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  1. 3 points
    Wow, coming back to this post a year later really puts things in perspective. I find myself feeling a lot of the same feelings, but it's like I've grown stronger and I can better handle them, you know? New problems always appear, and while I am technically more isolated than I was when this was first posted, I feel like the company I do keep now is better for me. I made many regretful decisions, but some good ones too. I tried out group therapy for a few sessions, and loved it. I was beginning to try and break out of my comfort zone, go places, talk to strangers, eek slowly out of my shell... but then IT happened and I wait to talk to strangers until it's all over. I graduated college in a global pandemic, and now I begin my career by working from home. I feel more accepting of the future, even if it isn't all bright. It's like Richtofen said, "The road is long und dark, but I know where we are going." I also feel like I've gotten to know you guys better since then through Discord. I've been active on this site for over four years, but I feel like I've grown more attached to you guys in just this past year. It's all so very human and warm, and it reminds me why I keep pushing. I've put a lot of effort in to trying to make good content for the CoDz Youtube, and I'm grateful to @Tac and @Mattzs for adding their own personalities, as well as @NaBrZHunter for being an inspiring light and friend. I'm a bit skeptical on the CoD game this year, but even without the game, I still feel welcome here. I'm curious how you guys look back on this thread and what you've said, and how you feel now? @[email protected]@[email protected] Meh Anyone else seeing this thread, feel free to vent how you feel too. It's a wild time to be living, right now, and we've gotta stick together.
  2. 2 points
    Ah yeah I see what you mean. It's possible the steps changed after the quotes were recorded? "You must place your hand upon the stone" doesn't make too much sense in context of the ee idk. I'll record video and add to this post in a min. There is a gravestone in each of the vertical metal support beams. There is one in each corner of the room. Video is dark because I play rec.709 not sRGB and it didn't adjust for the video. But you can see the locations and the first ones are very clear. They are easy to find/see ingame.
  3. 2 points
    Man I'm laying in a field right now, wasted, my bike next to me. Guess that too includes a certain aspect of my lifestyle, heh. It's cool to read the replies of one and a half year ago, so many things have changed ever since, for my feeling, and yet so little. I wrote my characterisms in the beginning of my first year at the university, right after a heartbreak. That pain, that learned me everything. Despite it's blackness, it led to a bittersweet feeling of knowledge and empathy, and I feel like due to that what I felt back then, I became the man I am today. Every time I see someone having pain now, I try to do something about it. Mostly people dont want solutions, they want to be heard, including myself. When I am down, be there for me to listen to me and not necaserily find solutions for the problem. I genuine enjoy every day in life, looking to the bees and plants, and at night to the stars, so to see. I really am in love with the things around me on this planet, and I can't stand it to see things suffer. Hell, even when I'm swimming in the pool I am that type that doesn't enjoy swimming but is constantly saving all those drowning bugs from the water, haha. I have so many bad characterisms, but I've come to accept who I am and just enjoy who I am and the world around me. One big realization I had was traveling for a weekend to a hostel, meeting so many international folks there. Everyone was so kind and we all had fun together, as long as it lasted. After weekend, logically, I didnt saw nor spoke any of them, but man, that weekend made me so happy I was instantly kicked out of my sadness bubble and started to enjoy every little thing. I agree with Rad that discord made me feel coming closer to y'all. There's so much kindness here, every time I feel a bit down you lovely all make me, without you knowing it, happy again. Thats what I value in friends the most
  4. 1 point
    @clueless @RadZakpak That sounds so familiar, imagining Zombie maps of places you know in real life. I remember doing one for my house, one for the local forest and one for the nearby Achel Abbey. The fun part if thinking where the PaP is located, and how to access it.
  5. 1 point
    Ah man, I love(d) Toys R Us. There's something so alluring about the idea of a zombies map set in places you know locally. I'd always imagined one on my college campus.
  6. 1 point
    Okay story time! I used to work at a Toys R Us (rest in pieces) and one day I found a full architectural layout of the building. Naturally being the guy that drew maps up constantly and never went further than that, I took a picture of it which I still have but won't disclose for my own safety in case that gets me in legal trouble (HIGHLY doubt it, but not taking the risk). But I started laying out the store as a Zombies map the more I worked there to the point I had wall buys and debris made. Zombies R Us! (I never bothered naming it, just roll with it.) VERY bare bones map, only 6 perks - Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap II, Quick Revive, Stamin-Up, and PhD Flopper. And of course Pack-a-Punch. Only buildable was a shield, setting was after the missiles struck (back when we had no clue when that was) playing as 4 random civilians. Layout was the entire interior of the store and a small section of the parking lot outside reminiscent of Town. No Main Easter Eggs, no side quests, just get power on and survive.
  7. 1 point
    Btw I just checked. The tablet appears on all but one of the other ritual tables. The ruby rabbit is the only one missing it. It's probably significant seeing as the ruby rabbit has the ritual knife stabbed into some, flesh? Maybe a spleen? lol (bottom right image)
  8. 1 point
    Grats on being one busy bee. Also glad you are feeling even more at home now with this small piece of the internet we are having. As for me, it just seems to get worse in a lot of regards, in some it is getting better, but it is a work in progress and I gotta take the good with the bad and vice versa. Gotta break some eggs to make the Pasta, you know? To quote one of my favorite musician's lyrics: "I'm the same, I'm the same, I am trying to change." Keyword is trying and as long as all of us do that, we are heading in the right direction, despite how long and dark the road is. Hang in there, Meh. We try to always be there for you.
  9. 1 point
    I don’t really see much different now as to what I said before. For one... those posts ain’t going anywhere. That said, I’ve realized that part about how bad I am with rage is... kind of big right now, because I’m absolutely fucked off with knowing how to handle myself in volatile situations that lead to that anger coming out. Hell, that’s probably the ugliest part of my character. Other than that, though... y’know.
  10. 1 point
    I completely forgot about Eddie, yeah, I guess that makes sense.
  11. 1 point
    What Primis Richtofen picked up from the body was not the "radio" from Ultimis Richtofen's uniform, so he could communicate with Groph in Der Eisendrache? But I think this conflicts with the idea that the Zombie Richtofen from the comics is from the body of The Giant, since you can see that he still has the radio. Unless it's Treyarch's mistake, but knowing how careful they are with details may not be the case. Also other points I would like to point out about The Giant are two initial quotes from Primis Richtofen in solo. These seem to be related to initial quotes from Revelations and Blood of The Dead. In Revelations the quote says: "Mein gott, what have I done? Stop it, Edward, breathe, it's okay... MAXIS!" This is after Maxis got trapped in the Summoning Key and the Shadow Man escaped. In Blood of The Dead says the following: “Maxis! Stop it Edward, this may be just another delusion. It must be. Surely, I would never lead myself in such a..., such a...? Mein gott!, Everything could change!" And in the intro after Brutus closes the portal it says: "Mein gott. What have you... What have i done?" The first is after the Kronorium changed and the Primis Richtofen got caught in Alacatraz. And in The Giant the quotes says: “Maxis! No wait, compose yourself Edward. Mission accomplished.Temporal disruption achieved, the future is changed.” “Mein gott, what have I done? Stop it Edward, breathe, it’s okay, it’s okay. This is important, this is what you have to do, even if another part of you dies each and every time. AGH! How am I meant to work when all around me, I am beset by the voices of the damned, and the doomed!” Now, in Revelations and Blood it makes sense because they are after shocking moments, but in The Giant it does not make sense that Primis Richtofen is distressed. The quote comes after he kills himself in the opening scene, but it doesn't seem to affect Richtofen because of the quote "When I died I felt nothing". So, could it be a possibility that this line parallels Blood of The Dead, with this Primis Richtofen being the one who delivers the Kronorium in the opening scene and goes through the portal? If that makes sense. Or it could also be that he's distressed by the "fractures through space-time" that the timeline says are created after he kills himself.
  12. 1 point
    @clueless Love it! I would genuine be fond on continuing the story this way: No further dragging but more in-depth explanations of what we encountered already. As for the maps: Plaza: Having a relatively small and simple map (like the Giant and Nuketown) in a game of larger and complicated maps is a pre, espessially to make new players get in touch with the basics of Zombies. A shopping centre sounds like the perfect location for various fun weapons that can be built from all the objects found in the shops. Think about the Jetgun, the Sliquifier, the Trample Steam, the Headchopper, etc. Preferable no overpowered wonderweapons and buildables, but ones with a fun effect. The setting itself isn't really scary but it could go the goofy way. Chateau en Ruine: We already had a castle map, so maybe this map could be set mainly on the land surrounding the castle. Normandy is famous for its dense hedgerows and fields, add a little darkness and mist and you've got your creepy atmosphere. Parts of Normandy also have a Celtic culture, which would perfectly fit with Origins' theme of ancient megaliths and menhirs. Perhaps adding an old Celtic cementary and make the castle severely ruined, with a broken roof etc, to make it very different than the 'high tech castle' that Der Eisendrache is. Qabr Almawtaa: This one is my favourite, creating a claustrophobic effect with all its narrow subterrean tunnels. Adding a certain dark music theme when the George Romero-like boss approaches, but not yet visible, would certainly contribute to the fear. The Pyramids of Giza are also believed to be a gateway to Agartha/Hollow Earth, so maybe adding deeper tunnels that lead to a room filled with lava (similar to Shadows of Evil's undercroft), or perhaps put the Pack-a-Punch machine here so the players can merely temporary stay there due to the lava. Stan rozpadu: Maps based on real events always do good. Chernobyl lays in an interesting area, and due to human evacuation much of the local rural areas, as well as the city Pripyat, are fully abandoned and overgrown by plants and trees. An abandoned Soviet city certainly provides a creepy atmosphere, espessially if you take in mind the nearby DUGA radar, which could be used as a Soviet Global Polarization Device. Perhaps Convergence and Ozzoth Arkatugua could collide as a single map, as I could see a connection between a deeply unstable dimension and entering the Dark Aether. Kinda similar to Origins and the Crazy Place, except that both realms would be equally large and extensive. The Dark Aether could provide an alien landscape which could be inhabited by all sorts of Apothicons including ones we havent seen yet.
  13. 1 point
    My friends and I have been trying to make a short series of maps since we were in high school, having us as another rag-tag team helping set up the bigger stage from the side and give explanations to some of the more unexplained details. One of them wanted to cover the origins of the Elemental Crystals which play a huge role in the Great War and the cycle both completed and broken. I wanted to give some depth to the Runes of Creation, which seemingly only got used for a more convoluted Simon Says minigame. I'll go a bit more in-depth with each map. Plaza: A small shopping center completely cut off by debris in 2023, meant to be the map we group up in and get contacted by Mr. Rapt who begins our journey to "fix our world" by collecting the Runes of Creation. A simple survival map with no interactive Easter Egg Quests (major anyways), some ciphers/radios/quotes that tie things together. Chateau en Ruine (Ruined Castle in French): A frozen variation of the Mont-Saint-Michel Castle in Normandy, France in 2024. The location was known as the lair of the Ice King, brother-in-arms to the Wolf King during the Great War. The castle is collapsing, floors are unstable and specific parts can collapse causing players and enemies to fall to lower floors if they don't watch their step. The Shadow Rune of Creation is found here, where darkness envelops the frozen wastelands. This map builds history of the Great War and puts more perspective of how involved humanity was in the fight against the Apothicons, as well as how steep the cost was. Qabr Almawtaa (Tomb of the Dead in Arabic): The interior of the pyramids that Victis travels by on their way to Buried, the map takes place on October 7, 2035. The map plays similar to Call of the Dead, where we interact with Victis for the quest while fighting the undead inside the pyramid. Following the concept Zetsubou no Shima started, the Egyptian God Anubis/Osiris (friend is still deciding which to use for the God of Undead) is a corrupted Keeper holding the Fire Rune of Creation. The map holds ciphers on the walls involving Keeper and Apothicon backstory, while having a George Romero-style boss roaming the claustrophobic labyrinth. Stan rozpadu (State of Decay in Ukrainian): The remains of the Chernobyl Nuclear Site decades after decommission on October 12, 2027. Secretly recommissioned by the ASCENSION Group, the Chernobyl Facility becomes a prototype for infinite energy experiments after the group's change in direction following the disappearances of Gersh and Harvey Yena. Of course, this means experimenting with Element 115 and its reactions to certain radioactive materials, which always ends up being an accident waiting to happen. Mr Rapt's instructions to collect the Electricity Rune of Creation are hard to hear over the conflicting commands coming from voices telling us to energize a Global Polarization Device in their favor.... The map expands the finality of the ASCENSION Group, the reason certain books throughout the series act the way they do (Nero's magic book, Richtofen's diary, etc.), and adds context to the world following Richtofen's Grand Scheme (which I really wish we got to see more of even from civilian view, small simple survival maps around the world showing the full scale of things after the events of Moon). Convergence: A highly unstable reality on the line that bleed multiple dimensions into one another (shoutout to @The Meh who also had the idea), on February 24, 2033 the Devil's Slide Bunker in California rages war above-ground and a futuristic lab underneath. Mr. Rapt personally gets involved, even going as far as handing off the Summoning Key to help stabilize the dimension so that the Light Rune of Creation can be acquired. The map also throws back one of my much older theories that tied Extinction and Zombies into one timeline (long before BO3 got the official timeline and before multiverse was established). This map expands the lore of the Empty Earth and the Maxis that constructed ZERO Base, the Keeper faction war that originally separated the Keepers from their corrupted brethren, history of the Kronorium itself, and the weight of the Illuminati's involvement in the multiverse. Ozzoth Arkatugua (Apothicon Space / Dark Aether in Apothicon): Mr. Rapt ended up being a bad guy after all, a surprise only to those that don't follow the lore. The crew enters the Dark Aether with help from the Keepers and proceed to raise hell trying to get back the Runes of Creation and the Summoning Key into the hands of the Keepers before the Shadowman uses them to their full extent. This map gives the origins of the Elemental Crystals, why the Summoning Key ends up in Morg City, expands lore of the Dark Aether, and helps clarify certain details regarding the Tag der Toten ending.
  14. 1 point
    The beauty of crafting YouTube titles haha

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