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    For those that have played through Tag der Toten's main quest, the notion that Richtofen has in some way won may seem outright incorrect - after all, we see his death, a surprise bullet to his already rotting corpse. I was very much of this way of thinking, however recently I've went back for a second look over the map, BO4 and the story as a whole, and realised certain inconsistencies with this as well as evidence that points towards this alternative view (furthermore, I will be ignoring the wishes made upon the Agarthan device, as if they have come true, those characters are - for all intents and purposes - now normal people). In Tag der Toten, we learn of the Elemental shard, and how it binds together the entire Aether through the fusion of four souls. Seemingly, it's severing is why Primis and Ultimis - two halves, share the same soul. However, Eddie is presented to us as an "innocent Richtofen", from dimension 2210, and therefore is a wholly separate soul. Now throughout Black Ops 3 and 4, one consistent point is hammered into us. Teddy is a Liar, or moreso, all Richtofen's are the same, equally egotistical, equally calculating, just always having it manifest in slightly different ways. We know that Richtofen was a meticulous planner. Even moreso now. Here's a bit of context: Originally, we presumed that Samantha entering the MPD was a deliberate mistake on his part, however, if we pick the ending of Classified to look back at the cycle, we can see that events actually play out far more in Richtofen's favour to allow Samantha to first win, forcing him to leave his body, then allow Maxis to do the same, allowing him to gain a sort of temporary immortality, allowing his resurrection when the time is right. I do not believe this is mere coincidence and, in fact, is evidence of this calculating nature. The Shadowman was constantly advising him, and once he has taken his place within the MPD, he is able to see every dimension at every point in time - simultaneously. In Alpha Omega, he confesses that he had gained all he wanted from the Aether and, throughout BO4, we learn that it is an entirely corrupting influence. Essentially, Richtofen places himself within the Aether for the exact amount of time necessary in order to gain the required knowledge (likely whether or not the cycle has been broken this time around) and then proceeds from there (This further explains the non-canon nature of his endgame for Buried, as all it essentially does is shortcut to him being able to re-manifest within the material world). It can be taken therefore that the Maxis route was not necessarily intended, as it is far from the most efficient route, but what we learn about in the radios of Classified has been planned for. Now throughout Black Ops 4, we are constantly presented with the idea of "The Way Through", which was a concept that Richtofen has written extensively about in his journal (see my thread on the journal for the heavy implications of that). We often see it scrawled in game as what initially looked like the Tower of Babel, from the Book of Genesis, and whilst the metaphor is still accurate, we actually see The Way Through in game, specifically with the ending of Tag der Toten, with Samantha and Eddie moving through it (this is corroborated by the same "tower" chalk within Tag, but featuring two figures standing at its head). The Way Through is - to Richtofen, his "back up plan". If all else fails - and what that means I'll get to shortly - it ensures his victory. In terms of said failure: as previously discussed, Egotism is inherent in all versions of Richtofen, and that most of all manifests in self-preservation (exemplified in Primis Richtofen's selfishness in the act of perpetuating the cycle). Therefore, just as the outcome of buried was not necessarily desirable but still considered, his own death was prevented at all costs... But should that happen, his victory would still be assured. This victory is twofold. Firstly, he outright states in Buried that he wishes to break the cycle, and as we learn in Black Ops 4, this means the complete separation of the Aether from the physical realm. Secondly, it's no surprise to anyone that he would want to rule this "perfect world". This is where Eddie comes into play. The very last line we hear him say (all the way back in Origins) is "And I didn't even get my turn". Interesting, no? Furthermore, from the timeline, we get this unexplained entry Primis Richtofen traveled to Dimension 2210 where he secured the soul of an innocent Richtofen and delivered it to the House where Monty gave him a physical form, named Eddie. From within the Summoning Key, the Shadowman stated "I'll be seeing you...". We never witness any interaction between Eddie and The Shadowman, however this seems equally foreboding, especially when one considers that the Apothicons are far from destroyed, just simply sealed away - in much the same way that they were in the past and subsequently broke free thanks to the meddling of Humans using the Element in their lust for power (sound familiar?). Finally, for me as a musical person, this serves as the nail in the coffin: The theme of Tag der Toten is Richtofen's Theme. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself: What do you think? Does this undermine the ending or give it a far more interesting context, and possibly some insight into the future? Feedback, as ever, is greatly appreciated.
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    A "Conical-Bottom Metal Silo" is what I came to first after searching descriptions. I decided to watch a no-clip video from NiikThatGamingShow to get a full look and he mentions them as "fueling tanks" that are also on the radiation map for COD: Black ops 1. Watched a quick video and sure enough there sitting on that map as well. I know links have been made in the past to other maps so maybe there's something linked either informational or in reference to eachother. I don't think I posses that map but hopefully I can get access to look around (something about radiation and blast doors, shutting sections off or opening them up is a function on that multiplayer map). I feel like I can shine some personal thoughts on some of the quotes off the top of my head that really stand out. First though, my map data was corrupted which means all dlc was lost and only Tranzit works. The lightning burst still happens so I don't think it's part of the larger EE at all. This is also backed up by the fact that the lightning bursts also happen on easy when navcard and other EE items aren't present. Overlooked and never found, but one does simply run around. Thinking about it, I never simply ran an entire round over the map, without using the bus or teleporters. -I run all the time, like a lot. I tend to always be in the fog running around. No vision doesnt mean less ability. Reminds me of the 'without me you would be blind' quote. - Even if you can't see the orbs or flashes you can still do the function of the EE Eyes of dedication, skil, are separate. - The eyes I don't think are necessary to be on, just a show of how dedicated you are to zombies and the skill rank is separate from being able to perform the functions of said EE. Some things needs to go down, before others go up. Go down...objects? Players? - The "Now Die" on the diner I feel is a definite clue here. also "N 4" below blinking. 4th player goes down at diner, maybe to start seeing orbs or the lightning? I believe Die Rise has the same going down mechanic? Distractions are inhibited though the general key of succes. Past succes there is logic hiding in plain sight. Again speaking about something in plain sight... It seems like there is something big, obvious, that is ignored by us. - here's how I translate this, "Zombies are no longer required when you use the Key of Money at the Bank. Past Money shows clues/the next step that are (revealed/apparent?)" The second sentence I'm still trying to get. I've also filled up my bank account and have emptied it on many occasions. I haven't updated the original post or continued trial and error in a while so I'll start in on it again. Finally have a chance to start a local 4 man crew soon to try it out so I've been training back up so to speak. Thanks for keeping this alive @Anonymous, I'm here as always!
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    Credit to Talam for his videos and the CoD wiki for having a base transcription which I rearranged, corrected, and organized. Here is a link to the Google Doc version. Edward Richtofen and Tank Dempsey - Crossfire Edward Richtofen and Nikolai Belinski - Crossfire Edward Richtofen and Takeo Masaki - Crossfire Tank Dempsey and Nikolai Belinski - Crossfire Tank Dempsey and Takeo Masaki - Crossfire Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki - Crossfire
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    Yes, to improve human condition! You've deserved this title Raddy, and know you are not alone in experiencing such things you've mentioned. Cheers!
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    I would like to thank everyone who voted, whether for me or not. 2019 was a rough year for myself and for the world as a whole. I lost friends and my loved ones have experienced hardships with no clear solution or end in sight. I've questioned my own role in this world many times, and a whole new chapter of my life is just beyond the horizon. Through all that, however, I've been able to rely on CoDz to always be there as a safe haven filled with genuine people from around the world. This place is truly something special, and I am grateful to be a part of its history. Let's celebrate a new year, and the turn of a new decade. Let's make this world a place worth living in. To improving the human condition!
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    Beter late than never, Hunterooo. Looking at how a tenth vote would not change the outcome of the poll, I am gonna go ahead and close it. Thanks to everyone who nominated, voted and of course the folks on the list, but most importanly thank you to the great @RadZakpak and congrats on being our user of the year. It has been a pleasure reading all of your posts and participating in your tournament threads even though those had some very questionable results. haha The timeline post, the convo quotes threads, the forgotten mysterys threads (with Anon) along with other theories and so many other great topics and let's not forget the Storybook. All these posts show just how awesome you are. It's an honor to share this forum with you. Much love
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    Gonna try to find a logic behind the green flashes of the Magic Box, instantly followed by a Teddy Bear sitting on top of the box afterwards. Things I got so far (will update): Russman: Gets a Warmachine Misty: Samuel: Marlton: I find it interesting how Russman has multiple quotes in which he says how much he likes the Warmachine (the weapon that gives him the green flash). Samuel likes pistols, Misty shotguns and Marlton snipers. Maybe there's a connection, maybe these quotes hint something. Furthermore, here are Zielinski's twitter riddles, all released before Die Rise (meaning it has to do with either Tranzit or Nuketown Zombies?) It may be points, or whatever you call them. Wait appropriate amount of time, then continue to work. Maybe something to do with the banking system? Overlooked and never found, but one does simply run around. Thinking about it, I never simply ran an entire round over the map, without using the bus or teleporters. If you go there now something will be up and running...... but stay to the path, dont go hunting. Don't go hunting seems to hint that we should not kill any zombies. Maybe run the map without killing any zombie, and there will be something upon returning in Bus Depot? Everyone looks for the missing piece, and they think they have it, between their teeth Crashed and derailed, it is the players who have failed. Definately a train reference You have seen the key, but it is too large, you see. I think about the train, but it could certainly possible that that's just my tunnelvision. In plain sight, but out of mind, without me, you would be blind. Something to do with lights? The Sun maybe? I thought you would be clued, because you're picture of beams may be skewed. Seems to reference to the beams (that were a remnant of a deleted Easter Egg, I believe). The hands of time do never stop, then again, the hands should swap. Sometimes the largest objects hold the most significance, the end result, may be magnificent. Train? Very maybe? The next step is not too far, looking in the wrong way is what you are. Perhaps we have to run the map counter-clockwise? Or does it have to do with the Bridge? Not too far seems to refer to close-by the Bus Depot spawn, the wrong/other way seems to refer to the oposite direction we always go (with the bus/to the box). The first thing we encounter upon going the other way is the Bridge. A train car is a train car....unless derailed, that is.....then its junk right? Moar train hints. If you have been there, but dont go back, then how do you know? Maybe the Bus Depot? We always spawn there, but hardly ever return If it can open but you dont open it, how will you know. Follow the signs to. What signs? Some say "Tell us" and many tell me to keep my mounth shut. I will say this: I always think what i want until i get it. Eyes of dedication, skil, are separate. Where there's a bomb, there is also a brain. But what's this? It's happening all over again... No vision doesnt mean less ability. Reminds me of the 'without me you would be blind' quote. Some things needs to go down, before others go up. Go down...objects? Players? Sometimes it can be two sides of the same coin. But when flipping the coin, you never know what lands first. Distractions are inhibited though the general key of succes. Past succes there is logic hiding in plain sight. Again speaking about something in plain sight... It seems like there is something big, obvious, that is ignored by us. Has anyone any idea what kind of structure this is and what purpose it has (in real life, I mean)? It lays beyond the derailed train, invisible in a casual map when there is fog blocking our vision. When you turn the fog off, however, it is in plain sight. "Stay close to me" says the morse code in the electricity sparking in the wire, leading from the Easter Egg pylon to the pylon right-beyond this structure. I WANT TO BELIEVE!!!
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    First of all I'd like to nominate this thread to @Electric Jesus and @PINNAZ, as their past comments in posts of many years old unconsiously inspired me about a lot of the following content. Also, allow me to copy-paste parts of a short intro about the Hanford area I wrote a while back to get into the atmosphere: Hanford Site, WA Tranzit, as all of you might know, takes place in Hanford, Washington State, USA. The shape of the Columbia river, the roads and the railway are astonishing corresponding. Hanford was, and actually still is, an American scientific-military facility. Lets go back to the origins of the Hanford Works. In 1943, in the midst of World War II, the United States launched the construction of nuclear facilities in the area of the small town of Hanford. For the sake of winning the war, Hanford’s citizens were said to be relocated to new living areas and the area became fully restricted to enter. However, many citizens disappeared, not to be found ever again. Huge concrete constructions raised from the ground, miles of road and railway were created, and four electrical substations were built. So-called ‘tank farms’ appeared, which had a function in storing radioactive waste: Large, partly underground, waste cylinders. We can actually see a few in the Farm part of Tranzit, with 'infected' written in Cyrillic on it. Hanford had become a massive top-secret nuclear research facility, mainly focussed on forming plutonium. Subsequently, the area became extremely polluted with many types of hazardous elements and chemicals. It was in the drinking water of not only the workers, but also the citizens who lived some miles away. In their blood. In their cells. And many of them died not old. Two years later, 1945: Germany capitulated, and after the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan (of which as a matter of fact, one was created in the Hanford Works) the Second World War ended and the era of the Cold War had started. The United States faced a new strategic threat in the rise of the Soviet nuclear weapon program, also possessing the remnants of Group 935, and it expanded the Hanford Site. As the the nations were not merely in a space- and nuclear arms race, they were involved in a shadow race for element 115 as well. However, the US's 115 deposit in Nevada and Japan was limited, and since Griffin Station was overrun by the undead, they had to find a way to gain more of the element in order to continue this arms race against the Soviets. @Monopoly Mac came with the idea that the Hanford Site might have been a location where scientists, for the first time, succeeded in artificially creating the element. With help of their experience in nuclear and atomic research, as well as having the support of several ex-935'ers obtained through Operation Stapler, this American scientific organisation was able to generate 115. The barn at Farm has boxes with scratched off signs, possibly storing the element. By 1963, the Hanford Campus was home to nine nuclear reactors along the Columbia River, five reprocessing plants on the central plateau, and more than 900 support buildings and radiological laboratories around and underneath the site. It did nit only focussed itself on forming plutanion anymore, but ununpentium as well. Coincidentally, this was also the year the Broken Arrow gained approval to start... Green Run (1946-1962) Green Run was a secret US Government release of radioactive fission products in the populated area around Hanford, starting in 1946 and continued till at least 1962, when more experiments commenced. The purpose of Green Run was to test methods of detecting radiation from the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons programs, since the released radioisotopes were supposed to be detected by the US Air Force reconnaissance. This unethical human experimentation led to the death of many more local civilians. But the experimentation didn’t stop at “merely” releasing the radioactive isotopes of iodine, plutonium, uranium and xenon in the area. As the facilities secretly generated Element 115 as well, much of this was leaked in the soil and water too, possibly with the purpose of testing how the Air Force could localize Soviet facilities working with 115. Hanford Sanatorium and MKAlpha The doctor-like zombie character models in Green Run wear a sign with 'Hanford Sanatorium' written on it. A sanatorium is a medical facility for long-term illness, most typically associated with treatment of tuberculosis, in the late-19th and 20th century before the discovery of antibiotics. In the United States, especially the West Coast became a popular spot for sanatoria. In 1910, tent cities began to pop up in different areas in this region, some described as places of squalor and shunned by most local citizens. Hanford is not confirmed to have had a for the outside world known sanatorium, but the fact that it isn't registered doesn't mean there never was any. Now all zombie models in Tranzit, whether it are doctors, patients or citizens, share a common feature: a wound in their backs, as well as their collars. James C. Burns, the voice actor of sergeant Frank Woods, told us to look at these identical wounds, hinting that it has a reason it is there. These imply that the undead were released from a hospital: the Hanford Sanatorium! It is most likely that the patients, as well as the locals from Town, were experimented upon. Why their backs and collars? It seems like the doctors were performing surgery in their spine, as well as their brain, to control cerebral function. The fact that they are now undead means that Element 115 was also included in these experiments. It could even be possible that the facility's leaking of 115, the infecting of the patients, was done for this purpose. The scientists could be trying to create a new undead super soldier army, or this whole experiment could have been part of Broken Arrow's Project MKAlpha, control over the brain through the usage of 115. MKAlpha was part of Operation MKUltra, the CIA's mind control program. This Operation included methods of brainwash due to physicial, mental, sexual torture, hypnosis and drug use, and the testsubjects were often illegally aqcuired. Several ex-Nazi scientists and investigation, taken during Operation Paperclip, also participated in MKUltra. Operation MKAlpha was a sub-project of this, investigating the use of Element 115 concerning this matter. "Ahh... The sleepy town of Hanford, Washington State. Where normal people go about their mundane lives in peace. Where nothing of note ever happens. If only it had stayed that way. One fateful night, the entire population of the town and its surrounds vanished - without so much as a trace." - Remnant tour guide Perhaps Hanford was their testing ground. And imagine the entire population of the United States doing as they wish. Imagine all the citizens of the Soviet Union doing as they wish! What Broken Arrow was researching here, was world domination.
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    So with the recent release of comic issue #2, we get the info that the part of Broken Arrow experimenting with Ununpentium is so secret that most of Broken Arrow's agents and scientists did not even knew of its existence. That gives me the feeling that Broken Arrow is a HUGE scientific organization, instead of a relative small group only experimenting with 115. The map TranZit gave us the very kind and sometimes very mean NPC: The robotic bus driver. Has anyone ever listened to his quotes? They are pretty interesting. They include all kind of conspiracy top-secret sites in the United States. Could all these locations be secret stations of Broken Arrow? Let's do a short breakdown here. As a side note: He also talks about Hawaii, Grand Central Station, the Grand Canyon, Pismo Beach, Santa Monica, Harvard Yard and Yellowstone Park, but I excluded them in this post due to its most likely insignificance. The H.A.A.R.P. has been part of the zombie story since WaW. There are plenty of theories about it on our site, such as @Tac's one here: Groom Lake, also known as Area 51. I don't think I have to explain this one: We even play here during the "No Man's Land" part in the map Moon. It lays near Nuketown. Bohemian Grove is a campground in Monte Rio. In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a two-week, three-weekend encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world, including presidents, governors, media executives, business leaders and other people of power. In the year 1942, a planning meeting for the Manhattan Project, the atomic bomb, took place here. The Great Slave Lake is, as it is named, a great lake in the North of Canada. In 1978, a Soviet Radar Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite, named Kosmos 954, built with an onboard nuclear reactor fell from orbit and disintegrated. Pieces of the nuclear core fell in the vicinity of Great Slave Lake. The Mount Weather is said to be an atomic shelter. But not just a normal bunker. This enormous facility is a major relocation site for the highest level of civilian and military officials in case of a fallout, playing a major role in continuity of government. One thing: For what would this bunker be used when it is empty and not used? The Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) is a nuclear test reactor located in the 400 area of Hanford Site (where Green Run takes place), in the state Washington. It was built in 1978, and operated from 1980 till 1992, doing tests concerning "advanced nuclear fuels, materials, components, nuclear power plant operations and maintenance protocols, and reactor safety designs." Deep Springs, California, is an area that is known for some very odd events. It appears that there is a huge underground base under Deep Springs. An underground river of more than 25 Miles long, stretching through the Californian and Nevadan desert, is theorized to be part of that base too. CIA, aliens and weird devices: Take a look at this link: http://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/deepsprings.html Dulce Base is a military underground station located in New Mexico. Here too are claims of alien activity and UFO's (antigravity devices?). The Greenbrier resort seems to be a normal luxury resort, but nothing of that is true. In the late 1950s, the U.S. government approached The Greenbrier for assistance in creating a secret emergency bunker to house Congress in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, much like Mount Weatt, but much smaller. This classified, underground facility, was named "Project Greek Island". The Tehachapi Ranch, officially known as the Northrop facility, is a facility located in the foothills near the city of Lancaster, California. Although the public is told that this is a cattle ranch, no livestock are visible anywhere on the property. When people ask what happens there, Northrop Corporation will say that this is an electromagnetic research facility. Sounds familar? There are also large radar or microwave dishes and strange looking pylons, with as purpose beaming electromagnetic radiation. These pylons rise up from underground out of openings in the middle of long, paved surfaces that resemble aircraft runways, but which are not used by any type of aircraft for landing or take-off. It is thought that this facility goes down as many as 42 levels, and that tunnels link it to other nearby underground installations in the area.
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    I really thought all these locations would go somewhere, but unfortunately they didn't. One thing Ive wanted to do (but never did) is map out all these locations to see if there was something else. A shape or picture or so? There are 3 underlying contexts. Each location represents either - • Secret Underground Military bases • Nuclear Sites • Natural Disasters This thread is probably all I formatted now As for - Hawaii - Volcanos Grand Central Station - had an underground tunnel to a hotel Grand Canyon - (can't remember) conspiracy about caves or something Santa Monica Boulevard - Earthquake Faultline & Tsunami warnings at the beach. (Is it also the end of Route 66?) Havard Yard - prob something underground or Skull & Bones? Yellowstine Park - is a giant Volcano

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