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  1. I remember playing the copter game NON STOP. We'd have computer class and I swear no one would pay attention and just play that game all day long.
  2. My favorite maps are the ones on waw. I guess I just don't like the map more, and I've grown accustomed to the shield. I didn't really even play bo2
  3. I personally don't liek playing on this map. Its quite small and i don't like that theres no shield or things like that.
  4. If I had to guess I'd say it vanishes like all the other pick up pieces for the kt-4
  5. Thanks, I can be cool sometimes. but not as cool as JJMFP's picture
  6. I don't doubt that there is something going on with it. They woldn't have put it in the map for no reason if it didn't do anything.
  7. Blue only - gun or power up Green only - weak guns and money One of each - fruit plant which can give you a perk yes. no water - weak gun, grenade, zombies This is pretty much simple stuff about the map lol As taken from reddit
  8. I really like playing on the map. It's so much different than all the others. There aren't many places to "train". It takes more skill to getti the higher rounds. But yes this map is full of bugs and glitches and are quite annoying and need to be fixed.
  9. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lauren


      at least you know it ;)

    3. NaBrZHunter


      Cat. All day every day. :D

    4. Lauren


      Woooop this site is winning my cat loving heart over 

  10. Omg lmao. 115 like the song/element 115 I saw the colons and it TOTALLY threw me off. Wish I could go erase my post lol
  11. This may be a total noob question. But what made you try and put it on 1:15?
  12. Very cool, I look forward to being in the chatbox!
  13. Hey Trey, try out this part of the forum which is specifically for finding zombie players. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/groupfinder/
  14. In previous games iirc it was no white outline. But for as long as I have played bo3 it has been like that lol
  15. Yes lol, the jugg symbol has always been like that in bo3
  16. It actually has happened to me before. Everyone else had died and I was revived. I stood still for so long, definitely long enough that a zombie could have spawned. Eventually everyone else left and I was tired of waiting so I ended the game. If I had to guess I'd say its just another glitch on this map.
  17. I will be able to get on my xbox very soon, just after the portugal poland game is over and I can check if its there because i have a US account. I'll edit this post with what I find to confirm whether its just US and not europe yet. edit: I can't find it, but I am in germany atm.
  18. Haha better late than never!! Seems like a lot of people join this forum for the same reason. Which is nice, since we all then have the same goal of playing without quitters
  19. Thanks for all the welcomes! Feels nice being in a friendly community. If you guys want to play my gamer tag is on my profile. Just let me know who you are when you add me lol
  20. Cats?images.jpg

    1. NaBrZHunter


      Yep. For sure. :) I've lived around them all my life, and will always do so if I can help it.

    2. Covert Gunman
  21. Hippos are pretty cool. I'm in school to be a veterinarian so all animals are pretty cool to me. But besides cats penguins are my favorite.
  22. Thanks! I tend to rage in solo because sometimes I have those stupid moments and die like round 4 or 5 or whatever lol so I figured if I'll rage in solo why not play multiplayer
  23. I use to play a lot of waw maps. Haven't really played other zombies on the cod games until BO3
  24. So I'm Lauren, yes I'm a girl. I live in New York and I love cats I would consider myself a pretty experienced zombie player. Especially on the maps I know like the back of my hand. ZBNS and DE, I'm getting pretty good with SOE also. But I basically wanted rant and see if anyone else expierences this problem of people just leaving games basically every game that you get into. So? I was reluctant to join a forum like this to find players because of the simple fact that I really don't like to talk while I'm playing and i know a lot of serious players make that a requirement. But I just can't stand the fact anymore that every game I join it doesn't go through to the end. Someone goes down they leave. They don't get the lightning bow they leave. They die they leave. Two out of the four people go down, they leave. Its just the same cycle over and over again and I'm tired of it. Annnddd that's why I joined here to try and see how things can be like on the dark side. This is more like a rant than an introduction but eh
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