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    As you can see Treyarch has confirmed the release month for the third DLC map, which will be the next chapter in the Aether story. I am really curious to see, if we get to play with Ultimis or Primis. Heres hoping, we get to play from an 8 character pool, cause it would be fun as hell to hear the Ultimis Dempsey interact with Primis Dempsey etc. Other than that there is no new info though.
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    So, you like fish on pizza, AND you like pineapple on pizza?? I'm leaving this forum, you people are making me sick
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    Guten morgen everyone! It’s that time again, the Order of Forgotten Mysteries (and yes, that includes you ;p ) will discuss something new again. Is timetravel or mail deliverer your thing, or both perhaps? Then you are at the right spot. This time we will talk about a variety of letters spread across times they should not be. Let’s start at the most notorious one, the one that can be found on multiple locations in the maps Kino der Toten and Five: Date: 23rd of January, 1975 From: IHCOMFSOG To: FS ER INDUSTRY GLOBAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE We have listed both Tabun and Sarin. Be wary of the Doctor. His involved should be minimised if you want to make it out alive. We are unsure on how he arrived at this time and place. Do what you must... Moving on to the second, observable in Classified: Date: 23rd of January, 1975 From: IHCOMFSOG To: FS ER INDUSTRY GLOBAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE We have listed both Tabun and Sarin. Be wary of the Doctor. His involved should be minimised if you want to make it out alive. We are aware on how he arrived at this time and place. Do what you must… And the last, and in my opinion most interesting one. This one is never talked about, when searching on the internet you get zero results and it was actually by chance I found it luring in the Call of the Dead section of this site. This is the best (and only) picture I have, and if anyone has noclip skills I would highly appreciate it if (if it doesn’t take too much efford) you can get a clearer pic: Date: (unreadable, though looks like I see December) From: IHCOMFSOG (most likely) To: FS ER (most likely) (unreadable) We are running out of time (unreadable) I cannot promise these are the only ones, there might be more hidden in various maps as well. But these three are the only ones found. A weird thing is that two of the telegrams talk about ‘Be wary of the Doctor’, while it is devoted to one FS ER: Faithful servant Edward Richthofen! So does the letter warn Richthofen for himself? My personal, hypothetical and very clear answer: Yes and no. ‘Be wary of the Doctor’ definately sounds more like Ultimis Richthofen to me. I think FS ER might be Primis Richthofen. ‘Faithful servant’ sounds Illuminati-like to me (though it definately could be Monty or the Shadowman), and remember how Primis Richthofen, in opposition to Ultimis, still somehow had a good relation with the Illuminati. They even obeyed him when he ordered them to build a laboratory beneath Alcatraz. So my personal theory is that these messages are from the Illuminati to Primis Richthofen in order to warn him for his Ultimis self. I wonder, though, if this is the Ultimis we know, from Black Ops I, or the Ultimis of the future maps, after Classified. But there are more mysteries involved with these telegrams: Why would the messenger note Tabun and Sarin? These are two nerve gases developed by Nazi-German scientists in the late 1930s. This could possibly be just a developers/texture error, but why is the messenger in the BO1 files called IHCOMFSOG and in BO3 IHCOMESOO? Why is, during Classified, the messenger aware of how the Doctor is capable of timetravel, and, during the events of BO1, not? Has there changed anything in-between? “We are running out of time”. For what? What is their agenda? It is also interesting to note that the messenger is, just as the person he warns for, capable of timetravel? The letters are written in 1975, while they can be found in 1963 (and 2011). Or did the timetravelling doctor spread these files himself? Link to previous Order of Forgotten Mysteries
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    Hey, guys. Another part to this, eh? I'm surprised, as well. But, when you're a person like me, and you think a lot about life, and "grand designs", certain things come to mind. For the sake of this particular post, I couldn't help to do that. Oftentimes, I remind myself about times before CoDz, and I get to thinking a surprising lot about the path that got me here. Hell, if you'd told me five years ago I'd be a moderator, I'd... probably second-guess you. Sure, it's a dream of plenty normal members, but if you're just telling yourself that will happen, you're bound to find that it may never. Given, back then, I don't think I had the greatest of proclivities for it, either. I was a young kid, coming right off of PTG's downfall. I was desperate before it, and was then... and I think most of the reasons for that lie in a wanting, a longing, for some form of validity. Back during PTG, I do recall having that. For the wrong reasons, yes, but I had it. Hell, the one example post that comes to mind is when I posted lyrics for his "Zombies III" album. I worked hard on that particular post, and I had to decipher a lot of lines. Surprisingly, the lyrics do stand in places, and a lot were correct! Would you believe, a lot of people appreciated that post. ...and so, I milked that. I began using the post for dumb reasons and saying I'd update certain areas, and did, or say "oh hey here's why I like each song". That got shut down quick, but you can imagine, I wanted that. I needed that validity. It was unhealthy, but I needed it back then. I went on to try to write the lyrics for Extinction as well, but, as fate had it, I wasn't longed for a forum that was crumbling. I must have been one of the first in the ban wave. It sucked. Truly. I wanted that kind of interaction again, and some time after, I found my way here. ...and, if I'm being honest, I think I must have started off wanting the same things. I'll go as far to say, Unity itself was victim to a lust for validity. I think I always had said "oh hey Unity is the biggest bestest thing ever" for some time. I do believe it was good, but I was honestly a zealot to believe it better than everything. I recall being mad about trying to get people to make it a custom map, to get people to read it. It was a gem to me. Priceless and inscrutable. Of course, now I can tell you it's shit. But that's obvious. That's why I'm rewriting it in the first place. I don't really know what kicked me out of the groove of wanting that validity. Perhaps it came around the time I started Citadel. But I stopped caring about it, y'know? Validity from others doesn't really matter if you believe that what you're doing is good enough. Anything and everything you do is good. I stopped writing for just praise, just validity or anything. I didn't really need that. I just needed to write for myself. I guess that's all there is to it. ...I guess the overall point of this post is to say... believe in yourself. Always. The strongest things come from the strongest wills. ...of course, I'm absolutely obligated to tell you, I 100% appreciate the feedback Unity gets. I'd be vain to not accept it and appreciate it. You guys make writing this weird, zany story fun. Truly. I do hope that the rewrite and the future to come will be something you guys like quite a bit. I know I do. All that said! Per aspera ad astra. -The Meh
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    They often say the best way an artist can make anything, whether it is writing, developing games, making movies, making Youtube videos, whatever, is to make something that YOU would like, and people will see that passion and appreciate it for themselves. Keep up the good work. It is always great to reflect on your own growth as a person.
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    After a long wait, here is Chapter 22: "Watched"! This is from the view of Doctor Maxis as he presents the first milestone in the project to control the undead to General Lehmkuhl. I hope it was worth the wait. The next chapter is certainly going to be a departure from the norm as well, hopefully in a good way! Thanks!
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    Hey all, welcome to the first thread of the Order of Forgotten Mysteries! Based on this thread, I thought it might be a nice idea of every now-and-then (like every week or something) release a thread like this, discussing a certain story aspect that is often forgotten or not solved yet. It’s not about the OP thread but more about your comments, as I hope it will spark some personal ideas for y’all, and we might come to a conclusion for every mystery. And most importantly: have fun. I hope I will post some mysteries that will give you the idea of “oh yeah, I forgot about that one”. Phew, I made this intro way too hurry. Anyway, I'm excited about the material we'll discuss this time: One old, yet not so forgotten mystery that Shangri-La holds: the ‘Alien skull’. We see this object on the Richthofen altar behind the map’s Pack-a-Punch. It resembles a skull that appears definitely not human. It’s the skull on the left side of the table, as the right one is one that resembles the skull of either a primate or a prehistoric man (it is similar to the one in the Shangri La loading screen). There are two possibilities I could think of: The skull is humanoid. The natives of Shangri La might have performed artificial cranial deformation. This was something practised commonly in a variety of cultures widely separated geographically and chronologically (Scandinavian and Eurasian tribes, the Maya, the Nazca and the Australian Aboriginals to name a few), and actually still occurs today in a few Pacific islands. A head of a child is binded in, deforming the growing skull form and making it longer, often flatter. The exact motivations behind this process differ, but reasons could be: Attractiveness, a symbol of status and the thought of believing to be more intelligent. Some archeologists, however, believe it may have something to do with honouring Ancient Austronauts. This name refers to the idea of intelligent extraterrestial (or extradimensional) creatures having roamed the Earth in Ancient times and have, as well, made contact with early human cultures, influencing the development of agriculture (think of Shangri La’s water system), technology and architecture (e.g. the Pyramids of Giza). For the humans, these highly developed race might have been a global inspiration of what we now call ‘gods’, or ‘deities’. (Petroglyphs in Italy which are by some believed to resemble modern astronauts, refering to Ancient Astronauts.) So there is a possibility that the elongated skull on the altar is ‘merely’ human, but still not meaning that the natives didn’t made any contact with Ancient Gods. What’s more, this hieroglyph can be found on the alter: Look at it’s eye orbits, it facials...this is just not human. It kinda reminded me of an observation by Aetherialvoices (for real, if that guy ever finds his way back here he must have at least 50 mentions by me) about the Crazy Place zombies in Origins: “They are most definitely humanoid. Their facial features however, are not exactly human. They have a massive mouth with spiny teeth, small slits in place of a nose, they don't exactly have eyes (just small indents in their head that glow), and their fingers are claws. They are definitely closer to human than Keeper though.” This brings me to the second possible theory: Basically this. The skull doesn’t look Keeper-like (eyeless), nor does it look human (short head). Could it be a hybride? According to the Thule society and certain Nazi scientists (you know, the übermensch believers), the Aryans were the lineage of the Vril Ya, mixed with ‘lesser’ Earthly humans. After the arrival of the Ancient Astronauts on Earth, they mated with early human societies, or possibly even primates, creating the hybrids: the Aryans. This skull could be of one of them, as it has both Keeper and human features. What do you think about this? Have you additions, or your own theory perhaps? Please share, and see you in the next “Order of the Forgotten Mysteries”!
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    (if you can't tell I'm really excited) Aside from all the freaking out, I wanted to make a post about this game getting a remake and see what you guys think about that. I have a largely storied history with this game, it being perhaps one of my favorite games from my childhood, so... forgive my curiosity for this. THQ Nordic's a lovely team for this, truly. But yeah... thoughts?
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    Let’s also not forget the spooky Cthulhu-esque skulls in Nero’s room in Shadows of Evil. We can assume those are the skulls of humanoid apothicons, like the shadowman’s squiddy form. So here’s my theory regarding the origin of the keepers. Monty explicitly says on revelations, in reference to the keepers: “...while the rest of mankind was squabbling around in the dirt, drinking their own piss, the keepers...” This makes it seem like the keepers are a subset of “mankind.” But that seems to come in conflict with the Timeline, which opens with the line “In the beginning, there was only the Aether and the Keepers.” Not to mention, there are some, uh, differences between human and keeper physiology. So, I’ve kinda had this thought in the back of my mind that the Keepers were originally normal humans, confined to whatever their original timeline was, but once they figured out how to ascend into keeperhood, they managed to literally “escape” their timeline into hyperspace. So like, each timeline / universe is its own film reel, with souls stuck on them like flies on fly paper, and the Keepers are just the ones who managed to detach themselves and learn to move freely in 4D hyperspace. So, the keepers were there “in the beginning” in the sense that they exist outside of time, with all the timelines laid out before them, where they can just re-insert themselves to any film reel at a time and location of their choosing. Like, a fly stuck on fly paper can only walk forward in one direction, but a free fly can zoom in 3d loop-de-loops around the paper itself. The same way that currently we can only move “forward” through time, the concept of “moving sideways through time” doesnt even make sense to a human, because we ourselves are the flies stuck on the fly paper. A keeper, however, has free movement through 4+ dimensions in space time. Mkay, so let’s roll with that for the time being; there was originally a group of humans that called themselves the Order of the Keepers. They messed with 115, or the Aether, to the extent that they were able to free themselves from the confines of their original timeline, transforming physically due to their exposure to the aether. Effectively, I think the keepers were “the first humans to discover / perfect teleportation.” And they did so at Shangri-La. The temple of Shangri-la is, quite literally, a giant teleporter / time machine. Like the entirety of the temple is a beta-version of Richtofen’s MTD. In the same way that the computers of today were once the size of a room before we improved upon the technology. We hear brock and gary talking about how the temple must contain “the gateway to agartha.” But I think they’re just under the false impression that agartha is a physical location at the center of the earth. The same way that people often conceptualize “hell” as being at the center of the earth. Shang is “the gateway to agartha” in that it is where the knowledge of how to access the aether was first acquired. So Shangri-la is like the ground-zero of humanity’s contact with the aether. Now specifically I’ve gotta mention Indiana Jones at this point, since it’s mingled with the history of Call of Duty. Most notably, Nuketown was explicitly inspired by Vonderhaar’s viewing of Indiana Jones 4. Anyway, in that movie (which also heavily inspired shangri-la,) they do call attention to the artificially elongated skulls that the natives possess, in contrast to the even more bizarre-looking “crystal skulls.” The explanation for this in the film is that the crystal skulls were left behind by “interdimensional beings” that frequently get mistaken for “spacemen.” And subsequently, some of the natives bound their own skulls to imitate the “gods” that they witnessed. Now that’s pretty similar to the mythos of Nan Sapwe. But since we’re talking about Shang, and I’m contending that the keepers were originally human, I think it’s entirely possible we’re looking at the sort of gradual evolution from human to keeper over time, like the spectrum of skulls from homo erectus to homo sapiens, for instance. We’re seeing the elongation of the skull as humans got rapidly more intelligent, and as they gained psychic powers the eyes were phased out, etc. One important point is made at the end of indiana jones 4. They go in expecting to find a physical temple of gold, but instead find that the real “treasure” was the near limitless knowledge the crystal skull beings had. “Knowledge was their treasure.” In the same way that brock and gary might have expected to find a physical “gateway” to agartha, really shang is where the information on how to teleport / interact with the aether was first acquired by man. So basically, my overall “thesis” of how I think things went down is this: Somewhere in the Andes, the first ever humans figured out how to interact with the aether by just arranging astronomical temples in various ways around 115 deposits. They continued experimenting with time and space in really rudimentary ways, til they mastered interdimensional travel, mutating as they did so. So now they are effectively unshackled by time, and can sort of chill outside of time in hyperspace looking down on all the various timelines. Like, lemme ask you a question for the road. Just conceptually. Imagine you’re samantha, trying to kill Ultimis at Der Riese by sending all of the zombies after them. They then hop into a teleporter and go forward in time to 1960s kino. So, from sam’s perspective back in 1945, they just.... vanish. Enter a teleporter, and don’t come out anywhere else on earth. So she waits. And waits. And waits 20 years, until they re-emerge, the same age, in kino. So like, during that whole 20 years, from sam’s perspective, where were ultimis “located?” The answer is, literally, nowhere in her universe. Hyperspace. The Aether.
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    I haven't fully studied this, but from what I gather: The green is a base number per kill, plus you get the yellow points as a bonus for the type of kill. So a base kill is always 90 points, if it's a melee kill for example you also get a +60 for the melee. Doing prior damage before the melee kill may get you some points, which then get deducted from the final tally since the max allowed per kill is 150 points. So for example: You gain 30 points from pistol shots on one zombie. Then you melee for the kill. You get 90 points for the kill, and +60 for the melee. However, that 30 you made has to be deducted since you're now 30 points over the max allowed score for that kill. So you'll see a green 90 (base score for getting a kill), a yellow +60 (melee bonus) and a red -30 (deduction for prior damage points). I'm pretty sure that's how it works anyway, but again I'm not 100% on that and could be completely wrong. It's an interesting topic that I don't think anyone has looked in-depth into at this point.
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    Guten abend Lennærd! Gracias for the reply, and glad to hear you like it. Could be, but I doubt this since the Keepers are an interdimensional species. A possibility, however, is that a split of the Keepers went to Earth (known to us as the Vril Ya, or gods), got stuck there or stayed voluntary here (to create to Earthly fraction Order of the Keepers) and evolved, just like primates did. However, suddenly having eyes seems like a radical evolution to me. I know this is a theory heard many times, but a mutation could never have a sudden appearance of eyes as an effect, though a mutation in a HOX gene could have the displacement of eyes as an effect (if there are eyes somewhere else one the body). However, Classified learned us that mixing DNA fractures of humans and pigs would result in the eyeless crawlers we first encounter in Kino, so there could be a possibility that there is a certain mutation in the zombie universe that results in the sudden appearance/removal of eyes. Good imput!
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    So we all know who Ludvig Maxis is. Like many characters there are multiple versions of him, but universally he is a German scientist and the founder of Group 935. We all know about the Original Timeline Dr. Maxis, Samantha's father who is the sworn enemy of Dr. Richtofen. This Maxis goes on to die and become part of Griffin Station's electronics, launches rockets at the Earth, leads confused masses during the apocalypse including Victis, and ultimately dooms the Earth before being wiped from existence by Monty. The second most important Maxis is the one of Dimension 63. He never had a child, but was a father figure of sorts to Dr. Richtofen. He would go on to hear Samantha calling to him, be attached by a zombies, and have his soul sent to the House and placed into a new body by Monty. After Revelations, he was sucked into the Summoning Key never to be seen again. However, there is a third most important Maxis that I haven't really seen people talk about much before. I would like to connect some threads to paint a picture of this version of Maxis' importance to the storyline. So where is the Third Maxis from exactly? The Agonia Fracture. First let's establish what exactly happens in the Agonia Fracture of the Original Timeline. In early 1943, Group 935 and Division 9 collaborate to create Dragons to be used on the Eastern Front. In February, Doctor Maxis kills Sophia after she is attacked by Subject two-six, and places her mind in SOPHIA, the artificial intelligence we see in Gorod Krovi. Now, a quote from SOPHIA in Gorod Krovi in particular stands out to me: Broken Arrow?! Wait, hold up, the Broken Arrow from the 1960s? Let's set that aside for a moment though. She says at the end, "It has been so long... I miss him." So between her creation in February, placement in Stalingrad, and then Gorod Krovi in November, what happened to Dr. Maxis? What was he doing in that time? Creating Zero Base of course: From the timeline: Given we know the Agonia Maxis was shown how to travel through dimension by Broken Arrow and he has been away for some time, plus the fact the comics were being written and releasing at the time of Gorod Krovi, it is safe to assume that Agonia Maxis is the one who created Zero Base and collected items such as the Kronorium. This would explain a lot of Sophia's knowledge about dimensions in Revelations. So what happened to him afterwards? Well, he could have returned to the Agonia fracture. Or quite possibly, he was removed from existence by Dr. Monty due to his meddling as well as the fact he had a Maxis already in the house. Maxis' absence may also explain these two facts about the Agonia Fracture: - The zombies' eyes are red. Because Samantha will never enter the MPD at any point, the zombies' eyes do not become orange. - The existence of Griffin Station not being kept secret and Dr. Groph being a part of the battle of Stalingrad. In Gorod Krovi, Griffin Station can be seen on monitors on the map. This seems odd as the whole project was meant to be kept secret from Dr. Maxis. It seems he is no longer in the picture, and a different scientist may be in charge. Aside from all that, there is one more proposal I would like to make that does not have as much evidence but is fascinating to think about nonetheless. Remember how it was Broken Arrow that showed Maxis how to open gateways to other dimensions? That scientific organization created in the 1960s somehow contacted Maxis in 1943? Does this sound somewhat familiar to anyone else?
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    Man, it’s weird coming back to forums sometimes. I remember when I first joined this site, and there were frequent posters like Nightmare Voyager, and Stop Mocking Me, Deathbringerzen, and Slade just to name a few. And then they disappear without a trace and it just feels odd, even though I’m guilty of this myself. Sorry for the ramble, just felt like writing this
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    I made a video guide about ALL Chaos Easter Eggs (Dead of the Night, Voyage of Despair, IX and Ancient Evil) and in this video I show you some general tips & tricks and low round easter egg strategies for all four of the EE's using Classic Elixirs Only. This video is 16 minutes long and contains 4 EE's. In the video I say it's more likely a what to do on what round guide than a deeply explained video since I already have videos about most of the EE steps. Of course you can do each of them on a lower round if you use common, rare, legendary or epic elixirs and talismans, but I wanted to make this reachable for those who don't have these items ingame so I used classic elixirs only. With my strategies I completed: Dead of the Night - Boss fight reached on Round 10 (finished on Round 12, flawless) Voyage of Despair - Finished on Round 15, flawless IX - Boss fight reached on Round 20 (finished on Round 21, flawless) Ancient Evil - Boss fight reached on Round 10 (finished on Round 19, flawless)
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    feelin cute might blow up earth l8r. ’bout 90% done here folks. Dont mind my poorly hidden long hair.
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    @Lenne Lieber Lenne, Glückwunsch, gute Arbeit. Alles Liebe vom CoDZ
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    Thank you, Pinnaz and Anon. I don't know where this comes from, @PINNAZ, but I certainly apreciate it 100 %. Thank you for making my day. :') (on a regular basis, but this certainly takes the cake. haha
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    Lets all just take a moment to realize how much joy (at least for me) our kind-hearted friendo Lenne has caused. I'm glad you're with us, buddy, couldn't wish a better Lenne. Except maybe one that doesn't feed on human spleens
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    @Lenne Lieber Lenne, Glückwunsch, gute Arbeit. Alles Liebe vom CoDZ
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    I was browsing the subreddit and someone posted a screenshot of the way the steps for the easter egg are described in the code. Take a look here: Some of the steps seem to have changed, but it specifically says this: ”These numbers can be found on the pieces of Vrill map found around the level.” So we know the meaning of the numbers AND that this paper was referred to internally as a “Vrill map”. Now whoever wrote this does not seem to be very specific in a lot of places, calling Nikolai “the Russian” and the V-R11 the “human gun”. Yet the paper must have been referred to as the Vrill map enough for it to be mentioned here. This further connects Mayan culture with the Vril-Ya, but I’m not sure what else to make of this.
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    Tuna & Onion is my favorite most of the time and I gotta side with Rad on this one: Pineapple Pizza is a close 2nd.
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    I’d like to re-open this challenge thread up with a bit of a new one. Relatively easy to follow, but worth trying out. ================= Challenge Name: “Lightweight” Objective: Not dissimilar to the normal Two-Box, hit the box for two weapons, and keep them. However, when one gun runs out of ammo, you must switch that gun out for another in the Box. Number of Players: Preferable on Solo. But can be done with friends. Round Limit: N/A Time: N/A Disallowed Perks: Mule Kick, unless acquired randomly. Disallowed Weapons: Wall Weapons. Unless you want more difficulty. Have at it. But then that’s just wall weapons only.
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    101 in under 3 hours, hardly played this map at all before this game but it's so simple that you can get most of your map knowledge from videos
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    Instead of saying fuck me, while being on a cactus, I should really try to say fuck you, to the people, that bother me. Now if it only wasn't so hard. Anybody can relate? Can anybody relate? Relate anybody can?
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    It was an original one, Meh! (Also, MMX had his errors regarding the story about the Ancients/the beginning, but up till today his explanation of the BO2 events actually make so much sense and explain the stuff I couldnt understand/didnt thought to be canon)
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    To be honest, I think the problems at SledgeHammer are a shame. I haven't played WWII and I really like 1st & 2nd World War type games. In fact it's what CoD was started on. It needs to go back to it's roots in some form. I'm totally pissed with the direction that all the CoD titles have taken except WWII, in fact, I might even buy it now just because it is a World War game. As for BOIIIII, I'm still a huge sceptic in the direction Zombies has taken and think the responsibility for this direction lays with Blundell, I think he has ruined it completely since BOIII and the only decent map was Der Eisendrache and Gorod Korovi, everything else just stank - more so the storyline. I haven't even touched BOIIII. So if it's anything like the line they took with BOIII & BOIIII, the titles doomed. Sad bud true. What I think is needed, is going to the timeline of events and filling in some of the blanks. I mean, what was the point of the Tranzit Richtofen/Maxis EE's for example, it didn't develop anything, So they have a huge oppurtunity to correct some wrongs. Get the gobblegums to f**k and get back to the core of what was Zombies - teamwork, survival & classic perks.
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    I only was able to watch the Microsoft conference, the pc show and Ubisoft. Way too many cinematic trailers, I mean not to be a party pooper here, but have we ever even seen proper gameplay from Cyberpunk? The only newly announced games, which I am looking forward to, are Zombie Army 4, a tiny bit of Watch Dogs and I guess the Lego Star Wars game. Other things I enjoyed, which already were announced are FF VII and Doom Eternal, but other than that I gotta say this years games weren't my cup of tea for the most part, but I enjoyed watching the conferences. So it is all good. Next year should be better though. Hopefully with Sony in the mix again as well, so we can have the good ol' d*ck measuring contest. Oh and Nintendo? Ehhhh... BOTW get's a sequel before we get a proper Mario Kart for the switch? Not happy about that.
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    I watched everything and I gotta say... solid? I'm thinking of making a post for my thoughts on the whole thing, but for a TLDR version: EA: Forgettable. I didn't even know it happened until it was already over. Literally only Jedi: Fallen Order is worthwhile. Three hours for six games is a waste of my time and whoever made the 19-minute version of EA Play is a god among men. Xbox: Promising, but not a perfect conference. Too little "big" games, so you can imagine there's less zing there. Plus, I hate Gears. Plenty of interesting indies, Game Pass Ultimate is a great deal, the controller looks nice, Halo's a visual orgasm, Elden Ring is... okay I guess. Honestly, the partnership with Double Fine and Psychonauts 2 being a thing is nice. Keanu Reeves and Cyberpunk is a good thing too. Solid conference. (BUT OH MY GOD, LEGO STAR WARS AND TALES OF ARISE MAN. HOLY FUCK. DID I MENTION CYBERPUNK? CYBERPUNK.) Bethesda: Dumpster fire. I didn't want them to focus on Blades or Fallout 76 too much, and yet they came first. Everything that could have been bad for it went bad. Overall a shit conference. You can't spell Bethesda without EA anymore, and it's a shame to see where they're at as of these days. That said: Deathloop, Doom: Eternal, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and Ghostwire: Tokyo are promising games. The lady who presented Ghostwire's my new waifu. Devolver Digital: People don't often watch Devolver, and that's honestly disappointing, because they seem to have fun doing some of their "conferences". All indie stuff, of course. Give or take. But it's a fun thing. Promising number of indies from them. Fall Guys might be one of my favorite looking games from it. Carrion's neat too. Overall, good. PC Gaming Show: Glad to say, I was surprised how well the conference went. There were a lot of interesting games to this one. Added, we got Zombie Army 4: Dead War, so... yeah, it was a good conference. Lots of neat games to this, too, like... Midnight Ghost Hunt, Vampire: The Masquerade, Valfaris, Genesis Noir (ohhhh Genesis Noir...), CrisTales, and Remnant: From The Ashes, just to name a few. Ubisoft: Honestly, I was disappointed. Ubisoft usually has okay conferences, but this one just wasn't for me. Of course, this conference did manage to turn my disinterest in Watch Dogs: Legion into a vested interest, and... Jon Bernthal's in Ghost Recon, I guess? Honestly, whatever. KF Games Showcase: Another conference not a lot of people really know about is the one Kinda Funny does. Not a big one, understandably. Same vein as the PC Gaming Show. Made of indies, and all look good. Square Enix: Probably my second favorite conference this year! This was really good. Square absolutely flexed on their JRPGs, and... that was frankly good. Having not played the original Final Fantasy VII, I'm absolutely sold on its remake... and XV, ironically. I gotta play these games. Avengers was a bit overhyped, but the game looks really good. I honestly can't wait to play it. Overall, a great conference. Nintendo: No questions here. This was perhaps the best conference. That's not even an opinion, more than it is objective fact. So many good games were shown, and it honestly surprised me how good the whole Direct was. I'm stoked for the remake of Link's Awakening, and HYPED AS FUCK for No More Heroes III. Not to mention some of their other games, like Empire of Sin, Astral Chain, and Daemon X Machina. It honestly all looks fantastic. Banjo in Smash, too? I need to buy myself a goddamn Switch. Breath of the Wild's getting a sequel too. Just... I dunno. I could scream about how goddamn fantastic the Direct was.
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    Yes! The sad story of Chernov, the diary man, was gruesome and great. Also liked the games emphasis on the European Eastern front and Pacific, instead of the cliché West front. Would love to see a Soviets vs Japanese campaign set in Manchuria. Or one set in Italy, Southern France, Greece, Balkan or Eastern Europe. D-day, Market Garden and the Ardennes offensive were really just the end of the war. But I believe I already once talked about this with you, Lenne
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    I wasn't sure where to post this, but since it is just a narrative idea for the story going forward (and backward kind of), and there is little to no evidence to support this direction, I felt it would be better in this sub-forum. I have been thinking about my Storybook, and the frustration in not knowing how this story will end and thus being unable to properly foreshadow and setup future events. One topic that I am hopeful will be addressed is Dr. Monty. As of now, he is a lame character that has had no proper development in terms of motivation or backstory. He just kind of showed up. I put together some loose threads, and had an idea for how I think Dr. Monty's beginnings should be. If this does not happen, it is my own fault for setting myself up to be disappointed. If it does, well, I guess I can say I predicted it. Anyway, here goes. The Real Dr. Monty It is the late 19th century to early 20th century. Dr. Monty is spearheading scientific research in his home country of England, in the heart of London. He has made a name for himself in numerous fields and inspired countless other scientists with his work. Tesla, Einstein... Maxis. Ludvig Maxis spends his years as a graduate studying under Dr. Monty in London. From their time together, Doctor Maxis would be inspired to create his own research organization in 1931, Group 935. However, shortly following their mentorship, Dr. Monty would become disgraced, as he began research into the idea of alternate dimensions and time travel. He heard voices, you see. Calling to him. The idea was so ludicrous at the time, and he was shunned by his peers for it. There was little to no mention of him in research the following years. He lost his riches as no company would fund the projects of a madman. Losing his lab, he resorted to continuing his research in the basement of his countryside home. Here he would discover a way to breach the barrier between dimensions. To discover the great beyond. Through no fault of his own, but the fault of those who came after him, time was altered and dimensions shifted. Creatures, seemingly from another time and place, began to appear through portals. They did not come in peace, but instead to destroy all in their path. They unleashed their hordes of undead upon the streets of London, causing a mass panic. Through the portal in Dr. Monty's home appeared a creature that floated in the air, wearing robes, with clawed hands, massive teeth, and no eyes. It spoke to Monty in a voice he had heard before during his research. It offered him an opportunity. Monty could become like a God, able to pass through dimensions, create anything he liked, and end the suffering going on in London. In exchange, Monty and the rogue Keeper must become one. They would be the same being, more powerful than any other Keeper, and still connected to the human race. This creature claimed to be a Keeper, and the inter-dimensional attacks were perpetrated by an enemy of the Keepers, the Apothicons. Believing the threat of the Apothicons on his dimension to be his own fault, Dr. Monty accepted the offer, creating an invention to bind the two souls together as one eternal being with near unlimited power. The process was painful, but all too necessary in order to save the human race. The new, all-powerful Dr. Monty erased the foreign undead from existence, and reverted the damage they had caused. With the memories of the Keeper now within his mind, he could see the widespread suffering across dimensions caused by the Apothicons. The other Keepers showed little interest in protecting the humans, but rather in eradicating the Apothicons. Dr. Monty saw the opportunity to help humanity with his new-found power over dimensions. A great deal of time passed, as Monty directed his attention towards trying to protect and give everything he could to the human race. He listened in to the billions of souls across every dimension: their wishes, their desires, their troubles. He wanted to please them all. He could see the Apothicons looming over their universes, ready to destroy them, and he did what he could to stop them at every turn. He wasn't always successful, and it pained him to see that no matter his will and his actions, people will always suffer in the end. A former friend that Dr. Monty's Keeper side once knew, the Shadowman, betrayed him long ago, and led the the corrupted Apothicons from the Dark Aether to assimilate every dimension they came across. Monty could never quite seem to vanquish the threat. For all the Apothicons he would try to help destroy, more would come. All the while, he wanted to keep humanity happy. He did not want to see them suffering and without help. But his efforts would never, ever, be enough. Over time, Dr. Monty began to resent his position of power. No amount of power would ever be enough to make things right. The humans showed no appreciation for the lives they were given, without the responsibility of protecting the very fabric of the universe. Instead they fought, again and again, in bitter, brutal wars. Humans seemed to inflict just as much pain on one another as the Apothicons would. They repeated mistakes, again and again and again. A select few really, really irritated Dr. Monty. It seems that the original cause of the tearing between dimensions was caused by none other than a German doctor by the name of Dr. Richtofen. Again and again, this arrogant, maniacal doctor would tear holes in the universe, hopping through time with his three test subjects. All the while, he spread the chaos and pain wherever he would go. Monty did his best to quell this problem without altering time himself, but again, it is never enough. Then, Monty had the idea: to create a universe all his own. A place the Apothicons cannot find. A place where he, and only he, had total control. Agartha. He modeled it after his home on the countryside. He now realized, in order to protect this place of sanctity and peace, he would need to eliminate the root causes of the problem across the dimensions. Richtofen. Dempsey. Takeo. Nikolai. He forged a plan, an ingenious one at that, in order to wipe the slate clean and start anew. The plan would involve an old understudy of his: Dr. Maxis. In his home dimension, Dr. Maxis would go on to have a daughter: Samantha. Through Richtofen's evil deeds, Samantha would wind up trapped in the Aether without a way for her father to bring her home. The quartet of dimension-hopping imbeciles in this universe would not be suitable pawns for his plan. No, instead Dr. Monty echoed Samantha's cries for help into Dimension 63, a dimension where the four had not met yet, and where Dr. Maxis had no daughter. Surely enough, this Dr. Maxis tried to open a gateway to free her, and in doing so he brought Dr. Richtofen to the House. Monty fed Maxis a plan to protect Samantha and end the suffering caused by the Apothicons across dimensions: to do this, the eternal souls of Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai must be collected in the Summoning Key. Maxis enlisted the younger Richtofen, his best friend, to find these souls and collect them. In reality, with their souls in the House, it would be safe for Monty to wipe them from existence across dimensions. With them gone forever, there would be no more crossing of dimensions. Monty could place all of the Apothicons into one place, keeping them there for good. The plan worked, it seems, with a hitch or two along the way. Richtofen and his goons managed to bring the Apothicons directly into Agartha, nearly destroying all of the hard work Monty had done. Still, they cleaned up after themselves, and their eternal souls now resided in the house as innocent children. With the Apothicons collected in the Summoning Key, there were four loose thread to deal with now. It seems they have brought blood from another dimension into Agartha, and through consuming it, were protected as all the other foreign matter was placed into the Key. Monty prepared to wipe these soulless problems away, but he realized that was not a fitting punishment for all the chaos that they had caused. Instead, he sent them to a point far backwards in time, dumping the Apothicons from the Key with them, knowing they will not survive. Finally, it is time to begin anew. To Be Concluded It is uncertain what will become of Monty. It seems Primis intends on defeating him along with the Apothicons. I hate to leave it there, and I hope that by the end, Treyarch will have created a backstory this rich for the character. I can only hope they will do right by the character they have created. Thank you for reading.
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    Thank you very much. Learned a couple of things as well. You don't have to hurry through the cat walk and the special weapon just despawning the zombies. Thank you.
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    1. This I was unsure about as I wrote this. I'm sure the writers at Treyarch could come up with something here. Perhaps this rogue keeper wanted to have a humanistic appearance in order to manipulate humans if he ever had to, and wanted to inhabit the mind of one of the most intelligent humans who is aware of different dimensions, so that by melding together they combine their knowledge base of both Human and Keeper histories. Alternatively, Monty somehow does something to send himself back to the beginning of creation himself as a Keeper. I just have issue with paradoxical stuff like that. I mainly went with the Keeper and Monty coming together idea because the timeline states that Monty was around at the beginning of creation. So in a way the Keeper that later melds with him is both Monty but also not Monty. A Schrodinger's Keeper if you will. 2. The impression that I get from Monty through what we know is that he does not want to mess with the fabric of space and time any more than he has to, because as he puts it, it is already a fucking shitshow. Perhaps wiping away a being from all dimensions is not as easy unless you have the eternal soul with you. In essence he is not keeping them safe, he is trapping them, so that he can safely wipe away all versions of them elsewhere. He cannot wipe away the eternal souls, however, as that creates a paradox, since them existing in the first place is what allowed Monty to collect the souls. Essentially, he can stop them from causing more damage by trapping them, without having to mess with time in the process, if that makes sense. It's difficult to wrap the mind around. 3. Monty has tried being patient and reasonable for so long. From his perspective, it has been an eternity since he started trying to fix Richtofen's messes. They continue to prod at him for so long that it is no longer about protecting humanity but eliminating Richtofen and those who choose to follow him. He even tried turning the rest of Primis on Richtofen, but they are too loyal to his cause. They will never understand what Monty has gone through, and they will never understand the carnage they have caused across dimensions. In Monty's eyes, they deserve this punishment, to make up for what versions of them have done. Little does he know, however, that he is setting the stage for it all to start again.
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    Within the MPD Samantha warned of darker entities that we could not possibly pathom. Ive thought about the many human souls we Sacrifice into the MPD on Moon, Der Eisendrache, and many other areas. The souls power the devices yes but are bound to the Æther. Perhaps they become slaves to the darkness within and are forced into the role of being a Keeper. The skulls could be altered if embodied for years in said devices. Samanthas Body being an example of 1 being embodied for a brief period in time. Just a thought...
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    Ah, did not realize it wasn't. Just watched a vid from MrRoflWaffles doing the easter egg, it appears there are no skulls at all: Though it looks like there is some kind of writing on the table. I'm uncertain if that is even a legible language or just Lorem Ipsum-type placeholder symbols. Also worth noting is the front of the stone: It seems to have an engraved skull face similar to the one on the rotating stones by the waterfall.
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    Hi everyone! Maybe, a little late when I’ve found this forum about my favourite game(mode), but anyways here I am! But who am I? I love helping people out with my fast, correct and solo guides on my YT channel, MysteryHQ. And how I started? I started playing on Tranzit, and back then I was happy if I had reached round 7-10. But I’ve never stopped, so I completed my first EE on Der Eisendrache! From that point I’ve completed all EE’s (except the BO1 ones, but I did them in Chronicles). I even completed the full Super Easter Egg in IW, so I beat Mephistopheles on my own. Currently I’m a BO4 Zombies slayer and I've never really been a member of this site, even though I'm a big zombies fan… Nice meeting you all!
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    @RequixEclipse Nan Sapwe is indeed the Thunder God of the Ancient tribe of Pohnpei island, but this could still refer to the Ancient Astronauts. Like I said in the OP,, for the humans, the highly developed alien race might have been an inspiration of what we now call ‘deities’. Nan Sapwe's thunder abilities could originate from abilities mastered in the Crazy Place (remember Maxis got his from there as well) or possibly even a Vril Rod, a transductor of Ethereal Vril energy. The mythology behind Nan Sapwe is actually interesting, as he is the father of the humanoid, semi-mythological Isokelekel. This good man might've been a hybride. I totally forget about the skull. I think it is safe to say that Nan Sapwe was a Gatekeeper, a Fallen Angel protecting Nan Madol from invading Apothicans (R'ley?). Right now I am sitting in the bright sunlight and I can barely see the dark pictures, but can anyone see if the Nan Sapwe skull correlates with the Shangri La skull? Are they similar in form, structure and colour? Anyway, Nan Sapwe is an interesting story aspect and I am glad you reminded me of him. I still don't fully get the hieroglyphs in the cave, or why he was involved in human sacrifices. The thunderstorm on the island is one big mystery itself. It doesn't look like any normal Earthly thunderstorm, Peter McCain was absorbed in an Aurora Borealis there (or was that in Shi no Numa?) and Brock & Gary crashed in the Pacific due to an "atmospheric freak event" as well. Perhaps this whole thing can have a Order of Forgotten Mysteries thread on its own one day.
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    This is a tough one, and up to today there seems to be a lot of different opinions concerning this subject. Allow me to share my personal thoughts: The Vril-Ya are, very short summarized, extraterrestial beings residing in Agartha. Powered by the Black Sun, or Schwarze Sonne, the Vril-radiating core of their realm, their society is a centre of intellectual progress and enlightenment. Their mythos have always been involved in our story, and I believe it was Tac who linked the Vril-Ya with the Gatekeepers for the first time, here: The Great Battle: The Key to Understanding Everything. The Ancient Order of the Keepers is an interdimensional society maintaining order in the Multiverse. The founders and main members of this organisation, the Gatekeepers, are extradimensional beings residing in Agartha. Reference: the TImeline of Zombies and Kronorium excerpt 654371979. We used to think that the Aether was not really a "habitable" plane, and more of a pass through, based on everything from the original teleportation vortex, the rift, and the cipher from Richtofen regarding the physiological consequences of traversing the Aether. That is why Doctor Monty's confirmation that Aether=Agartha first didn't made sense at first, though I have tried to find various explanations for this: Explanation how the Aether could be within Hollow Earth A different explanation concerning prior subject Explanation how there's a difference in the usage of the word 'Aether' between WaW-Bo2 and Bo3 Explanation how Agartha could be a physical plane within the Aether vortex Anyhow, you must know that the Gatekeepers live in Agartha, and they wear the Schwarze Sonne symbol on their chest as well. 'Vril Ya' is also the description mankind gave to Agarthan beings, empowered by the Schwarzse Sonne, so it seems very likely that the two are the same. The Shangri La loading screen holds a Vimaña-temple ascending from a huge Keeper-symbol and Zetsubou no Shima even showed us that the Keepers made contact with early mankind as 'Ancient Astronauts' (see: the Nan Sapwe cave). Some notable observations, however, could be made. First of all, the Moon Pyramid Device, as well as the associated 'Egg' is described by Richthofen to be Vrillian. The Timeline, however, says it it Apothican. Perhaps 'Vril Ya' has a broader meaning than merely the Keepers, and refers to extradimensional creatures having an Agarthan/Ethereal origin in general (so both the Keepers and the Apothicans). Another possibility is that the Vril Ya was the name of the species before their Great War and split. Another counter-argument was made by NightmareVoyager a while ago and can be read here. It basically says that the Gatekeepers are inspired by the Vril Ya, but that there is no where any hard and factional evidence that is correct. This could be true as well, as besides the presence of a book named 'Vril' in Der Eisendrache, and the word 'Vril' used in BO1 for the Egg and the Golden Rod, the entities Vril Ya have never been mentioned or confirmed to exist in our story. So it is what we make of it, I guess. Interesting additional thought: Time is nonexisting in the Aether, as the chronologic dimension is manipulative there (that is why Monty and the Keepers can appear just everywhere and the Agartha 'universe' in the timeline lacks dates). Could the Keepers be an evolved mankind, assisting us to indirectly assist their existence? As time is nonexisting in the Aether, it doesn't matter when they entered it (in our past our future). Maybe life itself is one big paradox, one big loop. If we extinct, they extinct.
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    One of my favourite bands, I love listening to The Mighty Rio Grande. Currently listening to Sunflower -Post Malone & Swae Lee.
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    Part 1 (rounds 1-70): Part 2 (rounds 70-100): Guide for the setup strat here:The high rounds strategy is really fast, unfortunately for me it was my first time really trying it with the Viper & Dragon since using the Hammer specialist doesn't really work where there's not enough time to charge up your Charon hand after using it, so I had a few downs as I was basically learning it on the fly lmao. First and second down were both due to me being too aggressive with the sword - it's fine to get hit, but if you notice your health dips to like 100 then do the level 3 sword throw attack to attract the zombies to it and then pull out your Charon and you've got about 5 seconds to get a shot charged and laid down, you should be fine if you do that. Third down was right after the second one, just from me being an idiot and forgetting that I needed PhD to use the Hellion Salvo lol. So all in all, if I were to be able to do this run again I could definitely do it flawless now I know what not to do. Total game time was just under 5 hours. So, the strategy... I found this camping spot a while ago, it seemed fast but I hadn't had a chance to properly try it into the high rounds. ChocolateWe also found it himself and was the first to upload it anywhere in high rounds, so credit to him for that, confirmed to me that it was going to be fast and useful, though I still had to figure out a load of stuff myself about using the Viper specialist to save ammo along the way. It took me until like 80-90 to really figure out the best way to do it. Basically, use 3 charged Charon shots in a row around 23-24 seconds between shots. Switch to the rocket launcher during the last shot, then if needs be you can use it to get the last few kills to charge your Viper & Dragon. Then pull that out, and swipe back & forth 8 times total, then immediately use the level 3 sword throw attack (LB & RB on controller) which attracts zombies and gives you about 5 seconds to switch back to your Charon hand and get a charged shot out. Rinse and repeat! You'll notice in the video I was using Elixirs. I went into the game thinking I'd need loads, turns out I actually didn't. I think in total I only used 7 Cache Backs (wanted to save my Alchemicals and ended up not using any), 2 of which were in the early rounds while I was getting set up due to being unlucky with ammo and then most of the rest where in the 90s when Max Ammo's suddenly became non existant, had that happen to me before. If you have some Shields Up this really helps, as the shield run is long and it's not ideal to be without one. As I said above, I made a lot of mistakes while figuring this strategy out, so here are a bunch of tips to help you avoid the same mistakes I made, this strategy is actually pretty easy if you keep your focus and stick to the plan, but if you let your focus slip the spawns here are so damn fast that you can get in trouble real quick. TIPS FOR THE HIGH ROUNDS Make sure to get a Max Ammo and be fully loaded JUST before starting this strategy. If you do this, then due to the way the drop cycle works, you should end up getting nice timings of Max Ammo drops throughout the game. As I said, I went into this game prepared to use loads of ammo Elixirs, but once the high rounds strat was started I only ended up using 5-6 Cache Backs, most of which were used in the 90s where I stopped getting Ammo's. I figured out that the best way to go about things is to use 3 charged Charon shots in a row, with the Exalted hand they last for about 25 seconds but some zombies seem to ignore it in the last second or two, so I fire a shot every 23-24 seconds. This will be enough to charge or almost charge your specialist - switch to the Hellion during the last shot and then you can use that to finish filling it. What I figured was best when using my Cache Back for ammo was leaving enough ammo for one charged Charon shot, using the Hellion to see if I could drop a Max and just spamming it until there's no ammo left, then use the specialist before lying down my last charged shot and then pop my Max. When using the Viper & Dragon, I like to swipe back & forth with the sword 8 times. Then use the level 3 throw attack (LB & RB on controller, Q on PC by default) which distracts the zombies for about 5 seconds, giving you time to get a charged Charon shot laid down. Make sure you hit a zombie with the throw or the effect won't work! Do NOT kill the zombies with the Hellion while the throw attack is distracting the zombies - if you kill the one you shot, the effect ends. If you do this by accident then turn the face the corner while you charge your shot. You can still take the odd hit while doing this though, so best avoided. Biggest mistake I made which actually caused me downs was to be too aggressive with the specialist thinking I'd be able to take loads of hits and keep making up armour. Generally, it works really well, but sometimes the hits can start to dip into your health - again, generally fine as you'll quickly make armour back up with kills, BUT if you notice you start dropping to like 100 health, abandon the weapon and get your throw attack out to distract the zombies as above, then you can safely lay down your charged Charon shot. When you get the bosses, the trick is not to panic and always be prepared. I had some close calls and used some Dying Wishes just through zoning out and them catching my by surprise. As soon as you see them, quickly get a fresh Charon shot down to keep the zombies distracted, then you can lay into them with the Hellion. Blightfathers take about 3-4 shots and Gegenees take about 5-6. Just shoot at the feet, this causes splash damage. If you have any Shields Ups, these are so handy. The shield run with this strategy is very long due to having the debris between the Temple and Marketplace closed, and it's never ideal to be without a shield during this strategy. Try and have a Rare or Legendary reward from the Apollo trials on standby. These both can give you a Max Ammo as a bonus reward, and the Rares are best as they also can give you a Max as a main reward. Always worth trying to claim between rounds if you're getting low on ammo and you can keep activating trials between rounds and just taking on the ones that work while you're in the strategy, such as dealing melee damage, getting specialist kills or not taking damage. I stopped using the Pegagus Strike after a while, it's not reliable in the high rounds as zombies either ignore it or Pegasus just stops firing As I said above, I didn't use many Elixirs, if you've got like 10 Cache Backs or Alchemicals that should get you to round 100 with no ammo problems, you're gonna be getting Max Ammo's every few rounds and if you start the strat having just got a Max then the timings should work out well for the most part. If you don't have many it might be worth keeping the top door of the Marketplace closed also, so you can run the trap strategy if you run out of hand of Charon ammo.
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    Hellööööö, Anon. My uneducated guess would be that it may be a Keeper's skull, but the reason it still has eyes and doesn't look like the keepers we know is maybe some kind of mutation? Or maybe Shang is set in a universe in which keepers have eyes? I really like your thread idea, I'll try to check into one whenever you post one and share some of my basic thoughts.
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    So the new CoD has been announced for 2019 and despite all expectations and "leaks" it is going to be a reboot of the Modern Warfare series. Since I have some time to kill I decided to dump all the information we have about the new game. The basics Modern Warfare, which will be developed by Infinity Ward, is going to release for PC, PS4 and Xbox one on the 25th Ocotber. The PC version is going to be available via Battle.net and it is going to be developed by Beenox. The modes There will be three modes: The campaign will neither be a sequel or a prequel it will be a reboot of the subfranchise which started 12 years ago. It will take place in Europe and the middle east. There will also be various playable characters/and soldiers from all sides, which should also blur the line between good and bad. That is the theme Infinity Ward is going for this year. Many missions will be gut-wrenching like the "No Russian" mission back in MW2 which created a lot of buzz back in the day. Multiplayer will have cross play enabled how exactly it will work and how the restrictions are going to be will be anounced at a later date. All post launch maps will be free. There will some sort of backstory for each character you get to play as in the multiplayer. Co-Op will not be a zombies mode and will tie into the campaign. Miscellaneous A new engine which has been in developement for a number of years by Infinity ward will be used for this game and most likely for future CoD titles as well. There still seems to be some kind of timed exclusivity for the Sony consoles, which most likely means the PS4 will get the new content first. There hasn't been any official word on a Battle Royal game mode for this game, which could mean that Blackout will be supported by Treyarch until the next title from them. Level progression will be shared across all modes.. Captain Price will have a new voice actor. ;_; -------------------------- How do you fine folks feel about this game? Truth be told they got me with the new engine and the new co op game mode and the campaign should be interesting as well, but other than that I am still on the fence. I am definitely interested now though.
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    Nice one, @The Meh. Got those juicy 10 points like the boss that you are.
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    Went from prestige 1 to prestige master in 5 days #grinding
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    Chapter 21: Departure is up! https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/book1ch21/
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    We have been working hard in the background doing some adjustments to the website and user experience and want to give you a little understanding of what we have done, are doing and a few did you know things. We have done some server changes, implemented a different PHP handler, introduced memcache and config updates. This helped tremendously with site peformance. We then introducted Cloudflare again to help with speed and performance. Page Speed Insights We've still got some improvements we can do, this is web report from Page Speed Insights, Mobile is needing a little bit more work but we're on it. This is GTMetrix, The important thing to understand here, is the fully loaded time takes into account the AD's which are being served to guests on the main index, remove the AD's and you obtain a different fully loaded time of around 2 seconds. We have intruduced a higher setting for guest caching, this is set at 3 minutes at the moment but is only a test, it could be set at 10 minutes for better results. We are looking at image optimisation and will discuss with the team about using webp for better image processing & provide better image file sizes compared to jpg/png for example and superior lossless compression. In addition to images, we should be hosting all images within our resources on the site and not hosting on 3rd party sites (such as photobucket). It reduces the amount of look ups by uploading all images to the site and then having these images served from amazon S3 for example. Broken profile images are being changed when we find them, this was a result of a failed S3 setup which @Hells Warrriortakes the blame for. Broken links and general clean up has been performed. We've introduced at the top of the forum a new section called "Our picks" - what is our picks? Our picks is basically a selection of content that is chosen by the team, it is then promoted to social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) and appears in our picks section as well. Why are we doing this? It brings attention to the topics/articles on the site and brings people to the site (hopefully) to use and stick around. All software is up to date and shouldn't be presenting any problems. We still have things going on in the background we are working on as well but no news to share at the moment. So what about these, did you know's? Did you know, if you post a status update on CoDz, that you can share that status update to social media? It's currently enabled for Twitter, Facebook will be coming soon. Did you know, that you can share yout topic/post directly from the editor to Twitter & Facebook? (facebook coming soon) Did you know we have our own LFG (Looking for group) system? https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/lfg/ Did you know, we have an amazing Library system for call of duty, that was put together by Hall Of Famer @PINNAZ https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/zombies-library/ Did you know, that if you notice something wrong with the website, or doesn't do what you expected it do to or if you want to suggest something, you can do so via our support section? https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/support/ Did you know, you can add your own channels to our website? https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/user-channels/ Did you know, you can add your own videos from YouTube and other platforms to our Videos section? https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/videos/ Did you know, we don't have a save post function but browser save function instead? As long as your browser supports it and if you don't clear your browser cache. What you type will be saved when you return to the site. Did you know you can obtain medals for using the website and for playing games and showing/proving the achievements earnt?

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