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  1. I have the same thoughts about that. It is that I don't have IW, so I can't really discuss about it. But I really appreciate the posts Blurryface creates. I am sure a lot of orange nametags and guests here who play IW Zombies appreciate it alot, even while they don't or can't reply
  2. @Blurryface, @Spider, @Schrödinger, @Smok3y, @The_Giant_935, @andydabeast, @Steelie, @DragonGJY, @Tattoo247, @Spider3000, @Slade, @Lenne, @Monopoly Mac, @Doppelgänger to name a few. Nominate your opinion!
  3. MA EYES! MA EYES ARE BURNING! Yesterday night I had some kind of Carnival after party, so I haven't seen the match....but I heard about it. You know, I am all behind Oranje when playing against England, Deutschland, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, but I grant the in the football world unknown Bulgaria to win. Worst thing imo is that 10 km south, the Belgen are laughing at us. Damn 0-2
  4. I would like to nominate @InfestLithium for his eternal imput on this site. Since the absence of some active mods and members, he seems to fill their places. He is the brain behind the recent update, the Ancient Trials, and other juicy refreshing ideas that constantly update this site, and I'm sure he is currently working on something new. Without him, this site would be exact the same as a half year ago, and look how many things are added the last half year. Without him, CoDZ would not be half as active as it is today. CoDZ perhaps would not even have existed anymore. Every new member having questions or reporting bugs, are friendly answered by him. I can't remember a mean or uninterested comment of him. He always seems to be the positive and innovative guy here. Besides this, which already should be a reason to be UotM, @InfestLithium has proven to be an expert in the storyline. With his almost 5 years of experience, he became a real story-veteran, creating topics that amaze me every time. And as a small side note: Without him this topic might not have existed.
  5. Nor Samantha nor Maxis have ever talked about other children in WaW-BO. But the House in Ludwigsdorf could have been there. You can even teleport to it in Kino der Toten. It would, however, be strange if Richthofen later did experiments on his former friends in his childhood. A possibility could be that Maxis send Richthofen, Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey away, back to their own countries, and they later forgot about each other. Perhaps the children never even knew each others names. The problem would be Samantha. She would have been 32 in 1945 too.
  6. I think I may have solved the issue around the age of Primis. In Origins, 1918, they are around 25-30 years old. In Shi No Numa, 1945, they seem to be around 30-40 years old. How could they have only aged 10 years in a period of 1945-1918=27 Earthly years? It is because of the Children. As you know, the young Primis teleport to the future and kill their older versions in 1940-1945 during BO3. As a result, the soals of them are brought to the House, and are somehow transferred into children from 5-10 years old. Them. The children how Primis looked like in the 1890's. They are brought in the House of Maxis,and Doctor Maxis looks exact the same as in Origins (1918). So the House is in the 1910's or 1920's. Lets guess 1920. So the Children are like 8 years old in 1920. Some stuff happens, and eventually, in 1945, the children aren't children anymore, but 32 years old! Like the test subjects + Richthofen in that time. Either they do the stuff that happens in WaW and BO1, or the young Primis born in 1890 kill them, causing their souls to go to the children in the House. And there, ladies and gentlemen, we have a Grandfather Paradox.
  7. That's not even the biggest question that comes in my mind when thinking about what you say. If Revelations is in the Dark Aether, why aren't the Primis omnipotent and are in control of the zombies, like every person in the MPD (supposing that my theory is correct and the Dark Aether is the dimension that can be entered via the MPD). We know that there are at least 63 dimensions. Could this part of the Dark Aether somehow be lower and less powerfull than the "MPD" Dark Aether? For another reason you have to have read AetherialVoices's topic about positive and negative dimensions. In this theory, there is are positive dimensions, e.g. the 1th, 2th, 3th, 4th, 11th and 63th dimension and the "light" Aether. There are, however, also negative dimensions. A dimension of a negative X, Y and Z-axis: The negative 3th dimension. In this way, there also is a negative Aether (whatever dimension that is): The Dark Aether. The Dark Aether we play in in Revelations might be a lower negative dimension (like the -3th Dimension) while the Dark Aether that can be entered via the MPD is a higher Dimension (like the -4th Dimension). This is the thread that explains the stuff I just told a little better.
  8. Good to hear that mate. But do you know what makes me more happy to hear? To see that you are still around and still work at the site sometimes.
  9. Does there a gubblegum exist that lets zombies fly up in the air? If so, that's probably it. Problem solved
  10. While playing ZnS yesterday, between round 5 and approximately 15 every zombie killed flew up in the endless sky. It looked pretty funny. Most likely a bug, however it didnt looked very buggy and it was like it was animated pretty good. Anyone had this before?
  11. Loyal teammates who actual revive you as soon as possible are scarce in these BO3 times. Glad you've found us!
  12. I appreciate the updates, a few questions about the storybook though. Note that I only tried this on phone, while it might work on PC 1) When you click on Storybook, you will be teleported to Chapter 1 of Book 1, Nacht der Untoten. When clicking Next Chapter, it says "This page does not exist". When teleporting to another chapter, it stays in Nacht der Untoten. When I use a link of a new chapter Radzakpak linked in a status or comment, however, I can teleport to any chapter I want. 2) That new "Book 1, Birth of the Apocalypse" banner, looks really cool. The thing is, however, that it still is there in Book 2. 3) I can only choose between Book 1 and Book 2. There are no chapters under Tales of the Multiverse, while I know Radzakpak made his Whispers of Morg City. And hey, I like this idea, but perhaps you could extend this Monthly Update. You could do interviews, opinions, story discussing, theorizing, game strategies and map mysteries in it, so it would become a real "Monthly Newspaper" EDIT: On PC the storybook works fine. So it probably is just my phone doing odd stuff
  13. There were already mentions to the Aether in the early maps of CoDZ. The wall writing in Der Riese saying "Return through Aether", the teleporters, the radios. They all referred in some way to an electromagnetic realm beyond our perception. Black Ops 1 and 2 proved that even more. Once you accessed the Aether, you would become omnipotent, immortal and were able to communicate via Element 115. Element 115 was a bridge between our dimension, and the one above us. Despite its powers, the Aether became associated with Hell. Think about Fluffy becoming a Hellhound while teleporting through Aether. Richthofen becoming evil and insane after touching the with the Aether connected MPD. The Aether's ability to have control over the demonic undead. Gersch talking about his suffering in "that awful place". The Aether is a bad place. While there was theorized alot about the mythical world within our world, Agartha, a real reference to it we were gained only twice. Agatha, in addition to the Aether, was believed to be some kind of Heaven. Many ancient civilizations talked about this place, known under many names, under our world. A place were there was no sickness, corruption and death. A true paradise. Once Maxis has won at the end of Buried, its official: For the first time, the name "Agartha" is directly mentioned. So what's this Agartha? What we do know, is that Agartha is a more powerful place than the Aether, as we see Maxis being able to banishing Richthofen's soal, who was in the Aether, to the bodies of the undead. Maxis even says that he now can control aetherial energy. So, this Agartha is more powerful than the demonic electromagnetic dimension known to us as Aether. Agartha > Aether This is also why Richthofen want us to activate the pylons and mend the Rift. His powers in the Aether are limited. In Agartha, he can do what he wants. This says Richthofen when he enters Agartha. Once again, it is said that from here, the lower Aether can be manipulated. In the video of Doctor Monty, what Treyarch released just before Revelation, there is something nasty said. Something that causes some people to wake up of nightmares about it in the middle of the night. Beware, the following quote might hit you hard. Soooooo, our speculation of the last 10 years is wrong. Aether and Agartha are the same. Right? No! During Black Ops 3, there is spoken of the normal or "light" Aether and the Dark Aether. The normal Aether is the dimension where the Keepers, or perhaps Vrill Ya reside. In this dimension, the Keepers are gained enormous power, allowing them to protect the lower dimensions against the inhabitants of the Dark Aether: The Apothicans, the most powerful and evil entities in all the existences that ever existed. That's the sad thing. Those Apothicans were originally also Keepers. The demonic Dark Aether has corrupted their minds. After the Great War was won by the normal Keepers, and lost by the corrupted ones, the victors entered the normal Aether and banished the corrupted Keepers to the Dark Aether. Here, they were prisoned for an infinite amount of time. So, what we know from this is that the Aether is more powerful than the Dark Aether Aether > Dark Aether The normal Aether is Agartha, and the Dark Aether is what we called Aether in the WaW/BO/BO2 era. A demonic, yet powerful dimension: The Dark Aether. A perfect, even more powerful realm: Agartha. The MPD connects to the Dark Aether, and this is why it makes Richthofen and Samantha insane. At the same time, it corrupts their minds, and the power that lays in that "demonic prison" is somehow appealing. It makes you power-hungry. Agartha, on the other side, is a nice place to be, and has even power over the Dark Aether. This is why the Keepers in Agartha were able to banish the corrupted ones to the Dark Aether and were able to hold them there and guard the other dimensions and universes from them. In the Giant and Der Eisendrache, the teleportation flashes of the MTD that were originally blue, were now more purple. Why? It isn't that it makes it look more fancy. The Aether through which you go, when using the MTD, is the Dark Aether. This is also why Fluffy became demonic after using it. Red portals. We see them as the Rift in Buried and the rift-portals during BO3. These are portals going through Agartha, or the light Aether. The Rift in Buried indirectly leads to Agartha. If you let Richthofen win in Buried, he will enter Agartha and enables the Apothicans to consume that universe. That's why Buried is the last map of that universe: Either Maxis destroys it, or the Apothicans consume it. (and parts from that universe later reappear in Revelations, in the Aether). The numerous tales and myths of Agartha in hollow earth, how could you explain that? I think that might be because of the Earth having 115 in her astenosphere. It could teleport you to Agartha. @AetherialVoices has explained to me that it could be because of 115 being such an instable element, and not belonging in our dimension. Therefore, it wants back to its stable form in the Aether, and that's why it can displace objects via or to the Aether. This could be an explanation of all those mythological tunnels and holes leading to Agartha. So a short summary: Aether is Agartha and the Dark Aether is the (pre-BO3) Aether. Some things still need to be explained, but if this theory is correct, we will sooner or later be able to do.
  14. Good luck. Are you going to try to find and do the Easter Egg also blind?
  15. Am I also able to sign up without Facebook? Because I don't have Facebook

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