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  1. Watch this! COD Zombies, but IT'S LIT

    Sorry mate, no video here
  2. The Beast From Beyond Mega Thread

    Does the IW Zombies Universe really hve ties with the Extinction universe, or is it alk taking place in a movie about Extinction? Nice thread, Blurry! Sure it will help people here. I'm considering (I know, I know, a little late) buying IW, so I might use this thread in the future as well.
  3. The Moon landing

    Now we know the Illuminati and Richthofen had a secret lab in the undercroft of Alcatraz...would that explain the Die Glocke chalkboards in MotD in Revelations? Searching the two words "Illuminati" and "Anti-Gravity" on google brings me to many sites concerning the Illuminati had UFO's (Vimanas). I also found sites that say the Illuminati originates from extraterrestial reptile-like creatures tht are able to transform in any creature they want. And as a last thing, I've seen sources on internet claiming that the roots of the Illuminati lay at the Knight Templars. Knight Templars. Aliens. UFO's. Knight Templars. Aliens. UFO's...
  4. The Temporal Paradox Theory: Quantum Loop

    This would explain the odd "Kino" note, written in 1975. It may alsof explain the Illuminati symbols in both Kino and the Baikonur cosmodrome.
  5. Going on holiday soon!

    Just finished my final holiday in Morocco. All stereotypes are right, espessially in the mainland: nomads who are dressed like Lawrence of Arabia, sandstone houses only, goat and sheep buyable on local markets and everyone eats Tadjines. It was truly amazing. Talking about Spain: Next summer you'll find me in Lloret da Mar. We're going tot rent a villa for 10 persons. Have lots of fun in the beautiful party island of Mallorca!
  6. Where are you from?

    @NaBrZHunter Texas has turned red as well. ZOMBIE SLAYERS EVERYWHERE
  7. We Had Fun @ ZWC

    It looks really insane! Didn't knew ZWC was really an event, instead of an online tournament! Oh, and that Ice staff is really handsome made. Ideas for something new I currently have not, but I will certainly say it if I come up with something
  8. You've earned my respect by the huge trial-and-error way you are continuing this Egg. Unfortunately, like I said before, I cannot see the light. I've never did the TranZit Egg, and besides just investigating the map I've never randomly shot things, etc that might have activated the first step, enable you to see the light. So unfortunately, I cannot assist you in finding the next step. Do you know the random stuff the other person who has the light enabled has done that matches with the random egg hunting you have done? Perhaps you both have shot all the clocks in the map or idk what, but there has to be some trial and error thing that both of you have done, activating the lights? Anyway, respect to you once again, and keep up the good hunting! If the complete egg is found one day, you will have the infinite credits for finding THE long forgotten TranZit Egg! P.S. I bet you have, but have you seen these?
  9. aegisknight, back and gone again

    While you're gone sometimes for a long time, you're still kindly welcoming everyone, @NaBrZHunter, as always. Respect for that!
  10. Where are you from?

    @DragonGJY, @certainpersonio and @Denchurion: the map is updated in the OP. (I too am a bit late, heh). The United Kingdom has the darkest colour on earth, meaning that it provides the most known CoDZ zombie slayers! Ohio, located next to the already coloured Pennsylvania, has turned red as well. And we even have undead slayers in the Far East!
  11. The First topic

    Neat festival picture
  12. Zombie TCG (Ultimate Guide)

    Awesome work, Requix!
  13. Numbers in Green Run Question

    That's interesting. After the Russian words, found all over the place in TranZit, the number 22078 on the wall is the second reused Ascension texture. I wonder if it has a meaning. Gives me the feeling those two maps are connected in some way
  14. Okay, okay. Odd. That's quite revolutionary what you've discovered, and the account switching proves that it is not a glitch. It cannot be a glitch. So...have you done something extraordinary previously. Is there one pylon side (Richthofen/Maxis) currently activated on TranZit, or have you done all the BO2 EE's that causes the TranZit pylon to reset? How long does this light discovery already occurs to you? Can you remember doing any particular shortly before? The first video you posted was in LQ, but I did saw the eerie lightcloud floating around in the sky shortly after you've shot a burning zombie. But now, in HQ, I can see it better. This is definitely not normal. You see a big white flash before the "lightcloud" floats around. Like the zombie really explodes in very small particles, and vanishes into the air.
  15. Work, good weather, driving lessons, swimming, temporary local funfair and this being the last holiday week over here in southern Netherlands (therefore every night I do something with friends: movie nights, special beer tasting, but unfortunately no gamenight) haven't have me any time to try and test it on TranZit. Although I haven't yet got any time to play TranZit, my boring and mindless work gives me the opportunity to think about it quite some times. Two things that I wonder: -Denizens can burn as well. If you shoot those, does it also emit that strange light? -If a burning zombie is hit by an EMP grenade, and he becomes passive, and you kill him, does it still emit the odd light? Could someone who feels like and has the time and knows how to do it no-clip TranZit near the derailed train? I know @Rissole25 is capable of doing that, but I know he went inactive for some time. Is there anyone else willing to watch behind the trains, and perhaps inside the trains? I also would like to find out what the structure behind the train is. Like what it is in real life. And as a last note, I would like to map the train accident. I mean, you've got the derailed train, a truck driven inside the power plant and a collapsed power pylon. What happened first or did it all happen at the same time. Was it all cause and effect?