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  1. anonymous

    Bloody teleporters

    RequixEclipse! You're a genius! I think you might have solved a part of the Aether-Agartha puzzle with this! Let's quote some things from that video. Meanwhile the theme from Interstellar is playing So there exist portals in our universe. According to this theory, they lead to the Sun, which is a giant magnetic force emitting entity in our solar system. So when this electromagnetic "flow" touches the magnetic field of our Earth, they get somehow connected and form these portals. If this could happen with our Sun, why not with the Black Sun? This Element 115 containing source too emits huge amounts of electrons, and in a lesser extent- Vril. Perhaps you know that (negative loaded) electrons flow from a negative to a positive loaded location, that's the basic principle of electricity. Well, you might also know that our Earth has a geographic North and South pole, but a magnetic North and South pole as well. Paradoxically, the geographic North Pole is the magnetic South pole, and the geographic South Pole is the magnetic North Pole. So constantly there are electrons flowing from Antarctica through space to our geographic North Pole These constant hotspots of loaded particles on Earth's surface could be connected with extraterrestrial magnetic sources as well, such as the Black Sun. This might clarify the Poles being believed to be entrances to 'Hollow Earth' a.k.a. Argartha. This is not a real world within a hollow Earth. This is a realm that can be accessed via the Poles, therefore believed to lay within Earth. BuBut the poles are not the only high magnetic areas on Earth's surface. Many sources, including even WWII Nazi Zombies 's Drostan, say that 'Atlantis is a nexus of magnetic energy'. Places like Lumeria and Mel's Hole are potential maynetic hotspots as well. The pyramids of Gaza are said to have tunnels to Argartha too but these could be some kind of antannae, absorbing electromagnetic energy from the sky. Or other dimensions... But the sun of Argartha is not the only Sun that is magnetic strong enough to form portals with Earth's magnetic fields. There might be another, darker place somewhere. A place beneath creation with an Apothican Sun. This is the Dark Aether. Whether the Dark Aether and Aether/Agartha are in higher or lower dimensions, as @AetherialVoices once said, that doesn't matter. Magnetic force is interdimensional. These X-spot portals could not only connect different areas in a universe, but also different areas in different dimensions (such as the 3D with the 4D). This is what I believed earlier: But now I am pretty sure I am wrong. It isn't the radiation that creates the portal at random underground spots, I think it are your magnetic X-spots. CoDZ games always had LOTS of references to magnetism. Black Ops III has never killed the ideas of a Hollow Earth: Already in the Die Rise loading screen there is a broken Earth seen without a world within. The idea of Argartha in the Zombies story was never meant as an actual 'Hollow Earth'. It could merely be connected with our Earth, via magnetic hotspots. There is a Heaven. As well as there is a Hell, ain't there one, @Faust? And @Mattzs how do you feel about this theory?
  2. anonymous

    Grief Tournament

    This is a message to every living soul that is still out there To every not-undead human being that are out there, new folks and veterans, theorists and strategists, survivors and Flesh. The Element has gone airborne. Contaminates are now infecting the very air we breathe, and while the world is burning, survivors are fighting for that what is left. We must do all whatever it takes to ensure our future as a species. Those who own an Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, along with Black Ops II, can take part within the Grief Tournament. Two teams fight the undead, together or against each other. But keep in mind: In the end only one team can make it out alive. The tournament will separate the strong of the weak, though, this purification will continue until only one player has won: The semi-finals will have 2 players against 2 other players, and the finals will be a 1V1 match. He or she who wins this, will be awarded with eternal respect and 1000 Divinium, useful in CoDZ's Store. The 2th rank will be awarded with 750 Divinium, rank 3 and 4 each with 250 Divinium, and every participant will acquire 50 Divinium. Ask yourself, are you capable enough to participate? Don't delay yourself, and do what must be done. Round 1: Groups of 4 Compete Head to Head *1 Group Moves On* (4v4) Best 2:3 Matches Advances Round 2: Splitting The Winning Group Into 2 Teams *1 Group Moves On* (2v2) Best 2:3 Matches Advances Round 3: Splitting For A 1 vs 1 Finale (1v1) Best 2:3 Matches Wins What is your Gametag? Do you have the DLC of Mob of the Dead and/or Buried? (If not, no problem. Just need to know) The time you are able to start the tournament in the weekend after the next weekend, so I can start planning the matches. (You can let this know later as well). Your timezone Your console Xbox Slayers Registration Link: https://challonge.com/codzgriefxb PSN Slayers Registration Link: https://challonge.com/codzgriefpsn Charge your Galva-knuckles, and see you on the battlefield! So far known survivors: - Anonymous (XB) - TenslasterGames aka Tenslaster2980 (PS) -Wesleykg aka WAK Fury (XB) -TheMeh aka TheChaoticLight (XB) -RequixEclipse (XB) -McMike199399 (PS) -GolemThe3rd (XB) -WTFuzzle aka WTFvxvFTW (XB) - Franklin iQ (XB) - SneakyNinja4782 (XB) -XCaptainMooseX (XB) - TBG Lashay (XB) -Praemitis (XB) -ThunderfistDE (XB)
  3. anonymous

    Bloody teleporters

    In the beginning, time was linear. There was actually only one universe. Note that universes are different things then dimensions. There were more dimensions, probably always been: The first dimension (1D), the second dimension (2D), our dimension (3D), the Aether (4D) and the negative dimensions. So there was only 1 3D universe. A mysterious element called 115 somehow came in our thirth dimension (it might be that the Apothicans sent this, seeing the Apothican worm sending a 115 meteorite though a portal) and it was found by several nations: Russia, the US, Japan, but most importantly, the international Group 935, mainly led by Germans. "To improve human condition", they started experimenting with 115, causing the universe to split. Especially when Dr. Richthofen created his "Matter Transphere Device", a.k.a teleporter. Non linear parallel universes were created: The multiverse, or omniverse, or however you call it. Apparently, this creation of the multiverse had some effect for the Apothicans. How, I do not know. But that might be a reason why the Apothicans send 115 in the 3th dimension. It somehow freed them. This radio shows us the discovery of the capability of the MTD's. The teleporter doesn't only replace you from place to place (though space), but also though time. That might be a reason why the parallel universes began to bleed into each other. Note that the text from this radio in BO3 is also in the Die Rise intel in BO2. The only difference is that "Doctor Richthofen" is replaced by "Richthofen". This gives you a metaphor of the creation of the multiverse. The hammer stands for the experiments with 115, in particular with the MTD's. Reality and dream? It is hard to tell. Remember memories that didnt happen. Visions from another life of you? These are effects of the universes bleeding into each other. They remember things that they did in other universes. Yeah Monty, we know. So because of the linear universe splitting up in parallel universes, this whole multiverse becomes unstable. Maybe that's what the Apothicans want. Maybe an unstable universe will give them the opportunity to consume it. Just a thought. Not sure what vessel is meant here. Perhaps the music plates that open the portal to the crazy place? And ow I love it that he says "the world within the world" here. He means Agartha! The Aether (Agartha) is apparently also affected by the cracking universe. Again a radio about the false memories of the characters about another "version" of their selves in another universe. Ahhh I can't explain that better, Monty. This is how I see these radios. This is what I think is happening in the zombie storyline. What do you think? And how do they save the universe in Revelations? The Apothican Sun implodes, but how does that set all things right?

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