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    Long time no see folks. What I really hope to see this year is a return to a mode that is accessible to everyone, from those who play for 30 minutes while waiting for their friends to get on MP, to those like us here who are hard core fans. Blundell so far has completely alienated all of my friends who i used to binge zombies with in the BO1 days. Now part of that is us getting older and gaining more responsibilities. But much of it is that every map is so complex that you need to spend 3 hours studying youtube videos just to succeed on the map. Used to be you had to do that for the EE, but you could play the map without any real complex instructions. Now you end up doing 40% of the EE just to unlock the Pap machine. That's dumb as hell Now also i have seen some of the leaks of these "mutations". Dude starts a game of Voyage with 50,000 pts. WTF is that shit? fuck why even make doors or points at all? that is some big time bull shit. I think Jason Blundell is a decent story teller, sucks ass at making maps, and also should be a pariah for bastardizing the great story we had originally in zombies from WaW to BO2 Buried. He should have just started a brand new story when they had him to origins I know my opinions are not popular, but it isn't just 1 or 2 people I know who quit around the time of Origins. It's like 15 of my friends who I played zombies for hours and hours over the years with, and they all quit trying because it had lost the simple fun gameplay that made the mode so fun in the beginning.
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    Just thought I would make some wallpapers up as we get closer to launch! So here is the Classified Wallpaper for your desktop. If your size is not here then please tell me below what your screen size is and I will get you one made. Hopefully will have mobile ones soon too. Click your size below and you will be taken to my imgur where you can directly download it without loosing any image quality. 1080P 1440P Preview
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    Quick breakdown of the image. Welcome back to the original Moon timeline. We’re coming home. 1. The face is Sam’s. We all know that. 2. This is post-corruption Sam, no question. 3. We’ve seen this face before. Remember, the Moon in my eye? 4. These are inevitably linked, as we know from the Chronicles timeline that Sam from the Ultimis timeline is the one who reaches out to Maxis in the Primis timeline. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but this makes the accent fiasco even worse to contemplate.) 5. Moving down the image, the lightning bolt clearly outlines a Nazi crusher cap, over a gaunt face, which most likely is meant to depict the spirit of Ultimis Richtofen inhabiting the body and mind of Sam inside the MPD, per his Grand Scheme. 5.a The possibility that it is Maxis is there, as Maxis committed suicide while standing beside the MPD in order to enter Griffin Station’s computer network. I emphasize, however, this is unlikely. 6. The MPD is clearly just below the lightning 7. The faces on either side of the neck are those of the Ultimis crew, which are confirmed to be the crew who we will play as in this map. 8. If pt. 5 is true, this means that the face of Richthofen is more specifically that of Sam in Richtofen’s body. This would mean that our Classified crew is actually Sam, Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo.* 9. The teleporter in the lower center of the image is, notably, a MK1 model, if you will. Der Riese/Der Eisendrache. Transposition of the teleporter model thanks to @Boom115. 10. Noteworthy is the fact that we also know that a MK1 teleporter is actually located on site at the Pentagon in Black Ops’ “Five.” Starting to piece it together yet? All signs point to a post-Moon map, with Sam and the remaining 3 going there via teleporter following the Big Bang. Guys, this is the missing link between Moon, the Victis arc, and Nuketown. I love you, Treyarch. * @Spider3000 has made the informed observation, below, that, “The map very well could be post-Moon for the characters but it can’t be post-Moon for the Earth itself. Blundell said Classified will tell the story of the outbreak of the Pentagon prior to Five.” He supports this with a relatively clear statement from Jason Blundell: “...as time went on, we had to solve the question of where did that sit in the big story? And to do so we had to write a lot of assumptions. "Okay, this is what happened." And we've been using that to educate the decisions we've made in the storyline, but we've never actually told the story of, "Why were the zombies in the Pentagon? What did that have to do with the major storyline of the game?"
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    This is the leaked gameplay I'm talking about What's y'all opinions and thoughts as we are only a couple of days left to go until the official release of BOTD. I personally love the look of it and cannot wait to get my hands on it!
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    Sure, here it is: https://blog.activision.com/t5/Call-of-Duty/Treyarch-Zombies-Director-Jason-Blundell-on-Call-of-Duty-Black/ba-p/10775346 “as time went on, we had to solve the question of where did that sit in the big story? And to do so we had to write a lot of assumptions. "Okay, this is what happened." And we've been using that to educate the decisions we've made in the storyline, but we've never actually told the story of, "Why were the zombies in the Pentagon? What did that have to do with the major storyline of the game?"
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    Many promoted spamming and were harder to automate. While those medals will return in some brand new medal, we needed medals that qualified as actual achievements across the site and in-game. All the past medals are just inactive for now, so until then, we're working to optimize them.
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    Great to see some users names turning from orange to white. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy!
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    How good is training on the Groom Lake Tele Pads again!! Pack-a-Punch, then Fire Sale after 3 rounds. Quadruple PaP for more power!! Loving it Easy way for higher rounds!
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    Hello all, I am Dr. Tac. I will be your therapist today, please sit down on that comfy couch and hold this controller 🎮. Just answer my questions as truthfully as you can. Your significant other (Treyarch) may actually be listening in on us right now, so let them know how you feel. How are you and Blackout doing, are you spending a lot of time together? Which stage of the relationship are you in? ❤️ 🤯 👍 😂 😭 😠 🤬 What's your least favorite thing about them? Is it the way they make loud noises even if they're far away? Do you feel like sometimes they put up Level 3 armor and you can't get through to them? Maybe sometimes they're just a bit slow? What do you like the most so far? Maybe they let you take the truck to get large red grocery crates whenever you want. Rumor has it they'll finally let you get a new backpack so you don't look as dorky to all your friends and family. Whatever it is, tell me.
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    1 hour until launch, 5 guides made in 1 day, months of waiting and it has all come down to this. To everyone at CODZ, I hope y'all enjoy BO4 and I hope to get some games with everyone too. Such a great family to be part of. Emotional Blurry out!
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    Post your highest round on Voyage of Despair. I'll make sure to make a little leaderboard after we get a couple of replies. 🙂 ❤️
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    Ohhhhh man. PDT. Podcast Der Toten. CoDzcast. When I first pitched the idea to Grill, FT, and Festo, it seemed great. We all had free time around to call each other on Skype and get things rolling. The forum was alive with theories, speculations, and just general discussion that we felt that everything would just flow nicely. And for a long time, it did. We got support from the community, we got various guests on the show (including RadAustin and Milo (that one didn't go as well as we hoped)), and we got a nice following. Eventually, however, like Grillboy stated above, it proved to be too time-consuming. We all started petering off, as we got busier and busier. I was in college when we started it, but after I moved back home after that year I had little to no private space. It also didn't help that the ways we recorded the cast itself proved to be troubling at best. Combined with a lack of discussion available after a while, we all just sort of...stopped. We tried to get it going again and again and again, but it never went beyond discussions on Skype. However, back to the topic at hand, it would be fantastic if we could get the crew back together again. Revamped and ready to rock again. A Primis Podcast, if you would. But, it would all depend on our availability and wanton for success. I myself have had a difficult time trying to find free time in my day to browse CoDz. It's mostly the reason why I stopped coming back sadly. But I'll discuss that at a different time. Thanks for expressing interest in a project so near and dear to my heart. It's definitely something to consider. -Shawn, aka Flammenwerfer, aka Flappinweiner, aka WERF
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    It reminds me Archer. But who is the man looking for documents while everyone is being chased by zombies ? Who is the man in the loading screen of Nacht Der Untoten... Who is... I don't know.
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    Looks funky. haha I figured I can watch this, cause I'll dive into the map with a buddy and we won't see the sequence because of that. That is just me coming up with excuses. I am fucking weak.
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    I have two videos to share from the beta. The first one is me having a solid combat axe throw, but the second is an absurd throw by a teammate that I can't put words to. I think @GRILL even makes a cameo in the beginning of the second video 😉 Upload Studio 92.mp4 Upload Studio 93.mp4
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    It's gonna be a good year Brother! hopefully years. DLC5/6/7/8 pls treyarch ^.^
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    Hello CoDz forum. 👋
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    This map is going to be incredible. GGsTreyarch. Also great breakdown buddy, really enjoyed the read!
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    Hey, I'm new in the forum but I have been playing zombies for a while (BO1). I loved BO3, I'm Level 1,000 with +100 rounds in many maps and 19 days played, but I have no team. I made the base DLC season Easter Eggs, but I missed the Zombies Chronicles EASTER EGGS... So, I want to do them before BO4 launchs. I'm searching for serius teammates that can help me in these maps (Ascension, Shangri-La, Moon and Origins). I will help with many gobble gums. I play in PS4, and my ID is: rockero3d1. Can Anyone help me?
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    Map has been updated to 1.1.0 version! Full Changelog in main post under spoiler tag
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    Metal version please.
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    Céline Dion - My heart will go on as the EE song confirmed?
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    Welcome to the site, buddy. I have to say though, as someone who is sick and tired of these ridiciulous steps just to open PAP, I love just surviving and every map out of chronicles minus Origins offers me this.

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