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    I originally thought that the attire of the Chaos crew was based on the various types of gladiatorial performances. However, Diego’s outfit, especially his chest piece, appears to have a Mesoamerican aesthetic. And so, I wonder if each outfit of the chaos crew also reflects their heritage. Based on their last names: Stanton Shaw- English/Scottish Scarlett Rhodes- English Bruno Delacroix- French Diego Necalli- Mexican (Last name Aztec) Although I am not sure on the accuracy, Necalli appears to be an Aztec/Nahuatl name meaning “battle” (e.g. https://www.names.org/n/necalli/about, http://www.babynames.com/name/Necalli). This does explain why Street Fighter’s Aztec Warrior is named Necalli (and why he is the top of the Google Search results). Looking at the gear of Each Character: Bruno- By the First Century AD/CE Gaul was already under Roman Control. It would make sense that Bruno’s outfit has the most Roman-like appearance. Scarlett and Stanton- They appear to have Celtic markings on their bodies. This would make sense if Scarlett and Stanton are English and or Scottish. Interestingly, Scarlett appears to be wearing mail. At first, I thought it might allude to the fact that by 84 AD/CE, Rome had conquered Britain. Scarlett’s armor would be a cross between the two styles. Although, this does depend on whether or not the map is the Colosseum (completed in 80 AD/CE). Furthermore, it appears the Romans adopted the Celt’s style of making chainmail (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mail_(armour); specific Citation http://www.lordsandladies.org/chainmail.htm). Regardless, it fits either way. In a similar manner, I wonder if Stanton’s appearance differs from Bruno and Scarlett because the Roman’s never conquered Scotland. Diego- As mentioned earlier appears to adopt a Mesoamerican style. If Diego is from Mexico, it would also account for why his outfit is the most unlike the rest of the crew. Diego’s appearance in the comic is slated for the issue dealing with the Mexican Revolution (https://www.darkhorse.com/Comics/3003-494/Call-of-Duty-Zombies-2-3#prettyPhoto). Overall, I think this is a neat attention to detail. I would also guess that this means we may have more Pantheon’s represented in the series’ future. The "doll" at the end of the IX trailer looks like a Voodoo Doll.
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    I had a McChicken today, it was passable. Also I pinned this topic, due to its historical significance.
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    Permission to act with extreme activity?
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    Bawbag It's nearly midnight when I get to jump on with you young ones - at least it used to be lol
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    I can cosign on this, even when his downs start on round 5
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    So recently, I have been re-reading the comics and have been giving some thought to the direction this story may go given that issue #6 is the newest piece of media in this canon. I have been thinking of Blundell's tendency of teasing future maps with Black Ops III. There were little notes and coordinates connecting the current map to the upcoming one. But one small easter egg was found but shortly forgotten in Der Eisendrache that has only re-appeared once: at the last page of Comic #6. The easter egg in question is the London newspaper easter egg, which as of right now is not very well documented. There is a newspaper in the control room of Der Eisendrache which details a huge parade, pictured here: Upon acquiring the flaming plunger through another small easter egg and killing zombies near the paper with the plunger, the zombies will warp away as if being teleported, and then upon looking at the paper it looks like this: And after getting even more plunger kills, the paper will change once more. I appear to have run out of space for posting pictures, so I will post the others I mention in the comments. The last iteration of the paper reads "'ZOMBIE' ATTACK IN THE HEART OF LONDON!", with a nearby panel reading "Parliament gathers for emergency meeting" The running theory with this easter egg is that since the plunger is taken from another time through time travel, killing zombies with it causes them to be sent through time to London, and we are changing the future through our actions. Now, this is a neat little easter egg, but it was not solid enough evidence of things to come to really be sure. However, over a year later, issue 6 of the comic series ended with an altered loading screen from the past, very similar to the ones in previous comics, but very few talk about this one. It appears like the original Mob of the Dead loading screen, but with a page torn and Richtofen's scribblings. But more interesting is the newspaper clipping tucked behind the page, which matches exactly the final iteration of the newspaper from Der Eisendrache, with the Parliament meeting text visible. On one hand this could just be a way of connecting the theme of changing the past in the last comic to the paper which represents such actions. But I feel it is somewhat symbolic for this to be on the final page of the entire series, marking a sort of teaser for the future. This paper appearing twice is, I think an indication of London's future appearance in our game. Personally, along with London, I feel Mob of the Dead will be remastered, with Victis as the playable characters, similar to The Giant. My primary reasoning is that Victis is put on ice at the end of the same comic teasing London, under Alcatraz. Also Blundell stated that since Mob was not in Chronicles, they had another use for it in the future. If that is the case, then I think the London map may be a stand-alone map with actors like Shadows of Evil, if we are following the same formula as BO3. But, Treyarch is known to break the formula, so who knows how this will play out? What do you all think? Also, thank you @anonymous for suggesting I post this.
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    This is going to be a brief overview. I’m going to have more of the evidence added in the OP. This is where the Timeline Ends and Paradoxically Begins. Upon arriving at Mob of the Dead, the Primis crew makes their way to a laboratory underneath the Alcatraz Island. Another Richtofen from another dimension seen reading the Kronorium, seemingly waiting for Primis's arrival in the lab. "You're late!" states the lone Richtofen and turns around in frustration, closes the Kronorium and greets his other self. He then proceeds to pick up three pairs of blood vials from the table and hands them to Primis Richtofen while saying "Two for each of them, survival depends on it...ya, ya, ya, you remember!" Primis Richtofen hands over the blood vials to Dempsey. Hasty the lone Richthofen gives his counterpart the Kronorium and strongly advises him to read it again. Primis Richtofen starts to read through the Kronorium with confusion and frustration while the lone Richthofen turns around and leaves trough a rift. July 4th, 1941 Richtofen returns to the lab under Alcatraz where he meets Vitis, arriving from the Empty Earth with the Kronorium. Upon reading the Kronorium, Richtofen discovers numerous timelines documenting their fates and learns about the Blood Vials. He would later write on the page “I know what I must do -E.R- 4/7/41.” Richtofen enters a rift to acquire the blood of Sal and Finn. After delivering the blood to his younger self and recovering the blood vials belonging to Victis he returns. Victis is placed ‘on ice’, to be kept safe until they are needed next. July 4th, 1941 Primis arrives to collect the Victis blood samples from Richtofen. Following Primis’ departure, Richtofen learns the location of the Summoning Key and travels to his next destination. Confused the Primis crew leaves the Lab and runs to their rift they came trough. This is prevented by Brutus which destroys the rift before the crew can leave. while trying to surviving the horde, they soon come to realise they are stuck on the island, doomed to die.
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    Mad Hatter I am disappointed in myself. ;_;
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    Really great detail here, really interested to see how the lore from all the different cultures plays into the overall story line. Based on the initial Voyage of Despair trailer is seems to carry overs. Also when they are inhaling the vapors is it possible that they are inhabiting the bodies of their ancestors? Just speculating but maybe their families have been brought together for centuries to fight this battles. Whatever is may be. Yeah I'm calling him Mumbo Jumbo, it's been decided.
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    Thank you. IX does seem to be meshing a lot of cultures and mythologies. Although, the blending of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian aesthetic isn’t too foreign given the time period. However, Diego’s armor, the Voodoo Doll, Vigor Statues, and a few of the Wonder Weapons are a bit out of place. In the initial IX trailer one of the gladiatorial sacrifices appears to be Asian. I even remember reading some theories that said IX had Carthaginian influence as well and possibly that the map is set in an alternate timeline where Carthage won the Punic Wars. Something is amiss with IX. Maybe the villains are some relic collecting cultists? Maybe they pull people and things from all over space and time?
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    I like the lyrics and the gameplay, but the music isn't really my cup of tea. I dunno, I feel like I just don't get get A7X. : (
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    Man, Boom, we're gonna need some ketchup for those harshbrowns.
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    Holy shit I can do 7 days on my head. This is amazing!
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    Just 7 days this time around. Thoughts?
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    Bish we all busy. Stop with the excuses and start with the action 🤪
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    I would say your right but not entirely. Jason Bludell created MOTD to be a place like Limbo or purgatory. While I want something to come of this there never will be. Our time with Primis, Victis, and Ultimis has been real but it’s about time we have a resting place. I hope these new characters Make a fellow survivor want to keep surviving. Do far it’s been spot on. Everything I said is factual and you can read and study the time line as much as you want. It doesn’t help that all the events change in the Kronorium. I’m not going to speculate to much until Mr. Blundel give me some Confirmed info. Basically when it’s released so I guess we’re both wrong
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    Boom. I’ll DM the account info
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    CoDz youtube was linked to my gmail at one point and no longer seems to be the case and recovering it is a complete nightmare (if not impossible). I'm around to help with anything and they lads know that. Work takes priority of course but I ain't someone that backs out on round 30 because of downs or because it's past my bedtime
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    I'm hoping I get everything in order the day of, still... I should. I'm otherwise ready for this!
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    We not a tad late Boom? I'll be sure dip into the chat through the day, props for doing this.
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    I'll try to hang out in the chat and cheer you on.
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    @RequixEclipseDid you try @Covert Gunman? I believe he was the one that set up that account. Although I think they may have discontinues the email service used previously so it might not matter one way or another. Also @NaBrZHunterwas all up in that youtube last season.
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    Get rid of who was online.. possibly add list of who’s LIVE on Twitch. bring back the Reviews/Editorials I Always like a little side read with meh zombehs
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    I'm glad to hear this. Certain events in the Timeline just didn't seem right (like Der Eisendrache being built in 1292, while the real Hohenwerfen Castle was built earlier) but I guess everything has a reason now. Happy they really have a writer for it, and not someone who worked on this timeline for fun in his/her free time. I also like that thing he said about Classified. That it is for the hardcore story fans. The deep cuts. Man I hope it'll be about some old cospiracies/mythology themes. Makes me hopefull
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