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    <3 Jeez man I joined the site like 6 years ago, time flies hey. Miss the good old days haha
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    Bit of a closing remark here, that I wanted to make. I know there's other people that want to leave their remarks - I believe Hells still intended to address it - in my case, however... I felt it right I say something here. I didn't really feel right making this post, at first, y'know. Even with what little a group we've had sticking around recently, I believed that... in a way, it could have resulted in the exact opposite reaction than it got. Honesty brings forth that fear, I suppose. That, even when you feel the most right, it could still be made to be wrong. It was an uneasy time writing this down, but I felt that it was right enough to pursue. Having said that... seeing the support that I feel this got was something of a good, reassuring notion. Seeing discussion overall was something that made me quite happy. Seeing a commentary from other Mods and Admins... was amazing. As was their insights and actual showing over certain aspects. Hell, seeing some of the auth return in general was great too! But... I think actually seeing that some of these changes have actually affected this forum in such a way... it's the most joyous of ways to break the heart of a man like myself. I couldn't be more excited to see that such a commentary has been undertaken, and that these changes are even happening at all, and perhaps even proving effective. As a member of four years... it just proves to me that my time here is worth it. The front page hasn't looked this good in quite some time... hell, most pages are looking so good, lately. I couldn't be more happy and excited of the path that the forums have taken... all from this post. (...I know it's not all me... vanity, sorry. Just giving myself that happiness.) So, if anything... thank you. All of you. Whether it's just been through viewing it, or commenting, or through you auth taking action on the things I've thrown about. Thank you. You've made this man prouder than he could ever be. I know that there's a lot of work that the auth are undertaking with making this site look good again, and I know there's a lot of pages still around the forums that need to be fixed. If anything, I know that it's a certainty that I would wish to help in whatever way I can in regards to those pages. It's the best I can do. But... having seen everything else that's been done so far... ...yeah. I'm happier than I could ever be about that. Y'know, I say "Per aspera ad astra" at the end of a lot of my posts, and I've never openly stressed why. It's a mantra for me, certainly... and it means "through hardships to the stars". In a way, though, I've always wanted it to end with "...we will prosper". In that same way... I'd love to say that that conglomeration is fair for this post. So... "per aspera ad astra... we will prosper". Love you guys. Stay golden for me. [P.S.: Yeah, I know, I'm a gushy soppy son of a bitch of a teddy bear sometimes. Can't help it. I'm too good for my own good. My shining positivity could blind a man.]
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    Chapter 1 "Nein! Ich will nichts mehr davon hören! Ich erwarte jetzt Ergebnisse zu sehen. Ich habe dir 9 Monate Zeit gegeben, um Daten zu produzieren und wenn ich keine menschlichen Versuche innerhalb der Woche sehe, werde ich dir den Kopf abreißen und dir die Kehle runterschleudern," exclaimed Hitler's right hand man, Heinrich Himmler. His background in Agronomy made him the most suitable person to carry out the Führer's special little project. Biology, Chemistry, and Genetics are proving to be most necessary and Hitler himself recognized the need for someone with a strong scientific background to head up the "hundertfünfzehnste" protocol. The scientists heading up the project have been trying to synthesize an element found in a meteor that fell into the heart of Nazi ruled Germany. The radioactive nature of the element, that is not yet understood fully, has only a half-life of 0.8 seconds. It seems relatively safe to work with but extremely delicate to develop. Germany has been trying to fuse element 115 with element 42, Molybdenum. Trace amounts of element 42 can be found in the body, but is of particular use to strengthening steel. Its most influential use was in the "Big Bertha" German artillery. The hope is that, by bonding this new element with Molybdenum, Germany can take the lead on the war and create a better and stronger soldier. Coupled with Oxygen and Potassium enzymes, the thought is that the element will be stable enough to be injectable without the elements half-life ruining the product. As of yet, the compound is stable, but the trials have not been started yet. The protocol calls for a heavy number of test subjects. The internment camps have yet to ship their first shipment and the Führer is becoming impatient. It looks as if the scientists are going to have to improvise. Human testing wasn't due to begin for another 6 weeks. "Wir werden freiwillige Testpersonen finden müssen," said the lead scientist, Dr Straub. "Wenn wir bald keine Ergebnisse erzielen, befürchte ich das Schlimmste für dieses Establishment." The search for subjects turned to the enlisted men of the military. It was not as voluntary as it was made to seem, more like voluntold. When you have no rank, you only know to obey orders. The first German soldier was relocated from France and was to be the first of many to become the next super soldier in the fight for superiority. His name was Friedrich Jäger, and he was a common German soldier with mediocre skills and abilities. If the project went south, then the Third Reich would not be losing a valuable asset. Friedrich was 22 years old and had never married. His parents were killed years earlier in a vehicle crash on the newly constructed Reichsautobahnen, or Autobahn for short. His family was wealthy and had left him enough money that he never had to worry about getting by. With no ties to family, Germany ensures that no one will notice if he rejects treatment and dies during the injection process. He is the perfect candidate. The procedure is due to begin on Tuesday. An early morning procedure has been scheduled in Lab 1 and staff have been notified. Only those that "need to know" have been briefed on the test subject and the possible outcomes that could occur. Best case scenario would be a self stabilization so that further tests can be run. In the event of total failure, procedures have been placed for immediate disposal of the test subject. If all goes well, Germany will have secured it place in history as a superpower and economic hub of the world.
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    Yer still around like most of us but just not as active, does that say something about the site, the game or us as individuals? For me it's the game, the site is great and so are the people but the site can't be the saviour but will hold fond memories for folk. Stick around though - you are missed along with others.
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    As someone who is deep into fortnite right now I plan to get into the Blackout mode. The trailer looks good and definitely got me hyped up for it.
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    First things first: OH MY GOD YES I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT ZOMBIE LABS (will my old posts be added back into my count though?) Second: Welcome back, @Boom115! It's been so long, glad you're back! Third: I like the Zombiefication images. Most look nice. The old ones still kind of... well, they could use an update as the new ones are, if I'm being honest. I know that'd be a whole process, and I understand if that'd take time, but I'm just throwing that up. Also, I think I noticed a few pages that needed to be fixed elsewhere. Like the Staff Directory page (just linked it, it's usually just accessed in the "Staff" bit from the Help arrow), not properly reflecting correct colors and such for certain auth and so on... added, with @Slade now being a Veteran but still being on the Staff page, or the color of @Spider's name not being reflected on there. Just makes sense to tweak it correctly. I'll see what I can do if I find anything awry elsewhere. ...I do want to reply to that other message though. So I'm gonna. Glad to hear that, Boom. Any idea who we should expect to return from the shadows as of yet? Would be nice to have a killer conversation with @GRILL again. ...first off, can I praise you a little more for giving me the graph for this? Because, holy crap, having that is great. I like being able to see statistical evidence and stuff, and know what's going well, what's popular, what's not and so on. I mentioned the whole thing about "a more comprehensive statistics page being lovely", and I really want to stick by that. Moving on... I agree with that. Accessibility's definitely a problem for mobile, and I understand that trying to tap into the audience from there is plenty more difficult than it should be. If anything, I feel like giving Guests an initiative to join the forums and contribute to it would definitely help us, perhaps balance the scale with the amount we get. We're a service for the fans, built for the fans, and I think interest could be garnered if we were able to find some way to draw in that attention again. Yeah, I agree that our focus should be to try what works and try one thing first, before we try to do other things. I think Twitch would be more or less executed with a better finesse if we were under the same name with the profile and let certain people do certain things, to follow a constant manageable schedule. In that way, it's not just run by a couple people, but is run by a group of people that can help manage it and direct it clearly. Consistency is good, and I think that would definitely help maintain it. On the side of the Podcast, good lord we should bring that back, keep it going. Special guest YouTubers could be a thing, and so on, discussion of the games, focus on theories and ideas and so on, the Podcast could be directed greatly and I do very much believe that you guys can manage it. Maybe bring in some of the crowd to visit in the Podcast every now and then to talk. I'm all for it, 100%, on that regard. Would love to be kept informed on it, myself! I... guess that's fair... I dunno. I'm not optimistic to that. I still think that some way of keeping them connected would be nice. It doesn't have to be "oh, same people here too, we're gonna powerhouse the community together", more than I think it could be "oh hey, we've got good resources here, but if you wish to dive deeper, go to the CoDz forum/Zombie Library". But... I digress. I feel like understanding the amount of work you guys have to uphold is difficult for a person like me. Without a more public statistic page for the regular group to look at, I couldn't begin to understand how much stuff you guys uphold. I just know from what you guys say that it's a lot... and my only metric is between typicality (normal auth powers, as I've come to see) and the whole forum itself. You guys keep it running and have a lot of stuff to measure, lots of activity logs and other things. I guess a part of me vies for that kind of transparency in the future. Part of me would like to see the activity logs accessible to us, really. Or just general stuff. Logs, posts per day, people online, metrics compared to prior weeks and months, I dunno. Plenty of sites have exemplary statistics, and I'm sure there's a good way to follow when getting them. It's all just up to you guys to figure that sort of stuff out, though. Regarding the future with the staff team, I do hope we can see some old faces return. Keep the place goin' strong. New faces welcomed as well. The forum needs a good team to power it, a dedicated one at that. I hope for good things, to that end. ===================================== That's pretty much all I wanted to say regarding that. I hope you can respond to the few questions I proposed. On that end... good lord I feel so grateful. I'm glad to see you guys coming back, and I'm glad to see that you guys wish to keep this place staying as strong as we can make it. I'm not gonna lie, the day I wrote this whole thing (the original post), I was in a frustrated slump... and I do think some of my points were a lot angrier than most of the others should have been. But the fact that you guys both considered them and took them with sincerity and gratitude is almost beyond words for a guy like me. I couldn't express how proud I am of that factor alone. I try too hard to as is. I couldn't be more proud of being a member of the CoDz forum than I am today. Honest to god. This post's ignited a fiery passion in me, a positive one at that. I hope we can bring this forum back to form well. I really do. There's a lot of work to be had to do that, as I'm aware, and yet I couldn't be more optimistic about that as I am now. If anything, keep me posted on it. I'm all ears. All eyes to the future, as well.
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    Hm... I'd say since the L hasn't been updated on to the board (or as a wrong guess) it didn't affect my guess. So give me those points!!! ':P No matter what you choose, meh, we should update the rules accordingly.
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    Thanks for posting this thread! I normally lurk or twitter and post oh so spicy memes. However I had been reading posts for sometime, but hadn't bothered to log in because it was typically related to WW2 of IW (both of which I didn't buy) and because I was locked out of my account. When I tried to recover my account we encountered a software bug, which we later discovered had impacted most of the staff and I'm sure many other members. So the good news is that some of us should be returning! Danny hit on a few things and I would like to shed some light on a few more. I still remember when you joined the forum, you brought a lot of new a different ideas to an otherwise like minded community (I like a pot stirrer In my opinion, I think where we fall flat is accessibility. Specifically when it comes to the navigating the the site on a mobile device. We live in a generation where its instant gratification or nothing. Unfortunately our efforts to branch to a mobile app platform were squashed by activision and the app store due a frequent use of their IP (even though we are a non profit site). We see approximately 10% of the traffic that the codzombies reddit has seen in the last 90 days. The larger issue with this activity is that 90% of the users are guests and are unable to contribute to the site. I think with the exception of Twitter, we have tried and failed to launch anything substantial from these other platforms. @NaBrZHunter, @Rissole25, and several other banged out some great vids back in the day. Myself and Craig had a modest following on the Twitch channel (which I think I lost the login info for...). I think with the exception of Danny the PodcastDerToten team are mostly retired (I miss those dudes!). Unfortunately in all of these circumstances consistency has been our downfall. Personal lives always seem to overtake us one way or another and to be honest I think trying to tackle to much wears us thin. I think we need to get really good at just one thing and roll from there. However, to your point we could definitely help to facilitate more community driven initiatives. I think Danny already called it out that the featured streams plug in might just need to be updated, but I'm all in! Unfortunately that are not looking to collaborate. I spoke with them some time ago, and they did not want to muddy the waters by directing to multiple access points for the same information. I think that is a fair call out and I respect their decision. Funny enough this used to frustrate the shit out of me before I joined the staff in 2012. I would see all these folks on the staff and see problems not being fixed. At the time I spent more time on the forum than any every other users combined (it was a weird time for me). However, once I joined and saw all the activity logs of all the random back end shit that folks owned I gained a new respect for the team. Many actions are taken through the admin control panel and you would not see the activity reflected on the site. Our moderators with the exception of a few items have totally unrestricted access to the site and own many other responsibilities outside of typical moderator role. However full transparency, many have moved on or are just on a long break. Please keep in mind that everyone who works on the site is a volunteer and no one means to intentionally upset anyone by not maintaining aspects of the forum. Danny and I will be regrouping the team and determining if we have any coverage gaps as we approach BO4. This could mean some new opportunities to join the team could be on the horizon :). I'm blanking on the full logic behind this decision and it would have to be revisited. I think it was somewhere along the line of a ton of spamming which drove post counts, which unintentionally devalued more thoughtful posts in other sections of the forum. It could also be a factor of posts driving the divinium system (which I believe came some time after). I'll need to get a pulse on the section and get back to you, but I'm open to the suggestion. Thanks for all of the feedback and driving me log in. It helped us a fix a much larger issue! Best, Brent
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    @The Meh You hit a lot of soft but necessary spots that need to be addressed. If anything, thank you for taking the time to really buckle down on it. Sometimes things need to be criticized in order to be seen / dealt with accordingly. As far as software is concerned...IPS (the forum we use) is the best kind out there. Sadly, they have garnered a bad reputation of pushing out too many updates quickly which causes great plugins we used to have to stop working, and screws with our design stylesheet in the backend since coding changes a bit. The result is a broken website and continuous updating which itself takes not only time but extra money. My concern, however, is having the forum very stabilized in terms of function and accessibility. The only plugins we truly depend on are the LFG, Donor system, and Awards. Even those come at risk. @JJMFP We used to have a streaming sidebar, but I think that plugin was no longer supported with newer versions sadly. My vision is very similar - having regular CoDZ streams perhaps 1/2x a week with some podcast-esque conversations such as the Unity series or popular topics. The aim would be to get other smaller streamers to join us for a game and shoot the shit (so to speak). Regardless, CoDZ appreciates you being a part of the community. We're super happy that you also proudly wear the Donor rank as well regardless (duh, helps in any way haha), but personally I can say I truly appreciate you (and every member here) for being a part of our family.
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    There are many, many changes that need to be made not only to the software we use, but to CoDZ as a whole. I agree that we are a non-competitive community that has been hit by lack of activity due to rising platforms like Reddit and YouTube continuously gaining traction for quick info instead of lengthy discussion. This is very apparent. I agree that we need to strengthen the brand of CoDZ by establishing one universal identity instead of multiple names. I agree that changes regarding active staff may need to come into play. We have a new team of Dwellers that still float around but due to lack of activity, makes their roles much harder. These will also be expanded to give them more training ground and pave way to potential new staff. I agree that reviving the Wiki and making adjustments to the flow and structure of this site for BO4 is crucial to coming back into the light. The big one that struck me was @Lenne's comment. People want the sense of community, but the majority are not willing to contribute for it. Comments get tossed around, and larger discussions have gone under. I was glazing over Twitter a month or two ago and someone mentioned us while talking about storyline to another user and the person said, "I'd visit their site since they got a lot of info but it's like an old library". And that's what I realized - we're a library of Zombies intel. We may not having a pulsating and over-saturated community like we used to, but we have archived topics and threads that literally show the very foundation and beginning of Zombies as a whole. If a library is what we are to be people, I have no problem with that. But change to stay afloat is absolutely necessary. I'm taking all these comments in as good criticism. Thank you.
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    Well, I attribute the lack of activity to the quality of games that was come out. Take WWII for example. It held your hand through the EE and I beat them with ease. Bored and done with that game, I saw no need to even get on this website. I didn't care what people were saying about the story or gameplay because it didn't interest me. This is evident by the amount of posts that the Final Reich got. Black Ops 4 has not even come out and there are more posts than the previous edition already. Now, this forum seems to lean real heavy towards Treyarch. After all, they are the originators. We could be doing more to garner a younger crowd. With this iteration of zombies, which I wholeheartedly believe will be an epic game changer, there will likely be a whole new group of players that may find this forum interesting. Who knows, it might even inspire them to contribute on a level we have never seen. We are starting another storyline and the last time that happened, the world lost their mind searching for Route B. I am optimistic this season and if Black Ops 4 is the kind of game that I think it is going to be, we will be playing it for a few years to come. Now would a great time to freshen up, but lets be sure not to lose the simplicity. That is the best part for me. BTW, I plan on destroying a good week online when it comes out. I probably wont even touch multiplayer for a month or longer. I like the idea of twitch. Maybe I'll start some broadcasting. I'll let you know.
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    You might remember the butterflies in Grief, when you knife or shoot an "enemy" player. He won't blood, he won't die: He will release a group of butterflies. Butterflies are seen in Kino der Toten too. Do they have any meaning? Well, yes. In fact, the butterflies predicted the Aether and Multiverse. Our physical space is observed to have three large spatial dimensions, with a higher dimension being the Aether. Please read @AetherialVoices's topic before this one. The third dimension, the one we live in, has three variables. An x, y, and a z axis. this allows what we call three-dimensional or "real" shapes to exist. The second dimension has two variables: The x and Y axis. We as three-dimensional beings are able to manipulate the second dimension. Think about drawing something on a flat paper (I know, paper has a Z-axis too, but you get the point). In that way, higher dimensions can manipulate our three-dimensional dimension. This theory explains powerups, wall weapons, the magic box, teleportation and matter transference. Imagine 3D as a paper (2D), and the Aether as 3D (I'm going to steal this one from you, Aetherial). You (now a 4D being) write two points on the paper (now 3D). How to get from point A to point B? Just double up the paper and sting a hole at point A. Now it directly leads to point B and voila: You've got a 4D rift, also known as a wormhole. Now I read this afterwards, I see how bad I am in explaining. Hope you understand it. Anyway, IF you understand it, it seems logical that the Aether is one dimension above us, the fourth dimension. Well I don’t think that’s the case. I think the Aether is the Eleventh Dimension. Our 3D's, the 4D (which might be time, and 6 unimaginable hyperspaces above that: The 10th dimension unifies the four fundamental forces of nature: electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces, and gravity. The 11th dimension kinda hold many 10 dimensions together. With this, the 11th dimension explains all of the particles and fundamental forces of nature by modelling them as vibrations of tiny supersymmetric strings. This theory is called the Superstring Theory. Are you interested in this? Take a look at this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_theory (10D) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superstring_theory (11D) I wish you luck. I excluded most of the stuff said on these pages because I only understood about 10% of everything said there, so there might be some interesting and usable information there. We're moving on. The M-theory is a theory in physics that unifies all consistent versions of the superstring theory (the Eleventh Dimension). The "M" stands for mystery, magic and mother…. Or Monty? You must know that string theorists had identified five versions of superstring theory. Although these theories appeared, at first, to be very different, the M-theory proves that they relate to each other pretty much. Apparently the String-theories could be unified by mathematical transformations called S-duality and T-duality. The M-theory is based in part on the existence of these dualities and in part on the relationship of the string theories to a field theory called eleven-dimensional supergravity. Now some real brain-killing information explains all this stuff, but trust me, you don’t want to see that. Just remember the fact that the M-theory unifies the different "versions" of the 11th dimension. Now finally we are getting at the butterflies. You might have hear of the butterfly effect: the concept that small causes can have large effects. The butterfly effect is an important part of the "Chaos Theory". Directly copied from wikipedia: Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics focused on the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. 'Chaos' is an theory stating that within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, self-organization, and reliance on programming at the initial point known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. The butterfly effect describes how a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. The exponential growth of deviations is a property of the instability of the system itself and can be expressed by the Lyapunov exponent (lambda). There exist three kinds of Lyapunov exponents: • L < 0 There is no chaos • L = 0 The system is neutral • L > 0 The system is chaotic In modern cosmology, the mathematical chaos theory is also used. According to some interpretations of the M-theory is "our" universe, a bubble (with infinite numbers of different universes-bubbles) floats in a multidimensional chaos. For this far this theory. A short summary: The Aether is the 11th dimension, being able to manipulate every dimension beneath. Every 3D universe (the Multiverse) floats in a multidimensional chaos. If you feel like I only understand the half of all what I just said, you're right. But we are getting closer to the understanding of the Aether.
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    I can agree about consolidating certain subforums. As it stands now there are 49 places to post, and many of them get no activity whatsoever. I know back in the day browsing forums of a similar format to CoDz this was the norm and people loved the variety of places to post because the communities were so tight knit, and people rarely left. But with places like Reddit dominating, people are more drawn to the simplicity of the subreddit system. /r/CoDZombies is a conglomeration of everything zombies related, all thrown together in a mish-mash of fan content, memes, news, and discussions; Some of it is good, while much of it is... well, bad. But that community has retention, and even during the off-season there was a decent amount of discussion every day at every hour, because it is so centralized and simple. It's the one place you go if you are a fan of zombies, and posts you wouldn't find in a more complex forum like ours are right there in your face, for better or for worse. I'm not suggesting this website should just be like Reddit, because I think this forum is a unique corner of the community with its own style. But consolidating subforums may be a good way for the forum to seem less daunting. If you look at my profile, it says I signed up for this website in 2011. 7 years ago! But everyone who has been here since then can tell you my activity here did not begin until maybe 2016-2017. The truth it, when I initially signed up after hearing what a great community there was here, I was intimidated by all of the different systems and subforums on the site. It felt like such an overload and I didn't know anybody here so I just never posted and didn't come back for a few years. I think CoDz can maintain a lot of its charm while simplifying its layout, even just a bit. Just my 2 cents and personal story.
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    Pretty simple really: I could ignore the fact of me having no interest in the Story post Moon, if the primis crew were somewhat funny. I get them trying a more serious tone with the primis crew, but I am a guy who mainly plays the game, you know? I like playing for 3/4 hours a day and especially when playing solo the guy I am playing as is the only voice coming out of my TV. So I'd prefer them being entertaining/funny. Of course the crew isn't the only reason, why I dislike Blundell's version of the old story. The insane amount of retconning also get's on my nerves and I assume/hope also on Blundell's that is why he makes a new story in wich he can write the characters he wants and isn't backed into the corner of the Ultimis/primis crew. I just don't like them cause they don't make me giggle. ':P I also don't really see the "character development" tons of other folks do. I remember back when ZNS got it's intro released a lot of people in the comment section were like: Oh did you notice how all of them grapped the summoning key as a team... they must be best friends now. Or when Tank had to kill his ultimis counter part there were a good amount of memes basically saying what a sad moment that was... and I am like. lolwut? To be fair though it is hard to tell a proper good story with 5 cutscenes, a couple of radios per map and ciphers, but that is the thing back in the day the story was like reading a book (in some regards) folks had to picture it in their head and now a lot of it is just fed to us. I dunno maybe I am just a bit bitter or so, but I hope I got my point across.
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    @The Meh Got it. @JJMFP Just see it as a sign of gratitude for playing with us in the downtime. If you don't want it, I can revoke it. No big deal either way. So I just say we keep it the way it has been. 2, 6 and 10 points and as long as there aren't 6 error points on the board, the game is still open to play. This was too much of a hassle for my liking.
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    This was during our moderator romance days @InfestLithium
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    No problem. Your post is why I made this topic and it is better to post in an already existing topic than creating a new one with the same conent so to speak. All good. Yeah I miss NV too, but it was his choice to have his profile "deleted". A bummer to be honest...
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    Send them to both of us, we need to review together anyway.
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    Chapter 4 "Mr. President, I think that you may want to take a look at this," said the Defense Secretary, in a hushed and low voice. The meeting with the Speaker of the House about tax reform was going to have to be rescheduled. The President politely excused himself, promising to reconvene at a later date. "What is it Bret?" The President and the Secretary have been on a first name basis since their attendance back in West Point. "There seems to be some increased activity as of late in Germany's north eastern area's, especially near Berlin. Intelligence suggests that the Third Reich is developing some form of chemical weapon." This perked the President up a bit as they walked back to the Oval Office. "Chemical weapons, huh," replied the President, "that is not a new development. What is all the rush and secrecy for?" The Defense Secretary took one look at the President and exclaimed, "Frank, you should probably just see for your self." The manila folder was just as plain as the day it was made. No markings anywhere gave no clue that the contents inside where of the highest classification and clearance. As a break from every protocol and rule in the department, this information was meant to be "off the books" because of it's sensitive nature. As it turns out, America has had informants and agents in Germany since before the 1932 election. It was a good thing too, because after the Hindenburg incident, the Reichstag Fire Decree began, nullifing civil liberties and paving the way to dictatorship. Inside the folder were two documents. The first one was a photograph of a particularly nondescript building with a full parking lot and a heavy security presence. The second was a hand written paragraph just barely legible, almost as if it were written in a hurry or under a lot of stress. The letter read: 11021941 The compound has come to life in the last couple of weeks. I have noticed more than usual traffic in and out of the facility. An informant on the inside has confided that there is security measures for the far east wing of the building. Only few enter and even fewer seem to leave. Dr. Peter Straub has been seen entering and leaving the compound regularly and the source claims that he is also in and out of the restricted area. Recent events are notable. Last Friday, Heinrich Himmler was seen entering the building. He stayed four hours and left. NF "Peter Straub? What does Himmler want with Straub," the President asked. "He is nothing but an SS concentration camp officer." The Defense Secretary responded, "that is what we had thought initially as well. Why Himmler needs an SS officer is beyond me. He doesn't have any chemical background. It just does not make sense." As they both continue to converse, an aid walks in and hands the President the daily briefing documents. A sort of hush filled the air until she was gone. "I want to know everything there is to know on this Peter Straub. The more we find out about him, the sooner we can see the bigger picture. I want up to date intel as you get it, and Bret," the president asks in a hushed tone, "keep this thing under your belt. I don't need anymore surprises." "Not a problem Frank," replied the Secretary,"you just stay on message and I assure you that your legacy will be intact." As the Defense secretary turns and leaves, the President adds one final thought. "Oh, and Bret, make sure you tell Kelly that I am sorry to hear about her mother." The Secretary nodded and out he walked. Spinning around in his chair and looking out the grand windows before him, The President of the United States pondered whether or not they should begin talking about intervening in the war. He will bring it up the next time they meet. As for now, the only thing else on his mind is that Thanksgiving Turkey and Gravy.
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    I approved Zombie Labs post counts and updated the Zombification menu to reflect the new images http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/zombiefications_levels.html/. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can provide immediate attention.
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    Chapter 3 The first day of testing is under way and everything is looking great. It has been noted that the test subjects stamina on the treadmill has increased slightly over the course of the test and that is a very promising sign of positive progress. The test subject has a moderate heart rate and there does not seem to be any additional signs of stress on the respiratory and vascular system. The O2 levels are normal and body temperature is stable throughout the test. For the first test, the subject has performed well beyond any and all expectations that the group has had. Still, Dr. Straub is hesitant to report any findings as of yet. There is still a possibility that the subjects immune system will reject the treatment and induce an allergic reaction. As the day goes forward, the data continues to roll in. Scientists are pouring over every minute detail and documenting everything. The subsequent stress tests, the echocardiogram and the nuclear tests, have provided invaluable data on how the subjects heart is responding to the chemical. Naturally, being in the German Military, the subjects overall fitness was above average to begin with so it came as no surprise that he would excel in the physical demands of stress testing. The real question is, are the data points garnered from the test an accurate indication of increased performance or is the subject just outperforming his usual routine. Only time will tell, and Straub is not in the habit of rushing to conclusions only to have to walk them back later. After all, the reason he was chosen for this patriotic task was because the Führer trusted and respected his judgement and expertise. Around 1:15, during the blood draw to check saturation levels, the subject recalled an increase in motivation and energy. This could be the effects of the testing and have been noted in the log. The blood samples are sent to the lab for analysis in unmarked vials so that the integrity of the tests be kept classified. There are contingencies in place and protocols to ensure that the samples are never left unsupervised. The lab technicians need not know what they are test, just that they are running routine blood panels to look for contaminates in the sample. Besides, they are not qualified to read any of the samples so the risk for data breach and leaks are almost non-existent. The samples come back clean. There are trace amounts of 115 in the blood and are consistent throughout the tests indicating that the subjects immune system is accepting the dosage. By days end, the first battery of test all look promising. The group, along with Dr. Straub, are all feeling accomplished despite being so early in the process. An air of confidence fills the group as they close out the day and they just can't help but smile at one another on the way out the security gates. On the drive home, Straub contemplates the days ahead and thinks to himself how beneficial this could be, not only to him but to his country as well. If only they knew the great lengths Hitler is going through to secure a vibrant future for them. "Ich frage mich, ob es ihnen überhaupt etwas ausmachen würde", he wondered. Times seem to be dim these days, with war and sacrifices being made everyday, it is likely that any development would be diminished by the ever growing dismay that the country seems to be feeling. As he pulls into the driveway of his military housing, he takes a look in the rear view mirror and asks himself whether or not all these years are worth the fact that he still lives alone and has no family to pass on the legacy that he is about to leave. He turns the car off and exits as he grabs his briefcase from the passenger seat. Work is never done. For the next four hours, he will be analyzing and studying every data and log entry trying to find a single anomaly. This will be the new normal for the weeks to come. At the end of the night, Dr. Straub will sleep but will still be haunted by fears of failure in his dreams. There is no escape from his reality and in the morning, he will do it all over again like a well oiled machine. Over the course of the week, the subject has shown consistent improvement. The weekly data, sent to the top government officials, show growth in all areas in the subjects physiology but has lacked in cognitive advancement. That is probably for the best. The Führer is probably fine with having strong soldiers that have no capacity for individual thought. The end of week one could not have gone any better. After three solid weeks of results, the subject has seemed to peak. Blood saturation levels are steady and all physical attributes are measured out to be a roughly 95% increase from the baseline that was established days before the test. Since there is a rush for production, the first internment camp shipment is due to be shipped within the next few months. The subject is now free to move about the facility in designated areas and any risk of contamination is at a low. Subsequent blood tests on involved staff are negative of any element and it is considered to be a non-contagion substance. The need for PPE is unnecessary and the level of security has been lowered by one degree. For all intents and purposes, Germany has engineered a super soldier and is poised to become the next world superpower.
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    You are absolutely right. I read that the lifespan of Black Ops IV is due to be longer than the traditional time frame we have been seeing. Interesting enough, if that is the case, then Treyarch has plenty enough time to think tank and develop a "Stand Alone" Zombies experience that I have posted about on two separate occasions. Just think, in 5 - 6 years we could have the holy grail of zombies games. Next time if you get a chance, go see my recent thread named "Stand Alone" and contribute your thoughts on what you would like to see in an all zombies experience. I believe that, couple with multiplayer, Campaign mode, and a Battle Royal type mode we are seeing emerge would more than double CoD profits. It just makes since from a business stand point, as well as a community one.
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    Well, with streaming on Twitch, I can Rep the website. Let viewers know that we have an active LFG, tell them about the content and community, as well as the overall content. We are not just another forum. I feel that we have a lot to offer. Just look at the good work "Unity Series". We have talent, we just need more exposure. I feel that this is not a DEVs job alone. It is my duty, as a donor, to take some form off responsibility for the success of this forum. I may not have donated much to the cause but I am proud of this title. We just need people that have the same mindset. I can see sunny days. Like I said before, this site buzzes a lot more during Treyarch years. The uptick will be coming!
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    Heard you two on that and I respect that, but I will do whatever I like because I am the sheriff in this town, if you ever have any criticism on this game then speak up though. Gimme dat EEEEEEEEEE

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