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    Before I start, I feel it is only right to tell you all exactly what I am doing with this series of posts. My goal is to shed some light on what many do not understand about Tranzit and Die Rise. Sure the map designs themselves are debatably good or bad, but the world building is superb and something we really haven't seen since. My goal with this post is to make you re-think your possible bad opinions about these two maps in specific. Even after this post, they are personally not any higher on my list of favorites or least favorites in the Zombies continuity but I do hope you can realize the good and bad about these maps in a more unbiased light. So without further ado, let's get to Tranzit and Die Rise: maps that nearly killed all interest in Zombies in general. Let's begin with Tranzit before we go to Die Rise. Tranzit: Tranzit had quite possibly the most hype built around any Zombies map to date. If you were around back then, you knew of the hype surrounding it. You knew how badly everyone wanted to know about the state of the Zombies Storyline after Moon had happened. Regardless of the hype, Tranzit was released unfinished and with just about unanimous hate from the community. But what if I told you that Tranzit truly does have redeeming qualities and could be considered a great map in certain aspects? You'd likely call me crazy and hate on me saying that I don't understand or that I am some sort of fool, at least if you were on the Reddit you'd be telling me that. Regardless, I think Tranzit, despite being unfinished and having some gameplay elements that aren't the best, is one of the better maps of BO2's offerings. Let's jump into the strongest aspect of Tranzit and work our way down to the worst things it has to offer. The World-Building and Lore: Tranzit has it's fair share of lore that most people completely disregard the existence of and it's truly unfortunate to see. According to the Timeline, Tranzit takes place 10 years after the missiles from the Moon hit the Earth and fractured it greatly. We learn that in those 10 years, Richtofen and Maxis have been trying desperately to battle one another in an effort to take total control over Agartha to pursue their ultimate goals. According to a radio by a survival group called "Jackass Flats" (Yes, Jackass Flats is the canonical name we are given.) The survivors in the group are literally torn apart from one another due to mysterious voices demanding they do what they instruct to lead to salvation. Here's an excerpt from the radio talking about it. "This is a warning to anyone contacted by a group of mysterious voices. Several of our party began to hear the voices and their competing instructions and incompatible demands drove a wedge down the center of the camp. Half of the camp is carrying out the demands of... (Static) only through electronics. This voice is a...big...(Static) and its ultimate goal is unclear. The other voice cannot be heard by humans who have some...(Static) on the...(Static) madness this way lies. Neither of these instruction sets will...understand... (Static) Those of us who have not chosen a side have been hunted by both sides. Seeking to force us to assist them." We see that survivors of the fracturing of Earth have become cult-like followers of either Maxis or Richtofen trying to obey their orders. It's crazy to hear such a thing happen in all reality, it's frightening even. Imagine this happening in a real world scenario, zombies are everywhere and the survival group you're a part of is fractured to the brim because of mysterious voices telling you to build structures for their own plans. It would be scary to even meet a single person, what if they were followers of Maxis and you were a follower of Richtofen? No doubt there'd be trouble. Maxis even encourages not listening or flat out murdering Richtofen's followers, it's simply amazing world building and needs no further explaining I feel. Just the thought of these poor souls being puppets to higher powers is scary to me, and honestly should be to you as well. Here's another excerpt from a radio if you still do not believe that Maxis and Richtofen battling it out using poor helpless survivors is terrifying. "Voice. Come in unidentified electronic voice. We've been attempting to activate your spire as instructed. But one of our members began hearing the other voice you warned us about. He turned on the rest of us and shot one member of our crew and wounded another before we restrained him. Hello? Hello? Damn this thing, why doesn't it answer when we call it. HELLO?" As we later learn through the Buried Easter Egg, Maxis indeed was the true evil one who wished to destroy the world to open Agartha simply to be re-united with Samantha once again. I remember it being a huge-shock to me personally as I always saw Richtofen as the evil one trying to eliminate Maxis at every turn due to petty jealousy. But to have Maxis full on turn on us like that and be willing to destroy the world for his own benefit, it was scary to see. But what if I told you that on release day, we knew this was coming? Yes, that's right, from day one we knew Maxis was the evil one. Don't believe me? Read this, it's another radio from Tranzit. "You think you're so smart, huh? Haha. You think you can manipulate everyone into doin' what you want, but we know the truth... Your calculated works...and your sinister agents. You... you mean to destroy this planet and kill us all! Haha! We're not going to help. No way, no how. So yeah, keep talking, no one is going to hear you because we destroyed everything. Everything electronic, starting with...evil...radio...box thing!" Maxis has the ability to speak to people through the electronic devices that they have after learning how to merge with electricity through the Crazy Place when he was teleported there decades prior. These survivors somehow discovered the truth and began to destroy their electronic devices in an attempt to render Maxis unable to communicate with anybody else so his grand plan wouldn't be enacted. That is, until Victis comes around and ruins it all and builds the Spire in favor of Maxis rather than Richtofen. The easter egg itself is not a good aspect of this map, being incredibly tedious and RNG heavy. But we'll get to that later. The Easter Egg Song: The Easter Egg song for Tranzit is a very interesting one, and one that came out of the blue for the community. At this point, the only vocalist we'd had for Zombies was Elena Siegman who everyone unanimously loved and appreciated. Enter Clark S. Nova, the mos underrated vocalist that has appeared on the Zombies Soundtracks over the years. I personally remember seeing the trailer back in 2012 thinking that Carry On by Avenged Sevenfold was going to be the easter egg song and was hyped. Initially I hated this new easter egg song, but as I've grown older I've pieced the meaning of the song together and have even grown to adore the instrumental along with Clark's vocal style. The song is called Carrion, and is essentially a song playing on a perspective we've never really thought of before. The perspective of the undead, the zombies themselves. I find it interesting to finally see a perspective from a zombie, and the fact that it basically shows the zombies are slaves to the influence over them, still having the soul of the former human residing within them. Feeling everything, seeing everything, even hearing it all. They're still very much aware of themselves, but they are simply slaves, unable to do anything but attack. It's incredible to think about really. Reminds me of the Zombies in 28 Days Later if any of you know that movie. Not dead, but unable to control themselves. The Map Design: With the exception being Town and maybe Bus Depot, Tranzit has an absolutely abysmal map design to it. Imagine if you took all the fun parts of Origins and made your character slower, add more obstacles that damage you, and more zombie types to annoy you. Oh wait that's right we also call that Origins in Zombies Chronicles my bad. But back to my point, do all those things and you have the map design for Tranzit. It isn't very fun, and is not in any way easy to maneuver around as a player with the strategies the community has come up with over the years. Tranzit does have its own fair share of strategies to do, but think about it for a moment. Is that really enjoyable to get to a high round on Tranzit as it may be in other maps? Pulling out a weapon that can break after about 10 seconds of usage once every millennia? If your answer is yes I recommend you check yourself into a hospital, for you are sick in the head my friend. Actually now that I think of it, Town doesn't have a good map design to it in Tranzit itself. No wall weapons are to be seen in Town. Not a single one. Lose your ammo in your weapons over there, you're done for. But back on topic, another issue I have with Tranzit is the Pack-A-Punch system. Yes, this has been beaten to death over the years when it comes to the community talking about Tranzit, but it really cannot be under-stated how awful the Pack-A-Punch setup is on this map. For starters, you need the turbine which is a buildable from the spawn (aka Bus Depot). You need to take the turbine all the way to the Power Station, place it right beside a specific door that doesn't look important in the slightest, go to the Town and open a door that has no indication you can open it with an explosive, and then boom, you go down the stairway that unlocks if you placed the turbine down and you can go build the Pack-A-Punch to upgrade your weapons. Did I mention the zombies can break the turbine at any point in time and are actually ATTRACTED to placed buildables? Just imagine for a moment that your turbine breaks on your way to Town but you didn't know. You make it all the way there through the fog and the denizens, only to have to go ALL THE WAY back to Bus Depot and then to Power Station to re-place it and then all the way back to Town once again, hoping the turbine doesn't break. Yeah, real fun isn't it? Oh and to add some salt to the open wound, the Pack-A-Punch pathway doesn't stay open forever after you open it. Walk away from it for long enough, oh yeah it'll shut. It really doesn't help that you can't simply stay in the Pack-A-Punch area if you wanted to because there's no room to run around. Without going any deeper into this, I hope you do understand that the map flow is very, very hectic and simply atrocious in more ways than one. I felt that it was better to talk about the actual design and flow of the map rather than be the millionth person who complains about the Fog and the Denizens. (As horrible as they are, it is not a valid complaint to constantly just say Tranzit is terrible simply because of these two additions.) The Wonder Weapon: It's the fucking Jet Gun. That's truthfully all I need to say. The Jet Gun is synonymous within the community as everything a wonder weapon should not be. I remember seeing the trailer as a kid and initially thinking it was a motorcycle. Yes, I was a dumb kid but really, why would I expect a literal gigantic jet-engine to be a weapon? Nevertheless one we'd have to travel all the way around the map to even build. It's not even the fact that you have to travel all the way around that makes the process of getting this thing entirely terrible, while yes it is a chore to go and get all the pieces, this was before Mob of the Dead. You had to grab each and every single piece for this god-damned weapon one at a time. One. At. A. Time. If that wasn't somehow bad enough for you, you also are restricted to building it at only one work-bench. That's right, there's only one place that allows you to build this stupid contraption. That one place is in the Town area. So, once you take about an hour or two out of your life and take each piece one at a time to the Town and build it, you get the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23, the weapon everyone and their mother in the community simply refers to as the Jet Gun because the weapon name is somehow more of a mouth-full than Wunderwaffe DG-2. As if this could not at all get any worse, the weapon has a recharge timer of a minute and forty seconds. Don't wanna wait to recharge it? Okay, have fun rebuilding this thing from scratch when all the pieces break off into different places. Sometimes, you really got to wonder who the fuck sat back and thought certain things were a good idea. You better strap yourself in, because we aren't done with just how bad this weapon is. Those pieces, when or if they break apart and scatter, they can occasionally fall into an out of bounds area depending on where you are so that you never can pick the piece up again. Also, if the piece lands in the fire it will be unable to be obtained ever again. If you aren't blind, you'll notice that the entire map is FILLED. WITH. LAVA. It really does baffle me how badly they goofed up the wonder-weapon in this map, and luckily we haven't seen a weapon as bad as this one since. The Avogadro The Avogadro itself isn't a bad boss enemy, but the biggest gripe I have with the damned ball of electricity is that he gives literally no reward whenever you take him down but he can get you killed so easily if you're not careful. Not to mention, he plays an absolutely pivotal role in the Easter Egg if you're doing Maxis' side. The RNG of trying to actually spawn him in is time consuming and absolutely maddening. He always seems to spawn in whenever you don't want him to or when you simply don't even need him, but never when you actually need to use him for something. The Avogadro cannot be killed with bullets from your weapons, and only with a melee attack. I like the change-up, but with the lunge knifing that exists in most Treyarch games, trying to eliminate the Avogadro can lead to the end of a game because you just shoved yourself into your zombies train. Now, I hope this has maybe made Tranzit at least more transparent as a map and maybe is even better than what you once thought Sure, there's some huge, glaring negatives, but there's really some redeemable things in this map. I think every map has at least one good thing about it, even if I truly hate the hell out of it, there will reside one good thing within it. What do you think of Tranzit? Do you feel the same as me? Let me know down below. Next up on the chopping block is Die Rise, so stay tuned for that!
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    I'd also like to add the certain aspect of mysteriousness in the atmosphere of Tranzit which is unique. We still have unexplained, random things in that map: the electricity grid and TV screens flashing the morse code "Stay close to me", the derailed train, the collapsing bridge, the unused script files. I think such a madness as searching for a Busroute B couldn't have happened in any other map than Tranzit: The fog, the conspiracies, the cornfields. The old Town and abandoned Farm where everyone knows...feels that something terrible has happened here. Almost like a X-Files movie or something. This is the main reason why it is my favourite map. And don't forget the fun in the smaller maps, my most enjoyable maps to play in the late evenings with my brother or friends, split screen, Hearing this song gives me feelings, man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NDZ8bgXQLk Anyway, yes, it really had it's shitty aspects. I'm not a fan of the Pack-a-Punch procedure as well, and the Wonderweapon wás bad (however, in those days every wonderweapon had it's bad sides, which gave them even a better charm: self-damage with the Raygun and DG-2, the ammo problem with the Thundergun, etc). The Fog was a truly necassery element to be added in the map, because otherwise no one would use the bus. One of the most charming moments in Tranzit in my opinion is waiting for the bus with your whole crew at a certain busstop, because no one dares to enter the mist. The bus itself is an unique game element, making Tranzit such a different map than any other. I feel like the developers in early BO2 were ambitious: Die Rise too was unique with its elevators and verticality, Buried was something different than ever seen before as well. New stuff was added every map, stuff that never reappeared later which makes every map so unique and fun, in my opinion. Unfortunately, too much ambitious can be your end: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/184348-how-tranzit-was-supposed-to-be/
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    June 5th 1914 I can no longer look at my purpose on this planet as not divine or purposeful. My studies with Group 935 will become legendary within the scientific field. Last night, I was visited by another version of mein self. I know, this is a crazy thing to say, but I have no doubt that it is indeed not of my imagination. I have reasonable suspicions that this latest project Group 935 will supposedly send us on will lead to numerous dark secrets being unearthed. I am fearful, but admittedly giddy inside with this new-found enlightenment. The other me, he came to me last night speaking of a great journey that lies ahead. A journey unlike anything the entire universe will have ever known. He handed me these strange vials of blood, he told me "You will need this blood. When the time comes, it will protect you." After that, he simply vanished without a trace, running into what appeared to be a rift in space-time itself. I will not alert Maxis to this, as I fear he may not understand me and have me removed from my position at Group 935. I cannot allow this. Strangely, there are numbers on these vials... I cannot be sure exactly what these numbers are or even what they mean, but I'm sure they're significant. Only time will tell what the meaning of this mysterious visit means. -Edward Richtofen September 21st 1916 I have heard the rumors growing ever-more throughout the past few weeks. Apparently, Group 935 has found a journal belonging to a knight from the legendary and supposedly fabricated "Great War" that myself and Maxis were put in charge of studying. Before now, scientists and scholars all around the world have theorized and come to agree that the so called Great War was nothing but a fabrication of mad knights and kings in a forgotten era. With the discovery of this journal, Group 935's higher-ups are no longer so sure. This journal proves to us that this so called forgotten era had men way ahead of their time with scientific advancements. This journal written by a knight by the name of "Sir Pablo Marinus" contains real geological coordinates! This is simply wunderbar as far as discovery goes! We now know that the 17th Century was not the first time coordinates were actually used, but instead it was 13th Century! The higher-ups are currently working on finding the location the coordinates lead to, but I cannot help but suspect they already found it by now and are simply hiding it from everyone else. I will pursue further details. -Edward Richtofen May 24th 1917 Just as I had suspected, the higher-ups sent Maxis and I to Northern France to scavenge anything we can find from the journal of the knight. We've discovered a series of underground tombs with corpses that are still preserved after all these years despite not having any clear mummification process like the Ancient Egyptians. If anything, it appears as if they only recently died. There is no stench of death, no decomposition, frankly I am amazed to see this. As time went on we discovered the main chamber to the tombs. After we tried for weeks to break it open to no avail, we had almost given up and reported back to Germany. Until out of frustration, a soldier guarding the tomb began to play music to calm his nerves. The music seemingly opened up the chamber as if by magic. I once again cannot doubt that fate itself has willed me to come here... But for what? Maxis has begun to seemingly lose his mind, I have been thinking of reporting him to the higher ups of Group 935, but I fear it may interfere with my purpose. He speaks of a little girl named Samantha, his "daughter" despite having no lover to my knowledge. Plus, if it was his daughter, why is she nowhere to be seen, and why would she be on top secret grounds? It makes no sense to me, but I digress. Maxis wants me to build these magnificent staves that are said to be wielded by heroes of The Great War. Maxis, as I stated previously is chasing after myths and legends rather than what he should be doing for Group 935. Despite the fact that as time goes on I fear the Great War is more fact than fiction, I also fear that perhaps opening the main tomb was a big mistake. The element is here in such abundance and we don't even know the full capabilities of it yet. I fear the worst, is yet to come. -Edward Richtofen May 15th 1918 Through the exceptional powers of Element 115, we have constructed mechanized abominations. I... cannot say I am not utterly intoxicated by the power we wield with an iron fist here. I am however incredibly concerned for Maxis and the soldiers around the dig site. Specifically at Dig Site 64 where the main tomb is located. Ever-since we began using the 115-generators our men have reported "ancient figures" emerging from the tomb. I at first deemed it a 115-induced hallucination but I can no longer consider it anywhere near that. It is accurate, and it is something we should have handled more cautiously. I was a skeptic of this until I saw it for myself. Ancient knights looking more decayed than anything I'd ever seen walking around and attempting to attack other soldiers. The soldiers put them down with bullets, but some were not so lucky. Eventually becoming as violent as the knights that attacked them. Our men have begun to get sick with some unknown illness that appears to kill them, then regenerate their dead cells bringing them back to life. Element 115 is incredibly dangerous and should never have been discovered. I now doubt my grand purpose here, I think this is something we never should have found. There's so much that we have to do... a vessel for Maxis, the staves, the opening of the gateway... Agh, even as I write I am getting confused. I must admit that I myself am not immune to these 115-induced delusions. Maxis came to me today and told me he renounces his involvement with Group 935 and encourages I do the same. I told him I already reported him to the higher-ups, but he didn't seem concerned. He looked more... sickly than ever before. Perhaps he too was succumbing to the illness going around the campsite. I will investigate further, but I refuse to let him die. I lost my parents before already, I will not lose another. -Edward Richtofen June 4th 1918 An outbreak has begun at Site 64. The undead knights are swarming my men by the thousands and overwhelming us all, consuming everything in its path. I was right about Maxis, he was infected with whatever the illness was that had been spreading like wildfire across the camp. I have since removed his brain before infection and drawn up schematics to preserve him in a drone-like body until we can find a way to bring him into a new body. Unfortunately my pieces were scattered throughout the progress of the outbreak, I fear I will die here. I am now no longer believing in my purpose whatsoever. Maxis told me he believes a higher power is watching over us, but I do not believe his words to be true. Everything that man has told me is nothing short of 115-induced delusions for the past year. He has been consumed by evil. Wait a second, was ist los? There are three men who just entered the room.
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    Time's up, results are in: 1. Doctor Groph (4) vs Sophia (2) 2. Takeo Masaki (Primis) (6) vs Finn O'Leary (0) 3. Marlton (3) vs The Weasel (3) (COIN FLIP) Marlton Wins the Coin Flip (Absolutely criminal) 4. Maxis (D63) (2) vs Pernell (3) 5. Dempsey (Ultimis) (4) vs Harvey Yena (2) 6. Russman (2) vs Shadowman (4) Onto redder pastures!
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    Forgetting you but not the time...
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    Higher dimensions Gravity is not just a force. Have you ever watched the movie Interstellar and wondered how any of it was possible? How can one hour pass by on one planet while seven years pass by on Earth? The explanation comes down to what scientists call the Gravitational Time Dilation. This effect measures the amount of time that has elapsed between two events by observers at different distances from a gravitational mass. In simpler words, time runs slower wherever gravity is strongest, and this is because gravity curves space-time. It was first described in Einstein’s Relativity Theory, where he described the Fourth Dimension as a temporal one: Time, connected with gravity. A mass in 3-D space oscillating into a fourth dimension would create a gravitational field and would be responsible for the curvature in spacetime introduced by that dimension. Now this reminds me of Group 935’s Die Glocke and the Vril-Ya’s Vimañas, anti-gravity devices that are also known for the manipulation of time. Gravity and time are interwoven with one and another, but how about electromagnetism? While gravity affects every object in the universe, electromagnetic forces only act on certain things, things with electrical charge or magnetic polarity. Somehow, electrically and magnetically neutral objects move unconcerned through space without "seeing" any curvature induced by electromagnetic fields. In those terms, electromagnetism could hardly be inducing a curvature in space or spacetime itself, since even uncharged objects could not fail to "see" that. In 1915, the two scientists Theodor Kaluza and Oskar Klein noticed that adding an extra dimension to Einstein's theory effectively incorporated Maxwell's equations into it. Maxwell’s equations, also seen written on a wall in Shadows of Evil, concerned electromagnetism, for example the fact that every electrical charge generates a magnetic field (something that @Mattzs applied on Auras, the magnetic field of a human being). This means that electromagnetism is our fifth dimension, next to the three spatial ones and one temporal one. Now we’re reaching the Superstring Theory, a theory describing the cosmos as a Multiverse, essentially canon in our Zombieverse as the SoE scrap paper also includes terms and drawings of this matter. My mind cannot comprehend it, however, if you wanna read further concerning this topic how electromagnetism can ‘curl up’ space-time, see this link. The Hidden World I would like to continue in the historic/mythologic matter. In Sufism, an Islamic religion, there is believed in a fourth dimension, a "Hidden World" (Rumi Mathnavi, quoted in Idries Shah: The Sufis, New York 1964). This common belief was one of the reasons for the early contacts established by Thule Society members with Sufi organisations in Turkey in the early decades of the 20th century. They held that the Hidden World actually exists and is populated by highly advanced beings of Aryan origin. It was the Nazi’s goal to cooperate with these beings, obtain from them occult knowledge and create a race of supermen of Aryan stock to exterminate all inferior races and take over the world. This Hidden World is illuminated by a pallid Black Sun which gives off energetic radiations in the form of Vril. Whoever possesses Vril controls the world. The Nazis believed that Vril could be harnessed for the purposes of greatly enhancing the human race physically and mentally, and could also be used in the manufacture of advanced weaponry. The Hindu mythologies, as well as the book Vril: the Coming Race, had great influences on pseudosciencific groups in Nazi-Germany. The SS organized several expeditions to various places across the globe to trace back the mythical origins of the Aryans, of which they believed to be the descendants. They also tried to discover and investigate ‘Leylines’, locations that are believed to be a straight line that carries an altered form of the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Nexuses of our planet’s energy, if you will. As I’ve mentioned in another thread, these lines appear in most cultures and traditions spread across the globe, and usually the names given to represent these invisible lines are translated to an equivalent of 'spirit', 'dream', or 'energy' paths. Most of these locations happen to be on mountains, man-made mounds, stone circles, pyramids or beacons. By some cultures, the main paths of the forces were believed to be determined by the routes of the sun, moon and five major planets. Recent science actually discovered that the Earth’s Magnetic Currents are affected by the position of the Sun, the Moon and the other planets. Electromagnetism is influenced by gravity. Quoting the article again, the Nazi’s searched for “places where the veil between the Earth and the Hidden World is thinnest”. I dunno if anyone here has watched the series Stranger Things, but this reminds me of the ‘the Flee and the Acrobat’ episode, in which is described how beings can or cannot travel from two different realms. In the series, from Earth to the Upside Down, but we can also apply that theory on our story: from Earth to Agartha. Consider an acrobat and a flea on a tight rope. The acrobat can move forward and backward along the rope. But the flea can move forward and backward as well as side to side. If the flea keeps walking to one side, it goes around the rope and winds up where it started. So the acrobat has one dimension, and the flea has two dimensions, but one of these dimensions is a small closed loop. The acrobat cannot detect any more than the one dimension of the rope, just as we can only see the world in three dimensions, even though it might well have many more. This is impossible to visualize, precisely because we can only visualize things in three dimensions. Crossing dimensions, however, verges a lot of energy. First of all, @KronoriumExcerptB why for fucks sake have you named yourself after this excerpt? Going further, there are locations on Earth where early mankind knew they were close to ‘the other side’. Structures such as the Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza were built on these spots. They were used to for astronomy and spirituality, as well as housing burial grounds and sacrifices (for example the Mesoamerican Pyramid of the Moon). Alcatraz’s importance So Richthofen had a lab located beneath the American federal prison Alcatraz, of all places. At first, this didn’t make sense until we heard a quote in Blood of the Dead, where Richthofen stated that Alcatraz is built on a Leyline. This could explain why Native Americans mentioned evil spirits they purportedly encountered on the Rock long before it became a federal prison. Bones and artifacts unearthed by archaeologists on the island have indicated that it might have served as a burial ground for Native Americans. As said earlier, a lot of burial grounds or mounds are made at a lot of leyline locations, as it is believed that these locations, and the rituals around them, are ‘Death Roads’ or ‘Spirit Paths’, places where the spirits of the deceased can move away to find peace. Richthofen learned about this, and decided to build his laboratory there, located at a place where the veil between Earth and Agartha is the thinnest. The construction was assisted by the Illuminati, who are according to common conspiracies, well aware of the existence and locations of Leylines and Hollow Earth (a synonym for Agartha). Concerning this Agartha-Hollow Earth thing, the most likely explanation is that ancient cultures simply believed the other realm was located beneath the Earth’s crust, as the Afterlife is also often related to a world beneath ours, an Underworld. However, in an excerpt of Maxis’ diary he states that the energy within all matter holds the dimensional gateway itself, and Monty also speaks of a “world within a world”. Maybe the ethereal energy within all matter, our magnetic field as well as the Earth’s, holds the Hidden World. I’m not sure how to visualize that, though. Anyway, the Illuminati knew about Alcatraz laying on a Leyline, which might also be the reason why Richthofen knew this. We see a map of Alcatraz in the Morg City undercrofts, a place that is believed to be used by the human branch of the Ancient Order of the Keepers. So maybe the Illuminati and the Keepers are connected? However, in conspiracy theories it is believed that the Illuminati spreads negative energy and fear with massacre death rituals along the Leylines, which sounds more Apothican to me. I am curious about your thoughts concerning this subject. Moving on to my final thought I wanted to share with you. In Buried, Richtofen says that departed souls leave energy in their wake. We know grave mounds were often built on Leyline locations, and now we’ve got Alcatraz as a Leyline, where also the whole Afterlife stuff of Mob of the Dead is going on. Is this related with one and another? As I’ve discussed with Rad and Mattz earlier, maybe our afterlife is that our soul is transferred into energy, flowing back into the ethereal realm. Deceased people are buried on Leylines so their energy could easily enter their destiny. With the Warden doing those Apothican dark rituals, however, the souls of the mobsters are trapped. This could be why Afterlife mode appears so similar to the Avogadro, who is said to exist in ethereal form. The soul was trapped outside the physical body but couldn’t enter the Ethereal plane (remember what I said about Underworld earlier?), thus they are left in our physical world as ethereal, dead, entities. Purgatory.
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    Things are about to get real as we approach round 2 of the tournament. All the heavy-hitters are here, and only half will survive. Here is the current bracket: Hold on, what about the rules? Let's say for example our contestants are: 1. Double Tap vs Quick Revive You would make your choice by replying with your pick and a reason why, something like: 1. Double Tap, because when you want to solve practical problems, use more gun. Your reasoning can be anything from personality, development, comedy, voice performance, or just how they look! At the end of the week I will tally votes and advance winners to the next round. Here are this week's contestants: 1. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis) vs Samantha Maxis (THE REAL GREAT WAR) 2. Takeo Masaki (Ultimis) vs Sal DeLuca 3. Nikolai Belinski (Primis) vs Doctor Ludvig Maxis (Original Timeline) (THE FRED WAR) 4. Tank Dempsey (Primis) vs Samuel Stuhlinger 5. Edward Richtofen (Primis) vs Doctor Groph (DER EISENDRACHE ALL OVER AGAIN) 6. Takeo Masaki (Primis) vs Marlton Johnson 7. Nikolai Belinski (Ultimis) vs Cornelius Pernell 8 Tank Dempsey (Ultimis) vs The Shadowman (Shadowfuck) BEGIN!
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    Hello everyone. I joined discord server 2 or 3 weeks ago and today finally decided to create an account as well. I found Cod Zombies Forum while searching for a place that still has the friendly vibe of the community. Especially after the events that took place after the launch of Black Ops 4, I must say it is really refreshing to find people who still cares about the community. Thank you everyone for your efforts and optimism. I will try my best to help you to keep this community as kind as possible like it was in the good old days. Also, I' gotta say you guys are really good at crafting theories and writing stories about the story line we all love. Once again, thank you and please let me how I can be any use to this community.
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    I find the following stuff I wanted to say a bit too unimportant to make an entire thread about it, so I decided it might fit into this post. It is concerning the Casimir Effect and the Gersch device: We see this in Moon: Something I realized just now is that the Gersch device, possibly Gersch's magnus opus, has applied this technology as well: Look at that shape: I think that solid disk has two plates on the inside, which are just like the plates in the Moon Quest able to generate a massive amount of energy due to the Casimir Effect. This effect shows that quantum field theory allows the energy density in certain regions of space to be negative relative to the ordinary vacuum energy, and is therefore believed to possibly stabilize a traversable wormhole, a tunnel in space-time if you will. This could explain that once the Gersch device went offline, the tunnel was closed and Gersch was stuck, losing his physical body. It also explains why the Casimir Mechanism was needed to reopen this dimensional tear. I wonder, however, when a Gersch device teleports to a random location in our 3D dimension, and when it leviates one's soul to the higher ethereal plane.
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    Hey all, I remade this post to help others who may be confused and seeking answers. Tags were added to attract information seekers. In October 2019, BO3 was updated to fix the issue which crashed Gorod Krovi on the Easter Egg (Main Quest if you prefer). This also reduced other visual and sound errors. This resulted in some changes, like zombie spawns in Revolution and other minor things. It may appear as a 7gb or 68gb update. However, the game simply re-installs and re-writes itself, taking no additional HD space at all. This gigantic update is also relatively quick. Mine did the 68gb rewrite in roughly 45 minutes on XB. Happy BO3ing!
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    I'd argue, consoles are cheaper and easier to use, but overall PC is the best thing one can do, at least if you are heavily into videogames. Or "just" be fortunate enough to have both. Never had much time with the 360, but I gotta say the xb1 dashboard is not my cup of tea at all and since I like to play a variety of games and lots of them, I didn't regred my PS4 purchase. Hope you are doing good, buddy. :)
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    I figured I'd take my own small crack-shot at a theory for all to see. Now, Peter McCain. A legend within the Zombies Storyline, one could even argue it was him who kick-started the story we know and now love back in Shi-No-Numa. Of course we've come to learn over the years he was an OSS Spy sent by the US to extract information from Group 935, but what if he's also something more than that? Perhaps, similar to Pablo Marinus, he is a Hero of the Great War. Think of it for a moment, it wouldn't be the first time we're thrown a curve-ball like this but in my opinion it all makes sense. I'll explain why. This recording from Alpha Omega is my basis for this theory. Pernell: Doctor Hale says you're making big improvements every day now. Peter McCain: Yes, sir. You might say I'm beginning to feel like the old me. Pernell: Absolutely remarkable. How far you've come these past few months can't be understated. How's the memory loss? Peter: Still a struggle, sir. If I close my eyes, I can see it clearly for a moment: Der Riese, Asylum, the Shi No Numa. But, then it's gone. Pernell: And the nightmares? Peter: The nightmares, sir? Pernell: Doctor Hale mentioned something about strange dreams. Giant Monsters, Medieval France. Peter: Not in weeks, sir. Those have subsided. Pernell: Outstanding news. So, what's next Peter? What are your plans once your recovery's complete? Peter: Sir? Pernell: Well, Doctor Hale mentioned your interest in staying on at Broken Arrow. Peter: Broken Arrow brought me back from beyond the veil, sir. I could think of no greater honor than repaying the organization for what they've done. Pernell: Believe me, Peter, the honor would be all ours. These are strange times. I need good men like you in my circle. DOD's claws are deep into our organization: Too deep. I've not confirmed it, but I suspect they've planted spies in our ranks. Last month, out of the blue, they forced me to give up the Elemental Shard, as if they knew what we were up to. Peter: I'm sorry to hear that, sir. Pernell: Oh, that's all right. DOD don't know it, but I managed to break the shard in two. Kept half so that we can continue our work. We need to stay on our toes. I need people I can trust. You're welcome to join the organization, but it'll mean swearing loyalty to Broken Arrow before the United States. Company over country. I need to know that's something you can do. Peter: I can do that, sir. If you notice during this conversation soon after Peter McCain is brought back to life by the Elemental Shard, Peter has dreams of medieval France and gigantic monsters from what can only be described as a nightmare. Why would Peter have visions of The Great War if he hadn't been there? You could argue it's just an effect of the Elemental Shard, but that is simply too boring of a reason and Treyarch usually doesn't go with the boring reason, as dumb as that admittedly sounds to say out loud. We also know that at the end of Alpha Omega we see that Peter McCain's soul is transported into the Elemental Orb similar to how Gersch was able to do at the end of Ascension. Before flying off into the unknown, Peter says one thing that has me interested. "I have some unfinished business to attend to." What exactly is this unfinished business? I don't have an answer for that, but my theory is that he was meant to be a soldier in the Great War similar to Marinus. We know that inter-dimensional travel is able to be done through the form of an Elemental Orb. We saw Gersch go from the original timeline into Dimension 63's Gorod Krovi. If Gersch was able to do it, why wouldn't McCain be able to do it too? Plus, the Elemental Orb is created specifically to transport a human soul into another inhabitable body. Whether it's the A.D.A.M Unit he was trapped in by Pernell or a different body of a fallen soldier in battle, he could transport his soul into a new host and bring it a new life. My theory is that Peter traveled to the Great War and played a pivotal role in getting Revelations Richtofen into the cryo-pod that goes to Blood of the Dead, breaking the cycle in the first place. This also creates another theory now that I think of it, the Broken Cycle Universe that is BO4 has happened multiple times just like the Cycle we saw from WaW to BO3. The events that happen in THIS version of the Broken Cycle lead to finally ending the cycle forever and banishing everything to the Dark Aether. It's complicated to explain as this entire storyline is, but I hope you can at least grasp an understanding of what I'm trying to say here.
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    This is easily one of the most, if not the most interesting theory I've ever heard about this comic-book loading screen thing.
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    1. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis) Ja, ja, ja, ja, ja. Soll das ein Witz sein? Die Apfelkuchen schmecken viel zu gut, als dass man irgendjemand anderes als Richtofen nehmen könnte. Von der Milz bis zum Hirn ist alles einwandfrei mit dem Jungen. Ultimis ist einfach mal zum schießen und alles andere, was danach kam, verblasst im Vergleich. Wir haben so viele tolle Abenteuer mit den Chaoten erlebt und wenn die 4 nicht in der Endrunde sein werden, dann verliere ich den Glauben an euch und eure kollektive Milz. Natürlich ist es auch mal ganz nett, dass ernstere Themen angeschnitten werden, soll ja auch so sein, aber wenn die 5. Stunde einer Zombiesession angebrochen ist, dann will ich nicht irgendwelchen pseudophilosophischen Scheiß hören, oder dass die Welt zum x-ten mal gerettet werden muss, ich will den Kampfschrei eines verrückten Nazi Professors hören, oder einen Russen, der Angst hat, dass die Zombies seinen Wodka klauen, einen Amerikaner, der seinen Facebook Status aktualisieren muss und von mir aus auch einen Japaner, der so doof ist, dass er denkt, das hätte alles was mit Ehre zu tun. Ich kann echt nicht nachvollziehen, wie ihr und Treyarch davon satt sein könnt, wenn es nach mir ginge, wären alle Karten weiterhin mit meinen Kumpels als Protagonisten raus gekommen, ohne Ausnahme. Scheiß auf Buffy, scheiß auf den Schattenmann und pinkel auf Primis. Wenn ich mal reich und berühmt bin, werde ich Treyarch kaufen und denen sagen, dass sie das Zombiesspiel raus bringen sollen, die werden dann auch alle ne Klimaanlage 24 Stunden am Tag bekommen, die auch in Betrieb ist, versteht sich, darüber hinaus würden sie so viel Zeit für die Entwicklung bekommen, wie sie benötigen, ich wäre ein guter Boss, aber die Bedingung dafür wäre nur noch Karten mit den O4 zu machen. Mehr will ich nich, ich könnte jetzt noch Der Riese anschmeißen und wenigstens 2x schmunzeln, was bei keiner der Primis Karten je der Fall war. Ihr wollt ne gefühlvolle und ernste Story? NA DANN GUCKT DOCH EIN SCHEIß DRAMA!!! (Ahem... do not take this too seriously by the way, ;P) 2. Takeo Masaki (Ultimis) E Z 3. Doctor Ludvig Maxis I am just going to assume, this Maxis also has a beard, but even disregarding my indifference for Primis, I gotta say Nikolai is the most annoying one. 4. Samuel Stuhlinger At least I can giggle with Stu.. 5. Edward Richtofen (Primis) Never played the Easter egg, so I do not care and ER has some bonus points for that Blood Ending 6. Marlton Johnson Not even kidding... let that sink in, Rad. Victis > Primis 7. Nikolai Belinski (Ultimis) Ultimis Vodka > 8. Tank Dempsey (Ultimis) lol
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    The warden isn't supposed to spawn when you camp on the gondola. That's one of the perks of that camping spot. I've never heard the sound go off when camping there though, strange for sure.
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    PlayStation 4 / Online Solo Match / Classic Casual / 0 bots Brew: Quick Revive / Cola: Dying Wish / Soda: Victorious Tortoise / Tonic: Winter's Wail Special: Death Machine / Equipment: Wraith Fire Anywhere But Here / Equip-mint / Shock Pops / Temporal Gift An interesting glitch happened today... I was playing BOTD and I started camping in the Gondola on the Upper Gondola Platform next to the 3rd Floor Cell Blocks. I noticed near round 26 that the Warden's signature spawn sounds played, but no Warden spawned. It happened 3 or 4 more times every few rounds until round 43 when I stopped playing. Seems like a glitch where the Warden doesn't spawn! Anyone else experience this before? Is it a known glitch or maybe something new... I hope T.A. doesn't read this and fix it! For once, it's a GOOD glitch!! XD
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    Haha Well I had something similar with IX back shortly after launch, I had a Blight father spawn and then I had to leave the arena and went through the first perk area and got back to the arena but the dude was never to be seen again and there wasn't any more spawning and by accident I found him again in a Corner looking at the wall. That is how my first round 40 on IX was born. Haven't played Blood in ages though, so I can't help you with that.
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    Also maybe add some comments as to why it's placed where it is. I'll start: 1) Tag Der Toten Just a perfectly rounded map, for me. It's got everything and fixed my major gripes with COTD, which were the George boss character and the lack of means of getting to proper high rounds. Also the added mountaintop facility really adds to the map. 2) Dead of The Night Nice layout, great atmosphere and the wonderweapon is kinda fun. Also really liked the characters, certainly much more than Chaos. The whole setup is slightly lengthy but I was attempting round 100 on this map during the bluescreen era and had 10 attempts at it, and I never once found the setup tedious. Plus, I'm into the whole werewolves and vampires thing - fun fact, there was a game on the Sega Genesis called Zombies Ate My Neighbours which is what got me into zombies stuff (plus werewolves, vampires, mummies etc) when I was a kid, which is where my username comes from! 3) Classified FIVE was in my top 3 of all time anyway, not too much changed with this map. Probably would have been #2 if the Pentagon Thief was still in. 4) Ancient Evil Really enjoyed this map. Good layout, nice aesthetic, fun wonderweapons. If the setup was less long I might have placed it above Classified, but it got a bit tedious to set up at times. 5) IX Also really enjoyed this map, nice and simple much like the old maps from BO1 and [email protected] which I like. Nothing standout though which is why it's only #5. 6) Blood of The Dead My only gripe with this map is that it's too damn big. Mob didn't really need expanding. I loved the atmosphere and the aesthetic, probably one of the best zombies maps ever in that respect. Shame the wonderweapons kinda suck too, the Magmagat was a great weapon to start with but got nerfed heavily. 7) Alpha Omega Just missed the mark, for me. I was looking forward to a Nuketown remake for the longest time and for me, they just messed it up. The atmosphere and aesthetic was horrible, the underground area was mostly just a rehash of what we've seen in Blackout. The Ray Gun MKIIs were a letdown as well. Didn't really enjoy it. 8) Voyage Same issue as with Blood for me, it's just too damn big, but at least Blood has other redeeming features. Voyage is also very complicated in layout and the setup is tedious. It's just boring as well, very little atmosphere. With all the above said, I didn't hate any of these maps, even the last couple. I just found them a bit meh. Also you'll notice it's all from a pure gameplay perspective as I don't really bother with EEs and all that stuff.
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    That was an exciting first half of round 1 with 9 votes! Lets keep those numbers high and the competition fierce. Here is the bracket currently: But what are the rules? I will provide a list of matchups, for example: 1. Juggernog vs Speed Cola You would make your choice by replying with your pick and a reason why, something like: 1. Speed Cola, I gotta go fast! Your reasoning can be anything from personality, development, comedy, voice performance, or just how they look! At the end of the week I will tally votes and advance winners to the next round. Here are today's contestants: 1. Doctor Groph vs Sophia/S.O.P.H.I.A. 2. Takeo Masaki (Primis) vs Finn O'Leary 3. Marlton Johnson vs Albert "The Weasel" Arlington 4. Doctor Maxis (Dimension 63) vs Cornelius Pernell 5. Tank Dempsey (Ultimis) vs Harvey Yena 6. Russman vs The Shadowman (THE MANS) VOTE OR DIE!
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    Hey, guys. Y'know, I ought to be adamant to asking why "Deep Thought" was shifted to regular "Off-Topic". That's like a sacred violation. You don't desecrate hollow grounds. Or... something like that. I think part of me was trying to make a Prince of Egypt reference... regardless. This is a post I feel is a necessary topic to be had - whether or not it really matters. Given the recent timeframe of events and the thinking I've done to amend for it, I... felt the need to share and introspectively accept it all... so I can help myself move forward. If I'm being frank, a lot of these "deeper" posts I write have helped in some way - be it to evaluate my introversion, or call towards becoming a positive change, they are important to me because they give me a better idea of my own personal values - the core of myself, the why of me. It tells me how I've grown from the years I've lived and experiences I've had. That said, the experiences I've had in the last couple of weeks have told me I've got a lot more to learn. It's all going to sound rather "elementary"-esque, but... my first real relationship experience happened over the course of the last week... and it was a really interesting experience to have, if not the most "emotional" I've ever felt. For the first time in a long time, I let my emotions guide me along, and I let myself fall for someone in my trade (for those who don't know, I'm at a trade school learning Commercial Printing). That... actually led somewhere, whereas the usual paths led away from that. It's an incredibly TL;DR wording, but I think it best I respect the anonymity of myself and those surrounding the area around my life and not delve deeper than this. If anything, though... I thought it was a rather cutesy situation. It started as sharing around musicals (i.e. "The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals", chiefly), then watching movies together... and it just kind of felt right. Perhaps it was rushed, perhaps I was too excited, but I felt like the moments were right, and that I found the right person for me. Which... doesn't really happen for me, so I genuinely thought I had something going. That said, it lasted like five days. Call me melodramatic, but... you have to understand my mindset at that point. I was excited. I was happy. I wanted to pursue this... but I was also insecure about my actions, and I worried if little things I did would end up screwing things up. At the current, I don't really know if they did - but that isn't exactly the point. A sadness can pierce the heart with thick, venomous tendrils - and... when things went the way they did... I cracked a bit under the sheer weight and pain from being struck. I kind of recessed a little - my introversion kicked back in, my doubt and depression I had believed I'd been able to surpass ages ago, it came back to me. I'd... be remiss if I were to tell you I'm not still dealing, still healing from it, but... I felt like I was out of commission at that point. A walking robotic man, making the motions of the day and moving along, focus elsewhere, with a head clouded. I... very much regressed a bit. ...and maybe that's just the person I am, sometimes, y'know? I'm a semi-fragile human, and I'm prone to being manic and all the same torn from that state. I took the days after this - and up to the current - and I've been thinking. Hard. Trying to amend, heal... talk, sometimes, but... mostly think. Taking walks around the school. Looking off from the docks to the water, nearly infinite if not for the land alongside and to its ends on the horizon... and I think, in doing so, I'm beginning to realize a lot more about how things are - and how I am as a part of it. Love, as a concept, is fickle. It takes... time. Effort. The right set of emotions and the right mindsets. The right people, and the right moments. Love is as much a passion as it is a harness we use to make ourselves feel human. We choose to find companionship because we wish to never feel alone, to feel as though, just maybe, hopefully, there's someone on the same wavelength as ourselves. We need people who get us and want to be with us for us. It's a process, as is each facet of the life we control... and we must work with it. You can't rush into things, blindly, hoping they work. You need to take them slow. ...and, y'know, maybe there's other people if the person you thought would make you happy doesn't fall on the same lines as you. The world is vast - the person you're seeking in life could be anywhere. All it's ever taken is a look. There's a vast sea of people, just as emotive and creative, just as interesting and the like, and you need the initiative to find those people in life. Pure happiness doesn't just come from where you want yourself to be, sometimes. It comes from where you want to be, both with yourself and another. ...it makes me hopeful to think on this kind of level, truly. I think a part of me is hoping to amend further. Make this little spark burn again. I still really like this person... and strongly enough where I still have few emotions to compare it to. I want to make a relationship like this work. I want to stay hopeful about where I can go from here... and, if this doesn't work... well, I'm willing to accept it. Someone's still out there. Per aspera ad astra. -The Meh
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    Thanks for both of your replies. :) After my meet up with said friend, in which I didn't wear headphones, I decided to try it out in my own little town a while after, but truth be told: I wasn't enjoying it, cause it did feel like the people around here were watching me even more than usual, which I know it probably wasn't really the case, but it still felt like it. So I rather just walk around with earbuds. But hey, at least I tried it out. I'll try my best though in the future to switch that feeling off and/or to not care when people are actually laying their eyes on me. I don't have the slightest clue how to do that yet or even how to see the difference, but I hope I will figure it out. <3
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    1. Alpha Omega- probably my favorite map ever. 8 characters is a blessing, and they're all well written and well done. The atmosphere of the map is perfectly done. On the surface, everything is great and a classic American suburb. And underneath, some really dark shit happens. This is exemplified by the round change music, which starts as upbeat 60s jazz and then goes into some weird radio sounds and ends on a dark note. Gameplay wise, the Ray Gun quests generally aren't too annoying, and I actually like the added challenge of the Novas. There's also some great side quests like the round 200 side quest. The story of the map and how it is conveyed through radios and wall text is also done very well. I could go on about this map forever. 2. Ancient Evil- This map is also definitely up there for me. I'm not nearly as into the Chaos story, but the atmosphere of the map is very well done. The environment of Delphi is something truly unique for Zombies and feels very new. The gameplay of the map is good, the challenge system feels new although it's been done many times before. The EE is fun outside of one annoying step, And the boss fight is brilliant. 3. Classified- This map is just a joy. The triumphant return of Ultimis, back and better than ever. It's a very simple, BO1 style map which I like. The music and atmosphere are very good. There's lots of awesome story info. Although there's not much to do this map is just great. 4. Tag Der Toten- This is another great story map, like all aether maps in BO4, the radios are rich and full of so many answers to long time lore questions. This is Victis at their best, I actually like them in this map which I never have before. Gameplay wise it's good, not great. It does have quite a lot of shit to do in order to play which is something I'm annoyed by, but it doesn't drag things down as much as some other maps. The skybox is probably the best I've ever seen, that beautiful Sun coming in takes it so far above CotD, which I liked but was mostly grey and blue. Like in Alpha Omega, the added areas are well taken advantage of, with pretty much every new area having some interesting lore. The facility is one of my favorite locations in a while. Overall this is another really good map. 5- Blood of the Dead- This is a good not great map to me. There is map flow and layout issues, but I do find it funny how quickly the community's tastes on that have evolved. The map flow is really no worse than MotD's, with only the Docks not accessible by a quick and easy fast travel (gondola doesn't count). The story of the map is really good, the radios aren't as chock full as the rest of the Aether maps, but still have some great nuggets. The way the story shines is with Richtofen's journey in the map, and his conversations with Stuhlinger really help make his tragic sacrifice even more tragic. I do like the gameplay but it's not anything extraordinary, the magmagat is fun but that's basically the only addition to the map aside from the new areas. 6- Dead Of The Night- This map has it the worst in terms of long and annoying quests. It has a massive quest just to get Pack a Punch. However, the great atmosphere takes it above some of the other Chaos maps. The map has a really fun Wonder Weapon, cool boss enemies, but some weak characters. The atmosphere, the music and ambiance is perfect. All things considered this makes the map just about average for me in the grand scheme. 7- IX- I never really got the hype of this map. It seems like a simple Classified style map due to lack of quests/content, but also has all the other features of a regular map. The bosses feel like bullet sponges, the WW is very annoying and takes forever to kill. The best part of this map is when you go to the center from one of the tunnels, and the sun hits you right as the crowd roars. The story is also my favorite of the Chaos maps, I really like the radios where an explorer guy took a mercenary and has to attempt to complete the trial. Gameplay wise, it's pretty weak, and the Easter Egg is quite annoying. 8- Voyage Of Despair- I never got into this map. I've probably played it in total under 15 times. I couldn't name more than 2 steps of the EE. My main problem is the map layout/flow, which while probably being very historically accurate is just annoying. Every area looks the same and there's tons of cutoff points so it's quite hard to get around. The map is also way too big, I can barely figure out where I'm going or what I'm doing half the time. There isn't much of an atmosphere on this map, which basically every other BO4 map does very well. At least the Kraken is pretty fun.
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    Once I made the decision to cut music out of my life I narrowed my only artists to Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift, so given the new Swift album is no bueno I live that Lana life :)
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    1. Tag der Toten I don't know what it is, and maybe it won't stay this high up but it's just a lot of fun to me. I like the layout, the mechanics, the little mini-quests. I think it's an absolutely beautiful map and a sendoff to Aether. 2. IX Maybe a bit overrated but damn it IX is just that good. The crowd mechanic and the whole spawn area is just so fun and unique and everything is just fantastic. I have no complaints. 3. Classified Taking one of my favorite maps ever and actually managing to nail it. Classic Zombies feel with oodles of charm. 4. Ancient Evil The atmosphere and aesthetic of the map is a whole other level, and a great cliffhanger for the Chaos story, which I hope is resolved. The gauntlets are fantastic and simple enough to acquire. 5. Alpha Omega Ultimis and Primis together elevates this map more than it should. But I love the layout and the new additions. The continuation of the Cold War aesthetic from Classified and Rushmore add so much charm here. Camp Edward is so, so camp and I love it. Big gripe for me though is the frustration with some of the tightness of the map and the new crawler types. 6. Dead of the Night This map gets a bad rap where it is undeserved. Its major flaw is the long setup and amount of parts for everything, which is completely understandable, however I think it has aged well. I still like it very much and hope it gets more appreciation in the future. 7. Voyage of Despair I don't hate this map like many do, now that I know the layout by heart, but man is it hard to learn and not very intuitive. Other than that, I don't really have many complaints and it can be a lot of fun. 8. Blood of the Dead Weakest map by far and one of the biggest disappointments. Everything in the story department is perfection, but in terms of map design it is a shadow of Mob's greatness and actively makes what it borrows worse.
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    I would function even less than I already do without music. Any reason why?
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    Late bloomer here, tail end of BO and then it was BOII. I was always a CoD player but more so multiplayer tbh. I dabbled in zombies from the beginning but nothing serious. Then me and my mates got a team together just for kicks on multiplayer and we were sick of it and played zombies more and more. Thats when I really got into it, roughly 2011. Then, the rest is history.
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    I started right about the same time as OP did, but I was 39, not 5. I've probably told it here before, but my friend wanted to show me this zombie game where "you were trapped in a house and zombies broke in but you could fix windows to keep them out". It sounded dreadful and boring and it was. Everytime I went there, we played this stupid game when suddenly I heard myself say "I guess that I need to get this stupid game". Edit: I forgot to mention that he had a new copy (in plastic still) of WaW and just gave it to me right then, so we could play online. I beat the campaign to unlock Nazi Zombies (remember unlocking the mode?) and began playing it. Then another friend got sucked in (splitscreen), and dlc 1 came out with Zombie Verrückt and we were blown away by the improvements over NDU. Soon we learned to "kite" zombies on SNN and then PaP and Bowie runs on Der Riese. I just played bo3 recently after they finally fixed it (Oct 2019). Still fun stuff. Nothing beats the originals for me, but bo3 reprints were pretty close. If we could just make zombies great again...
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    WHO AM I Hello Fellow Survivors, My name is Caleb aka RequixEclipse. COD:Zombie Fanboy/Variety Content Creator/Community Hype Guy. Ive been playing since World at War. I lurked the forums up until about 2012. The time I invested in my theorizes/ideas were all worth while. I was always letting others know that I’m here to Help where Help is needed. I can’t believe I got the Honor of getting @PINNAZ his 1st babble completion for Richtofen. (It’s a big deal cause AUS+ my US connection made it a 1:115 chance of making it through 😅) The historical events I’ve learned in course work was very beneficial when I began creating theories on the storyline. Zombies correlated with”The Coming Race” which was 1 of many inspirations for the Nazis. They did have Die Gloke, experimental operations to create super soldiers using the dead, the Vril/Thule..etc. all that was a realistic vision of a mad man. Black Ops 1 made a twist that sparked a mass interest in a hidden backstory. Through the years I’ve always made sure to give back to this site. Donating to help keep the lights on when I can. Some days weren’t there for the best of times and a lot of topics got lost with site updates including some of my own😅. That being said this place is making a comeback. If your just getting familiar with this place that just fine! Don’t worry if you just started to learn the lore in the ÆTHER story because it’s a great experience. HOWEVER the next Zombie Experience starts with the community of call of duty zombie forums. Your dedication and engagement is absolute. Time has told us that when we are having fun. When we enjoy exploring, researching, and typing a topic like we’re about to get graded on it you best believe the idea will be seen. Many of our theories were proven. It’s Fact because these theories date all the way back to JimmyZ times lol. As of now a new dawn awaits CoDZ. We have transcended the ÆTHER to another Plane. Where that will take us is up to us. We are the Survivors and the Slayers. CoDZ thank you for everything. I appreciate everything about this place. WHY I STARTED STREAMING I began to build a following within the CODZombies Forum. This is the same forum big Youtubers like MrRoflWaffels came from. I was inspired to create my own Youtube Channel. After 3 years my channel peaked at 8k Subscribers, but I suffered from massive burn out. Recently I gave twitch a try and its hard work, but I can actually see the results of my hardwork. FAVORITE GAMING MOMENT My favorite moments are hearing the excitement of someone completing a COD: Zombie Easter Egg for the 1st time. Its fine if you have already seen it done, but to experience it is worth every “carry” “assist” “support” SHUT UP AND TAKE MY HELP 🥰 MY GUILTY PLEASURE(S) Replying to conversations with memes.. Notable Site Achievements: Assisting @InfestLithium w/ Ancient Trials Dwellwer Moderator CoDZ Twitch Director UOTM for 2 months
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    I’ve never hated never felt so sad never been happier or as joyous with some one. This person pushed me to the edge frustration and pulled me to the center of attention. Like magnets we are complete opposites but for every weakness is a strength. I’ve never cried also never laughed as hard with any one until this woman. intimacy isn’t a baseline for our love is much more. We have a child together and it’s almost been 10 years. Ive learned how to put someone else’s needs before my own. If we’re all hungry my daughter is first to be fed. The woman I love is my soul mate and my best friend.
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    I don't really know what to say concerning this topic. Love is something that cannot be explained in words, its rather a ball of emotion, good or bad, trapped in your heart. Experiencing it makes you realize a there is whole different meaning of 'feeling'. For me it is been almost a year now, and I still think about her occasionaly. Today, upon waking up, I put on a sweater that she stole so many times from me and put on herself, which made me think about her again. Later, I turned on the radio and by change heard songs of Coldplay and Bastille, both songs I can remember we sung along together one day, one sunny, happy day. That being said, I have found peace with it. When I think about her, I do so in a happy way and wherever she is, I hope she is alright and reminds me as the guy I initially was, rather than the mental wreckage I turned in later. The worst way to process a heartbreak is most likely watching Netflix series and such. Doing sports, walking outside in the fresh autumn air or sit with friends, talking about among others this subject, will certainly help. I remember when I was in this shit, we just had some basic neurology. I tried to break down the neurons that made me feel so emotionally about her as much as possibly by restricting me to not think about her, similar how one can unlearn playing piano by don't play for a long time. A kinda extreme meassurement, and I'm not even sure if it helped. Just me trying to search sciencific help. But love isn't science, and cannot be explained with it either. All in all, I can say now that I am happy to have experienced that time with her. Thankfully to her. Not only was it a nice period, the heartbreak made me a better person. I guess I remained the same person here on the Forums more or less, but I really changed (in the good way, so it feels). I genuinely feel better about myself now, better than before the relation and heartbreak. I know your days are dark and grim now, but it eventually might turn brighter than before. Stay awesome, friend, and thank you for sharing this. You're so much better in defining something in words, and I can see so much of myself in your post.
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    Nice stories, all of yours! My personal first encounter with CoD Zombies was on a rainy day as well. I was on the birthday of my aunt, and because of the bad weather we had to do something indoors. It was such type of 'adult' birthday, with everyone being invited in the evening and mainly adult family. So yeah, bad weather, few children, you can imagine me and my cousin got bored. Then he said he had something fun in his room. He showed me and the other kids his old PS3 (I honestly never played on a Playstation ever before) as well as his Black Ops 1 disc. As a sci-fi/horror/WW2 "fan", the Zombies Mode looked way more appealing than Multiplayer. So we selected Zombies-->Kino der Toten (that name became a real meme between me and my cousin) and we started playing in the Theatre of the Damned. We didn't knew about the possibility of buying door, hell we didn't even knew about the M14 upstairs. All we had was the Olympia, blasting heads off the undead untill we'd die by the arrival of the Hellhounds. But man, it was FUN. I really liked the mysterious atmosphere, and what people talk about the feeling they had when accidentally playing Nacht der Untoten for the first time, I had this with Kino. What the fuck was this? Anyway, after this evening I forgot about Zombies, and played it years later again when another nephew of me bought Black Ops II + Die Rise. In oposition to Kino, Die Rise was a way more complicated map. But yet, it was in this map where I actually understood what the gamemode is, and the mysteriousness aspect disappeared. I liked it nonetheless. Before the release of BO3, I bought an old Xbox360 and Black Ops 2 and started playing the Green Run maps. Not too often, but they were fun maps to play on parties or in the evenings with friends, all gathering around the TV. Bless BO2's capability to play with 4 players split-screen. It were in these maps where I really 'grew up' in the Zombies gameplay. It wasn't untill I played Shangri La for the first time at a friend, and upon seeing the loading screen and hearing Paraphony, I was intrigued by the question: 'What is actually the story behind all this?'. So I looked it up on internet, read stuff, watched videos, y'know, till I got acquinted with the whole tragedy of Doctor Maxis, Doctor Richthofen and Samantha. I also learned about Easter Eggs. Knowing the story made playing zombies so much more fun, in my opinion, and I started getting hooked on Tranzit. As I had no online mode, I investigated that entire map solo and split-screen. The mysteriousness of that map got me, the atmosphere, the idea of a possible unfound secret, Busroute-B, etc. Every time I searched theories about Tranzit's backstory and theories, I came on this forum (as a guest). This post introduced me with the whole Hollow Earth and Vril concept, and I was sold. As I really wanted to share my own ideas about possible leads for Tranzit's secret, I made an account (for the first time ever on an online Forum). I had no idea how people you know online can become your friends. But yeah, y'alls friendliness convinced me to stay :) EDIT: I mean, come on people, doesn't this song fills you with a nostalgic feeling of those times back then. This song is a remnant of the time I was young, innocent, playing games with my friends, etc.
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    My first taste of zombies was playing World at War. I got the game for xbox 360 2 days before release and had my mate round taking shots each at it. On the second day we manage to complete it and while discussing how good it was during the credits we saw the words 'Nazi Zombies' appear and then the screen fades in to the player in a bunker. We played it, died on like round 4 or something and laughed about how mental a bonus one off mission it was for completing the game. It was over a week later another friend was round who explained to me it was a permanent unlock. I was instantly hook. Bought all the DLC's except Shi No Numa. Played it at a friend's and hated it. Never really grew on me either. Even bought it on PC to play custom maps. I own every zombie map on every game to date. Kinda lost my passion for it now but the story was my true passion. That's over now though so we'll see what BO5 has to offer and hopefully it can bring me back.
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    I grew up with CoD in general. I have vivid memories of having played Call of Duty II: Big Red One before anything else CoD-wise back in the day on PS2... and this was around Kindergarten for me. CoD 3 was big in 1st Grade as well! So... that was neat. Though I could not tell you details on either one. No, what I do remember more vividly is Modern Warfare, World at War, and Black Ops 1 on the Wii. Now, you gotta keep in mind, before BO1, all we had were the pistol-esque extensions for their controllers - which... was rather fucked to use, in hindsight. Was always fun, though! Except they didn't have Zombies until BO1. So... you can imagine how BO1 Zombies was on the Wii. I died on Round 3. It was fun. Nowadays I just get bored of Kino because of my addiction to it, though! That, and... 115 is subpar as a song and I blame Wii for that.
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    *BOOM* and the Earth wad gone. Blown up. The ultimate cliffhanger to end Black Ops I Zombies. "What's next?" the fans thought. "Yeah, what's next?" the developers might have thought too... After 2 years, in 2012, we were given TranZit and the rest of Black Ops II, and whenever you like it or not, you have to admit that there is something odd with it. Something not right. I don't know what exactly, but the entire thing of BO2. Take the main menu for example: Green Run has several maps, names and game modes, while all the others have only 1, or sometimes 2 game modes. "Borough", Turned and Grief in Buried, was added last-minute. Or take Die Rise: You have the whole Earth, see "Great Leap Forward" somewhere on the map, zoom in and you'll see the word "skyscraper", select it and you'll see the name "Die Rise", and then, eventually, you enter the game lobby. It just feels odd. It's like every DLC was supposed to be like Green Run, with many selectable maps and game modes. Or perhaps Green Run should have been the main item in Zombies Mode, with all DLC's surrounding it as nice little side-maps, what Downloadable Content actually should be. BO2 Zombies feels weird. Maybe even out of place sometimes. There must be something behind it, shouldn't it? Yes there it. Recently, in a interview of YT folks with Blundell (yes...again. Treyarch why don't you give an interview on our forums for one time?), Blundell has explained quite some stuff about the early development of BO2: The development of TranZit. And it actually makes pretty some sense. So Earth was blown up. Lava, dust and zombies everywhere: A perfect apocalyptic setting. Treyarch could just have continued with the story of Ultimis, and create what Zombies always was: Building barriers, kill zombies, turn on the power, reach the Pack a Punch and do the Easter Egg. Basically the same formula World at War to Black Ops III have. Treyarch can go on forever with this. But the developing team of Black Ops II, which were already with few people (around 30, if I remember correctly), led by the one and only Jimmy Zielinski, thought outside the box. They wanted to do something new. Something revolutionary. Since WaW, Zombies Mode has grew from a bonus mode to something almost equal to Multiplayer Mode. At the end of BO1, the Zombies Mode fans had grew to a height like never before. Therefore, the developers tried to make Zombies Mode more than 1 map and 4 DLC maps. Like Multiplayer has, Zombies Mode could have different game modes. And the developers were actually working on all these different game modes! "Survival" mode would be casual zombie killing, like in WaW and BO1, comparable to the "Team Deathmatch" of Multiplayer. But instead of "Gun game", "Domination", "Capture the flag" and "Sticks and Stones", BO2 Zombie Mode wanted to provide the game modes "Race", "Grief", "Meat", "Turned", "Returned", "No Man's Land" and possibly even more. A ranking-system. Buildables. Maybe the developers even had thought of a "Create a Class" system, similar to that what BO3 Zombies has. All these gamemodes take place in the post-apocaliptic wastelands, playing as some survivors. It might be because of that that all the current smaller maps have basically no backstory: It should go about the gamemode, not the story. Just a bunch of random survivors who "play" these gamemodes, trying to stay alive in the Apokalypse. It should become absolutely ambitious. Let's take the game more "Meat" for example. The game starts with two teams, separated from each other by some kind of fence. The whole game is about, how surprising, a piece of meat. The players of one team have to throw the meat via several barriers within the fence to the other site of the map, to the other team. The site where the meat lays is the site that will be attacked by zombies. So the players of the other team have to pick up the meat and throw it as quick as possible to the other side, before the zombies kill their team. It's some kind of volleyball, and the tactic is to throw the meat to harder accisable places (like on the upper floor of the bar in town). Pretty neat game mode, ja? But there was even one gamemode/map that had a bus driving you through several of the maps of the other gamemodes. This was TranZit: The canon/story map of Green Run. In this map all the smaller maps appeared parts of one big US-military scientific station, the real existing Hanford Site. The map originally had a day/night cycle (the mysterious beams and lazers are most likely a remnant of that). A second bus and bus route. And dang, this map even reintroduced a beloved character of the previous Zombie maps: Doctor Richthofen! But TranZit was not the map it all should be about. It might become the biggest map and the only map continuing the story, Green Run (and BO2 as a whole) should be about the diversity of abilities. All the gamemodes and mini games is what it all is about. It's about the whole. You could maybe even compare it with Zombies in Spaceland: It's not only about surviving and the Easter egg. It is about all those neat mini games, the rollercoaster and arcade for example, too. All in all sounds very ambitious, but things changed. Having a team of 30 people thinking, developing, drawing, animating, programming and creating this in lesser than 2 years turned out to be impossible. It was not achievable. Zielinski kept faith in his project for too long, and refused to give it up for too long. At the time he saw the inconvenient truth and admitted that his vision of BO2 was impossible, it was already too late. There was no time anymore, Black Ops II would be released soon. The developers had to throw away all the stuff that was half done and not entirely done yet, and the map TranZit had some significant changes too. Only a survival bus depot, town and farm, and a grief town and farm had survived it, together with the modified TranZit. Green Run had shrunken like it was hit by a 31-79 JGb215, in both size as capabilities. The game was released, and many players found TranZit a glitchy and empty map. They felt like something was missing and TranZit was condemned to the "worst zombie map ever". Die Rise, Mob of the Dead, Buried and Origins followed, like normal survival maps as we know it. Black Ops III followed, with normal maps as we know it. The casual Zombies-formula. Green Run could have been the flipping point, the map that changed zombie mode enormous. If the developers had succeed, Zombies would have look alot different today. It might look very similar to Multiplayer. Better or worse than Zombies is like today, I leave that to you.....

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