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  1. A Full Arsenal Of Weapons?!

    i hope the ak47 makes an appearance. and pap'd twice would be amazing
  2. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    I don't have a camera of any sort, so if a member of this site that plays ps3 can add me : taylorgangsofly
  3. Richtofen building a UFO?

    Its a good idea, but we won't know until the new map pack comes out.
  4. Is it worth buying COTD?

    if you enjoy blowing zombies brains off, then buy it.
  5. Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    you must be ranked pretty high
  6. Girl character rant.

    Thats a great idea. im def doing that
  7. Who do you think will be the most popular new character?

    i have a feeling who ever has the girl is gonna be going crazy
  8. *** Call Of The Dead Trailer Anaylsis ***

    will ps3 still have to wait until june 3rd or june 7th?