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  1. Welcome to the family, friendo!
  2. Black Ops 3, correct. I mean, if you wanted to do DOA from Black Ops on the side, knock yourself out.
  3. Whoops! Slight typo, power drops are allowed to be collected. If they require manual use (i.e. Nukes or speed boosts), then obviously not allowed. Because like you said, can't really avoid that. 😅
  4. Complete assimilation for this dimension has been achieved. @mralways1 continues to take the lead, barely scraping by the onslaught of the Apothicons! Will anyone dare to climb out of this twisted, corrupted realm with him? Challenge #3: Arcadium Mode: Standard Map: Dead Ops 2 Arcade Type: Solo Power: N/A Gobblegums: N/A Time Limit: N/A Description: To keep track of participants, use this link to see each player standing. Although the current system on Challonge states that players will go up against one another, scores will actually be inputted based on highest round/score obtainable throughout each challenge. The stats on Challonge are not reflective of true scores - they are only to show how many participants have entered and what they scored in. To see the true results of each tournament, use the following link(s) below: Ancient Trials February 2017 Tournament This spreadsheet will display each player's scores per challenge, and also include the Top 3 slayers of the monthly tournament. Use this as your reference for overall scoring, not the Challonge brackets. The challenge will end February 25th at 11:59 pm PST. Once finished, the next challenge will be posted the following day alongside the results of the previous mission. To submit your results, please click here to complete the submission form. Happy slaying friendos, and may the Ancients guide you through the Aether!
  5. Correct. Since the next trial is March, we should have open registration the last week of February/first week of March.
  6. While we've had our bugs & suggestions database for a while now, I just wanted to remind everyone that it still exists (and actually got some improvements done to it): http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/bugs-suggestions/ Here, you can post any technical issues you may come across on the site, and even let us know your suggestions or ideas. Who knows? You might see it implemented in the near future! You can find this database by clicking the "More" tab and selecting "Bugs/Suggestions" in the dropdown menu, at the top of the forum. If you have any further comments about this, please let us know! We love hearing suggestions.
  7. Very complex, but interesting theory! Now here's a question for ya: why are butterflies coming from characters from a Grief mode so important? Now that we know what the butterflies could symbolize, of course.
  8. test

  9. One of the most common questions that I see within the community in Black Ops 3 is “how do you get a lot of Divinium?”. Now, most people think that it’s just killing lots of zombies and spending lots of points to hopefully snag enough Divinium by the end of the match. That’s only a quarter true; there are actual layers to this bad boy of an onion. What is Divinium? Divinium is a currency system implemented within Zombies that rewards players for spending their points in a given match. Consider it like a rewards card at a clothing store: the more you spend, the more you earn. More points that are used in a match stack up and net you one vial of Liquid Divinium. After the match ends, the after-match summary will show you how much Divinium you earned in that game. The most common threshold is around 1-2 vials in an average game. You can use the Divinium in Dr. Monty’s Factory, an in-game Zombies marketplace. Dr. Monty’s Divinium Factory In order to receive your rewards, you have to use your hard-earned Divinium in Dr. Monty’s Factory. Dr. Monty is a pretty cheap bastard, because he only has 3 generators which will dispense your Gobblegum rewards. You can choose to spend 1, 2, or 3 vials of Liquid Divinium in exchange for a random prize. If you use 1 vial, you can access the first generator. Use 2 vials, and you can access the first and second generators. Using 3 vials (you capitalistic hellpig) lets you access all three generators. Your results may vary, but there are two categories of prizes: GobbleGums and Power-Ups. The GobbleGums are the most common and sought-after rewards, and have special abilities to help aid you in your future Zombies games (which we will discuss more about soon). The Power-Ups are extra boosts that amplify the amount of rewards you get from the Factory in the form of 2X (double all the obtained rewards) or Power Boost (receive all the rewards in each generator despite how much you spent). You can even get an extra Liquid Divinium vial in the generators - that’s money back! Gobblegums These aren’t your ordinary balls of gum. GobbleGums (what we will call GG for short) are gumballs with unique abilities that a player can chew during a match, which grants them temporary effects for the duration of the game. Some abilities may come in the form as slowing down time, with others even granting near-immortality by reviving you every time you go down. The most important aspect you should know about GobbleGums is their expiration times...some go away after one use (such as Perkaholic) after granting you your abilities, while others can be held onto for the remainder of the round. Each gum is unique in this regard, so be mindful of how you use it! Timing is everything. GobbleGums can only be bought by spending Divinium at the Factory, and have different classifications of rareness. The more rare a GobbleGum is, the harder it is to obtain. Classic - Free GobbleGums that are earned by leveling up within your Zombies rank prestige. They are unique in that they cannot be bought; however, their availability resets when you move onto the next prestige but can easily be obtained once a certain level has been reached. These are unlimited in use, so you won’t have to worry about using ‘em all up. Mega - The most common type of Gobblegum obtained in the Factory. These gums generally revolve around power-drops and minor (but useful) offense-based abilities against the undead. Try it, you’ll like it! Once this kind of GobbleGum is used, it takes away from your GG inventory. Rare - Nothing says “more rare” than a rare Gobblegum. They have more unique abilities, such as granting perks and giving you better odds with the Mystery Box, to aid in fending off the horde. Once this kind of GobbleGum is used, it takes away from your GG inventory. Ultra-Rare - The big, bad boys of the bunch. These Gobblegums are difficult to obtain, but are well-worth the hassle. Want all the perks in the map? All yours - and that’s just one example! Once this kind of GobbleGum is used, it takes away from your GG inventory. Divinium Farming Strategies In order to obtain vials of Liquid Divinium, you can’t just play a Zombies match and expect to yield tons of ‘em automatically. The system works with a point-spending infrastructure; the more you spend, the more you are rewarded. Points spent on perk machines, wall-buy weapons, doors, or anything that requires the spending of points will bring you closer to the next threshold. For example, if it took 3,000 points total spent to earn your first Divinium vial, it will most likely take around 8,000-10,000 points total spent to reach the next vial, etc etc. Like most reward systems, Divinium is earned at a multiplier rate. For the sake of understanding the Divinium system, we will use what’s called DV values. These are values recognized for the magnitude of yielding more Divinium per capita. The DV values create a sense of “importance”, if you will. Below is the list of how such ranking works: Method of Purchase DV Value Rank Perk Machines 1 Doors 2 Traps 3 GobbleGum Machines 4 Mystery Box 5 Wall Weapons 6 Ammo (from wall weapons) 7 While there isn’t a real discrepancy on what in-game items net you Divinium the fastest, people generally have more luck obtaining Divinium when spending larger amounts of points on perks and weapon buys. Why, you might ask? Any Zombies player worth their salt never hesitates to pick up Juggernog or Speed Cola, for instance, which totals out to 5.500 already. The point total threshold for the first level of Divinium will is fairly close to being satisfied, and the player can expect an 60-70% chance of snagging a vial should they purchase another perk. For better explanation of how the DV values work, here are two test runs in The Giant. Now, you can clearly see the large difference between 7,800 points by the time a Liquid Divinium is obtained on Round 7 and 11,800 points on Round 8 on the same map. But if you compare the DV values for only doors/GobbleGum machines/Traps, you’ll find that both test runs average from 6,200 - 6,800 points (slight margin of error if we include/exclude Mystery Box values). We can surmise from here that purchasing weapons in general didn’t give us enough output that we’d like, but it can still benefit us. Again, blowing as much points as possible isn’t the way to go. There are several different strategies you can use to maximize the Divinium output while efficiently using your points. Here are some ideas to help you get a pocket full of that juicy, blue liquid. Strategy #1: Perk Hopping Although a very uncommon and unique way of obtaining Divinium, perk hopping is the method of purposefully downing yourself in order to buy several perks at a given time. Since the perk machines cost as low as 1,500 points and up to 4,000 points with the most minimal wait time possible, this method is effective for collecting for also very dangerous to partake in. The idea is to survive a whole round and once a crawler/lone zombie is made near the end of the round, find a way to go down via grenade suicide or zombie suicide, and re-buy all your perks once again. This strategy is best done when training is possible, since there is still a possibility of accidentally getting crushed in the middle of a round. At that point, survival control is extremely limited and DOES require you to obtain your perks once again...perhaps that can be a double benefit, so long as you survive. While perk machines are one of the highest - if not, the highest - in DV value, it may be wiser to try a safer strategy should you plan on going into high rounds (and on maps where mini-bosses are prevalent). Strategy #2: Weapon Buying Purchasing weapons off the walls is considerably the easiest way to farm Divinium, and the most practical one at that. Most of the wall weapons range from 500 points to 1,500 points to buy at face value. While this may not seem much in Divinium value, higher rounds demand stronger firepower, which will also call for more ammo consumption. For example, training a horde of zombies on Round 20 with an SMG (like the Kuda) may take a total of 5-8 ammo-buys. At nearly 700 points for ammo replenishing, this equates to approximately 3,500-5,600 points used for that given round. The point total scale using this method will exponentially grow per round. This means you may not yield as many points in the earlier rounds; however, the further up you go, the greater the chance of obtaining more Divinium along the way. This is the most ideal strategy because it doesn’t require you to wait around, and you’ll be restocking ammo for your weapons anyways (in your benefit of course). Pack-a-Punching your weapons will also increase the efficiency of this method, but will consequently require more points - 4,500 to be exact - to refill your magazines. Based on the way the Divinium threshold works, this is the more tedious strategy to use since the DV value is significantly lower than any other element; however, the amount of times you will purchase wall ammo can sometimes override the DV value and thus equate to the same amount regardless. The higher in rounds you go, the more this is evened out. Strategy #3: Trap Abuse If you want to propel yourself into the higher rounds so your total points scale is larger, utilizing available traps can also be an effective strategy. The major flaw with this method is simply the wait time; you’ll only be spending 2,000 points or less for something that won’t net you anymore points. Additionally, there is a recharge time for traps which can take a few minutes to return online. If you plan on getting into, say, Round 30 or above faster to begin using the weapon buying strategy, this may be a good leadup for you. This is a great way to maximize your DV value output, since traps rank higher than wall ammo AND Mystery Box purchases. Strategy #4: Pack-a-Punch’ing Similar to the weapon buying strategy, Pack-a-Punching all your weapons available (along with the ethereal attachments) may also be in your favor. Every weapon upgraded will cost 5,000 points plus a 2,500 attachment, making a minimum of 7,500 points spent per weapon. With Mule Kick as one of your perks, this can very well equate to 22.500 points for a full arsenal. And this is assuming you don’t attempt for better attachments for your weapons! Combine this strategy with the weapon buying method, and your total point threshold will definitely be met for the next Divinium level. Just be sure that you’re able to afford this kind of luxury, as most players do not Pack-a-Punch more than once within a 10 round set (unless you plan on Pack-a-Punching every weapon available in a match, then props to you Mr. Monopoly man). The Ideal Farming Setup Now that you have the strategies to farming Divinium, you’ll also need the proper setup. Choosing the right arsenal, GobbleGums, maps, and even perks can make or break your experience. There is no particular “class” setup for farming; you can mix and match each element as you please to fit your slaying style. Gobblegums Name Type Description Stock Option Classic Ammo is taken from the player's stockpile instead of their weapon's magazine. (Activates immediately, lasts 2.5 minutes) Alchemical Antithesis Classic Every 10 points earned is instead awarded 1 ammo in the stock of the current weapon. Affects all weapons. Any points gained including points from power ups will give the player one round in their reserve ammunition for every 10 points earned. (2x activation, 60 seconds each) Who’s Keeping Score? Mega Spawns a Double Points power up. (2 activations) Temporal Gift Rare Power ups last longer. (Effective entire round) Secret Shopper Ultra-Rare Any gun wall-buy can be used to buy ammo for any gun. (Activates immediately) Weapons Gun Buy Cost Ammo Cost Kuda 1,250 630 VMP 1,300 650 Vesper 1,250 630 KN-44 1,500 750 HVK-30 1,500 750 Why these guns? It’s simple: cheap guns with cheap ammo purchases means more time shooting and stacking DV values for the same category. By the time you waste all your ammo on a particular gun, you could essentially buy a new weapon and still have leftover points to Pack-a-Punch it. Granted, you know how to hip-fire into a crowd accurately of course. Maps The Giant - The overall fan-favorite map for Divinium farming (and just in general slaying), this map offers both training and camping hotspots that will give your strategies the most bank for their buck. Wall weapons are in close proximity to one another, and travel across the map is the quickest against all other maps. Der Eisendrache - Similar to The Giant, Der Eisendrache offers easy navigation and well-placed wall weapons. The addition of the Elemental Bows will greatly increase your odds for survival, along with the famous Death Trap training spot made suitable for slayers of all calibers. Revelations - Despite the complexity and large layout of the map, Revelations has become known for high round runs and large Divinium rewards. The addition of several past maps (even including the anti-gravity chamber of Der Eisendrache) allows for both training and camping strategies to exist. While the wall weapons are vastly spread out, the central Nacht der Untoten hub in the map makes navigating reasonable easy. Perks Juggernog - Obvious choice is obvious. More hit points means longer survival. Speed Cola - Since you’ll be doing a LOT of shooting, the same goes for reloading. Double Tap - The faster you burn through your ammo, the faster you can buy more ammo which means shorter gameplay time for maximum Divinium. Mule Kick - Despite being the most expensive perk in-game, this perk is beneficial for having an extra weapon slot to switch over weapons. Most slayers use it for a Wonder Weapon slot just in case shit hits the fan. There are still experiments and research going into the specifics on Divinium, but this guide should help you amass large amounts of Divinium per game, while maximizing your output from the Factory. More will be included in this guide as time goes on. Happy slaying!
  10. You can only do 2-player split screen while online; however, if you play on Local/System Link mode, you can play up to 4 people. The only downside is that the lagfest will be your impending doom, so good luck!
  11. Welcome to the community, friendo!
  12. Something interesting about the ending of ZNS: This would be the first time that the group (excluding Richtofen) retrieves the blood vials, correct? Up until this point, Richtofen did not have a plan for the other three heroes to be part of the insurance policy up until witnessing Takeo have selft-conflictment. In Mob of the Dead, Al has a quote along the lines of "Nikolai, Nikolai...why do I keep hearing that name?" For the longest time, we couldn't theorize why he was hearing that because it didn't make sense. But now it does. The events of Mob of the Dead are taking place at the same time Richtofen takes the others to retrieve the blood vials, or at least within the same timeframe that the mobsters in Alcatraz are in purgatory. The only question becomes how exactly they went about getting the blood. Did Richtofen obtain the blood samples upon death of the inmates, or did he successfully get into purgatory during the cycle to get them? Obviously, Richtofen had done it before with himself so he had the procedure ready for another attempt. Dempsey's quote about astonishment tells me that they didn't get blood a few dead bodies...it had to be something really odd and unexpected. I'm thinking that they somehow entered the realm of purgatory via the Summoning Key, although I can't quite specify when it occurred. Possibly before the 2nd cycle was introduced? [Note: 2nd cycle being where Al kills the night guard Ferguson, changing the outcome of the loop.] --------------------------------------------- Now backtracking to what the insurance policy is really for, we understand that Richtofen was going to deal with it alone. Had the others not drank the blood, they would fade as well from existence except Richtofen. I don't believe that Richtofen truly knew that he'd fade until he stopped trusting Maxis due to Monty being involved. Once that occurred, he probably began assuming that collecting the pure souls of their former selves would mean they - the 2.0s - would be wiped out in some way...unwelcome in what "secured future" was to come. Monty says himself that the blood vials were from "realities that are already closed off". Already? As in, not closed off after Revelations? Could it be possible that it was Monty who helped Al break the cycle in Mob of the Dead in order to close it off for good? Because according to Monty, the undead are not suited for a perfect world, and thus, are considered a dilemna to keep in any dimension/universe, even in a purgatory apparently... That leads us to a reasonable conclusion regarding the blood vials: the blood itself is not so important. What is, however, is that they originate in a universe that was closed off from any other universal interaction where it didn't belong. Which means the events at Alcatraz stay right where they are with no Devil, no zombies, nada. In fact, you could even say that the mobsters never go into the purgatory they experience in Mob of the Dead. Since the blood is literally within the four heroes, they just left a small hole within MotD's universe, which exposes it to other universes. That is why Monty is upset - because he wants ALL ties with the universes closed off, as they were prior to Group 935 "fracturing" the universe via the first teleportation. This opening allows for Richtofen in the crew to bounce between both universes, and possibly more given the supernatural circumstances around Mob of the Dead. In a nuthshell: the blood vials are from the closed-off universe of Mob of the Dead, which creates a potential gateway into other universes that Monty does not want and thus the four 2.0s can [almost] freely roam between dimensions. That's what the blood vials are for - they do not hold a "second chance" other than being able to continue existing where possible.
  13. Zombies isn't dying - the community is. There are 3 kinds of Zombies enthusiasts: classic players, newcomers, and die-hard fans. Classic players like to sit on their nostalgia-based rhetoric and claim the only true Zombies experience is if a Zombies mode returns to its "boots on the ground" simplistic slaying. With CoD trying to push more into futuristic gameplay (because WWII has been overdone in the FPS genre immensly), they veered away from Zombies all-together. Newcomers have only a small grasp on the mode, and thus, tend to follow the biggest hype. These fans are mainly YouTuber followers to big names in the Zombies community, so they don't really have much to say and thus are practically invisible minus 1 or 2 comments. Die-hard fans are exactly what you'd think: fans that are loyal to Zombies and continue to engage in the mode until death. There's no true beginning/ending date for them because they engross so much of their enthusiasm in the mode, that they'll basically play whatever new mode related to Zombies. The saying "don't knock it 'til you try it" is very relavent here. Most of the people saying that Zombies is "dead" are those classic players and trailing die-hard fans. Newcomers generally say stuff like "Black Ops 2 and 3 are the best games ever".
  14. This is good backstory to the explanation of Gorod Krovi! The quotes @anonymous supplied are really helpful. The Russians managed to steal the giant robot schematics but it appears to have been no match against the dragons. This explains a lot of why there's certain elements in this map. The end of that SOPHIA quote is interesting though - she mentions "survivng mech units", which means that there was more than just one available. I have a feeling that it was complete coincidence they managed to have so many and look like the campaign ones, considering that we'd have to figure out how SOPHIA could manage to transport several mech units to the Russians without Group 935 knowing. There simply wouldn't be enough time for them to duplicate more than one (assuming she only obtained one of them).
  15. Eddie is still Richtofen's soul, possible that the Black Ops universe's Richtofen is considered the "purest"? His soul was not part of his body anymore, and I highly doubt that 2.0 Richtofen actually yanked the soul from The Giant's Richtofen (despite claiming to have). The only logical explanation is that the soul was collected prior to the group meeting up, unless Richtofen lost his soul long ago? Sam being under the same fate, but her soul was in Agartha during Origins. Would explain how she came into the House.

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