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Cod points Boycott

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Ok, so we all know how we can drop HUNDREDS of dollars into Cod points, and still not get a weapon, gesture, camo, or attachment variant we want. In Roflwaffle's new video, he covers this topic in detail. 


I think this can be solved the best way with implementing something like they did a few weeks ago: Guaranteed supply drops.

A couple of weeks ago, you could pay 60 Crypto-Keys for a guaranteed Specialist camo. I feel this could solve our current issue with a 100 Cryptokey transaction for a guaranteed weapon, 60 for a guaranteed taunt, and things like that.

I feel this both leads players to buy cod points (treyarch is happy) and players are happy as well (they can get guaranteed weapons into the game).


Til then, we should try to focus and spread awareness of this Cod Points Boycott until we see some change. VIVA LA REVOLUTION. 

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Sorry, but this would never work.
The whole point behind the Black Market is that it's all based around chance; hence why nothing is guaranteed and you can even get the same items multiple times.
It creates the same effect when using a slot machine, you just keep throwing money at the screen for a fraction of a chance of receiving what you want.

When you guarantee a weapon (face it, no one gives a shit about the other stuff), then people would simply save up their crypto keys buy a bunch of CoD Points, get all the new weapons, and never touch the black market again until new weapons drop.


Also, let's say this system was indeed introduced, and let's keep in mind that Activision wouldn't want to see their profits diminish.
That would mean you'd have to increase the price of the supply drops, to compensate for the elimination of the above-mentioned probability that's the core of the Black Market system.
Some folks figured out that the chance of getting a weapon are <1 percent. or 1/100.

That would mean that if you'd give players the option to buy weapons straight out of the gate, you'd need to increase the price of the supply drop by a factor of 100 to balance everything out.

So, the price for a single guaranteed weapon supply drop would be 30 * 100 = 3000 crypto keys.
Or about 20 000 cod points.




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Well no one will buy anything with a boycott. Furthermore, I don't want to buy any cod points at all right now because I know their ACTUAL value is shit. Likey you said, if what I want is less then 1% chance. There's no reason for me to get COD points, because as most likely, it's just going to give me a whole bunch of crappy camos. 

And with the way the game is going right now, there's a ton of weapons coming into the game via this method, but with every weapon, there's X amount of camos with it. Eventually it will be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to EVER get a weapon from these crates. 

Perhaps these crates don't always hold the same thing. Like one week it's 100 Keys for any random weapon guarantee. But then the next week it's 100 keys for a random Gesture guaranteed. 

Point being: Unless cod points/more expensive crates start offering some advantage to getting these new weapons, people are going to start realizing that 100$ worth of Cod points, isn't going to get them what they want. 



Also @NaBrZHunter, @MrRoflWaffles, whether he approves of the word or not, specifically says "STOP buying cod points" until we see change. That is by definition a boycott. If he wants to withdraw his opinion, he can do so with no issue from me just say the word. But right now, this boycott is what he asked for. 

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16 minutes ago, Matuzz said:


A: Deal with it.

B: Stop playing Call of Duty.


Those are the options. There is no "boycott" to succeed.

C: Don't buy cod points.

Seriously micro-transactions are only in the game because people keep buying that shit.


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22 minutes ago, Slade said:

C: Don't buy cod points.

Seriously micro-transactions are only in the game because people keep buying that shit.


That falls into the option A. Fact is most are willing to buy them. If some one spends 100+ $ on them it's safe to say that player doesn't give a shit about "what it does to the game". mDLC is in the CoD to stay Activision will not remove them because of minority won't buy them as they make money from those people with the game + DLC and what other people spend on mDLC is just easy cash to grab for them with low effort. So perfect product.

The thing is usually games tend to be F2P to be able to cash on mDLC but Activision was able to pull it off on premium game that has normal DLC so kudos to them. I haven't personally spent dime on any of the mDLC on CoD since they arrived on Black Ops II. I didn't even buy Advanced Warfare or Black Ops III at all because the games are taking direction that doesn't appeal me.

So yeah the options are A: to continue playing Call of Duty and either to buy mDLC or not. It's irrelevant in the end as they are going to stay there (no effort money for Activision) or B: to completely jump the ship to other games and vote with your wallet.

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Let's be realistic with our reasons. This is just another form of class warfare. Which is also the impending title following BO3. It's a way of saying, if you're rich you deserve the finer things. If you're poor, you're fucked. No matter how badly some of us want microtransactions to stop, there's an arch of evil that not only extends to our gaming hobbys but also extends all the way to our policitical sphere's of fuckery and our system of law.

SO, to sum up this equation... The problem starts at its core. Money. It runs our systems and talks like a chatterbox. To encourage real and formidable change upon a market that is embracing this concept, we must bring change to not only the market but the political sphere and systemic change before seeing real progress toward that main goal. Remember your history, though. America's business is business, so all these shadey and fowl attributes we all seem to be noticing is a kind of archetype in the states. It's true that if you WERE to incite a boycott, this "CoDPoint" delima would have to be "just a whiff of grapeshot."

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Well, I like what one user said on some website.. "why don't we make everything unlockable by in-game challenges?" Good question! Because we already spent money on everything so there MUST be something more for us to spend our monies on! Class Warfare becomes apparent when weapons are involved and when putting actual payment becomes involved. Let's say you have a higher chance of getting good weapons with CoD Points than without, that is a prime example of pay to win Class Warfare. Now, let's also say that you have the same probability as cryptokey users. This would imply that CoD Points are something useless compared to their priceless counterpart and should have no place in-game, period. The idea that CoD Points can be justified with Youtubers' paychecks and addictive personalities only helps promote the poor business that is Activision. The best thing we, as a community, can do is document it all. Document everything they say, everything they do, and every patch, and every tweet. Just document it. So that we can all remember who was truly evil, Activision. I suppose it shouldn't be a boycott but a discovery process in a court case. We gather up all our evidence and precedence so that we can strike right at the jugular when the time comes. Plus, it would indefinitely help whoever is being sued by Activision. You can use the argument that since the CoD Points are just as useless, if not more useless, than their free counterparts then the idea of scratching the surface to reveal the odds becomes less worrisome. So,with that being said, there's something fishy about CoD Points in the code that maybe they don't want touched.. Or discovered. Really, CoD is becoming one great big slot machine of weapons, maps, attachments, skins, and taunts. I never really liked gambling either, so should I keep up this addiction called My Hobby of Video Games? Maybe. Maybe we all should lessen the glorification of video games because although they are full of imagination and creativity, just like a drug, some can suck the life and money out of you.

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25 minutes ago, Chopper said:

Whilst this is for zombies as opposed to MP, here is why I will not be boycotting COD points.


I think the point may have missed you there. 

The issue isn't COD POINTS. Cod points is just the phrase "Time is money" taken to a new level. 

Time=Cryptokeys= Loot crate

Cod points= Lootcrate,

Ergo, Codpoints= Time. 

You can buy time for real money and earn the same things as people who put in time but no money. 


The ISSUE is what you use those cod points on in MP. Not zombies. Zombies has a good system that works fine. 

In MP however, loot crates are so full of crap we don't want there's no point in even trying for things like the MD-40 or the Malice dagger. There's a less then 1% chance of getting these weapons from a rare lootcrate. In fact, if you're unlucky enough,those 15000 cod points you got (3x5000 across all consoles) would exchange for what, 75 loot crates? (Thats a 150$ value if I've done my math right BTW). The chances of you getting ANY weapon from ALL of that is MINISCULE despite what you paid for. 


That's insane. You put 150 bucks into cod points alone, more then twice the cost of the game, and more then the game and the season's pass, OR if you just bought all DLC seperately, the game, and the giant (at 5$),  and that's still a VERY real risk of you not even getting a single weapon? Wouldn't it have been better to use that 150 bucks for 7.50$ weapon loot crates GUARANTEEING you got a weapon? At that price you could have gotten a total of 20 loot crates, not including duplicate burns or bonus cryptokeys. 

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To me, I'd rather them just allow people to buy the weapons directly, or give them to season pass holders. People complained that CoD Points would make the game pay-to-play (which Call of Duty is nowhere near, for the record), but now the odds aren't good enough and people are somehow getting scammed (even though everyone is well aware of what their chances are when they buy Points). I don't understand it, people are just never satisfied.

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