Listen out for the bird or the Warden crying to locate the area of the bird. Use the number 8-7-2 on the number generator in the Citadel Tunnels to obtain the Zombie Blood. Instead of the shield, throw your Hell's Retriever/Redeemer at the bird and it will drop the Kronorium which you can then pick up. IV. Anger and Bargaining Go back to the Warden's Ritual Room at the top floor of the Warden's house and put the Kronorium on the Warden's corpse. Use the shield to look at the Kronorium, which will give you three numbers. Place these three numbers into the number generator down in the Citadel Tunnels and the lighthouse will show you the location of a portal. Look at and blast the portal using the shield to begin the portal's challenge. There are 5 challenges, and if you mess up any challenge, you will have to repeat the beginning of this step with new numbers. Here's an excerpt from r/codzombies pertaining to this step for each portal challenge: Collect a red orb from each portal, which you will need to collect all of them to progress to Step 5. V. Reflection and Loneliness Insert all red orbs onto the map in Richtofen's Laboratory as done before. Head back to the Warden's Ritual Room and interact with the Warden's corpse and a cutscene will begin. VI. Reconstruction After being released from the jail cells, grab your arsenel from a sack found right before exiting the Cell Block 2nd floor (going into the Library). Make sure you also have your shield! Follow the bird from Step 3 slowly. After Brutus is alerted, head back to Richtofen's Laboratory, being careful of the infinite dog spawns. After watching the Mob of the Dead ghosts fend of Brutus, a red orb will appear like before. Collect it and head inside to the Laboratory, placing the final orb on the map as before. A door will open in the corner of the Laboratory. Enter through and have each player stand on a small pad with yellow lights on the floor at the top of the stairs. You will now enter the Boss Fight. VII. Acceptance and Hope There are two stages to the boss battle. Be warned this can be a timely step. The first stage is just you and your team killing Zombies until Brutus appears. The second stage involves Brutus charging up an attack. Red zones will appear on the ground. Step into the zones and shoot glowing red orbs floating above Brutus. After removing the orbs, shield blast Brutus. An orb will now float above the Blood Machine in the center of the stage. Shield blast the orb. Repeat Steps 1-3 a total of three times. After the third time, have the Player who is Richtofen interact with the Blood Machine. A bot may spawn if the quest is being done in Solo/no Richtofen is available. Take control of Primis Richtofen after a brief cutscene and make your way back to the Boss Fight entrance (where #4 of Step 6 took place). The ending cutscene will occur after your character enters the stage. --- Helpful Tips ---

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