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Easter Egg Song Bracket (Semifinals)

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Only four songs left... who will eek ahead as #1?




Here are our matchups this week:


1. I Am The Well vs Abracadavre

2. 115 vs Shockwave


To vote, simply use the number of the matchup, and say what song you think is best for any reason that you like. Also feel free to explain why!


Send in your votes by next Friday (May 21st) at 8PM CST to see them counted!

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Abracadavre Shockwave 

1. I Am The Well. I simp Clark. 2. Shockwave, I guess?

Abracadavre Shockwave    No contest!

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1. I Am The Well. As amazing as Abracadavre is (I swear I'm not letting the defeat of The Gift influence this decision), there's no contest in my mind. I Am The Well is the lyrical version of Light from the Shore - the characters have to face the harder truths encompassing the whole timeline as opposed to LftS which is about reminiscing the good from it all (for us, the players). The Well (Knowledge) only flows one way, and we know full well the way down.


2. Shockwave. This was actually a LOT harder than I thought it would be. The nostalgia of 115 is amazing but Elena goes all out in this, only topped by Abracadavre and The Gift and even the former is debatable. "I'll be the tragedy I stage your life on / You're turning pages that you're meant to wait on" is such a powerful set of lines both lyrically and canonically that nothing in 115 can hold a candle to.

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I will restore me honor with these votes

1.  Abracadavre- Gotta go with the Classic Sam Song

2.  Shockwave- Toughie, but I like how the Shockwave highlights the rivalry between Sam and Richtofen

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