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  1. Midnight Tesla gun EASY round-based build guide

    Maybe, one day @Superhands will take a look at these forums again and see I @'ed him in this topic. When that time comes, please leave a reply! You might have new good tactics for Groesten Hays or Zombies 2018
  2. About Donating.

    Go for the 935
  3. About Donating.

    Btw, @Lenne, do you know you have donated exactly 115 dollars so far?
  4. Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

    I think that's fair. The Vimaña's of the Hindoes and Vril Ya. The technological advanced devices from Agartha that solely need the energy of an Eclipse to leave Earth's atmosphere, and after that free to roam through space (and time, perhaps). Your turn!
  5. Nethrus

    Also @certainpersonio, in the game there are idols called "sons of Nerthus". They remind me a bit of the shape of a baby, but an odd sand not fully grown baby, more like a foetus. Together with their names, the SONS of Nerthus (Nerthus' child's) this kinda fits with your whole unborn children thing
  6. Midnight Tesla gun EASY round-based build guide

    Makes me wonder what happened
  7. Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

    They call me chariot of the gods. They used me in the Great War between Good and Evil. I am activated by the power of Eclipse, and can be found on multiple comic pages.
  8. Nethrus

    Can't believe I missed this post. Great input as always, RequixEclipse! That very last picture actually reminds me of the place I live in. I've read somewhere (I believe said by the developers) that the island is inhabited by "dead god's". So Nerthus is not (merely) god of the dead, but is dead herself, and maybe undead. An undead god. Might explain her tears of blood and the Meuchlers worshipping her. A bit off topic: I played the map the Darkest Shore a few days ago at a friend for the first time and I discovered the red sea and dead fish at the spawn beach. This is NO blood. It is phytoplankton. Under the right circumstances, a specific breed of these algae multiplies their selves very quickly, colouring the water red and making it poison, for both men and animal. Such catastrophes led in certain coastral areas in Asia to a true fish apocalypse. All fish in the sea die and are blew by the water to the land. Water is poison, even in small quantities (during the Cold War there was even experimented with these algae to use as chemical warfare). Now that might even increase the total number of dead corpses, later resurrected by Geistkraft. It also makes me curious if this has any connection with Nerthus. After all, Germanic tribes used to worship her with slaves who, upon performing the rites, immediately drown. Nerthus surely has something to do with the sea, and maybe Straub's insane experiments on Heligoland, the pollution and rotten corpses it brought with it, and the poisonous sea might have desecrated the island and "killed" the god. Maybe that's why the Meuchlers, as fellow victims of Straub, worship her. And note that Straub also murdered a Monk, whose head can be found in the map. The characters use the Monk's head to create friendly zombies. So maybe, the Monk worshipped and cared for Nerthus (you know "to care" and "to worship" is the same word in Latin?), and that's why he has powers that makes zombies friendly to him. When the Monk was killed, Nerthus died. I dunno, just an idea
  9. Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

  10. Midnight Tesla gun EASY round-based build guide

    Thank you! I don't really watch YouTube videos and I never knew how to upgrade Richter's Tesla Gun. I will definitely use this thread next time I'll play the Final Reich. I like your Superhands-style of writing.
  11. What's up with User of the Month?

    The nice thing about UotM is in my opinion all the compliments that are given personally to each other. Automate it just makes it different. I like the way everyone just votes and says why he/she voted for that One.
  12. Zombie wallpapers!

    It's a cool idea! Can anyone participate in this or is it a private project?
  13. All The Darkest Shore audio logs

    These tales become more and more gruesome. Let's say the meuchlers are inhabited by the souls of unborn children, seeing Nerthus as their mother. Does that mean they obey Nerthus? And how do the souls get into the physical form of the meuchlers...aren't they actually corpses of prisoners/soldiers. That would mean that Geistkraft messes up the spirit and consciousness that inhabited those people, swapping them for those of "unborn children".
  14. What We Want: Treyarch Zombies 2018

    Threads like this do not even exist in BO3. Strategy's for sure, but not like they used to be in BO1:
  15. Apologies are due

    The Scottish Rock ist back! Ha! You should apologize yourself instead of thinking we (or I at least) would thought you, along with other mods, were gone. I've seen updates and messages in the chatbox that let me knew you were everything except gone. It felt like I should blame you and @InfestLithium in particular for such messages/updates :P In all seriousness, @Hells Warrrior, I'm really happy to hear of your child. Remember this community is merely an online community, and your family and real life are, of course, way more important. Good to hear all those names you mentioned are still present. @Doppelgänger our friend from Down Under, @Spider our XPG Richthofen pal, @Slade our Lenne 2.0 and all the others I absolutely see as legends. @Covert Gunman, really? That's the one who created this place, isn't he? It ammuses me to see the names of@GRILL, @Boom115 and@DeathBringerZen, people who's names will never be forgotten here, even if they would be gone. And @Flammenwerfer, that guy was before my time but I remember his name from golden posts throughout these forums. In short: Glad to hear this! Treyarch's next game will possibly show these forums how they were back in the days....while I enjoy it the way it is now, the current community and current story as well. Alot of fun with your kids!