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  1. "Have fun with papa in Poland. Mommy will miss you but she has work to do in Dresden" I've seen that line too. Was it there in the old loading screen too or is it added in the new one? Two strange things: >Der Riese was located in Germany in that time, not Poland. (Poland did exist, though). >Samantha's mother died immediately after Samantha was born
  2. Do you know where those two numbers lead to (at least, I assume it are coordinates)? Also, thank you for this clear image of the Moon loading screen! I'm gonna search what Cipactli, Ehecatl, Cali, Cuetzpalin and Coatl are. It is said that these things/creatures/beings are represented in a non-visible form in the MPD. Btw, @Mods. How is it possible that this "zombie asylum" category is not on the main page? It has truly beautiful topics. Why is it something different than the already existing "Asylum" category?
  3. Glad you've found us and welcome on this site! Are you more a zombie slasher or a story expert?
  4. All ZC maps (except Nacht und Verrückt) are already canon, since it are remasters of the old WaW/BO/BO2 maps in which Ultimis or Primis plays. There is no theory needed to make it canon. Sure, it could be a fracture of the Original Timeline, and thus, another universe, but it is not necessary. What bothers me, however, is that once again (just like in the BO1 Rezurrection DLC) Nacht and Verrückt WITH Ultimis (Takeo, Richthofen, Nikolai, Dempsey) are created. What would this mean? Is it canon or not? Perhaps Ultimis had a short teleportation journey between two maps (like Der Riese and Kino der Toten). A question: Do you see a date popping up in Verruckt? Perhaps you have an explanation or theory for this.
  5. Yesh! The Illuminati! That's what I missed in the old Book 1
  6. Out of these two Timeline excerpts, we can conclude that the Aether and Agartha are two different things. The Aether, a higher dimension, and its energy, exists since the beginning of the Multiverse. Agartha is created later, made by the Keepers with the help of the Vril artifact known as the Summoning Key. With the Aether being a higher dimension (so 4D or possibly even higher), you can compare it with a hypercube. I believe that the Keepers have created a world within the Aether: Agartha. Agartha is like a 3D cube within the 4D hypercube: A physical location, for our 3D human forms able to enter, feel and observe. This could explain what Doctor Monty meant with "the world within the world". Agartha within the Aether. Now about the House. The House has proven to be one big mystery, and multiple theories about its exact location are made. So here's prove: The House lays in Agartha (I don't know who had theorized that before, but whoever it was: You're right!). Still, there could be two different ways to "be" in Agartha. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you my two possible theories: The Agartha Village Theory, and the Interstellar Ending Theory! (the names are debatable…). The Agartha Village Theory So, nothing special about this theory. The House and the buildings around it (like the Church) are just a village in the 3D Agartha. Agartha is a world like ours, but without the presence of Element 115 and the Apothicans: A perfect world. Agartha is the only good universe. At the end of Revelations, Doctor Monty says that he closes off all other (115 and Apothican influenced) universes. From now on, Agartha, the universe with the House, will be the only universe that continues to exist in our reality. Perhaps Agartha even is OUR real universe, free from all the evil. In that case, the House is located in the real existing German village "Ludwigdorf" (translated: Ludwig (Maxis) village). The Interstellar Ending Theory Anyone here who has seen the movie Interstellar? Great movie, but besides the story it also may have ties with the Zombies Story, especially the ending. In the ending, the main character is put in a hypercube (4D) by 5 Dimensional beings. From this 4D cube, the character is able to manipulate the lower 3th Dimension, our dimension, to do stuff in the past that cause him to eventually do what he did in the movie: A paradox. He is also able to message the 3D humans a way how to save humanity. So in short: The main character goes on journey, eventually finds himself in a 4D cube, messages a solution how to save Earth and messages his own self in the past to go on journey, so he will eventually save the world. You got it? Why do the 5 Dimensional beings help him and put him in this Hypercube, you might ask. Well, they are humanity. They are the humans in the future, having mastered and accessed the fifth dimension, and therefore help the main character to save the world, so the 5D humans will in the future exist. That’s a double paradox! Now to come back to the House, Agartha and the Aether. Following this theory, the Aether is not the fourth, but the fifth dimension. Agartha is the fourth dimension. This is why, in the Monty trailer, when Monty says he is in Agartha, everything black: It is not visible for our 3D eyes. If Agartha would be 3D, we would see trees, rocks and houses. So the Keepers, 5 dimensional beings, have created the 4D realm "Agartha" to inhabite. Via 4D Agartha, Monty created the realm of the House, a 3D realm. You can compare this with a drawing of a world on a 2D paper (the 3D House), laying in your 3D room (4D Agartha). This "House" realm is only created temporary (like the Hypercube in Interstellar), and exists till Maxis, Richthofen and the rest of Primis have done their fate: Saving the Multiverse's ass. Prove for this theory that the House is not Agartha like a village, but more WITHIN Agartha like a piece of paper or a bubble, are the following quotes from the Timeline: You see? Samantha was taken by her father to Agartha after Buried, but Monty appears to have taken Samantha to the House, after Maxis is send there after Origins. This proves that the House is somewhere different than Agartha, and because of the "the house in Agartha" quote said earlier, I think there is no other option than this "Interstellar Ending Theory". The House is theoretical within Agartha, but not really located in Agartha as a village or something. And following Interstellar's story, the House realm will only exist temporary as some kind of "Hub" for Maxis and Richthofen, from where they try so hard to do the right thing. The multidimensional beings, the Keepers and Monty, residing in both 4D Agartha and possibly even also in the 5D Aether, are like the 5D beings in Interstellar: They assist Maxis and Richthofen in saving the Multiverse and create the House (like the Hypercube in Interstellar). Monty could be some kind of agent of the Keepers, to communicate between the Keepers and Maxis/Richthofen. Maybe, just as in Interstellar, the Keepers originate from humans too, and are basically our evolution. Maybe that’s why they want to help us. If we extinct, they extinct with us.
  7. Luckily, suicide and sexually assaults are pretty rare (or is it naive to say that?), but the fact that it still happens in this, believed to be so modern and humane, world, is an inconvenient and horrible truth. The same goes for bullying, although sadly, that is a less rare thing. I think it is in humans nature to make fun of others, in order to make that bully-person somehow feel better. In my opinion a very cowardly and selfish behavior. Animals do the same: You always see that big bad baby bird annoying the smaller, nice and peaceful baby bird. Like the mean animals are rewarded for being the asshole. But we, humans, should not be like animals. With our intelligence, we should not show this low behavior leading to nothing else than suffering. Unfortunately....we do. In our modern time, a time with an enormous decrease of wars, hunger and death (compared to the past), and an increase of medicines, care and lifetime, this almost "ancient" problem, a remnant of the the time when we were apes, called bullying still exists. Unbelievable..... I self too don't deny that I have not heard of bullying in my own experience. There was a guy on my school who I knew was bullied. One time, the bullies even lowered themselves to such level that they made a taser with some batteries and iron wire.....and shocked him. The guy was physically alright, but could you imagine the mental impact it had on him. The bullies were send off school, and luckily, the victim had friends and family who get him mentally alright again...but still. Such things should not happen in our society. And the same goed to you, Blurryface. Because Jesus ascended to Heaven 2000 years ago, I am free from school already and enjoy of an earlier and long weekend. It's almost 30 degrees Celsius here, so I have the real summer vibes and will soon go to a nearby Lake with some friends to swim. Until that time, I'm enjoying the sun in my hammock. Have a great Weekend everybody. (may I ask you were you are from, BlurryFace?)
  8. The missles are fired on Earth (do you know, by change and with the help of the ZC Moon EE, on what exact locations?), on 13 October 2025, exactly 80 years after 13 October 1945: The "Fluffy" Incident. 2 years after the Moon missile's have hit our planet, in 2027, it is revealed that the infectious contaminants of 115 have gone airborne, this causing a zombie apocalypse. Is this apocalypse created by the Moon missile's, while that happened already 2 years (730 days earlier), or did something else caused the Apocalypse? Is it Broken Arrow, accidently creating the undead nightmare? Anyway, if the latter is true, it could be very likely that the SDC or perhaps even more nations created an "International Zombie Centre" in the hope to solve the crisis
  9. With the release of the Zombies Timeline (take a look here if you haven't seen it already: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13mvveTKpC-z1-bPLIMPBGnTerlsr-NgdLaIudg948Dk/mobilebasic#h.pl40pfsur8rq), I think we are given a bit more info about how the Multiverse, and messing it up, works. I would like to note that a few members of this site pointed everything of this out to me, and all I did is writing it down. ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSES, or parallel universes, are the various universes the Multiverse consists of. See the Multiverse as a big bubble, containing a lot of smaller bubbles within. Or a big room, containing many boxes within. These small bubbles or boxes are alternative universes, and for as far as we know, the Multiverse holds at least 2210 alternative universes, but possible thousands and thousands more. Examples of alternative universes are the 63th universe (Origins, MotD and SoE), the 2210th universe (in which Richthofen's soul is innocent), the original timeline and our own, real universe. FRACTURES are fractures of existing alternative universes. Split offs. A universe that diverged from an already existing one. They are created by using a MTD or teleported, with which you displace an object or subject to a location where it should not be. You change how reality should be, you change the timeline, and therefore a fracture of that universe is created. Another possibility to create a fracture is to travel through time and do something (or kill someone), so that universe would be different than it was supposed to be. Because of Group 935's experiments with 115 and Matter Transference, and Primis' interventions and time travelling, the Original Zombies Timeline (lets say that's Universe 1) has many fractures: The Deceptio Fracture: Once Primis travelled through time and killed Richthofen in the Der Riese Waffenfabrik, they changed history (or in their case future), and a fracture of the Original Timeline was created: One without Doctor Richthofen. The Giant and Der Eisendtache take place in this fracture. The Proditione Fracture: A fracture of the original timeline (probably created by accident by Group 935) in which Division 9's Rising Sun Facility is overrun by the undead. As a result, the Island Facility is created. Zetsubou No Shima takes place in this fracture. The Agonia Fracture: A fracture in which Group 935 is succeed in creating Dragons, and the Red Army is succeed in creating Giant Metal Men. These two inventions cause the Battle of Stalingrad to be a lot more bloodier, and ends later. Brock and Gary are killed by admospheric freak events and JFK and Castro are killed in the Pentagon in this fracture. Since Group 935 has done many experiments with the Matter Transference Device, it is likely that ALOT of fractures exist. Note that all known fractures are split-offs of Universe 1. RIFTS make things more complicated. It are permanent portals that are basically tears, or tunnels in one universe or fracture, connecting it with another universe or fracture. A Rift can be created in different ways: A ritual, the usage of the Summoning Key, a specific music disk, and more. But the two things that had the most impact on creating Rifts, were the following two events: The first one was shooting a MTD (DG-1) with a Wunderwaffe DG-2. This overloaded the MTD, causing to create a Rift and sending Ultimis through space and time. The second one is about the Moon missile's hitting Earth, of which @Tac and @Rissole25 may have find something interesting on Moon in ZC. But such Rift creating events have not only effect on that current place and particular time. Rifts affect the whole universe, and in the whole Timeline, so also after and before a "Rift-creating event" has occurred. Rifts can explain extraordinary things: The wall weapons, perk machines and wall writings. But Rifts also may explain odd objects in places you would not expect: The 1975 note in Kino for example. Beside cross-universal travel, Rifts also prove (in SoE or Revelations for example) to make travel within one universe possible. So now in short: The multiverse exists of thousands of seperate universes: One with humans with only one arm, one without humans, and much more. All alternative, parallel universes existing next to each other in one big Multiverse. Group 935 accidently splitter up some universes: Fractures, universes that diverge from already existing alternative universes. Fractures are not so much different from each other as alternative universes are: In some fractures the Swastika is replaced by the Iron Cross, in some universes the Battle of Stalingrad took longer, in some universes Richthofen is dead and more of such small differences. Rifts are some kind of portals or tunnels between different universes or fractures. Rifts exist permanent, and they won't naturally disappear, although manual (by using specific devices or with the help of a higher being), Rifts are able to disappear, and are in that way temporary. But we are not there: Think of Shadows of Evil and Mob of the Dead. What are those "universes". They are nor alternative universes nor fractures. Even Blundell himself said that "Mob of the Dead was something different". A big mystery indeed, and one that proves that we are far from done with the understanding of the Multiverse.
  10. Ah, a true old-school veteran speaking here :P
  11. >Well, at first I would like the story AND the Easter Eggs scientific explainable. Maps like Ascension and Moon, but basically all of Zielinski's maps have an Easter egg that actually makes sense. BO3 has rather the opposite: Shoot that button with the wonderweapon (even the wonderweapons are not scientific explainable anymore btw) and it causes a random object appear.... I think this point is very underestimated. If the developers put some more time in the science behind the gameplay, it would result it such things: I always post my theories in "story discussion", because it are mostly my own thoughts without much investigation on the internet. That is what Asylum posts are: Theories with proof from scientific or mythological real existing things! So this point does not only go for science: The developers also should put more effort in including real myths, conspiracy theories and religious legends in the story. In BO3, the only real things that I've hear were Ragnarok and Nan Madol.... The Keepers, Apothicans.....all made up. That is my most important point: Make the ingame stuff real again: Both sciencific and mythological. >My other point is to make the maps scary again, but not in the way you might think I mean with "scary". With scary I don't mean more hanging men, more dead bodies and more skeletons. With scary I mean that weird kind of scary that was especially seen in WaW's Nazi Zombies. The wall with all the wallwritings in Verruckt is a good example of that. Or the dark Samantha's room in Kino der Toten. The teddy bears. The wallwritings. The mystery box and the mystery closet (in Nacht). Samantha, a little giggling yet evil girl. That insane, almost childish creepyness. You know what I mean? > Another point: Make the locations as realistic as possible. Stalingrad, the location it self and the fact that it looked the same as in WaW was awesome. But in real life, Stalingrad WAS never zombie-infected. There were no giant robots and dragons. I would prefer a location with more mysteriousness, like Nan Madol. The bad point about Zetsubou No Shima was that in there Nan Madol never was a military station. Hohenwerfen castle was in real life nothing more than a normal prison in WW2. Morg City does not even exist! I would be more keen on real locations surrounded with real mysteries, like Tiergartenstraße 4, Der Riese facility and Unit 731's mysterious HQ in Manchuria. If these three points are done correctly, I'm pretty sure Treyarch Zombies would get more mature players back.
  12. In these times, in which zombies in Shangri La wear Group 935 clothes, Mason can be seen in Kino der Toten and Samantha playing hide and seek in Shi No Numa. Agartha might not be the same as the Aether, Origins in not a 115-mine and dr. Monty becomes a more important character. This is a time of Primis, Ultimis and Victis. A time of people who 'tried so hard to do the right thing". A time of the release of the very first Zombies Timeline, and the release of Zombies Chronicles. This is a time in which our old view on things change. Because of this all, I thought it might be a nice idea to look back at a previous map.... DIE RISE! Because why not? The zombies timeline gave "Die Rise" only one piece of text, and the map has basicly no background. That's why! A lot of possibilities for theories! On the Great Leap Forward loading screen, one can see the name Province 22. You must know that the present China is divided into many provinces, and that province number 22 is Jilin, laying in the northeast of China, just above Korea. The biggest cities of Jilin are Changchun and Jilin city, both cities WITHOUT enormous skyscrapers, as we see in Black Ops II's first DLC. Relatively few cities in China actually have so many high skyscrapers, as cities like Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai have. Talking about Shanghai, have you ever seen this particular tower in Die Rise? It's the Jin Mao Tower, located in Shanghai. A China in the near future may change its province-numbers (district Shanghai might be province 22 now, and Jilin has another number): Names can be changed. Buildings, however, cannot. That's why it is almost certain that Die Rise takes place in Shanghai. But the Jin Mao tower does not only help us with solving Die Rise's location, but also time: The tower was built in 1998. Another proof that the map does not take place in the Cold War, unlike it's name might refer to it, is that there is a poster saying: "Since 1996". As a last note, in Die Rise one can see zombies wearing SDC suits. The SDC (Strategic Defense Coalition) is an Asian military alliance in the near future. This is prove that Die Rise takes not place just after 1998, but rather in the future (which could be a reason of the "Province 22 change"). As a side note, I started this theory before the release of the Timeline. Now we know for sure that Die Rise takes place on 22 October, 2035. A'ight, so now we've got the location (Shanghai) and time (near future): Let's start. The sleeping cages Has anyone ever noticed the countless cages in Die Rise? Some empty, some with a basket or plate in it, and others with some filthy clothes in or on top of it. Have you ever thought about the fact that these things exist in real life? Thousands of poor Chinese people who want to have a shelter in Hong Kong rent "bedspace apartments", a.k.a sleeping cages in high skyscrapers and flats. The conditions are terrible: Hot, sultry and filthy. Full of cockroaches, rats and bugs. The ideal location for diseases. Because there is no **** please report this topic, post ****, are those who live here forced to spend the little money they have on fastfood. In Die Rise, we also see such Sleeping Cages, in the building with the Dragon on the roof. The SDC As said before, the SDC (Strategic Defence Coalition) is an Asian Chinese-led strategic military alliance in the near future. It is one of the largest military alliances in the world during the so-called Second Cold War in Black Ops II. In Die Rise, we can notice two different main types of living dead: Normal zombies and zombies wearing a SDC suit, and therefore with more health. What did those SDC soldiers there, before the Apocalypse? And why so many? I mean, usually soldiers don't just walk around in skyscrapers in a big and safe city, Shanghai, far away from the SDC borders. This is why I assume that Die Rise takes partly place, or at least near a SDC base. The fact that there is a poster of Tian Zhao, the chairman or general of the SDC (depends on how BO2 ends), on top of the Dragon building, proves this theory even more. Now on a more interesting note: This is what that poster says, with many thanks to @DragonGJY: Okay so uhm…. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Suspected to be a zombie? I think our dear friend mr. Zhao has messed with Element 115! Could Die Rise be a SDC station doing experiments with Element 115? A few points. And note that ALL these points apply only on the building with the Dragon on the rooftop. • Most of the windows of that building are for some reason all closed off with barriers. Was what happened here secret for the outside world? Or were those things within the building not allowed to exit it…. • There is a huge neon board outside on the building with "International Zombie Centre on it". The word 'International' immediately stands out to me. Like, did the SDC work together with groups like Broken Arrow concerning experimenting with 115? Another, more likely possibility could be the fact that the SDC is, in some way, already international. China, Mongolia, Russia and many more countries are members of it. So this neon board litterly says that the building was a place where zombies existed. • Back to Tian Zhao's poster, it simply says that he might be a zombie. Like, really? Every normal Chinese who reads that would think that's a joke, wouldn't they? So maybe that poster only hangs in and on top of THAT particular building, since the people who live/work there, know the truth behind Element 115 and the undead effects of it. • The Sliquifier. I know the Victis crew built it themselves, but maybe they build it up from parts of a previously built Sliquifier, built by the SDC. After all, all the Sliquifier parts lay in the Dragon building… • In the depressive floor, as I always call it, the floor where you can turn on the power, one can see some mysterious looking wooden boxes. They look the same like the crates in Farm and Shi No Numa, so perhaps they have pieces 115 in it? So assuming if the Dragon building was a SDC station, doing experiments with 115 and with the undead, why are there so many sleeping cages and sewing machines? Perhaps the cages held test subjects, or possible even zombies. The sewing machines could be some distraction for the test subjects, to make the conditions a bit more humane, or possibly the SDC overseers wanted the test subjects who weren't doing something, make effective by putting them on work. Another reason could be that the sewing machines were already there when the SDC started to use the skyscraper, and that they never took the effort to take them away. The Jumping Jacks The Jumping Jacks, the clicking, jumping and teleporting creatures that spawn in Die Rise during special rounds, have NOT anything to do with the SDC. Here’s why: The Jack’s, as I like to call them, only spawn during special rounds, when you can Richthofen say “Fetch me their souls”, and when purple lights begin to flash (flashes from the Dark Aether), similar to Samantha when sending her Hellhounds. I have always wondered why Richthofen sends killing creatures to the Victis crew, who only try to help Richthofen gaining the ultimate power. The Timeline gives an explanation of that. So apparently the Victis crew did not help Richthofen at all, and Maxis’s end is canon. Richthofen blackmails Stuhlinger in the hope he will listen to him, and when that not works, Richthofen sends his Jack’s in the hope he could convince Victis with fear, or perhaps in order to stop Maxis gaining ultimate power. Anyway, the Jack’s are not from Province 22. They are teleported to there, similar to the Hellhounds in Shi no Numa, Kino der Toten, Groom Lake, Green Run (survival) and Der Eisendrache. Because Jumping Jacks look so familar with Nova-6 Crawlers, I think it was either Group 935 (Theatre Facility, Griffin Station) or Broken Arrow (in the Pentagon) who did experiments with Nova-6 Crawlers, ending in the same result as with Fluffy. These, now by Aether corrupted and mutated Nova-6 Crawlers, are send by Richthofen to Province 22. They have nothing to do with the location itself. So this was my story. Have you not seen enough of the Great Leap Forward? No worries, @RequixEclipse might release some stuff about Die Rise in the future as well.....
  13. Well good and original thought anyway. You self debunk this theory already, but it was a nice try. But Kino has more weird things: The Fernseher tower can be seen outside, while the tower was built in 1965 and finished in 1969. And of course the mysterious paper, written in the year 1975. Perhaps it are just universes bleeding into each other, or objects, messages, etc teleported to other times. Since Kino is the first map after Richthofen fucked up the chronological timeline with his DG-2, this map is maybe supposed to be not explainable.
  14. Well, I am not sure if the IOS version of CoDZ is canon for the "normal" storyline, but it could easily be a alternative story in an alternative universe. I frankly did not knew this Richthofen resurrection in NdU, and I have to admit, it's pretty neat. About Richthofen's soul, it is transported in many zombie bodies in Buried: Mostly mine workers, cowboys and that kind of bodies. Richthofen's real body would still be on the Moon, where he swapped his soul with Samantha. We know that once Maxis gain acces to Agartha, he travels back in time to the end of Moon, to pick Samantha's soul out of Richthofen's body, and take her to Agartha. So Richthofen's body would be left soulless on Moon (point 1). Later, Primis Richthofen appears and controls old Richthofen's dead body to chase Victis, as seen in the comics (point 2). The process between point 1 and 2, however, the process of the dying and zombification of Richthofen, is unknown and stays a mystery.... I think it is also curious that, in both BO1 and BO3, we've got Nacht der Untoten and Verrückt playing as Ultimis. Resurrection DLC is always believed to be non-canon, but now Treyarch once again releases those maps with those characters, I'm not sure what to think anymore....
  15. Welcome to this neat site, Cat! So you're a zombie slayer ever since WaW? Always good to have a new veteran on the forums. Are you also familiar with the story? Hope to see you around in the topics!

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