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  1. I unlocked The Mountaineer character!

    Nice! I'm gonnaa try it as well. Do you know how to unlock each character? And how many are there? Do they talk/makes jokes as well?
  2. Spam

    @The MehLOL! Yes, you're probably right. I just can't stand it and thereful feel a deep hate towards it. Hope @InfestLithium and the crew can fix it
  3. Secret documents found in campaign

    Thank you! The part you translated is actually quite interesting. The "corpses of fallen soldiers" combined with "Mittelburg, Bayern" makes me think the document is send in order to transport the corpses of soldiers from Normandy to Mittelburg. Two things would bugger me: How does Ahnenerbe know about D-Day? It only just began. And: The Final Reich takes place in the winter of '43-'44, while Operation Overlord takes place later, in June 1944. That means that this need of dead bodies would be after the chaos in Mittelburg, which is odd. So the document is probably saying something else, or the document is old, or dr. Straub re-established a sciencific research facility to Geistkraft in the village of Mittelburg. Who knows...
  4. Secret documents found in campaign

    @Lenne or @Nieno69 perhaps? I know the picture is bad quality but maybe you have WWII yourself?
  5. Spam

    It would be truly sad if this is done by humans. Not only for us, the victims, but for their efford and time they put into itas well. Makes me wonder what kind of life such people have.
  6. Spam

    I cannot believe that someone is that lifeless that he/she creates these topics just to annoy the community. So its a bot. But how? I believe there is a "I am human" test when creating an account. How do bots get in here. And more impirtantly, how do we prevent it?
  7. A guy named The Korbal Reich discocered a very interesting paper in the WWII campaign in a bunker on Normandy. When cleared the 3th bunker during the objective "clear the bunkers", exit the bunker, go straight forward and then to the left, and you will discover a secret location. One can see a wooden table, with a bunch of letters and documents on top of it. All written in German, but in one you can remark the words "Mittelberg, Bayern" very clearly, an obvious reference to the Final Reich. Although I can read German a bit, the words are very small and hard to read. I believe I can recognise the word Ahnenerbe in it, and I am pretty sure the letter holds valuable information about the Nazi Zombies story. Go check it out yourself in game, and if you are a native German speaker, would you mind translate it and post it here? I have some unsharp pictures, so the best is to look to it in-game. I would be very keen on the fact that this zombie story holds ties with campaign, similar to WaW and BO1. If this turns out to be true, thank you Sledgehammer! Again, all props to The Korbal Reich!
  8. "The Final Reich" section issue

    And I agree with you
  9. Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    @The Meh Yes, the story is quite interesting and I am fund on the fact that it is based on real conspiracy theories. Dr. Fischer has discovered drawings on the walls in the Salt Mines that say that there is a secret ancient organization, who try to hide Barbarossa's sword and it's power for the rest of the world. I am sure we will hear from this organization in later maps. @RequixEclipse I've also seen ravens fly away when turning on the gas valves at the start of the game. When shooting the lantarns in gröesen house, one will hear ravens as well. Does this all refer to the rise of the Emperor? Or has it something to do with Geistkraft as well, the red light you see when killing a zombie, an energy powerfull enough to rezurrect the dead and enpower machines.
  10. Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    Nice! I too have seen the "ravens" prospection/quote. It is cool to see that the ravens actually appear in the game as well. Will Emperor Barbarossa really rise? Can you give a description of the quest step in which the ravens appear?
  11. A reminder

    I don't even know that about BF1. Sounds very original. <3 Anyway, I did not knew you lived in East Germany. What province do you live in?
  12. A reminder

    Sledgehammer released it’s new game WWII, with of course: a new “Nazi Zombies”, a new multiplayer and a new campaign. I played the first mission of the campaign, taking place in Normandy, during the famous Operation Overlord. The start of the game was basically a copy of Saving Private Ryan and World at War: While the landing boat floats towards the coast, a soldier is shot through his head (WaW). Later, when the door opens, everyone on board is immediately shot dead except the main character (SPR), who falls into the water and is grabbed by the sergeant, who shouts his objective into your face (WaW). I have only played the first few missions, so the story might change later, but from what I’ve seen so far the campaign is pretty like a usual (CoD) game about WW2. The story starts in D-Day, June 1944 and ends a year later, in 1945. The whole game takes place only in (North) Western Europe, and basically at the end of the war, but yet this part of WW2 is highlighted in so many games and movies. And that while D-Day till Berlin happened in less than a year. How much do we see about the Allied invasion of Africa and Italy, starting a year earlier. The wars fought in Greece, the Balkan and Spain. Or about the Soviets who started the fight against the Central-European fascists even two years before: In 1942. The Pacific War is forgotten a bit less, but compared to ‘44-’45 Western Europe it isn’t given that much attention (This is why I like the WaW campaign so much: Soviets and the Pacific). Germany invaded Eastern Europe in 1939, and one year later, in 1940, Western Europe was invaded as well. The war in Europe was already going on 5 years before D-day even started. That’s 5 times as long as the whole “D-Day-Battle of the Bulge-Fall of Nazi-Germany” period that is so extremely popular. Not to mention that Hitler became chancellor in 1933: The start of the suffering for a lot of citizens of Germany. Around the same time the war in the Pacific started. It is said that when the Chinese capital Nanking was taken over by the Japanese, the men and boys were buried alive, the women and girls were raped and killed after it and the river was red of blood. Point I like to make: The Second World War was so much more than only the Western front in 1944-1945. Although I do understand game producers like to show the end of the war, victorious to the allies. Another point I would like to make: Many war games, including WWII, seem to be based on themes like brotherhood, heroes, victory and fight. Like WW2 was only a fair fight between soldiers, who killed each other for the sake of their country or freedom. This is a big mistake. Remember that scene in WaW (how I love that game) in which the Soviets execute German soldiers who surrendered? Such deeds were not only done by the Soviets: This occurred at the Germans, Japanese, and yes, the Western Allies as well. Like Chernov said: That is not war, that is murder. Spoilers alert: I remember private Zussman being knifed on D-Day. The main character brings him to a medic outpost, where he recovers and continues with the war a few weeks later. He was lucky. There were millions of cases like Zussman during the war, and many of them weren’t that lucky. Many of them bleeded out and died, many of them not even adult. And then we are only speaking about soldiers. The Swastika was terrorizing Europe for many years, as well as Japan terrorized East Asia. Both places suffered enormously, starved, froze to death, were raped, murdered, tortured, bombed and burned. The citizens. The ones who did not even participate in the war. Germany migrated tons of men from it’s occupied Western European countries to Germany to work till death in the weapon industry. The Nazi’s executed and burned down complete villages in Eastern Europe, simply to extirpate the Slavic people and make the area Lebensraum (living space) for the Germanic race. It were not only Jews who were sent to work, concentration and death camps, you know. Gypsies, resistance members, socialists, Slavic people and many, many more. Perhaps even more unknown are the Japanese “work” camps. A small difference it had with its German version, was that the killing here did not happen as systematic and “efficient”. The Second Great War had an offical duration of 6 years, 13 years if you count the war in the Pacific with it. It was a total war, having more innocent citizens as victims than soldiers. And I am sure the people on this forum know about this all, but this is a reminder that the war took way longer, was way less “victorious” and even more gruesome than you see in WWII. A game in which, like many other, the player is playing in the period of the end of the war, set with a single goal: Kill all krauts and fight your way to Berlin. So anyway, however I know all this, I too enjoy the digital online killing, and continue with it. We all should. This post is not meant as complain, but as a reminder. A reminder that we should respect and fear what happened, so long ago, honour the fallen ones and enjoy our free lives we live thanks to them, and be happy that such event never has happened again. Enjoy your life and play WWII, if you have it. But keep this post in mind
  13. Log 1 Log 2 Log 3 Log 4 An part of an article by game informer: "The zombies in Call of Duty: WWII are based on physics and aspects of the nervous system. The corpses of fallen soldiers could be repurposed and brought back, and often the more disassembled and grisly bodies are chosen – strapping together pieces from multiple bodies in some cases to form aberrant flesh-heaps. These lifeless husks are fueled by the nervous system and supported by base mechanical augmentation like bolts, straps, spinal grafts, and support braces. These attachments are not just to keep an arm in place or a head upright, in fact, these zombies are literally propelled by pain – these crude torture implements can be used to induce a surge of power in the zombie. Even zombies that may not have eyes or a full set of traditional organs can sense nearby life, and are programmed to snuff it out." A quote by Marie Fischer in the prologue, when buying a wall weapon: It is clear: The undead are litterly "tortured" to life. A mysterious force called Geistkraft, ghostforce, seems to be "located" near Emperor Frederik Barbarossa's sword, and can be conducted through the nervous systems of dead human bodies, bringing the primitive parts of the brain back to life. The dead are now "untoten".
  14. So who is getting WWII on release?

    I have it. Bought the game at a local toystore today, while the actual release is tomorrow. Went to pub this night, and I'm going to the Belgian Ardennes on holiday tomorrow, but a friend already played it and he said that this game was "super creepy and full of jumpscare-like undead". I look forward to it, and I guess I'm going to play it tomorrow before I leave.
  15. I've been playing WWII Zombies... (AMA) (Potential Spoilers)

    Awesome to hear. I'll prepare myself for it