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  1. "When the ravens cease to fly around the mountain he will awake and restore Germany to its ancient greatness..."
  2. New intel is discovered: @certainpersonio Now she speaks of Mittelburg, instead of Mittelburg. Might change some things. Some other things we've learned: 1. In 1937, miners working in the Mittelburg salt mines discovered an ancient underground tomb of Frederick the Great (Barbarossa). Shortly thereafter, Ahnenerbe took over the mines and made sure no one entered or exited the village of Mittelburg. 2. Ahnenerbe found a powerful artifact (most likely Barbarossa's sword) which is believed to lead to the "Fourth Reich". What is meant with this, is unknown. Does Ahnenerbe want to do a coup and kill Hitler? Is it a reference to the Illuminati? 3. Marie Fischer is send together with the French resistance member Olivia Durant, the art thief Drostan Hynd and the soldier Jefferson Potts to Mittelburg. The secret mission will take place in the winter of 1943 or early 1944, and the goal is to recover a handful of stolen paintings, secure the artifact of Frederick I and rescue Klaus Fischer.
  3. Same. Thanks for all this info, I am really fund on Zombies being based on real events again. I'm on vacation next week but the week after that one I will continue research.
  4. A'ight lads, we've got our first story intel. And yes, yes, yes: This story I told you a month ago actually fits into the intel given by Sledgehammer. Ahnenerbe is mentioned! I cannot believe that! I won't keep you longer in curiousity, here's the intel. Special thanks so @MrRoflWaffles. We are now able to distinguish . characters. *Klaus Fischer: a young German science student. Studying in Heidelberg University (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heidelberg_University) *Marie Fischer: Klaus's sister, studying in Cambridge, England. *Professor Linden: Klaus's old professor in Heidelberg. *Heinz F. Richter: Klaus's teacher. He was able to make contact with Ahnenerbe, after the discovery of Barbarossa's sword. *Doktor Strain: a scientist of Ahnenerbe. Also, Sledgehammer announced this. https://t.co/vdX9KmcmW1 EDIT: I FOUND SOMETHING! https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klaus_Fischer_(Indologe) One Klus Fischer was a archeologist, born in 1919 and died in 1993. He had studied in Heidelberg, but left it later and went to another university (like the Klaus Fischer from the intel). He was an expert in studies to the ancient Indian and Eurasian culture (does that ring any bells?)
  5. I cannot open the link. Could you post it on Imgur or copy/paste it in your post?
  6. Off course! I thought it must have something to do with Richthofen's diary and portrait, but how could I forget that there were (ex-)935 scientists working in Ascension and Five. Samantha wanted them all dead. @Sean5883 Yeah I have thought about those too. Did the Pentagon and Ascension communicate and/or cooperate with each other? The Cosmodrome can be seen on a many TV's in Five. Also, remember there are Russian symbols in Griffin Station and Green Run?
  7. You don't want to know how happy these two words me make. Once I have more time in the near future I will optimise and amplify it
  8. Whaaaa those look neat!
  9. Will the ZWC be explained once or is it explained once already? Also, I noticed that the Easter Egg Quest panel on the main page is gone. Is the Egg still undiscovered and able to be found? (Props to you, @InfestLithium, you've hidden this egg very good(
  10. Love to you too, my crazy Dutch-German hybrid sister
  11. Welcome to the site, Razz! So you've skipped BO2? Try TranZit once if you haven't done already, my favourite map! Glad you've found us in the enormous Aethereal entity of internet, and more importantly: enjoy!
  12. SHORT SUMMARY Since the release of the Timeline, we know that the pentagon thief is in fact Yuri Zavoyski, a member of the Soviet Ascension Group. The Ascension Group was a group formed in 1946 by former 935 member Harvey Yena. In 1955, Yuri and Gersch begin working in the Ascension Group. Their known inventions are the Lunar Lander, the Thunder gun, the Gersch Device, Stamin-up, PhD Flopper, the Casimir Mechanism and possibly the Tokamak. The Ascension Group’s main purposes is experimenting with the mysterious Element 115 and building spacecrafts. Because of the experiments with 115, Yuri’s mind is connected with the Aether, and thus, Samantha. She orders Yuri to create a rift with a Gersch Device, that's causes Gersch and Yuri to be sucked into it. Gersch is teleported into the Aether, a horrible place in control of Samantha. Yuri is teleported to the Pentagon, a place where the American government is doing experiments with 115 as well. The Pentagon thief If you ever play the map Five, I’m sure you know the Pentagon Thief. And if you know him, I’m sure you run away very quickly every time you see him, after all, his goal is to steal your weapon. He appears mysteriously through a portal, and disappears just as mysteriously and abrupt. Every 5-7 rounds later, he returns through a portal, with the same goal: Stealing your weapon. Well, according to the Timeline, the Pentagon thief is in fact Yuri Zavoyski. Some intel the Timeline also gives is that Yuri is send there by Samantha to thwart the survival of the four Five characters. Another piece of intel the Timeline gives is that the zombie outbreak in the Pentagon starts as soon as the zombie outbreak in the Ascension Cosmodrome, and that it also ends as soon as Gersch is freed and Ultimis departs from the Cosmodrome. So in some way, the Pentagon and the Cosmodrome are connected. Did you know the Pentagon Thief, a.k.a. Yuri Zavoyski, has an Illuminati symbol on his lab coat? That's coincidentally, since in both Five and Ascension you can see the Illuminati symbol regularly on TV screens. How could we explain this? Note that Yuri’s coat is full of numbers and symbols, and that he probably drew this (including the Illuminati symbol) after he became insane of Samantha. Strangely enough, Samantha begins to stalk Yuri only after he has started reading Richthofen’s diary. THE ILLUMINATI The Illuminati. Who are what is it exactly? For those who don’t know, the Illuminati is a secret organization, comprised of mostly government officials, politicians, military leaders, bankers and other important businessmen, religious leaders, scientists, hackers, and people from the "elite class”. Not unimportant: An ex-Illuminati programmer named Svali says that they appear to be descendants of the Knights Templar (Origins? Hohenwerfen Castle? The Keepers?)! The secret society is believed to be behind everything, and that they try to control Earth. Their eventual goal is a so-called New World Order: An Earth that is completely in the control of the Illuminati. How do they hope to achieve this? Banks and financial systems, media, governments and law are some methods, but the Illuminati is also believed to slowly brainwash people. Mind control. Chemtrails and the H.A.A.R.P are some examples. By the way, do you know what character in the Zombies Story was a member of the Illuminati? I give you one tip: His portrait hangs in the Panic Room in the Pentagon.. MIND CONTROL So the Illuminati broadcasting TV signals? Yuri getting insane and suddenly seeing the Illuminati around him and drew this on his coat? How does this work? While you might not expect this, the answer might lay in Kino Der Toten. In Kino der Toten, one can find the sentence “Aether Projector”, written in Illuminati language. Remember all those stories that the Illuminati are the bad guys, are behind everything and are trying to establish a New World Order? They might do this via the Aether, via specific TV broadcasts and radio frequencies. Do you know the Soviet DUGA? The American HAARP? The Nazi’s Group 601? It has all to do with mind control through radio frequencies in the Aether. By manipulating the Aether around us, you can manipulate the people. Both the Cold War superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States, were building facilities of which is believed (by some conspiracy theorists) to control our minds by manipulating the Aether: the DUGA and the HAARP. They might've even be capable of doing this by hiring former Group 601 scientists, similar to what they did with Group 935. The Illuminati could be possibly behind this. The Illuminati could be infiltrated in the American and Soviet government. It could be because of this that you see Illuminati symbols on TV screens in the Pentagon and the Cosmodrome. Yuri, driven insane, suddenly saw the Illuminati all around him, and drew it on his coat. On the Black Ops mission intro of S.O.G., one can see a list of so-called secret societies very quickly. Bilderberg Group, 1001 Club, Majestic 12, Bohemian Grove and the Cercle. If you look them up on Google, they are all secret organizations of which is believed that several presidents, kings and prime-ministers of several nations are members of those clubs. In the list, the name Illuminati is also present. Does this mean this society also exists of members who are presidents and kings? It would fit very well in the stuff I’ve said earlier about the Illuminati. And just the fact that the CIA knows of the existence of the “secret society” of the Illuminati, proves that the Illuminati is not so secret to the American government… I want to make a short note that there can be found Illuminati symbols in Kino as well. And since Richthofen did not knew of this 935 station, it could not have been of him. So maybe the Illuminati had also spies here? After all, Maxis was doing experiments with mind control... ZOMBIE OUTBREAK So we have the Illuminati in both the Pentagon and the Ascension Cosmodrome. But that does not explain the zombie outbreak connection between those two places. The zombie outbreak in the Cosmodrome started before the arrival of Ultimis, so why would Samantha want to kill the Ascension Group? And why would she want Yuri to create the rift between the Cosmodrome and the Pentagon? Remember Samantha's goal to kill Richthofen and everything related to him? Well, the Ascension Group has Richthofen's diary, as well as there is a portrait of Richthofen in Five. So both locations have something to do with the Doctor. Maybe this is the reason why Samantha ordered Yuri to create both the Cosmodrome and the Five outbreak. MORE ODDITIES But there are more oddities. In Five, one can see out of bounds TV screens with the Ascension Cosmodrome. Note that some time ago, the Ascension main menu picture changed from a normal rocket to a rocket on a TV screen. Also in the Pentagon room where you could teleport to in Kino der Toten, you can see the Cosmodrome on. TV screen. Kino takes place on October 28th, 1963, Five and Ascension on November 6th, 1963. The Black Ops mission USDD, the mission in which Mason enters the Pentagon and meets JFK, takes place only 4 days later, on November 10th. How could everything look so clean, and JFK look so calm? Also, this image of Ascension was leaked in the iTunes album. Note that there is written down FIVE right under. And that a specific bald man appears.
  13. That sentence almost makes me cry. My condolences to you and your family, and stay strong. People can feel sad and depressed, but you have to remember that in the end, we are all people. Living on this blue planet. We are what we are and we are living. We are life. We, our mind and our consciousness, exist because of life. Something that is very, VERY rare in the universe. If you ever feel sad, drive to a silent lake in a silent forest, look up to the blue or dark sky and think of the ones that love you and the ones you love. Depression is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of trying to stay strong for way to long. Express your feelings to those you trust, and take rest. Alot of rest. Life exists of ups and downs. Summers and winters. And without winter, there does not exist such thing as summer.
  14. Really? I did not knew the Sliquifier used to be more powerful. In what way? Did the liquid more damage? Was it more slippery? Had it other effects?

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