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  1. ~Zombies Hangman~

    Nicely done @wesleykg00! I was thinking in the same direction (Shangri La, Vimaña, Agartha, etc), I dunno, that ....-.. just made it look like some ancient word, but oddly enough I haven't thought of Vril Ya. Your turn!
  2. ~Zombies Hangman~

    Gib Mir ein "O"!
  3. You like BO2 (Tranzit, Die Rise and Buried?), Zetsubou no Shima AND Kino Der Toten? You're my man, gal! Please tell me you are fund on Verrückt as well.
  4. Multiplayer Headquarters Zombie Hints?

    This definitely sounds interesting. I self didn't even knew that Nazi Zombies was accessible via the HQ, and I will definitely take a look to this soon. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if there is something Zombies(story)-related hidden in the HQ, just as there are Zombies-related things (letters) in the Campaign. Nice find! The Ace of Spades cases reminds me of something in Gorod Krovi...I wonder if it has a meaning aand if so, what meaning it has. Oh, and don't apologize yourself for being gone for some days. I personally, like you might have noticed, have that too from time to time. Family, friends, school and social life always goes prior, and I only visit this place when I feel like (yet honestly, that's quite some time :P).
  5. ZomSquad

    Welcome to the site, Wesley! Enjoy your staying a. If I may ask: Where are you from? What's your favourite map? And your favourite weapon combination?
  6. Welcome to the site mate. Seems like I am not the only female on this site anymore :P And well, that's one odd way to discover zombie mode: My parents actually disliked it when I was slaughtering zombies in a Nazi cinema, with Swastikas all over the place, for the first time. Glad to hear you're interested in -and familar with- the storyline. Check out the Asylum category on this site if you haven't already. As soon as I have time, I'll colour the state Wisconsin red i the following topic: I'm happy to see you here around and hope to see you in topics about WWII Nazi Zombies and, later, in the threads about the next Treyarch installment. In addition to Leanne's questions: What is your hardest map?
  7. ~Zombies Hangman~

    Nice! I was chanceless. The board is yours
  8. Possible connection between Ahnenerbe and the Wustling

    When the character intel was released before WWII itself was released, I also found out that Klaus Fischer in real life really was a German "art historian", "archeologist" and "indioloog (science in ancient Asian/Indian culture, which is connected with Ahnenerbe in some way)". This has all to do with the Ahnenerbe station under Mittelburg: a place where art and ancient excavations come together. https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klaus_Fischer_(Indologe) What's the most interesting thing: He studied in Heidelberg University. The in-game Fischer, as he had stated in his letter to his sister, had studied at Heidelberg as well.... So it's definitely possible that Sledgehammer based it's characters on real characters, just as they base their events and locations on real locations and conspiracy theories, and war reports. (As a matter of fact, @certainpersonio, this real guy Klaus Fischer had an particular interest in Arabian and Islamitic countries and cultures. Might be a nice addition to you Egypt theory. Also, ever heard of the mysteries/conspiracies revolving the "Wewelsburg".)
  9. Canonical Significance of Unlockable Characters?

    I've been thinking about this as well. I don't know, honestly. One unlockable character is a resistance fighter, if I recall correctly, so it could be possible that the MFFA met him after the train crash. I do not know what the other characters are, though, and I have not unlocked any, so I can't speak for those. Doctor Klaus Fischer being canon as playable character, however, cannot be canon
  10. Groesten Haus General information thread

    Aaand don't forget the piano sound "Easter egg". Nah that's just a neat gameplay addition. Speaking about secrets: Anyone ever noticed the green book laying on the ground upstairs at the Armor-side of the house? The player is able to read it, and I tried so today, but zombies continued to backstab me and so I could only read small parts. It's in German, saying some things about "Germany's future" and "be prepared". I tried to read more but I died :(. Perhaps it's nothing but if anyone ever feels like to check out....appreciated.
  11. Gröesten Haus Highest Round

    I just survived 23 rounds. Up to round 16 I was constantly sitting on top of the stairs at the Random Blitz Machine-Side, with my fellow slayers defending my back by slaughtering the undead in the hallway upstairs. After round 16, it was just complete chaos and after 2 people left, we somehow survived to round 23. I'll give an update when I got higher. What's your highest round?
  12. Strange device after Easter egg

    @Silv3r Energy are those devices only there after doing the canon Easter egg, or after doing the "easy" Easter egg as well?
  13. Heligoland, Atlantis, and Future DLC implications

    Still it's hard limit ourselves to German occupied territory. The Final Reich takes place in Bayern in the snow season, which can be any time between November 1943 and Februari 1944 (though my preference goes to 1943, since Marie Fischer's last journal was in August 1943, stating that she will go to Mittelburg in the snow season). The Germany-occupied/allied area in 1943 made a drastically change within one year. While the Germans were in the suburbs of Moscow in 1943, they had only half of Poland in (summer) 1944. Ahnenerbe has, like you probably know, been kinda everywhere in Europe. From Scandinavia to Italy, from France to Romania. Doctor Straub could've go anywhere, yet something in my head keeps thinking he will limit himself to Germany (except last DLC Maybe), I dunno why. Oh, and one last cool thing I came across the internet: Ahnenerbe was in Crimea as well. I've always wondered why Gustav Cannon is a map in MP mode: it's so out of place. Ahnenerbe was in the Crimean city "Kerch", in order to find artifacts following up the recent display of the "Kerch" Gothic crown of the Crimea in Berlin. The German occupation of Kerch was brutal, and there was a constant guarilla war going on in the Adzhimushkay catacombs (mines) of the city. The place has an interesting ancient history as well. One big disadvantage: There is no connection with the HRE or Barbarossa. Sadly I think this really is a necessarity for a WWII Nazi Zombie map. Btw, remember the Dunkirk coordinates we've got from Sledgehammer even before WWII was released? That has to lead to something too, right?
  14. 115 Day!

    An awesome 115 to everybody! No zombies for me, just studying, studying and more studying :(
  15. ~Zombies Hangman~

    @The Meh and @Lenne bad luck is on your side. I'll give you one last change. I have you all the vowels and an extra hint: As bullets, it uses some kind of apes. Good luck!