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    I want to once again thank @EricMaynard for the contributions. Just with the Apothicon Language that we deciphered ( https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/f13fao/the_apothicon_language_decoded_for_real_this_time/ ), this was just as much a team effort. I hope you enjoy the theory: One question held by many players during the final map of Black Ops 4, Tag Der Toten, was where were Doctor Monty and the Shadowman? Both appear and are referenced heavily in-game, and even if one takes into account budget arguments, surely it would have been possible for some sort of appearance, even only in the campfire dialogue with the characters? No, this was a deliberate decision by Treyarch, and one with incredible ramifications. This theory will seek to explain why. But first, in order to dissect the end, we must travel back to the beginning. It is impossible to say what reality was before creation, however it began with a single entity - The First One[1]. In the first moments, he brought into being the Astoth Arbzorark - The Key to All or Summoning Key, as it would come to be known, and with it, the first language. With the first object in existence, he crafted the dimensions and gave each one a unique mix of life. But he was alone and had no equal, and so he created kin, beings to watch over the universe with him and Keep it from harm. However, they still existed within the Aether, and without physical forms, so these Keepers created a space out of the infinite in which to manifest physically - Agartha[2]. It is impossible to date these processes, indeed, they could have been simultaneous, however in and among them, The First One ceases to be - henceforth in his place, two figures emerge and rise high within their society - one who would eventually come to be known as The Harbinger of Doom, The Shadowman and Mr. Rapt, and another who would be known as The Great Dragon, Satan and Dr. Monty. During this period, the race began experimenting with the Aether, with those under Monty developing a way to travel through the aether in order to bridge vast distances in space, and even time - Teleportation. However, The Shadowman undertook further experimentation with the Aether to a degree that his colleague deemed unnatural, manipulating the darkest forces of the Aether, and even creating a device, a Pyramid, in order to completely manipulate them. This led to an all-out war between the two factions, with those who were touched by the Aether’s darkness ultimately being defeated and banished into the very Aether that they had begun to shape for themselves. Over millennia, the two factions began to evolve to the point where they were no longer just separate factions, but separate species. Those who remained free became almost humanoid, abandoning the first language for a new one and believing themselves to be the righteous protectors of the universe, all the while endeavouring to keep their race pure[3]. Meanwhile, those who pushed the Aether to its limits lost their sense of self, instead becoming part of a singular hive mind, the only member with any sort of agency being their former leader [4], and yet maintaining their original language - a link to their past; perhaps a reminder of what they once were? Now one thing of note here, the seeming disappearance of The First One at the moment of the appearance of Monty and the Shadowman. It seems somewhat odd that the undisputed most powerful being in existence would instantly fade, and give way to the two most powerful, and evenly matched beings in existence. A rather simple explanation is that The First One, at some point, was severed (or severed himself) into two beings, equal yet opposite in power. This is not entirely unsubstantiated either: In revelations, when speaking about the nature of the Aether, Monty goes on the following tangent “...You know how people say when you cut a worm in half, both parts keep on living? Well, they do! Kind of.. for a bit. But then one of them dies, not sure if it's the ass or the head, but that's the problem with worms! They're a bit short on distinguishing features.” Within the map itself, we see the Shadowman die, just as with one half of the worm, and yet come the next cycle, he is still alive, leading the Apothicons in the great war, as if he cannot be truly destroyed, and when exploring the analogy even more, if we take the line on “Distinguishing features”, Monty and the Shadowman, when in their true forms, look identical, in fact, being a perfect balance between the eldritch features of the Apothicons and the human features of the Keepers. Furthermore, we know that Monty’s power is limited to the manipulation of existing matter [5], yet the Shadowman is able to only manipulate the souls of individuals, with neither being able to use the ability of the other. This relationship is shown clearly by the Alcatraz pocket dimension: The Shadowman instructs the Warden to sacrifice the four mobsters, and then himself, in order to form the pocket. This is an identical relationship to Primis/Ultimis and the Elemental shard, however here, rather than the four souls fused to the shard to form the Aether, it’s four souls fused to the Warden himself to create the pocket (This is why the warden’s body can be manipulated through the Kronorium and Summoning Key to cause direct changes to the Pocket during BotD’s easter egg). These limitations confirm Monty’s assertion in Revelations that he “isn’t all-powerful”, however if the Aether itself is based on souls, or life-energy (the very thing that the Apothicons are said to consume), then surely if the two were a singular entity, they would in fact be able to create ex-nihilo, or from nothing, just as The First One did. Now onto Tag Der Toten. Within the timeframe of this map, The Shadowman exists exclusively within The Summoning Key, and Monty is unaccounted for. The end goal of Nikolai here is to permanently remove the Aether by destroying the current existence - that includes Agartha, because as previously established, Salvation comes only when Agartha burns. Furthermore, as stated by Maxis, if Agartha is to be destroyed, Monty himself will cease to be. This places Monty in an incredibly threatened position - regardless of what he does, he is now doomed to be destroyed and has no way to survive… Or does he? When building the Agarthan Device, the player retrieves three components. These are the Seal of Duality, the Blood of an Apothicon Elder God/Overlord, and the Elemental Shard: The Shard is the simplest to explain. In the forties when Richtofen was carrying out his initial experiments on Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo, he learned about the Agarthan Device’s components from Jeb Brown’s recovered schematics, and decided he would do his best to construct it. Fusing the souls of the three test subjects, and his own, to a single piece of the Element, it grew and crystalised, forming the Shard. The Shard permanently binds the souls of these four, regardless of Dimension, and also means that these four souls form the lattice within which the Aether exists - just like its relationship with Agartha - one becomes intrinsic to the other. In essence, the shard is the entire Aether given form. The Blood of the Apothicon Elder God (or Overlord) is particularly interesting, and is what resulted in our decoding of the entire Apothicon language, of which we now have an entire other level of understanding. The Apothicons function under a hivemind, in fact, their language has no concept of “I”, with “Mine” in English translating into the Apothicon word for “Our”. For the Apothicons, the closest concept they have to a leader is that of the Shadowman, as he is capable of acting with a certain degree of agency, however without a doubt is undyingly loyal to his brethren - but the Shadowman is now sealed within the summoning key. This means that the Apothicon hivemind now takes exclusive precedence. The blood itself is interesting, because it presents us with the revelation that the Apothicons that we see are less like traditional life-forms, and instead like “crafts” or “vessels”. In fact, the only sentient part of an Apothicon is the Blood. This connection is what leads to the understanding that for all intents and purposes the Blood and the Shadowman are one and the same, or at the very least mentally understand what the other is doing. The blood is seen talking to the player within the map, where it gives some incredibly interesting dialogue. After the initial “offerings”, the blood claims it will “speak now in the tongue that is forbidden” and proceeds to say “Seal of Duality” in Keeper ("Leesanatahn lu ahm") - this shows a clear resentment to the “new” language harboured by the Apothicons - however what follows is far more interesting. After completing the Shard - fully binding the Blood of the Apothicons within the Seal of the Keepers through the Aether - they say verbatim: “Light and Darkness reunite - The duality is resolved” Followed by “Beginning… End… Forever” (Arkeon... Asteon... Kareon...) in Apothicon - and to reiterate - this would have implications for the entirety of these races. Which leads us to our final conclusion. The purpose of the Agarthan Device, The Tag Der Toten Easter Egg, and the reason both Shadowman and Monty had been found pursuing this device in the past (keepers and Jeb Brown/Reporter[6] going after device) was that it perpetuates the reuniting of Dr. Monty and the Shadowman, Keepers and apothicons, back into a singular being leading a singular race. The First One. The one who created all from the Aether when there was nothing. Taking into account we see no resistance from Dr Monty in Tag Der Toten and no evidence the Shadowman was in the key or died when it explodes, it seems that the fusion took place before everything was put into the dark Aether. So with everything not destroyed, but in the Dark Aether, and Sam and Eddie in this new reality, the question remains: what does the existence of the first one matter? Well, I leave you with this question: If the first one created reality FROM the Aether… Could he leave it? Bibliography: [1]: "Kronorium Excerpt 349561223: The Summoning Key is one of the oldest artifacts in all creation. It was used by the first one to mix all the dimensions with life, giving each one its unique balance. Under certain circumstances, it has the ability to form bridges between dimensions allowing the transfer of life forces back and forth. It resides in the 63rd dimensions" [2]: The Keepers craft the Summoning Key, a device that allows them to manipulate the Aether. Holding power over reality itself, they use it to create Agartha. (Timeline section: Agartha) [3]: Shadows of Evil sword “upgrade”, destroying the apothicon egg; circumstantially, it is the APOTHICONS who resolve the duality, not the keepers, they even break from tradition and speak in the new language [4]: Nan-Sapwe going to the island and rescuing it himself shows that the keepers were more than capable of breaking from the herd and undertaking individual tasks. [5]: Revelations quote "The minute you people teleported for the first time, you changed the rules. How am I supposed to keep track if you keep moving the pieces? Even when you were just a little problem, brewing in the far corner of existence, I tried to throw you a bone or two. I told you this, didn’t I? The magic box of weapons, the little clues here and there. I always tried to give you a little help without drawing too much attention to myself. The thing is though, I can't just magic things out of thin air. I have to manipulate things that already exist in your reality, like the perk drinks. They were something originally cooked up by Group 935. I just (whistles) I just used them for my own ends. Heh, I honestly don't even know how they work. I-I-I swear! As for the songs: Don't get me started!" [6]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDh3yyqoAwQ Edward Richtofen: "Log Entry 1438. Date: July 18th, 1945. Dear diary, I have been in Group 935 Siberian facility for nearly days and mein cup already runneth over with exciting news! First, yesterday I've learned that I would receive not one, not two but three test subjects! Aah, hopefully with proper 115 injections we will be able to use these specimens to access to the human mind. The Chancellor's undead army is on standby until we crack this crucial step. Und secondly... (A door is opened. Someone entered the room dragging another person) Soldier: Here he is, Richtofen. Richtofen: Get your damn hands off me! Now what do we have here? A spy? Reporter: If you know what's good for you, you'd let me go! Richtofen: Oh yes, ja, ja! I'm just you worked for someone incredibly important. Reporter: Honestly, you have no idea. Richtofen: How did you find mein secret facility? Who are you? Reporter: I'm a reporter. I was hired by a man, Mr. Rapt, I never met him. He asked me to find some goods for him. Things he wanted badly. Richtofen: Sounds thrilling. And what were these... goods he wanted so badly? Reporter: (sigh) Look, I don't know the specifics, he just told me to travel to Russia. He gave me these coordinates, which led me here. How was I supposed to know it was a freaking German base?! Gave some vague description of a strange metal object. (Richtofen picks up the Vril Vessel) Richtofen: This, I assume? Reporter: Yeah, that'll be it. Called it the "Seal of duality", whatever the hell that means. Richtofen: Well, the Vril Vessel isn't for sale and is certainly not for stealing. But it is curious. I have only just arrived in this facility, bringing the Vril Vessel with me. Yet, you somehow know it would be here. How is this possible? Reporter: How the hell am I supposed to know? I just go where the Shadowman says to go. I don't know how he does it. Listen, when Mr. Rapt wants to find you he's got his ways. Look, you want to go ahead and get this over with, if you're gonna kill me, kill me. Not like it'll matter. It's kind of funny, you know. Something Mr. Rapt said, but if I failed him and died, it'll be okay. He said he'd reach out to me all over the multiverse, whatever that means. I didn't pay it no mind then but maybe some other me is out there having a lot better luck than I have Soldier: Sir, what should we do? Richtofen: Take the strange sad little man away. Find a hole.
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    Hey CODZ! It's your friendly neighborhood GRILL here, checking in. What a viscous pandemic that has gripped our planet! It's truly in these dire times that I thank CODZ for a community that I can return to, and feel comfort to envelope myself in. To me, it honestly feels like a zombie apocalypse out there - I live in a highly effected area. How's everyone doing? Everyone washing your hands like crazy? I just needed to come here and once again acknowledge how important this place is.
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    Yes it's in french, a box at treyarch, the tmeline that I can not post and :
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    Okay I've gone down a bit of a rabbit hole in the CIA servers and am at a loss and also my head hurts so here's what I've got: On October 24, 1955 Vannevar Bush sends a message to J. Robert Oppenheimer with poems written by John "Banana" which were recovered at Verruckt. Here's an excerpt from that message: DK-MFK is a hint on how to login to the CIA account of someone named D. King. When you log into his account, you find only one irrelevant email that was sent to all users about cupcakes. However, he has many .txt files that contain haikus, and one image. The haikus are related to missions in the campaign, basically explaining what happens in each, with the exception of one, which relates to Multiplayer of all things: Here is the one image: Here's the thing about the haikus, though: The file names are written like so: Hai23.txt, Hai24.txt, and so on. There are three missing: Hai1.txt, Hai2.txt, and Hai5.txt. (CoD Wiki says both have Hai5.txt, but I checked in-game and Dking has Hai6, but not Hai5) Where are those three haikus? They are located in the Dreamland server, under Vannevar Bush: Hai1.txt Hai2.txt Hai5.txt Hai1 and Hai2 are DEFINITELY related to Zombies, and they are some of John "Banana"'s final writings in Verruckt. So that brings us full circle. To recap: - John "Banana"'s poem, shared by V. Bush, provides the hint DK-MFK. DK referring to D. King, and MFK referring to his password. - D. King's directory contains a series of prophetic haikus about the campaign. It is missing three haikus: 1, 2, and 5. - V. Bush's directory contains the missing haikus, which definitely relate back to John "Banana". So I guess my questions are: Why did John Banana provide a clue for how to login to D. King's CIA server account, all the way back in 1945? Why does D. King also write haikus, which are in some way related to ones found in Verruckt? Did he write them based on Banana's final moments, and because they held sensitive information, they were put into the Dreamland server? Is this all an elaborate joke about DK (Donkey Kong) and Bananas? The only other place I could find reference to D. King is in a note Jason Hudson received: NOTEX-DK.txt To sum up what is going on here, this note is from 1978, ten years after the end of the Black Ops campaign. Around then, the CIA, especially Richard Kain, were planning Operation Charybdis, a mission to track down and eliminate Hudson, Mason, and Weaver as they were deemed a danger to national security. This story point was obviously dropped as the Black Ops 2 campaign happened. But it confirms D. King is someone in the CIA, working for Kain. The sender of this note, X, also warned Weaver about a niece who was still alive, and Mason about Woods still being alive. What does X know about D. King that we do not? Last thing, and I sign off: Hai5.txt
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    While sitting home these days I gotta admit, there is plenty of stuff to dwell about... Plenty of stuff to discuss as well. One point we really gotta talk about are the Denizens. In Tranzit, Treyarch seemed to have created their own cyptids: pseudosciencific anecdotal creatures mostly based on urban legends, folklore and rumours. Interesting enough, the Pacific West coast of the United States is a geographical area that is widely associated with crytoid folklore. Tranzit takes place in a rural area in Washington, a state with a diverse environment; there are lowlands, fjords, rivers, glaciers, and mountains (which include several volcanoes). All of these varying landscapes have one thing in common: Forests. Lots and lots of forests. An estimated 40.7 per cent of the state is covered in them, rest of it mostly being cornfields. It is no surprise that this state is believed to be home to a lot of mysterious undiscovered creature species, tiny or large, dangerous and harmless. They have one thing in common: They remain undetected by most humans, hiding in underground caverns, abandoned cornfields or vast woods... Broken Arrow is said to have created the Denizens on April 10, 2025. That is the only bare fact we know about these little fuckers. Analyzing the map, however, might shed more light on their background. Something I really like about Tranzit is that if you look closely, you can see the story what happened there. One of the cages seems to have a hole in them, possibly started the Denizen outbreak. As Marlton says: "One of them has escaped to breed". The creatures quickly spread in the area, but as the Hanford Site is known to be polluted with radioactive isotopes, they hid underground. Or perhaps, the creatures did so because they simply wanted to avoid the sunlight (more on that later). Anyway, there was a moment a Denizen attacked a driving trucker, perhaps out of fear for the truck's headlights, causing the truck to be driven inside Broken Arrow's local power station. This caused the collapse of a power pylon, resulting into the crash of a train transporting who-knows-what. Perhaps the train transported the undead, perhaps the collapsed Power Pylon originally broadcasted a signal that kept the undead at Hanford Sanatorium passive, I don't know. But I think this might be the very start of the outbreak at the Hanford Site. One thing that directly strikes players finally being able to open up the Pack-a-Punch room, are the cages. These cages definately have stored animals being used for experimentation, or more likely, the Denizens. Did you notice, however, that they look very similar to cages held in both Rebirth Island (BO1 Campaign) and the Pentagon Labs (Five), in both cases holding monkeys while applying Nova-6 research? The cages are also encountered in Daniel Clarke's lab in Kowloon, where the cages can be seen directly connected with bio-storage cans containing some kind of chemical, possibly Nova-6. The Denizens have to originate from something. I mean they can have been exposed to chemicals, radiation, genetically modified or I dunno what but they must have had a source. An original animal where they are derived off. I bet these animals were monkeys. This because the cages have the exact same size as those holding monkeys seen in other labs, one of those labs (the Pentagon) later being used under Broken Arrow operations. The research applied on monkeys at the Pentagon could easily have been transferred to Hanford, where they continued the project. Keep in mind the Denizens have a long tail and hand-like feet, just like monkeys. Their skulls, as can be found at the Hunter's Cabin in Tranzit, resemble those of apes. And lastly, remember the reoccuring pressence of monkeys and apes in Call of Duty's Zombies mode... Among the various boxes and crates encountered in the Pack-a-Punch room, some hold a suspicious symbol on them: This is the State Quality Mark of the USSR, used from 1967 till 1991. So Broken Arrow was shipping in goods from the Soviet Union during the Cold War? Goods that might have assisted with the creation of the Denizens? These same boxes also include the arrow symbol for 'this side up', as well as the code 'BEPX'. Next to these boxes, the laboratory also holds cannisters including some type of radiactive and biohazardous compound, perhaps the same as seen in Clarke's lab. Anyway, the Soviet involvement in all this fits very well with another odity we can encounter in Tranzit: the Russian words and sentences. Personally, I can find merely two of these but it is rumoured that there is a third one somewhere as well: 'Zarashjeno', meaning infected or contaminated. 'Kontrolno-dozimetritsjnij "DITJATKI" ' meaning Control-dosimetry "CHILD". Ditjatki, or Child, is also a village located in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Dosimetry refers to the calculation of ionizing radiation, fitting very well with the 'Green Run' theme in this map. The third one is supposed to say 'through 500m', which could be tied with the underground digging Denizens. But feel free to take this sentence with a grain of salt. Another interesting thing about these sentences is that they all reappear in Ascension (or rather they reappeared in Tranzit). Is the ressearch performed at the Cosmodrome continued or replicated at Hanford? Another connecting item between the two maps (and I am surprised no one ever talked about this) is the appearance of the number '22708' in both maps, largely written on the wall. In Tranzit, it can be seen in the Power Station, in the tight hallway when walking from the lava pit to the power switch. What it means, however, je ne sais pas. Now we know the American government performed steps to cooperation concerning 115-experimentation with foreign governments. They tried to reason with president Castro from Cuba during the Five intro cutscene, but looking at the 'International Zombies Centre' in Shanghai they might have accomplished cooperation pacts with China and possibly the Soviet Union as well. There can be find crates with both Russian and Chinese symbols in Shangri-La, a location that is also on the Broken Arrow map in Alpha Omega. So perhaps Broken Arrow went global. That would explain the seemingly involvement of Russian scientists in Hanford as well. The early prototypes of the Denzins could be created at the Pentagon, Kowloon or Rebirth Island. I am even thinking of a possibility that Daniel Clarke's lab could have been evolved into the Broken Arrow station we know as 'Die Rise'. Would explain the pressence of the Bios there (which could be early Denizens). Question remains: Why did they want to create Denizens? And why there, in the middle of rural Washington? As for the abilities of the Denizens the very location might be the key.... Has anyone ever heard about Mel's Hole? I recommend reading this extensive thread if you're interested but I can summarize it here. Basically, it is about a farmer named Mel Waters who bought a piece of land in Washington. Old local rumours condemned this area as 'cursed', sensing a force of evil, but Mel bought it nontheless. He discovered a bottomless pitt on the land, a supposed 'gateway to another dimension', resulting a many extraordinary things that would happen to him. The most notably and infamous one was the reviving of his dead, buried dog, who happily roamed over Mel's land after he was sure he had thrown his dead body into the hole (rezurrecting ability of 115, anyone?). One day, federal agents from the state appeared at Mel's house and buyed off his land. Ever since, 'alien activities' are said to be seen in the area, which is now a sciencific station of the government. So we've got a secret station in rural Washington, built upon 'magic lands'? Sounds like it is located at or near our beloved Hanford site, doesn't it? Back to the Denizens: the reason why Broken Arrow kept experimenting with these twisted abominations was most likely their ability to form portals. Mell's hole is by some, including himself, believed to a gateway to either Hell or another dimension. Over the entire world there are lots of folklores about a variety of holes and wells leading straight to Hell. One thing that came in my mind was the magic well in Buried. Jumping in this hole doesn't only produce the same sound as jumping into a Denizen hole, it even has the same effect: teleporting to an area nearby in the blick of a second, without animation. I've always considered the basic system behind this the same as the Denizen portals, but I just stumbled upon something interesting. You see, this wasn't the end of Mel Water's bizarre adverture. After having lost his land in Washington, he travelled to the badlands of Nevada where he would claim to have found a second mysterious hole. One day one of his sheep came to close to the pit which caused the poor animal to be stunned. The beast made sounds that could only be compared to the shrieks of terror, eventually killing the sheep. Upon autopsy, Waters discovered a tumor-like blob in the intestines. Some men that witnessed this event also stated that the tumor seemed to be moving through the organs, as if something was pushing out from within. Waters decided that the tumor needed to be cut open, but upon doing so they releasing a creature that is described as looking like a “fetal seal with haunting human-like eyes” connected to the tumor inside the sheep with an umbilical cord. For a couple of time, the humans and abomination stared each other in the eyes untill the creature dove back into the bottomless hole. The men left behind stunned. It is said that it later was often encountered by the local people who made it near the hole during nighttime... That terrifying creature....a Denizen? Or perhaps that what is crossed with a monkey to form a Denizen? Similar to Denizens, it seems to live subterrean and have large eyes. Now either these demons already lived the these holes, these entrances to a dimension beneath ours, or Broken Arrow really did create them, and the hole in Nevada was connected with the holes in Hanford. Broken Arrow created the Denizens, the Denizens escaped, dig holes and portals that are connected to the hole in Nevada. But how can this be connected with the Magic Well in Buried? Might I remind you that the frontier mining town in Buried didn't originate from Angola. Temporal Rifts caused it to end up there, but it originated somewhere from the US, most likely the midwest. Why not Nevada? From Jeb Brown's radios, we know that the town was built near a mine where 'strange, blue metal' could be found. As far as we know is Nevada the only location in the US where a deposit of 115 is found, and it would really tie with the Old West style the town has. So if the Town, including the Magic Well, originated from Nevada, is this Mell Water's second 'Well to Hell'? The 'nameless, unexplained creature' that haunts and possibly even generated the portal, the one encountered by Mell, is a Denizen! Victis use their portals to not only teleport within Tranzit, but also in Buried. And perhaps these holes in Washington and Nevada (now Angola) are also connected with each other, explaining Victis' sudden appearance in the US again after Buried. And if the holes do not only transport you through space, but potentially also through time (cuz, y'know, the dimension we talk about is the Aether), it might even explain the NAVcard Paradox! Only that that buggers me is the mechanism behind the formation of the portals. Denizens are seen digging without creating a portal when not under the green light, so I suspect the green light is essential. Perhaps the wavelenght of this specific green light causes a chemical reaction with something the Denizens emit? Or perhaps the soil they dig unto leaves behind such a quantity of radioactive isotopes (Green Run purposedly polluted the area with radioactive compounds and potentially 115 as well) that react with the energy captured within the photons in the green light? Leave your thoughts!
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    Got these images from internet, but will try to get some myself in-game as well later. Awesome you're on this, Cal! Additionally, maybe this thread can help: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/179750-mesopotamia-babylon-and-the-first-civilizations/ I assume you already noticed the similarity between Sumerian and Keeper alphabeth, and I guess solving the language isn't that easy, but it might be of assistence. Good luck!
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    @The Meh suggested I make a Zombies map tier list. The further left a map is on a tier, the more I like it. I took into consideration all aspects of the map from story to gameplay. (For some reason it is blurry, but if you click it it is clear. If you want to make your own and share it, here's a link. I removed the SS tier in mine. I could have removed a tier at the bottom but I wanted to articulate that there isn't a map I could say is bad in good conscience.
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    Controversial opinions incoming
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    Nice idea! Made my own as well. I excluded CotD as I've never played it yet, and I got my hands just recently on BO4 and the Chaos maps so I haven't explored everything there yet. Anyway, my current view:
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    Possibly... I've never run into that problem and I have never played casual, so that may be it.
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    Awesome post, Cal and Eric, you are rightfully the User of the Month! Brains to this thread, and also Asylum approved! I'm curious to the Blood's quote, 'Light and Darkness reunite', does that concern Dr. Monty and Mr. Rapt? And if so, why are they referred to as light and dark respectively while they are both pretty much the same, just different sides of the conflict. Anyway, one thing that remains interesting me is the actual Great War, or War of Agartha as it is called in the Timeline, and it's relevance to mythologies and religions outside the fictional realm of Zombies. For a long time, and I presume that idea holds tight today as well, we've assumed that the tales about Ancient Aliens, the Keepers and Apothicans, are what sparked mankind for their idea of terms like 'Gods', 'Heaven' and 'Hell'. But also, very prominently, 'a Great War'. Quite some time back Tac made a high quality thread about it which can be seen here, and I later made a low quality (back when I didn't really mastered english yet) post here. Thing is, there are connections between CoDZ's Great War and the Great War in many mythologies/religions. A lot of connections. For the Tales about the Scandinavian Ragnarok, the story of the war between Atlantis and Lemuria, the story about the Christians' perception on a Great War and a Flood that makes the old world disappear, Indian/Hindu tales about gods battling each other in flying pyramids, the Great War in the Vril-Ya mythologies and lastly, Lovecraft's stories about the Elder Gods and Old Ones, see the prior linked threads. I am therefore confident that this war between Monty and Rapt's split factions are the actual events where mankind has based their idea of an ancient war between gods upon. One thing buggers me though, which is that in the Vril-Ya mythos and the tales about Atlantis versus Lemuria, Agartha is created after the Great War. Another note is that in almost all tales, mankind already existed during this Ancient Great War. And then we've also got the following two quotes: "Once the Great War ended with the defeat of the Apothicons, the Keepers ascended to become the wards of all universes." - Kronorium Excerpt 654371979 "The Keepers, an ancient order, were being granted the wisdom to see beyond the limitations of their own realm. Even while the rest of mankind scrabbled around in the dirt, drinking their own piss, the Keepers took mantle of benevolent watchers." - Doctor Monty You see, I would like to consider the possibility that the Keepers didn't existed prior to the race of humans, but rather that they are humans. Or possibly aliens that came to Earth and were the beginning of our evolution, it doesn't matter. I think this old 'Mother Culture' was further developed than we currently are, but then the great conflict happened which made a faction later calling themselves the Keepers ascend while the Apothicans were defeated and banished. The rest of mankind was thrown back into our prehistory, from where our history books it will take over. Only tiny parts of what happened survived via tongue in the form of stories and mythologies. The 'Gods', the Keepers, remained involved in Earth's development, though, as they might have cared about the useless beings they once were theirselves, and they assisted us with developing agriculture and basic technology. Their appearance seeded our global religions. Merely a couple of constructions such as Shangri-La and the Pyramids of Giza remind us from our time before and during the Ancient Great War. If the Keepers truly once were human, I imply that evolution also affected them, as their appearance is naturally way different than ours. In the Crazy Place in Origins we might see an early 'in-between form', as the zombies there seem to be very humanoid with a slightly different shape of the head and large, carnivorous jaws. Eventually, their heads became bigger (see the skull in Shangri-La) and their jaws grew even more (see the Skull of Nan Sapwe). Their eyes disappeared and they became the Keepers we know today.
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    There’s so much insight I gained from this post. Major thanks to y’all for putting this out there for us as a community to enjoy & learn from!
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    According to the CoD wiki, you don't actually get teeth for not going down. Here is the list of all the things that give teeth: It's also important to note you only get extra teeth with up to 3 relics. Any more than that, and you are just challenging yourself for no extra reward. I'm by no means an Extinction expert, but the way I've just earned teeth was playing PoC public matches with three of the easiest relics on on regular difficulty. It's more fun that way IMO than existing boosting methods, and I would end up with around ~10 teeth per match depending on the competency of your teammates with challenges.

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